Our Weird Isms

TL;DR – Our Weird Isms

What are our weird isms? What are the bizarre things that make us squirm? Mustard on your fingers? Monkeys make you uncomfortable? Can’t watch barfing? Yes, we’re a bit bizarre, but you might find yourself grossed out by these things as well!

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Dear Me

Dear Me: Advice to a Younger Martina

If I could now speak with who I was as Martina in high school, what would I tell her? Here’s my #DearMe story. I’d love to hear yours!

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500k subs

Happy 500,000 Subscribers!

Guise, we just got 500,000 subscribers! Can you freaking believe it? 500 freaking THOUSAND! We made a celebration video. Hope you like it :D

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Morning Routine

Our New Morning Routine

We’ve been trying to be more healthy and active. Here’s what our morning routines look like in the Stawski home!

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Anniversary Video

The Eatyourkimchi Studio Anniversary Video!

We’ve been running the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio for over a year now! We’re here now sitting with the crew and reminiscing on some of our favourite memories from the year.

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90s Kids Tag

90s Kids Tag

We’re going through a load of embarrassing memories and revelations when we take on the 90s Kids tag for this week’s TL;DR!

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Ice Storm 2013 Toronto

Toronto Ice Storm 2013

We got caught in Toronto’s Ice Storm 2013. Here’s footage of the aftermath. #darkTO

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Couple 123 Tag

Couple 1,2,3 Tag

We take on the Couple 123 tag challenge and answer some personal questions about ourselves and each other.

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Smoking in Korea

Smoking in Korea

We talk about smoking in Korea from the perspective of non-smokers, and we talk about how things have changed in the past 5 years.

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Tattoo in Korea

Martina Gets Her Tattoo Done!

Martina gets her tattoo done in Korea. Here’s what it looks like!

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Peeping Life

Peeping Life feat EATYOURKIMCHI!

Anime Bancho flies down to Korea to film an episode of Peeping Life with us…AND MAKE US INTO AN ANIMATION ERMAHGERDDD!!

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle in Korea

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Korea

Here’s more info on how we’re maintaining our low carb, low-glucose diet, as well as some helpful tips for you to do something similar while you’re in Korea.

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Five Year Anniversary

Eatyourkimchi Five Year Anniversary

It’s our five year anniversary of being in Korea. Here’s a small video we did for it!

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Singapore Day 1

Wonderful Adventure Now Singapore: Day 1!

We just arrived in Singapore! We’re here for a few days. Here’s what Day 1 was like!

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LiveChat Funtimes

Pre-Documentary Shoot LiveChat!

We’ve got a big project we’re working on in the evening, but we wanted to hang out with you guise first. You ok with that?

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Draw My Life-Spudgy's Story

Draw My Life: Spudgy’s Story

You wanted me to draw my life, so here I am drawing my life. Sincerely, the Spudgy

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We Are Going to Singapore



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Sunday LiveChat

Pre-Birthday LiveChat!

It’s Martina’s birthday on Wednesday! We’re doing a livechat today on Sunday and opening some fanmial, pretending that they’re birthday presents!

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Draw My Life-Martina's Story

Draw My Life: Martina’s Story

Simon did his Draw My Life video last week. Here’s mine.

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Draw My Life-Simon's Story

Draw My Life: Simon’s Story

I do a “Draw My Life” video! Here’s my story, and some info about things that changed me and made me who I am today. Also, Meemers is a bad cat!

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