Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry Blossom Drama Anime Kiss Scenes!

We go play around with some Cherry Blossoms but get bored, so we create our own Drama and anime scenes, because why the hell not?!

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Hongdae Nightlife

Hongdae Nightlife

We show you a bit of what nightlife in Hongdae means to us, though there’s SO MUCH MORE we can show you. Hopefully we can do more segments like this, if you like em!

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Christmas in Korea

What’s Christmas in Korea Like?

We talk about what Christmas is like in Korea, but mostly talk about all of the things we miss about Christmas in Canada.

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Korean Election Campaigns

Korean Elections

Here’s a view of what campaigns are like during election time in Korea. Ooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

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Cheap Korean Water Guns

WTF – Korean Water Guns

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find are some fun Korean water guns, which we play with in the park.

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Korean Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are everywhere in Korea, and they’re loud and obnoxious. Here’s our video about how much they suck.

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Personal Fans

WTF – Personal Fans

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean Personal Fans: the cutie edition! Why have boring fans if you can have cute ones?

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Naengmyeon Noodles

Naengmyeon – Cold Noodles

An into to Naengmyeon: Korean cold noodles. We’ll show you about Mul Naengmyeon and Bibim Naengmyeon, which both totally rock.

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Korean Modesty in Fashion

TL;DR – Modesty in Korean Fashion

TL;DR – Cover your top, but don’t worry about your bottom. Especially if you’re a girl…

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Korean Air Masks

WTF – Korean Air Masks

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is cute Korean Air Masks. Gotta hide from Yellow Dust. Do it in style!

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Korean Arm Covers

WTF – Korean Arm Covers

This week we review Korean Arm Covers which make your short sleeve shirts into long sleeve shirts.

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Korean Floor Heating

Time for you to learn how to use Korean Floor Heating, also known as Ondol Heating. Yep. This is gonna be a bit of a […]

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Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year we presented to you another Christmas in Korea video, in which you saw Simon going from class to class dressed […]

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Winter in Korea

Beat the Cold in Korea

Some of you might wonder how cold it is in Korea. Let’s just say that Korean Winters can be nasty cold. Nasty! You hear of […]

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Pepero Day

Pepero Day in Korea!

It’s Pepero Day in Korea! Here’s what you need to know about Pepero Day, including what you can do with all of your leftover Pepero.

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Spring Time in Korea

People often hear about Korea’s four distinct seasons. Right now, we’re in the middle of Spring, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Last year we made a […]

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Korean Snow Day

Super Crazy Korean Snow Day!

Two days ago, Korea saw it’s heaviest snowfall since something like forever. It was magical! Snow doesn’t usually fall heavily here in Korea. Last Winter, […]

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Monsoon Season Korea

Korean Monsoon Season

Last year we posted some pictures about Korean Monsoon Season. We think that we gave off the impression, though, that rainy season is all cute […]

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Fall in Korea

The End of Bucheon’s Autumn

Winter hasn’t officially kicked in yet, but it’s starting to get mighty cold. The leaves on all of the trees are almost all off, and […]

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Korean Umbrella

Rainy Days

Today Martina bought a new umbrella, and just in time. She’s been looking around for one for as long as we’ve been here, touching and […]

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