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How to Eat Ramen Like a Pro

We’ve shown you how to level up your Ramen before, but now we’re gonna show you some more Professional Ramen eating tricks that’ll impress all your friends!

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Japan Day 3

Japan Day 3 – Ramen and Stuff

We had a short vlog day, because we had a lot of stuff to do, but here’s a bit of what we did and what we ate :D

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Trip to Tokyo Japan

A Weekend in Tokyo, Japan

It’s a different WANK this week: Wonderful Adventure, NOT Korea! We go to Tokyo, Japan for the weekend and hang out in Ikebukuro and Harajuku. Woot!

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Korean Food Shin Ramen

Korean Ramen

A long time ago we did a video about a Korean Ramen Taste Test. In that video, though, we didn’t include Shin Ramen, which is […]

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Korean Ramen

A Foreigner’s Mini-Guide to Korean Ramen

Our experiences with ramen in Canada began in elementary school with good ol’ Mr. Noodle, who pretty much runs the show for Canadian ramen. From […]

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