WTF - Sushi Candy Kit thumb eyk

Sushi Candy Kit

We each got a Sushi Candy Making Kit from Japan and try to make it for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!

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WTF - Freeze Dried Corn thumb eyk

WTF – Freeze Dried Corn

We got some freeze dried corn from Rachel of Rachel and Jun and we’re trying it out for this week’s “WTF Korea”!

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WANK - Japan thumb eyk

Japanese Snowstorm of Destruction and DOOM!

Martina’s best friend is visiting Korea, so we couldn’t film anything this week. Fortunately, we have our fun Japan footage that we’ve been keeping secret forever…now ready to share!

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Ron Burgundy

WTF – Ron Burgundy Portable Rice Eater

What I learned from this packaging: eat rice with this thing, grow a badass moustache, and the ladies will swoon over you. Thank you, Japan!

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FAPFAP - Japanese Snacks thumb eyk

Japanese Snack Sampling

Remember when we went to Japan back in February? We brought a bunch of cool snacks with us. We’re gonna try some out for today’s FAPFAP.

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WTF - Panties Tug-o-war thumb eyk

WTF – Panties Tug of War!

We found this ultra-awesome game in Tokyu Hands and decided it was the only fair way to decide who gets the last cupcake.

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WTF - Nose Plugs thumb eyk

WTF – Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems

You’ve seen face masks to protect you from the polluted air. Here’s the next stage of evolution: Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems!

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Korea vs Japan

Korea vs Japan

We talk about the differences between Korea and Japan. What are some of the things we like more about Korea, and what do we like more about Japan?

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Rube Goldberg Machine

Creator’s Rube Goldberg Machine

Our last collaboration while we were in Japan was a super awesome Rube Goldberg Machine.

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Spudgy Bento Box

Spudgy Bento Box

We got to hang out with Mosogourmet and learn how to make a Bento Box…in the shape of SPUDGY!

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The Best Sushi in Japan

The Best Sushi in Japan

We ate the best sushi in Japan. Here’s a video of our experience.

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Japanese Candy FAPFAP

Japanese Snacks Tasting + Death by Vampire

We tried some Japanese Candies, and as a result we got murdered by a vampire.

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LiveChat in Tokyo

LiveChat from Akihabara, Tokyo!

We’re livechatting from our hotel room in Akihabara, Tokyo!

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Japan Vlog Day 4 with Harajuku Kawaii TV

Japan Day 4: Filming with Harajuku Kawaii TV

We get to hang out with Asobi System and Harajuku Kawaii TV in Harajuku! We go shopping for a bit and talk about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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Japan Day 3

Japan Day 3 – Ramen and Stuff

We had a short vlog day, because we had a lot of stuff to do, but here’s a bit of what we did and what we ate :D

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Japan Day 2

Japan Invites Simon/Martina: Day 2!

We can now talk about what we plan on doing here in Japan! Woohoo!

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Simon and Martina in Japan

Japan Invites Simon and Martina!

We’re gonna be in Tokyo, Japan for the next 11 days! Here’s what’s going down (almost in full detail!)

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Dango Jib

Dango Jib aka Japanese Sweet Dumpling House – FAPFAP!

We go to a Japanese Dango Jib for this week’s FAPFAP. Don’t know what that is? We’re here to show you :D

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Trip to Tokyo Japan

A Weekend in Tokyo, Japan

It’s a different WANK this week: Wonderful Adventure, NOT Korea! We go to Tokyo, Japan for the weekend and hang out in Ikebukuro and Harajuku. Woot!

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SHINee Replay

SHINee Replay – Kpop Music Mondays

This week we present JPop Music Mondays…but it’s still kinda Kpop, with SHINee’s “Replay”

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