Coffee Shop Playlist

The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!

We’re opening our coffee shop in less than a week, so we’re making a Kpop Coffee Shop playlist…and we need your input!

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WANK - Coffee Prince thumb eyk

Coffee Prince Round 3: REDEMPTION!

Kia let us borrow a car, so we decided to finally beat the Coffee Prince Curse, once and for all!

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Korean Indie Music

Korean Indie Playlist: The What Season

We talk about The …, What A, and Jung In for this week’s Korean Indie Music Playlist. And we talk about life and stuff.

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Coffee Prince WANK 2

Coffee Prince Round 2: Lost in the Woods

We try to go to the artist’s house from Coffee Prince for this week’s WANK, but we take a wrong turn and end up in FFFFFF who knows where.

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Is it Expensive in Korea?_EYK

Is it Expensive in Korea?

We compare the cost of living between South Korea and Toronto, Canada, and let you know where it’s cheaper.

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Live Chat in a Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Live Chat

We go to our favorite coffee shop in Bucheon and do a live chat. We play with kitties, embarrass the barista, and talk about TV shows. YAY!

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Korean Patbingsu

Patbingsu – FAPFAP!

We go for some Korean Patbingsu, the perfect treat for ridiculously hot summer days in Korea, for this week’s FAPFAP!

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Korean Mannerisms

Habits We’ve Dropped and Acquired in Korea

A list of habits and idioms we’ve dropped and adopted in Korea.

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Wanking in Korean Bakeries

WANK – Korean Bakeries

We visit some Korean bakeries, both modern and traditional. We eat some Cocohodo and try out Paris Baguette.

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Korean Arcades with Batoost

WANK – Arcade and Other Gaming

We go to a Korean Arcade, batting cage, love cafe, and other things for this week’s Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

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Samchungdong Seoul

WANK – Strolling Through Samchungdong, Seoul

This week we walk around Samchungdong, Seoul, which is one of our favourite places to hang out in Korea

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Vlog in Hongdae Seoul

Hongdae Pastries, Furniture, and 1L of Milk

We do one of those vloggity things we used to do long time ago! Here we play in Hongdae with milk. Milk is delicious.

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How to Flirt in Korea

How to Flirt in Korea

A few guidelines on how to flirt in Korea, and how Korean people typically pick up other Koreans.

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Dog Cafe in Seoul

Bau House Dog Cafe

Bau Haus Dog Cafe is a place to bring your dogs, or just hang out with other dogs, in a coffee shop in Korea. It’s located in Hongdae, and it rocks!

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Dating in Korea

Dating in Korea

This week we talk about dating culture in Korea. TL;DR – we only know about Korean dating via our friends.

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Life in Korea

A Day in a Life in Korea

Our 200th YouTube video! We had a lot of different ideas, but we decided on a simple day in a Life in Korea video.

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Twonkle Twonkle

WTF – Twonkle Twonkle!

This week we review the Twonkle Donkey. Don’t you want a Twonkle Donkey?

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Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts raid time! Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

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Korean Coffee

Arirang TV: Coffee in Korea

So here’s our third segment with Arirang TV. This one is on Coffee in Korea.

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Korean Hair Salon

How to Get Your Hair Styled in Korea

Getting your hair cut in Korea is a scary thing. Seriously scary. Luckily, we found a salon that we fell in love with.

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