Friday LiveChat

Friday Night LiveChat!

We had a really cool and busy day today filming a bunch of collabs. Come hang out with us as we unwind for the weekend.

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Kpop Superfan Test

The Kpop Superfan Test

We’ve reviewed very many bands, most of which have very many members. How many member names do we know? We have a showdown to see which one of us is more Kpop savvy!

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Lee Hi KpopCharts

KpopCharts Update: It’s Miss Appetizer

We talk about Lee Hi’s “It’s Over,” Jay Park’s “Appetizer,” and Teen Top’s “Miss Right” for this week’s KpopCharts Update.

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SHINee Dream Girl

KpopCharts Update: Hello Love Dream

We talk about SHINee’s “Dream Girl,” Nu’est’s “Hello,” and Teen Top’s “I Wanna Love” in this week’s KpopCharts update!

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Teen Top Be Ma Girl

Teen Top – Be Ma Girl: Kpop Music Mondays

We talk about Teen Top’s “Be Ma Girl” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday and about their sexy Knife Choreography…whatever that is.

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Bang Yong Gook I Remember

I Remember – Bang Yong Gook: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review Bang Yong Gook’s “I Remember” for Kpop Music Mondays and deal with the wrath of DongHo.

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Teen Top No More Perfume on You

Teen Top – No More Perfume on You: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You.” We hated it.

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Kpop Teen Top Supa Luv

Kpop Music Mondays: Teen Top “Supa Luv”

Teen Top time! We saw them live a while ago for the Asia Song Festival, but that was back when we didn’t know anything about […]

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