YouTubers vs English

YouTubers vs Kpop Engrish

We sat down Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, and VFX Bro in our studio and made them decipher some Kpop Engrish. Let’s see how well they did!

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Kpop Superfan Test

The Kpop Superfan Test

We’ve reviewed very many bands, most of which have very many members. How many member names do we know? We have a showdown to see which one of us is more Kpop savvy!

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Junsu Uncommitted

KpopCharts Update: Uncommitted Pandora Shadow

We talk about Xia Junsu’s “Uncommitted,” Kara’s “Pandora,” and BoA’s “The Shadow” for this week’s KpopCharts update!

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Google Kpop Concert

Join us at the Google Kpop Concert

We were invited by YouTube to come to the Google Kpop Concert and do something special. Here’s what we’re doing.

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MC Mong Circus

K Crunch Cocktail: Mr Tiger Circus

We talk about Kara’s Mr, MC Mong’s Circus, and Drunken Tiger’s Left Foot Forward for this week’s K Crunch Cocktail.

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Hara and Jessica in Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week

Simon was lucky enough to get press and backstage passes to Seoul Fashion Week. Here’s a short video of what he saw.

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Kara Jumping

Kpop Music Mondays: Kara “Jumping”

This week we review Kara’s new song “Jumping” and try to figure out what’s the deal with all of the non-jumping in the dance.

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Asia Song Festival

Asia Song Festival

On Saturday we went to the Asia Song Festival. We were invited on behalf of, who gave us press passes. Shazam! Thanks to them, […]

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