Dry Coin Towels

Magic Expanding Buttons

Want to have a moist towelie for your hands, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hiring a butler? THIS IS THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

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Is it Expensive in Korea?_EYK

Is it Expensive in Korea?

We compare the cost of living between South Korea and Toronto, Canada, and let you know where it’s cheaper.

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Hyundai Wrapping

Korean Shopping Bags Made of Ribbon

We bought a blender in Korea, and the lady made a shopping bag out of ribbon. PRETTY COOL!

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Big Boobs in Korea

Big Boobs in Korea – TL;DR

We talk about Big Boobs in Korea. What’s it liking having bigger boobs in Korea, how difficult is it to shop, and how to people react to big boobs. Also, BOOOOOOOOOBS!

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Being Tall in Korea

Being Tall in Korea

What’s it like being tall in Korea? Simon tells you what his experiences as a tall person in Korea are like.

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Custom Made Shoes in Korea

Custom Made Shoes in Korea

I’ve finally found a way to get cool shoes my size in Korea, since it’s almost impossible to find decent, sized 13 men’s shoes.

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Korean Mannerisms

Habits We’ve Dropped and Acquired in Korea

A list of habits and idioms we’ve dropped and adopted in Korea.

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Korean Products We Can't Live Without

Korean Products We Can’t Live Without

This week’s TL;DR is SO EASY TO TALK ABOUT! Here are Korean products we wish they had back home.

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Se7en's Restaurant

WANK – SE7EN’s Restaurant and Garosu-gil

This week we go to SE7EN’s restaurant in Garosu-gil (Yeolbong Jjimdak) and walk around Garosu-gil as well.

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Samchungdong Seoul

WANK – Strolling Through Samchungdong, Seoul

This week we walk around Samchungdong, Seoul, which is one of our favourite places to hang out in Korea

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Shopping in Myeongdong

WANK – Shopping in Myeongdong, Seoul

Our first edition of WANK (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!) is in Myeongdong, Seoul.

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Cat Bus Pencil Case

WTF – Cat Bus Pencilcase

This week we play with a cat bus pencil case thingy for our Wonderful Treasure Find. Yay cats!

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Vlog in Hongdae Seoul

Hongdae Pastries, Furniture, and 1L of Milk

We do one of those vloggity things we used to do long time ago! Here we play in Hongdae with milk. Milk is delicious.

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Korean Couple Cellphone Charms

Korean Couple Phone Charms

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean couple cellphone charms, featuring Superman and Wonderwoman, and Angry Birds.

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Spiky Hand Massage Balls

WTF – Spiky Hand Massage Balls

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is another awkward massage thingy: spiky balls that hurt like hell!

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Bunny Hoods

WTF – Bunny Hoods

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a bunny hood for Spudgy. Isn’t it supposed to make him run faster and jump higher?

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Pedobear Mug

WTF – Pedobear Mug

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a Bear Mug…and it has wonderful Engrish on it.

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WTF Hangers

WTF – Inappropriate Hangers

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find are inappropriate hangers, found in a regular, appropriate store…

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Korean Facial Masks

WTF – Korean Facial Masks

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean Facial masks, but not cream masks: soaked paper masks!

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Korean Air Masks

WTF – Korean Air Masks

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is cute Korean Air Masks. Gotta hide from Yellow Dust. Do it in style!

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