Teenage Pregnancy in South Korea

Teenage Pregnancy in South Korea

We talk about Teenage Pregnancy in Korea: namely, why we think it’s so low, and what factors could be at play here.

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Korean Humor

Korean vs Western Humor

We talk about the differences between Korean Humor and our humour? Are there things that just don’t translate well? Any failed jokes? What’s not funny in Korea?

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Do South Korean Students Go to Prom?

Do Korean Students Go to Prom?

We talk about Korean School Festivals and how they’re different than the school festivals we had in North America.

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Ehwa University

Ewha Womans University

We go to Ewha Womans University for the day and talk to some International Students in Korea.

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Bullying in Korea

Bullying in South Korea

This week we talk about bullying in South Korea, the different ways students get bullied, and the different experiences we’ve had with bullying as teachers.

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Korean Students Watch North American Pop Videos

What do Korean Students think of North American Music Videos?

This week we talk about the reactions our former Korean students had when we showed them North American music videos.

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Cat Bus Pencil Case

WTF – Cat Bus Pencilcase

This week we play with a cat bus pencil case thingy for our Wonderful Treasure Find. Yay cats!

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Differences Between Korean and North American Students

Differences Between North American and Korean Students

The difference between students from South Korea and North America, as a result of their respective school systems.

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Cute Korean Lunch Boxes

Cute Korean Lunch Boxes

This week we play around with a South Korean Lunch Box (which we call a Bento Box) for our Wonderful Treasure Find of the week!

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How to Flirt in Korea

How to Flirt in Korea

A few guidelines on how to flirt in Korea, and how Korean people typically pick up other Koreans.

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Arm Sleeves

WTF – Chalkboard Arm Protectors

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find are chalkboard arm protectors, for those times that you get chalk all over your arms.

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Martina Festival

Martina’s Super Old Dance Festival Footage

Footage from Martina’s School Festival, where she dances to Rain, Big Bang, Wondergirls, and Lee Hyori.

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Golf Pencil Set

WTF – Golf Pencils

This week we play with a pencil and eraser set that make for the most conspicuous game for your classrooms.

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Korean Nail Stainers

WTF – Nail Stains: Bongseonhwa

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean Nail Staining, which is like henna for your nails…or something.

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Bucheon Girls High School

Bucheon Girls’ High School

Martina just finished her last day of teaching in Korea. Here’s the video she made of the memories she had.

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Sex, Money, Violence

TLDR – What do Students Think of North Americans?

TL;DR – We’re rich, gun-loving skanks.

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TLDR Pepper Spray and Spudgy Loving

TL;DR – Funny Stories from Korea

TL;DR – language barriers are frustrating but sometimes hilarious, and Spudgy feels no shame.

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TL;DR Too Long;Didn't Read

TLDR Thursdays

We’re starting a new segment called TL;DR Thursdays, where we answer your top-rated questions, because our FAQ was too long for you to read!

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Korean Stationery

WTF – Korean Stationery

This week we play with some Korean Stationery, which is just so fun and cute and distracting and OSM!

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WTF – Korean Party Time!

Korean Party Time! Let’s celebrate with, poo, donkeys, and straws up Elephant butts!

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