WANK - Japan thumb eyk

Japanese Snowstorm of Destruction and DOOM!

Martina’s best friend is visiting Korea, so we couldn’t film anything this week. Fortunately, we have our fun Japan footage that we’ve been keeping secret forever…now ready to share!

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FAPFAP - Japanese Snacks thumb eyk

Japanese Snack Sampling

Remember when we went to Japan back in February? We brought a bunch of cool snacks with us. We’re gonna try some out for today’s FAPFAP.

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WTF - Nose Plugs thumb eyk

WTF – Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems

You’ve seen face masks to protect you from the polluted air. Here’s the next stage of evolution: Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems!

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Toronto vs Seoul

Toronto vs Seoul

For this week’s TL;DR we’re going to talk about the differences we noticed between Seoul and Toronto, based on our few weeks in Canada over the holidays.

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Ice Storm 2013 Toronto

Toronto Ice Storm 2013

We got caught in Toronto’s Ice Storm 2013. Here’s footage of the aftermath. #darkTO

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Korea vs Europe

Korea vs Europe

We were in Europe for a couple of weeks and have a few things to compare between it and Korea.

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Eatyourkimchi in Europe: Last Day

It’s our last day in Amsterdam and the end of our European Tour! Here are some of the things we saw and did before we got back home to Korea!

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Amsterdam Meetup

Eatyourkimchi in the Netherlands: Day 1!

We did two shows in Amsterdam, and had a lot of fun with some amazing (and really tall) Nasties!

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Poland Day 2

Eatyourkimchi in Poland: Day 2!

After all the ultra emotional feels of Day 1 in Warsaw, we go out to the city and enjoy some of the silliness only we can find joy in.

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Poland: Day 1!

Ultra emotional post about why returning to Poland was so special to me.

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Arc de Triomphe

Three Days in Paris

We had three days in Paris to prepare for our next events in Warsaw and Amsterdam. Here’s what we did with our free time.

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Eatyourkimchi in Sweden: Day 2!

After Norway, we went to Sweden, and had a great time meeting 700 Nasties. Oh, and we went to IKEA! YAY!

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Sweden Day 1

Eatyourkimchi in Sweden: Day 1!

Here’s footage from our first day in Sweden, including our event in front of 700 Swedish Nasties!

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Oslo 2

Eatyourkimchi in Norway: Day 2!

Here’s Day 2 of us in Norway, including our fanmeet, Norway’s favorite Kpop videos, and Martina’s trolling!

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Eatyourkimchi in Norway: Day 1!

We’re kicking off our European Tour with our first day in Norway! Check out what we’re doing before the day of the big event!

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Our Last Day in Melbourne

Our Last Day in Melbourne!

Here’s our last day in Australia, where we walk around Melbourne and try to throw a godforsaken boomerang seriously how the hell do these things work?

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Singapore Chinatown

Our Trip to Singapore!

We were in Singapore doing stuff. Here’s a video of a noodle master in Chinatown making barrgghghgh yummy noodles.

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Back in Korea LiveChat

Back in Korea LiveChat!

We’re back in Korea for a bit before we scuttle off to Europe. But first, let’s talk about our Singapore trip and chat about other fun stuff :D

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FAPFAP Aussie Fancandy thumb eyk

FAPFAP – Australian Treats!

We got some lovely packages from you Aussie Nasties. Here’s us trying out some of the goods. Yay!

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KWAVE Festival

KWave Festival

Here’s footage from day 1 of us in Melbourne, including our time at the KWAVE festival!

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