Korean Election Campaigns

Korean Elections

Here’s a view of what campaigns are like during election time in Korea. Ooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

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Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year we presented to you another Christmas in Korea video, in which you saw Simon going from class to class dressed […]

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Running Man Ep 19

Our Episode of Running Man

Huzzah! A few days ago we posted our behind the scenes footage for our episode of Running Man along with out chat with Nichkhun, but […]

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Korean University Exams

Korean Exam Day

This November 18th was one of the most important days in the life of a Korean high school student: Korean Exam Day. High school students […]

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How to Dance Kpop 2010 Teaser

How To Dance Kpop 2010 MV Teaser

It’s almost that time of year again. Your birthday? Nope. Christmas? Nope. You know what we’re talking about. Last year we did How to Dance […]

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Pepero Day

Pepero Day in Korea!

It’s Pepero Day in Korea! Here’s what you need to know about Pepero Day, including what you can do with all of your leftover Pepero.

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Asia Song Festival

Asia Song Festival

On Saturday we went to the Asia Song Festival. We were invited on behalf of Korea.com, who gave us press passes. Shazam! Thanks to them, […]

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2PM Interview

A few months ago, we mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that we were going to do an interview with 2PM. We were contacted by someone […]

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Dance Korea!

By now you must know that we’re awesome dancers: if you haven’t seen our K Pop specials so far with 2NE1, SHINee, and Miss A, […]

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Gyeongju Cherry Blossoms

Quilt Your Korean Map

A while ago we mentioned how we were going to be on Arirang TV, and had made two episodes with them.  We were able to […]

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Korean Breakdancing

R16 Korean Breakdancing Championships

This past weekend were the R16 Korea 2010 World B-Boy Championships, and we were given press passes to go. Huzzah! We were almost right on […]

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Arirang TV

Eatyourkimchi on Arirang TV!

A while ago we mentioned that we were going to be on Arirang TV. Remember that? We posted pictures on Twitter and wrote about it […]

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Simon in the Bushes

Two Year Anniversary in Korea!

We have just re-signed our contracts to stay at our schools for another year! Assah! We’re staying at our schools in Bucheon for a third […]

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Seoul International Pillow Fight Day

Saturday, April 3rd 2010 is International Pillow Fight Day. A pillow fight! With hundreds of people! Fighting all over the world! On the same day! […]

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Korean Snow Day

Super Crazy Korean Snow Day!

Two days ago, Korea saw it’s heaviest snowfall since something like forever. It was magical! Snow doesn’t usually fall heavily here in Korea. Last Winter, […]

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Korea White Day

Korean White Day + Secret Surprise for Martina

If you remember Valentine’s Day from last month, we made a post about how it differs here in Korea than what we’re used to from […]

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Korean Valentine's Day

Korean Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day in Korea! Just when we thought we knew a holiday inside and out, we discovered we were wrong. February 14th in Korea […]

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Peppero Day

Intro to Pepero Day in Korea

Yesterday was a very solemn holiday in Canada: Remembrance Day. We were surprised, though, to find a different holiday being celebrated here in Korea on […]

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Jens Lekman

Upcoming Jens Lekman Concert in Korea

**Note: this post is now over two years old. Jens Lekman isn’t coming to Korea now. Sorry!** The two of us are pretty big music […]

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Halloween Costume

Korean Trick or Treating

Halloween is not celebrated here in Bucheon or the rest of Korea, so I – Simon – tried to teach my middle school students about […]

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