f(x) Electric Shock

f(x) – Electric Shock: Kpop Music Monday

We talk about f(x)’s Electric Shock, the awesomeness of the song, and the ZZZzzZZZness of the video.

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f(x) Electric Shock

KpopCharts Update: Believe Electric Love

The KpopCharts Update are finally back! We talk about U-Kiss’ “Believe,” f(x)’s “Electric Shock,” and Boyfriend’s “Love Style” this week.

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Taetiseo Twinkle

Taetiseo – Twinkle: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we talk about Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” and how there shouldn’t be a boy in the Girls’ changeroom.

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Exo Mama

Exo – Mama: Kpop Music Mondays

We review Exo’s Mama and talk about SM’s, yet again, amazing Engrish.

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Exo Prologue Spudgy

Exo Prologue 1 – Introducing Spudgy

For EXO Prologue 1, member of EXO-E, Spudgy shows his well trained tree-peeing skill.

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Exo Teasers

Exo Teasers 29 + 30

The world of new reviewer people Simon and Martina presented by Eatyourkimchi is opened! The new 29th and 30th teaser for their new Video has been released.

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SHINee Sherlock

SHINee – Sherlock: Kpop Music Mondays

We review SHINee’s Sherlock and talk about the awesome dance, awesome song, and terrible detective skills.

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SHINee Sherlock

KpopCharts Update: SHINee, CNBlue, BT-Swing

New videos on the KpopCharts include SHINee’s Sherlock (duh!), CNBlue’s Still in Love, and BT-Swing’s Rescue 101

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Simon and Ga In

K Crunch Cocktail: Abracadabra Shy Visual Juliette

We talk about Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra, SHINee’s Juliette, Girls Generation’s Visual Dreams, and Secret’s Shy Boy for this week’s K Crunch Cocktail!

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Big Bang Fantastic Baby

KpopCharts Update: Fantastic History Joma Ticket

We talk about Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, EXO’s History, Nine Muses’ Ticket, and C-Real’s Joma Joma

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Big Bang Bad Boy KpopCharts

KpopCharts Update: Bad Party Secret Teaser

Barely any Kpop videos came out this week apart from Big Bang’s Bad Boy. We talk about three other kinda relevant videos as well.

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Super Junior 4 Minute

K Crunch Cocktail: Me Don’t DJ DOC Right Now

We talk about Super Junior, Psy, DJ Doc, and 4 Minute for this week’s K Crunch Cocktail

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Exo What is Love

EXO – What is Love: Kpop Music Mondays

We review EXO-K’s “What is Love” for Kpop Music Mondays and deal with the awesomeness of the song, and the bad management of EXO.

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K Crunch Cocktail

K Crunch Cocktail: Mirotic Paradise Step Bikes

For this week’s K Crunch Cocktail, we review TVXQ’s “Mirotic,” Battle’s “Step By Step,” T-Max’s “Almost Paradise” and Peppertones’ “Bike”

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K Crunch Update

The New K Crunch: KpopCharts Update

We’re revamping our K Crunch into something different, and trying to give you a new viewing experience.

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How to Dance Kpop Style 2011

How to Dance Kpop Style 2011

Here are the top 10 Kpop Videos and Kpop Dances of 2011.

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Kpop Music Monday Halloween

Kpop Music Monday: The Halloween Edition!

It’s the Halloween Edition of Kpop Music Monday! We review TVXQ’s Balloons and G Dragon’s She’s Gone.

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Girls Generation The Boys

Girls Generation – The Boys: Kpop Music Monday

We review Girls Generation – The Boys this week for Kpop Music Mondays and try to deal with their fortune cookie collage of lyrics.

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Super Junior A Cha

Super Junior A Cha – Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review Super Junior’s A Cha and talk about their love of sandwiches.

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Super Junior Mr. Simple

Super Junior – Mr. Simple: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” for Kpop Music Mondays, and we’re also giving away a free copy of their new album. Woot woot!

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