Korean Students Watch North American Pop Videos

What do Korean Students think of North American Music Videos?

This week we talk about the reactions our former Korean students had when we showed them North American music videos.

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Differences Between Korean and North American Students

Differences Between North American and Korean Students

The difference between students from South Korea and North America, as a result of their respective school systems.

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Vlog in Hongdae Seoul

Hongdae Pastries, Furniture, and 1L of Milk

We do one of those vloggity things we used to do long time ago! Here we play in Hongdae with milk. Milk is delicious.

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Korean Couple Cellphone Charms

Korean Couple Phone Charms

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean couple cellphone charms, featuring Superman and Wonderwoman, and Angry Birds.

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How to Flirt in Korea

How to Flirt in Korea

A few guidelines on how to flirt in Korea, and how Korean people typically pick up other Koreans.

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Spiky Hand Massage Balls

WTF – Spiky Hand Massage Balls

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is another awkward massage thingy: spiky balls that hurt like hell!

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five things you should not do in korea

Five Things You Should Not Do in Korea

A list of some things you should not do in Korea, as they’re either taboo in Korea, or just inappropriate.

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PDA in Korea

Public Displays of Affection in Korea

For this week’s TL;DR we discuss PDA in Korea, how common it is, and how it differs from North America.

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Cheap Korean Water Guns

WTF – Korean Water Guns

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find are some fun Korean water guns, which we play with in the park.

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Korean Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are everywhere in Korea, and they’re loud and obnoxious. Here’s our video about how much they suck.

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Age Differences in Korea

TL;DR – Age Differences in Korea

TL;DR – It’s a bit difficult to make friends of different ages in Korea, but not impossible.

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Dating in Korea

Dating in Korea

This week we talk about dating culture in Korea. TL;DR – we only know about Korean dating via our friends.

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Korean Nail Stainers

WTF – Nail Stains: Bongseonhwa

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean Nail Staining, which is like henna for your nails…or something.

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Korean Modesty in Fashion

TL;DR – Modesty in Korean Fashion

TL;DR – Cover your top, but don’t worry about your bottom. Especially if you’re a girl…

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Jjimjilbangs and Public Baths_EYK

TLDR – Jjimjilbangs and Public Baths

TL;DR – Simon doesn’t like Jjimjilbangs, while Martina loves em.

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Being A Foreigner in Korea

TLDR – Being a Foreigner in Korea

TLDR – We’re not used to people calling other people foreigners, but in Korea, our being foreign is strongly felt.

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Korean Officetel

Our New Korean Apartment!

You’ve asked for it the second you saw it, and now, here it is: our new apartment tour!

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Worst Mistake in Korea

TLDR – Worst Mistake in Korea

TLDR – Sometimes being experimental at restaurants leads to bad decisions.

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Mandu in Korea

Mandu – Korean Dumplings

We haven’t done a Korean food post in a while, and so we thought we’d do one on one of our favourite Korean foods: mandu.

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Bucheon Girls High School

Bucheon Girls’ High School

Martina just finished her last day of teaching in Korea. Here’s the video she made of the memories she had.

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