Be Happy

The Be Happy Montage!

Here’s a random montage of fun and cute videos we’ve been gathering but didn’t have anything to do with, till now! Featuring lots of Spudgy and Meemers.

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Pet Culture in Korea

Pets in Korea

We talk about pets in Korea and how pet culture has changed in the five years that we’ve been here.

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Spudgy Bento Box

Spudgy Bento Box

We got to hang out with Mosogourmet and learn how to make a Bento Box…in the shape of SPUDGY!

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Kitten Drinks Water

Meemers and Spudgy Videos!

We post a couple of Spudgy and Meemers videos. Meemers drinks a lot of water, and Spudgy hates his new clothes.

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Spudgy Haircut

Spudgy’s Dog Mohawk Touched Up

Here’s some footage from a couple of months ago when we touched up Spudgy’s mohawk to make him look like a blue striped marshmallow.

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Spudgy Adventure Now Korea

SPANK! Spudgy’s Adventure Now Korea!

We attach a camera to Spudgy and go for a walk around Bucheon!

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Spudgy vs Yodelling Pickle

Spudgy vs Yodelling Pickle

We have a yodelling pickle and Spudgy hates it.

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Open the Happy Mail

Open the Happy Fan Mail!

We open up the most fanmail we’ve ever opened before, plus some extra, small Open the Happy clips

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Spudgy in the Field

Spudgy Loves Canada

Spudgy becomes a totally different dog in Canada than he is in Korea. Check out his wild stallion side!

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Bunny Hoods

WTF – Bunny Hoods

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a bunny hood for Spudgy. Isn’t it supposed to make him run faster and jump higher?

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Dog Cafe in Seoul

Bau House Dog Cafe

Bau Haus Dog Cafe is a place to bring your dogs, or just hang out with other dogs, in a coffee shop in Korea. It’s located in Hongdae, and it rocks!

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TLDR Pepper Spray and Spudgy Loving

TL;DR – Funny Stories from Korea

TL;DR – language barriers are frustrating but sometimes hilarious, and Spudgy feels no shame.

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Blue Dog Mohawk

Spudgy’s New Dog Mohawk

Spudgy got a new Dog Mohawk. BAM! You voted for the color on Facebook, and we complied. We present to you, the new Spudgy!

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Life in Korea

A Day in a Life in Korea

Our 200th YouTube video! We had a lot of different ideas, but we decided on a simple day in a Life in Korea video.

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Spudgy the Pekingese Dog

Spudgy Likes Video Games

What does Spudgy do when we leave him at home? We set up a secret cam to find out.

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Spudgy Sleeping

Korean Animal Sounds

Animals in Korean don’t sound the same as animals in English. They supposedly speak a different language. Here’s a list of different Korean Animal Sounds

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iMovie 11 Movie Trailer: Viva La Spudgy!

We’re Mac nerds. Ok. We’re not ashamed to say it. So we were pretty happy when we found out that iMovie was updated, especially since […]

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Dog in Cast

Taking Care of Your Cats and Dogs in Korea

Recently, our Spudgy dislocated his knee. It was a terrible experience: he lifted his leg to pee, and – being the gimpy dog that he […]

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Dog Mohawk

Spudgy’s New Mohawk

We were surprised our first summer here when we saw Korean dogs with really cool haircuts and bright hair dye. We’ve seen lots of dogs […]

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Adopting a Dog in Korea

We have been receiving a lot of emails lately through our Contact page asking us about living with a dog in Korea. We realize now […]

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