ESL Camp

Winter/Summer Camps Complete Package

Your co-teachers right about now are asking you what you are going to do for your English lessons during winter camps, and they want a […]

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Guess Who ESL

Teaching English in Korean Middle Schools Guess Who

Next week we’re going to be giving another presentation for the Gepik Orientation, so here’s a video in the spirit of helping teachers. Here’s another […]

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Korean Middle Schools

Teaching English in Korean Middle Schools “Battleship”

We have received a lot of questions about teaching English in public schools. If we don’t speak Korean, how do we communicate with our students? […]

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ESL Hobbies

Hobbies Game

Students ask each other about their hobbies through this fun guessing game. Take a few minutes at the beginning the class to explain the rules, […]

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Weather ESL

Weather and Future Tense

Students talk about the weather, the future, and play an intense game for both. This was a lesson used for an open class, so if […]

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ESL Gameboard

Board Games

Students can practice either past tense, passive structure, or vacation talk through a gameboard and dice. Fully editable templates, if you’d like to change it […]

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ESL Handout

Future Jobs Puzzle

Students solve the puzzle by putting the words in the right order. Every word has a numerical value. Those numbers are plugged into a formula, […]

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ESL Game

Midterm Review

Students prepare for the midterm exam by playing a fun game that gets the whole class moving. Basically, the lesson prepares students for the multiple […]

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ESL Lesson

Emotions and Gestures

Students discuss how they feel and what they should do about it in a boring way (sorry: it was my first lesson ever).

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ESL Games

Time Stamps and Hobbies

Students play Pictionary and another nameless but fun game to discuss their hobbies.

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ESL Games


Teach students how to play Boggle; comes with handout and powerpoint presentation. Basically, this is like the wordsearches that they’re used to, only this one […]

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ESL Vacations

How to Talk About Your Vacations

Students talk about their vacation in an unfortunately boring way (sorry – my first lesson ever).

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ESL Game cards

Passive Structure

Students brush up on active and passive structure through a team-guessing game.

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ESL Resources

Comparative Adjectives

Students learn comparative adjectives through country comparison trivia. Gets them thinking in groups and working together, and doesn’t bore them to death in the process

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ESL Movies

How to Talk About Movies

Ever have your student ask you if you saw a movie, but you didn’t see it, and then you ask them how it was? Have […]

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Small talk activity

How to Small Talk

Students learn how to say more than “how are you I am fine nice to meet you.” You’ll go over different greetings and different departures […]

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Superhero Lesson

Create a Superhero

Students create their own superhero and villain, draw and color them, then use English to explain them. This lesson is great for a break from […]

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Introduction Game

Icebreakers and Introductions

Introduce yourself with this game, then have your students introduce themselves through this handout. Great for starting off your summer or winter camps or your […]

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How to Talk About Music

Students love K-Pop. Teach them how to talk about their favorite K-Pop songs and videos in English. We’ll discuss different parts of the song, like […]

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ESL Lesson

Middle School Christmas Jumble

The exams are now finished at my school, and with the exams so are the textbooks finished. Yet, oddly, we still have to teach classes, […]

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