Nell Ocean of Light

Korean Indie Playlist: Whale Ocean Smells

We talk about Nell, Smells and Neon Bunny, and Coreyah for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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EYKAs 2012

The 2012 Eat Your Kimchi Awards Winners

Here are the winners for the first annual Eat Your Kimchi Awards, which highlights the best Kpop Songs, Kpop Videos, and Kpop artists of 2012.

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Korean Indie Music: My Super White

We talk about Clazziqua Project’s “Can’t Go On My Own,” Nell’s “White Night” and Cassette Schwarzenegger’s “Super Hi Fi” for this week’s Korean Indie playlist

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Korean Indie Nell

K Crunch Indie: Koalas Drink Nell

We talk about Hugh Keice’s Drink in the Desert, Mighty Coala’s 열대야 and Nell’s 기억을 걷는 시간 for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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4Minute Hyuna Volume Up

KpopCharts Update: Alone Before Volume

We talk about 4Minute’s Volume Up, Sistar’s Alone, and Nell’s The Day Before in this week’s Kpop Charts Update!

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