Toronto vs Seoul

Toronto vs Seoul

For this week’s TL;DR we’re going to talk about the differences we noticed between Seoul and Toronto, based on our few weeks in Canada over the holidays.

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Spudgy in the Field

Spudgy Loves Canada

Spudgy becomes a totally different dog in Canada than he is in Korea. Check out his wild stallion side!

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Eat Your Kimchi Fan Meet

Toronto Fan Meet!

Short video of our fan meet in Toronto. Thank you to everyone who showed up and gave us one of our most memorable nights ever.

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Kpop Music Monday Halloween

Kpop Music Monday: The Halloween Edition!

It’s the Halloween Edition of Kpop Music Monday! We review TVXQ’s Balloons and G Dragon’s She’s Gone.

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Surprise Visit to Toronto

EatYourKimchi in Toronto!

We surprise the hell out of our families when we fly in from Canada to visit them in Toronto.

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Robot Secret Love Note Messengers

Korean Robot Secret Love Messengers

Today we play around with some messenger robots that you can use for your next Korean love confession!

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Girls Generation The Boys

Girls Generation – The Boys: Kpop Music Monday

We review Girls Generation – The Boys this week for Kpop Music Mondays and try to deal with their fortune cookie collage of lyrics.

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iMovie 11 Movie Trailer: Viva La Spudgy!

We’re Mac nerds. Ok. We’re not ashamed to say it. So we were pretty happy when we found out that iMovie was updated, especially since […]

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Koreatown in Toronto, Canada

In case you didn’t know, we were recently in Toronto for three weeks for our summer vacation. Oh, how we missed Canada! Funny thing is, […]

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Family Reunion

YouTube’s Life in a Day

YouTube recently had it’s Life in a Day event, in which we had to shoot a video about a day in our lives. We submitted […]

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