How Can I Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea?

We talk about how to get non-teaching jobs in Korea if you’re a foreigner, and the different issues with Visas in Korea

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Lotte World Adventures

Fun in Lotte World – WANK

We go to Lotte World, an amusement park in Seoul, and have fun on roller coasters and rides and stuff.

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Being Tall in Korea

Being Tall in Korea

What’s it like being tall in Korea? Simon tells you what his experiences as a tall person in Korea are like.

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Custom Made Shoes in Korea

Custom Made Shoes in Korea

I’ve finally found a way to get cool shoes my size in Korea, since it’s almost impossible to find decent, sized 13 men’s shoes.

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Smart Tango Robot Vacuum Samsung

Our New Robot Vacuum Wants to Eat Spudgy

We got a Samsung Tango Smart, VC-RM84v, and it wants to eat my dog, Spudgy.

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The Cheonggyecheon

WANKing in the Cheonggyecheon

We travel to the Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. Lots of people go on dates here and snuggle and stuff. We do stupid water drinking contests instead.

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Korean Election Campaigns

Korean Elections

Here’s a view of what campaigns are like during election time in Korea. Ooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

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Korean Mannerisms

Habits We’ve Dropped and Acquired in Korea

A list of habits and idioms we’ve dropped and adopted in Korea.

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FAPFAPing with Korean Meat Soup

Since we can’t WANK, we’re gonna FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program for Awesome People) with some Seolleongtang and Galbijjim Ddukbaegi.

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Korean Hospital

WANK – Korean Hospitals!

So this week’s WANK sucks. Martina sprained/maybe broke her ankle, so we did our video in a Korean hospital.

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Valentine's Day in Korea

WANK – Valentine’s Day Fun!

We do a Valentine’s Day themed WANK, where we make cakes of each other, and then go to a Korean sticker booth and make Valentine’s Day Cards.

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Korean Products We Can't Live Without

Korean Products We Can’t Live Without

This week’s TL;DR is SO EASY TO TALK ABOUT! Here are Korean products we wish they had back home.

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Open the Happy Mail

Open the Happy Fan Mail!

We open up the most fanmail we’ve ever opened before, plus some extra, small Open the Happy clips

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Bullying in Korea

Bullying in South Korea

This week we talk about bullying in South Korea, the different ways students get bullied, and the different experiences we’ve had with bullying as teachers.

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Se7en's Restaurant

WANK – SE7EN’s Restaurant and Garosu-gil

This week we go to SE7EN’s restaurant in Garosu-gil (Yeolbong Jjimdak) and walk around Garosu-gil as well.

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Homosexuality in Korea

Homosexuality in Korea

Today we discuss homosexuality in Korea, the different attitudes towards homosexuality, and different gay-friendly areas in Korea.

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Wanking up Namsan Tower

WANK – Namsan Tower

We go to Namsan Tower, sing Itaewon Freedom, and recreate some Boys Before Flowers Scenes.

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Korean Arcades with Batoost

WANK – Arcade and Other Gaming

We go to a Korean Arcade, batting cage, love cafe, and other things for this week’s Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

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Samchungdong Seoul

WANK – Strolling Through Samchungdong, Seoul

This week we walk around Samchungdong, Seoul, which is one of our favourite places to hang out in Korea

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Wank Intro

Introducing: Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

Welcome to our new segment, Wonderful Adventure New Korea, where we travel around Korea and have fun :D

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