Girls' Generation Hats

Girls’ Generation’s Hats

We got two special swear hats, one of which you might have seen in Girls’ Generations “I Got a Boy”

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Being Stylish in Korea

Do Foreigners Have to Be Fashionable in Korea?

Do foreigners have to be stylish in order to fit into Korean society? How has Korea changed our sense of style, if it changed it at all?

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How I Dye My Hair Pink in Korea

How Martina Dyes Her Hair Pink

Ok, so here’s a short video about how I dye my hair pink, since a bunch of you have been asking!

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Martina's Birthday Story

Martina’s Birthday Story – TL;DR

Here’s what Martina did for her birthday, including the rather bizarre ending to her birthday night!

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Bear Hat With Mittens

WTF – Bear Hat with Built in Paw Mittens

Today we play with a bear hat with built in mittens for our Wonderful Treasure Find of the Week.

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Are Foreigners Fat and Ugly?_EYK

Are You a Fat and Ugly Foreigner?

Korea seems to be concerned with fatness. Are you really that fat? We discuss difference in perceptions of weight in Korea for this week’s TLDR

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Korean Couple Cellphone Charms

Korean Couple Phone Charms

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean couple cellphone charms, featuring Superman and Wonderwoman, and Angry Birds.

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High Heel Pain Reducers

WTF – High Heel Foot Pain Fixers

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is some weird things that make your feet feel better after wearing high heels.

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Korean vs North American Beauty Standards_EYK

TL;DR – Korean vs North American Beauty Standards

We discuss some of the differences in Korean and North American beauty standards.

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Korean Modesty in Fashion

TL;DR – Modesty in Korean Fashion

TL;DR – Cover your top, but don’t worry about your bottom. Especially if you’re a girl…

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WTF Smacap

WTF – Smacap

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is the multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf multiscarf.

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Cool Korean Trends

Cool Korean Trends (not cool otherwise)

TL;DR – Shiny suits are pimpin’, and flower boys are not girls.

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Solar Visors

WTF – Solar Visors

This week we play around with Solar Visors, which is usually reserved for old Korean women.

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Circle Lenses

WTF – Circle Lenses

This week we play around with some circle lenses, and they make us look totally creepy!

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Korean Arm Covers

WTF – Korean Arm Covers

This week we review Korean Arm Covers which make your short sleeve shirts into long sleeve shirts.

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Double Eyelid Tape

WTF – Double Eyelid Tape

This week we play with Eyelid tape, which is something that is totally new to us.

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Hara and Jessica in Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week

Simon was lucky enough to get press and backstage passes to Seoul Fashion Week. Here’s a short video of what he saw.

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Kpop: Infinite Nothing's Over

Infinite – Nothing’s Over: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over” and try to spread the word about Pastelpanthophilia.

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Korean Custom Suits

Korean Custom Made Fashion

Simon’s sick of shopping for clothes in Korea. They never fit, EVER! Korea’s got a great sense of fashion, but none of it fits him. […]

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