Mental Health in Korea

Mental Health in Korea

We talk a bit about mental health in Korea, the stigmas around it, how it affects schools and the workplace, and about treatment in Korea.

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Fitness and Gyms in Korea

Fitness and Gyms in Korea

We’ve gone to a few gyms in Korea over the years. What are some of the differences we’ve noticed? What’s Korean gym etiquette like? Hyung do even lift?

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Health Care in Korea

TL;DR – Health Care in Korea

Martina’s sick today, so we didn’t go into the studio, but we decided to film a TL;DR about our experiences of health care in Korea.

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Copyrights in Korea

Intellectual Property and Ripping Shit Off in Korea

We talk about our experiences of copyright in Korea and getting ripped off.

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Couple Culture in Korea

Couple Culture in Korea

We talk a bit about couple culture here, and discuss couple clothing, couple apps, and different special couple days in Korea.

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Korean Stereotypes on Foreigners

What Stereotypes Do Koreans Have on Foreigners?

What are some of the stereotypes that Koreans have about Americans and other foreigners? Here’s a list of a few.

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How To Spend Free Time in Korea

How to Spend Free Time in Korea

What do people do on their free time and holidays in Korea? We talk about a couple of things.

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Drinking and Drunkenness in Korea

Drinking and Drunkenness in Korea

We talk about drinking and drunkenness in Korea. How much do people drink in Korea. Will you be ok if you don’t drink? How drunk do people get?

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Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry Blossom Drama Anime Kiss Scenes!

We go play around with some Cherry Blossoms but get bored, so we create our own Drama and anime scenes, because why the hell not?!

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Teenage Pregnancy in South Korea

Teenage Pregnancy in South Korea

We talk about Teenage Pregnancy in Korea: namely, why we think it’s so low, and what factors could be at play here.

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Fan Death and Korean Superstitions

Fan Death and Korean Superstitions

We talk about different Korean Superstitions, and how you can fail your tests, lose your girlfriend, get married, and DIE!

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The Threat of North Korea

The Threat of North Korea

What’s up with North Korea and its threats against South Korea? How are things in South Korea now as a result?

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Hongdae Nightlife

Hongdae Nightlife

We show you a bit of what nightlife in Hongdae means to us, though there’s SO MUCH MORE we can show you. Hopefully we can do more segments like this, if you like em!

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Korean Hangover Remedies

Hangover Soup

Martina had a bit too much to drink the night before, so we go over some Korean Hangover remedies.

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Korea Herald Thumb

Super Cool Publicity Week!

We were featured in a few publicity things this week. Check us out on Fuse TV, as well as a documentary on our marriage, and a newspaper article as well.

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Speaking Korean

Not Speaking Korean in Korea

Can you survive in Korea without knowing Korean, and how much more Korean are we going to learn?

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What Are Korean Weddings Like?

What are Weddings Like in Korea?

We talk about our experiences with Korean Weddings. What are Korean Weddings like? How are they different from what we’re used to?

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Korean Toast

Korean Toast

There are two types of Toast in Korea. One is really quite yummy. Another is, umm…this one.

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Korean Humor

Korean vs Western Humor

We talk about the differences between Korean Humor and our humour? Are there things that just don’t translate well? Any failed jokes? What’s not funny in Korea?

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Christmas in Korea

What’s Christmas in Korea Like?

We talk about what Christmas is like in Korea, but mostly talk about all of the things we miss about Christmas in Canada.

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