Eatyourkimchi Road Trip

The Eatyourkimchi Road Trip, Day 1

The Eatyourkimchi Crew went on a road trip to a Korean Pension, got stuck in a monsoon, got drunk, and played lots of games. Check it out!

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Hongdae Nightlife

Hongdae Nightlife

We show you a bit of what nightlife in Hongdae means to us, though there’s SO MUCH MORE we can show you. Hopefully we can do more segments like this, if you like em!

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Trick Eye Museum

Adventure at the Trick Eye Museum!

We go to the Trick Eye Museum and photobomb a lot of paintings. I think that’s the whole point of it…

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The Cheonggyecheon

WANKing in the Cheonggyecheon

We travel to the Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. Lots of people go on dates here and snuggle and stuff. We do stupid water drinking contests instead.

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Ehwa University

Ewha Womans University

We go to Ewha Womans University for the day and talk to some International Students in Korea.

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Se7en's Restaurant

WANK – SE7EN’s Restaurant and Garosu-gil

This week we go to SE7EN’s restaurant in Garosu-gil (Yeolbong Jjimdak) and walk around Garosu-gil as well.

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Wanking up Namsan Tower

WANK – Namsan Tower

We go to Namsan Tower, sing Itaewon Freedom, and recreate some Boys Before Flowers Scenes.

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Korean Arcades with Batoost

WANK – Arcade and Other Gaming

We go to a Korean Arcade, batting cage, love cafe, and other things for this week’s Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

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Vlog in Hongdae Seoul

Hongdae Pastries, Furniture, and 1L of Milk

We do one of those vloggity things we used to do long time ago! Here we play in Hongdae with milk. Milk is delicious.

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Haeundae Beach

If you can’t tell by now, we totally love Busan. Every time we make a video about it, be it either for the Jagalchi Fish […]

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Yonggungsa Temple Busan

Yonggungsa Temple

A while ago we did a video about Busan’s Jagalchi Fish Market for Simon’s trip to Busan. There was a lot of footage from those […]

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Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market

We don’t get to travel Korea as much as we’d like. In fact, we spend most of our time in Bucheon. But, a short while […]

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Blogging Contest

Korean Food Blogging Contest

As some of you may know (if you’ve subscribed to our newsletter), Simon’s helping out over at It’s a site run by Korea Tourism […]

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Busan to Seoul

The Busan International Film Festival is in full force now, and Simon got to go to it for two days. Huzzah! During those two days, […]

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Seoul Nightlife

Driving Through Seoul at Night

Since we got our new camera, we feel artsy-fartsy every once in a while, like you can see in our Ajosshis video a little while […]

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Seoul Food Taste Tour

Seoul Food Taste Tour

We love Korean food. Love it! We can’t emphasize that enough. It’s one of our favorite aspects of living in Korea: being able to eat […]

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Korea's Everland

Adventure to Korea’s Everland!

A few Saturdays ago we woke up early and decided to go to Everland. Everland! One of Korea’s awesome amusement parks! Hooray! Problem was, Everland’s […]

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Scooter Tour

A Scooter Tour of Bucheon, Korea

Quite a while ago, we gave you a tour of Jung Ang Park on our bikes. Times have changed since then, and we’ve moved on […]

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Jeju Island

Martina’s Jeju Trip: Day 3

And here is day 3 of Martina’s Trip to Jeju Island. In it, you’ll finally start to see what makes Jeju Island so famous: it’s […]

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Jeju Island

Martina’s Jeju Trip: Day 2

Here’s Day 2 of Martina’s Trip to Jeju Island. The day started off with a hike up a mountain (is it just us, or do […]

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