Recently, our Spudgy dislocated his knee. It was a terrible experience: he lifted his leg to pee, and – being the gimpy dog that he is – fell over in agony. He was screaming and howling, and it broke our hearts. We hopped in a taxi and went to Seoul immediately. Now, we could have gone to a vet in Bucheon in a fraction of the time it took us to get to Seoul, but we knew that Spudgy would get the best care at Mari Animal Hospital. They’re located in the Hongdae area, and we’ve been going to them from the beginning with Spudgy. Their English is great, which makes taking care of Spudgy so much better; they can tell us exactly what we need to know in order to take care of our dog properly. As well, they have a soft spot for dogs adopted at shelters, and we strongly advocate getting your dogs through shelters rather than through the puppy mills. Anyhow, for the many of you concerned with getting or bringing your pets in Korea, or taking care of one, this video’s for you. As well, click here for their Business Card. Finally, Spudgy’s doing ok now. He had knee surgery and now has a metal pin in his leg. He has to be in his cage for a few weeks and is not allowed to walk! Poor guy!

  1. That was super awesome. Thanks. Good sell! We live in Daegu with our cat, but I think that if he ever needs some serious lovin’, we’ll take him there. I was also hoping that you might have some suggestions for places where our little man could be homed for about 2 months. We’re lucky enough to have a job that gives us 2 months off and we’re heading to Indonesia this summer!! SUPER YEAH! But, our cat is 8 and we love him tons – we just can’t vacation with him (WAY TOOOOO STRESSED OUT FOR THAT!). I’m not sure what to do with him. Any thoughts? Obviously giving him up for adoption is completely out of the question (yes, that was something a mean person suggested).

  2. I really want to get a Pekingese dog just like Spudgy! I can’t wait to go to South Korea!

  3. OMG The creepy mural #2 at 4:11 resembles a lot  “New Democracy” by a famous muralist named Siqueiros… check it out: http://www.friendsofart.net/static/images/art2/david-alfaro-siqueiros-the-new-democracy.jpg

  4. omg simonandmartina! i cant believe this!! i watched this video a couple of weeks ago and i dreamt of going there yesterday! i dreamt that my friends and i so happened to be in korea somehow and i was like “WE MUST VISIT SIMON AND MARTINA *fangirling and all excited*” and in my dream the vet was not a vet but your house and it was quite a nightmare getting there. there was A LOT of pet shops (i dont know why it’s petshops but not vets) on the way and i just cant find the correct one! and i went in other petshops to ask about simonandmartina but they refused to help me! so i was using my friend’s iphone trying to load the video but it refuses to load and i was like NO WE MUST SEE SIMON AND MARTINA! i clearly remember the direction given in the video but it was so much more different in my dream. then i started running and saw the “graffiti wall” landmark. the way there was dark and gloomy and scary then i reached the doorstep and screamed. martina came out and i called her simon by mistake out of excitement and somehow WE ARE FRIENDS lol. and i got in your house and you guys were really warm and friendly to my friends and i. hahahahaha. this is too crazy, too much eatyourkimchi.

  5. People adopt from puppy mills in Singapore and they die within 8 days after they are bought cos the conditions at the puppy mills are pretty bad that they have diseases when they are bought 

  6. My husband and I are planning on teaching SK this coming year and applied through thinkoutsiderecruiting.com and Korvia (thanks to your advice)… but… we have two lovable (sometimes extremely naughty) little orange furball kitties/cats who we love! We are from the US, and I looked up how to take your pets to SK, and it seems possible, but here's my question(s): do you think the school (since they are paying for housing) would be unhappy that we want to bring our pets? Would it be too much baggage (how dare I even call them that!) to take them with us, or should we leave them with a loving foster home/friend?

    p.s. I didn't sleep last night because I stumbled upon your website and couldn't stop watching the videos. I hope a school calls us ASAP because I can't get my head out of the Korean clouds!

  7. Simon! Martina!

    That is so great! The one reason I have not gotten a cat here is because I couldnt find a vet to do shots and care while I was here.
    I see too many damn people who come and get a dog/cat for the year they are here and then dump them.
    DO you know if they do Kennel care (1-2 week) when I make a trip?

    Thanks again for all your great videos!

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