Korean Post Office Boxes


This guy at the post office makes boxes awesomely. That is all.

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Life in Korea

A Day in a Life in Korea

Our 200th YouTube video! We had a lot of different ideas, but we decided on a simple day in a Life in Korea video.

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Double Eyelid Tape

WTF – Double Eyelid Tape

This week we play with Eyelid tape, which is something that is totally new to us.

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Twonkle Twonkle

WTF – Twonkle Twonkle!

This week we review the Twonkle Donkey. Don’t you want a Twonkle Donkey?

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Arirang TV – Heart to Heart

A couple of weeks ago we did another video with Arirang. This time we did a sit down interview with them for Heart to Heart.

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Korean Self Massager

WTF – Korean Self Massager

For this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find we try to figure out how to not paralyze ourselves.

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BB Cream Stores in Korea

BB Cream Korea

Lately, we’ve had a few comments from our viewers commenting on how (my–>) Martina’s skin looks so smooth in our videos. The truth is, I […]

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Korean Coffee

Arirang TV: Coffee in Korea

So here’s our third segment with Arirang TV. This one is on Coffee in Korea.

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Korean Nose Roller - Eat Your Kimchi

WTF – Korean Nose Rollers

Today, we present to you the first instalment of our Wonderful Treasure Find. You can just call it the WTF of the Week

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Korean Hair Salon

How to Get Your Hair Styled in Korea

Getting your hair cut in Korea is a scary thing. Seriously scary. Luckily, we found a salon that we fell in love with.

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sbs morning wide

Eat Your Kimchi on SBS Morning Wide

Back on Valentine’s Day, Simon was on SBS Morning Wide with a few other bloggers and talking about Korean food.

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Korean Food Shin Ramen

Korean Ramen

A long time ago we did a video about a Korean Ramen Taste Test. In that video, though, we didn’t include Shin Ramen, which is […]

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Wolfhound - Bacon Ranch Burger

The Wolfhound

There is this amazing Irish Pub in Itaewon called The Wolfhound. Tons of people kept saying to us, “you guys have to review this place […]

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Bowl of Tteokguk

Happy Seollal, Korean Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Seollal is one of Korea’s two mega-holidays, right up there with Chuseok, which you might remember from our Chuseok dancing […]

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Korean Floor Heating

Time for you to learn how to use Korean Floor Heating, also known as Ondol Heating. Yep. This is gonna be a bit of a […]

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How to Speak Korean: 살쪄

Korean Like a Pro 2

Bam! Here’s the second installation of our Korean Like a Pro series, in which we teach you how to speak Korean, like a Pro! Ha! […]

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Haeundae Beach

If you can’t tell by now, we totally love Busan. Every time we make a video about it, be it either for the Jagalchi Fish […]

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Korean Like a Pro

Korean Like a Pro

We get a bunch of questions from people asking us how to learn Korean, and – more specifically – how long it took us to […]

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Korean Delivery Bike

Arirang TV: Korean Food Delivery

We recently shot a few videos with Arirang TV, similar to the Today’s Blog episode we did a while ago. The first one they finished […]

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe

A while ago we did our ridiculous video in which we dress up as a dragon and unicorn and Dance in Korea. In that video, […]

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