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WTF – Takoyaki Squid Shooter

May 17, 2014


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So, we went on a bit of a Gmarket shopping spree lately and bought a whole lotta fun stuff to play with for our WTF segments. We saw this game right here – which actually comes in a three pack with two other games we didn’t show – and we knew we were going to have fun with it. So we did! It was great!

The game was a bit frustrating at first, and we actually took a lot longer to finish the game than the video lets on. We missed A LOT. Like, A LOT A LOT A LOT. It’s challenging, but frustrating. We almost went Flappy Birds on it and said EFF THIS GAME and rage quit. But we finally got a winner out of it. I’m sure next time we play it’ll go better, now that we kinda have a feel for how much pressure you gotta put down. It’ll definitely come with us on a road trip or two. LOSER GETS PUNISHMENTS THEY CAN’T AVOID!

Apologies to any Swedish people we’ve upset by not liking salted liquorish. We tried! Really, we tried! We know now, though, that, like McCol’s soda, it’s a taste that we just can’t get used to. I just don’t understand how liquorish is better salted. I know salted caramel and salted chocolate, or spiced chocolate, all are great, because they hit two different flavour types. But salted liquorish just…I don’t know. Can’t do it. Can’t do it! So now we save it for punishments. BUT MARTINA CHEATED! She definitely should not have spit it out on camera. That’s not part of the rules. I’ll make sure to put that in the rules next time…

Anyhow, click if you want to buy the game to play for yourself. There’s also a fun clicking game below called “Subscribe for More!” You win if you click it! You lose if you don’t.



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