Oreo Cereal

WTF – Oreo Cereal

You can find Korean food outside of Korea, but here’s one thing that’s exclusive to Korea: OREO CEREAL!

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FAPFAP - Jeon thumb yt

FAPFAP – Korean Jeon

We taught you how to make Pajeon, but there’s a world of so many more Jeons out there. Today, we’ll take you to our favourite Jeon restaurant and eat sexy food.

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WTF Dongeuran Kimbap thumb eyk

Dongeuran Kimbap

We take this WTF episode outdoors and try a new Wonderful Treasure that we Found in 7/11

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Korean Spam

FAPFAP – Korean Spam

It’s Chuseok now, and during Chuseok people give food gift sets, and one of those sets is of SPAM. So, we do some Spam taste testing.

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How to Make Soondubu Jjigae

How to Cook Soondubu Jjigae 순두부찌개

We teach you how to make Soondubu Jjigae and Korean anchovy broth in this week’s Food Adventure Program for Awesome People!

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How to Cook Jajangmyeon

How to Make Jjajangmyeon 짜장면

Last week we showed you how to order Jajangmyeon. But if you don’t live in Korea you’re screwed, so today we show you how to make it.

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How to Cut the Perfect Watermelon

How to Cut the Perfect Watermelon

Here’s how you cut a watermelon without looking like a barbarian.

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Chinese Delivery

FAPFAP – Chinese Food Delivery

It’s Monsoon season and there ain’t no way in hell we’re bringing our camera gear outside to get soaked, so we ordered some Chinese Food Delivery!

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Korean Hweh

Korean Hweh, aka Raw Seafood

We take you to a Korean 회 or “Hweh” restaurant and show you what some Korean raw seafood is like. YUM!

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Korean Drinking Games

How to Play Korean Drinking Games

We teach you some of our favorite Korean drinking games, and drink along with them!

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle in Korea

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Korea

Here’s more info on how we’re maintaining our low carb, low-glucose diet, as well as some helpful tips for you to do something similar while you’re in Korea.

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Korean Fast Food

McDonalds vs. Taco Bell vs Starbucks: Koreanized Fast Food.

We’re always fascinated with the different variations of fast food we see in other countries, but what does Korea offer? Here’s McDonalds vs Taco Bell vs Starbuck’s take on fast food!

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Korean Utensil Thingy

Korean Utensil Layouts aka LAME TITLE

The title sounds lame but we found this thing cool when we were at a restaurant, so we wanted to share.

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Outdoor Factory

Korean Grilled Meat – Camping Style!

We go to our favorite meat grilling place in Hongdae, which is a camping style restaurant. It’s so cool!

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Drinking and Drunkenness in Korea

Drinking and Drunkenness in Korea

We talk about drinking and drunkenness in Korea. How much do people drink in Korea. Will you be ok if you don’t drink? How drunk do people get?

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Bubble Tea

Gong Cha Bubble Tea

We go for Bubble Tea, which you might know about or might not know. Here’s our favorite place for it in Korea!

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Korean Hoddeok – FAPFAP

We eat one of our favorite winter Korean street foods for this week’s FAPFAP: it’s Hoddeok!

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Korean Table Etiquette

Korean Table Etiquette

What are some things you should know about when eating in Korea? Any Korean etiquette you should know?

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Korean Hangover Remedies

Hangover Soup

Martina had a bit too much to drink the night before, so we go over some Korean Hangover remedies.

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What Are Korean Weddings Like?

What are Weddings Like in Korea?

We talk about our experiences with Korean Weddings. What are Korean Weddings like? How are they different from what we’re used to?

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