How Can I Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea?

We talk about how to get non-teaching jobs in Korea if you’re a foreigner, and the different issues with Visas in Korea

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Driving in Korea

Why We Hate the Driving in Korea

Driving in Korea freaking sucks immensely, and we hate it so freaking much. Here are our stories of our experiences of horrendous Korean driving.

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Crime in Korea

Crime, Safety, and Danger in Korea

We don’t know what the statistics for the crime rate in Korea, but we can talk about our general sense of safety and danger while living in Korea.

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Being Stylish in Korea

Do Foreigners Have to Be Fashionable in Korea?

Do foreigners have to be stylish in order to fit into Korean society? How has Korea changed our sense of style, if it changed it at all?

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Nightlife in Korea

Nightlife in Korea: Bars, Clubs, and Dancing

We give a brief rundown of Korean nightlife – such as host bars, booking clubs, and night clubs – and how it’s different than North American nightlife.

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Our New Apartment in Seoul

Our New Apartment in Seoul!

We moved into our new apartment in Seoul. Here’s our video tour of it. It’s a bit barren at the moment, though…

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Help Eatyourkimchi: The Fundraiser

We’re trying to set up Eat Your Kimchi as a business so that we could stay in Korea, and we need your help to get the studio running.

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How to Lose Weight in Korea

How We Lost a Lot of Weight in Korea

We weren’t happy with how we were starting to look, so we changed our lifestyles and started eating healthily. Here’s what we did to lose our weight.

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Spudgy Adventure Now Korea

SPANK! Spudgy’s Adventure Now Korea!

We attach a camera to Spudgy and go for a walk around Bucheon!

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Being a Full-Time YouTuber

How We Started Blogging Full-Time

So, we blog for a living. But who pays us? What company do we work for? What are our visas in Korea? How do we make money blogging? All that, and more!

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Korean Food Delivery

Korean Food Delivery: FAPFAP

We show you how we order Korean food delivery. Yes, we don’t always FAPFAP in public!

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Is it Expensive in Korea?_EYK

Is it Expensive in Korea?

We compare the cost of living between South Korea and Toronto, Canada, and let you know where it’s cheaper.

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Korean Patbingsu

Patbingsu – FAPFAP!

We go for some Korean Patbingsu, the perfect treat for ridiculously hot summer days in Korea, for this week’s FAPFAP!

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Hyundai Wrapping

Korean Shopping Bags Made of Ribbon

We bought a blender in Korea, and the lady made a shopping bag out of ribbon. PRETTY COOL!

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Video Gaming in Korea

Korean Video Game Culture – TL;DR

We talk about Korean Video Game Culture, console gaming vs pc gaming, and what it’s like to be a console gamer here.

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Big Boobs in Korea

Big Boobs in Korea – TL;DR

We talk about Big Boobs in Korea. What’s it liking having bigger boobs in Korea, how difficult is it to shop, and how to people react to big boobs. Also, BOOOOOOOOOBS!

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Making Friends in Korea

Making Friends in Korea – TL;DR

We talk about our experiences with making friends in Korea, and our thoughts on how it differs from making friends back home.

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Korean Watermelon Holders

Korean Watermelon Holders

Here’s a video on Korean Watermelon Holders. Ever hear of a watermelon holder? If not, then this video will blow you away!

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Samgyeopsal and Soju

Late Night Samgyeopsal and Soju – FAPFAP!

Our batteries died when we tried WANKing, so we went out for Samgyeopsal and Soju to end our night instead.

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Tattoos in Korea_EYK

TL;DR – Tattoos in Korea

We talk about tattoos in Korea, what Korea’s perspective is on people with tattoos, as well as teaching in Korea with tattoos.

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