FAPFAP - Salt Ice Cream thumb eyk

Salted Ice Cream on Slow Island

While we were on our epic Korean Road Trip, we stopped by Slow Island in Jeollanamdo and had some salted ice cream for this week’s FAPFAP!

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FAPFAP - Honey Softserve thumb eyk

Ice Cream with Korean Englishman!

We hung out with Josh and Ollie from KoreanEnglishMan and shot a couple of videos. We ate something awful with them, and awesome with us. Yay!

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Korean Penis Ice Cream

Korean Penis Ice Cream!

These ice cream cones are getting quite popular as Korean street food and they…kinda look like a cock. Just saying…

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Korean Ice Cream

More Korean Ice Cream

A while ago we made a post about the awesomeness of Korean Ice Cream. Just when we were finally comfortable with it, we discovered another […]

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Ice Cream Cake

Korean Baskin Robbins

Sometimes when you’re in a foreign country you have to bite the bullet and try weird and strange foods that you’ve never had before. For […]

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