Sex, Money, Violence

TLDR – What do Students Think of North Americans?

TL;DR – We’re rich, gun-loving skanks.

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BB Cream Stores in Korea

BB Cream Korea

Lately, we’ve had a few comments from our viewers commenting on how (my–>) Martina’s skin looks so smooth in our videos. The truth is, I […]

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WTF – Korean Party Time!

Korean Party Time! Let’s celebrate with, poo, donkeys, and straws up Elephant butts!

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Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts raid time! Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

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Korean Nose Roller - Eat Your Kimchi

WTF – Korean Nose Rollers

Today, we present to you the first instalment of our Wonderful Treasure Find. You can just call it the WTF of the Week

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Home Plus

Home Plus

Back in December, we filmed a bunch of videos for other people, including three for Arirang TV, two of which we’ve already uploaded:

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Eatyourkimchi on Arirang TV

Arirang TV: Blogging in Korea

Hooray! Here’s the second video from our three movies with Arirang TV. The first one we did was about Korean Food Delivery. That same day […]

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Yonggungsa Temple Busan

Yonggungsa Temple

A while ago we did a video about Busan’s Jagalchi Fish Market for Simon’s trip to Busan. There was a lot of footage from those […]

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Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year we presented to you another Christmas in Korea video, in which you saw Simon going from class to class dressed […]

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Jumping BoA

Jumping BoAs and Kpop Fan Groups

We’ve discovered a new and scary thing in Korea: K-pop fan groups.

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Asia Song Festival

Asia Song Festival

On Saturday we went to the Asia Song Festival. We were invited on behalf of, who gave us press passes. Shazam! Thanks to them, […]

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Blogging Contest

Korean Food Blogging Contest

As some of you may know (if you’ve subscribed to our newsletter), Simon’s helping out over at It’s a site run by Korea Tourism […]

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Korean Breakdancing

R16 Korean Breakdancing Championships

This past weekend were the R16 Korea 2010 World B-Boy Championships, and we were given press passes to go. Huzzah! We were almost right on […]

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Martina’s Trip to Jeju Island

If you haven’t been to Jeju Island, you’re missing out on your Korean experience. Jeju is a tiny island located at the most southern point […]

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Claw Machine

Korean Meta-Claw Machines

A while ago we made a video about Korean Claw Machines here in Bucheon, Korea, where you could win teddy-bears for your girlfriend or Scotch […]

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