Korean Humor

Korean vs Western Humor

We talk about the differences between Korean Humor and our humour? Are there things that just don’t translate well? Any failed jokes? What’s not funny in Korea?

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How Can I Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea?

We talk about how to get non-teaching jobs in Korea if you’re a foreigner, and the different issues with Visas in Korea

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Awkward Conversations We've Had in Korea

Awkward Conversations We’ve Had in Korea

Here are a few awkward and funny conversations we had in Korea.

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Bullying in Korea

Bullying in South Korea

This week we talk about bullying in South Korea, the different ways students get bullied, and the different experiences we’ve had with bullying as teachers.

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The Most Awkward Question our Korean Students Ever Asked Us

The Most Awkward Questions Our Students Ever Asked

Here are two of the most awkward questions our students in Korea have ever asked. Hint: they’re both dirty.

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Korean Students Watch North American Pop Videos

What do Korean Students think of North American Music Videos?

This week we talk about the reactions our former Korean students had when we showed them North American music videos.

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Are Foreigners Fat and Ugly?_EYK

Are You a Fat and Ugly Foreigner?

Korea seems to be concerned with fatness. Are you really that fat? We discuss difference in perceptions of weight in Korea for this week’s TLDR

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Differences Between Korean and North American Students

Differences Between North American and Korean Students

The difference between students from South Korea and North America, as a result of their respective school systems.

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Arm Sleeves

WTF – Chalkboard Arm Protectors

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find are chalkboard arm protectors, for those times that you get chalk all over your arms.

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Martina Festival

Martina’s Super Old Dance Festival Footage

Footage from Martina’s School Festival, where she dances to Rain, Big Bang, Wondergirls, and Lee Hyori.

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Bucheon Girls High School

Bucheon Girls’ High School

Martina just finished her last day of teaching in Korea. Here’s the video she made of the memories she had.

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Sex, Money, Violence

TLDR – What do Students Think of North Americans?

TL;DR – We’re rich, gun-loving skanks.

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TLDR Pepper Spray and Spudgy Loving

TL;DR – Funny Stories from Korea

TL;DR – language barriers are frustrating but sometimes hilarious, and Spudgy feels no shame.

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Korean School Festival

Korean School Festivals

Remember that behind the scenes footage we did on our episode of Running Man, where Nichkhun gives Martina’s students a shout out? That was meant […]

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Korean University Exams

Korean Exam Day

This November 18th was one of the most important days in the life of a Korean high school student: Korean Exam Day. High school students […]

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Korean Middle School Students

Why I Love Teaching

Believe it or not, but we love teaching. Love it. Teaching in Korea isn’t just a job for us. It’s our careers, and it’s something […]

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Korean Middle School Bingo

Teaching English in Korean Middle Schools: Bingo

Now that March is around the new school year has started, and with it has come a lot of new English Conversation Teachers. Hopefully you’ve […]

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ESL Camp

Winter/Summer Camps Complete Package

Your co-teachers right about now are asking you what you are going to do for your English lessons during winter camps, and they want a […]

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Teach in Korea

How to Become a Teacher in Korea

We have received a lot of emails from people asking us how to become a teacher in Korea. Where can they find jobs teaching English? […]

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Guess Who ESL

Teaching English in Korean Middle Schools Guess Who

Next week we’re going to be giving another presentation for the Gepik Orientation, so here’s a video in the spirit of helping teachers. Here’s another […]

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