HelllllOOOoOooOo! It’s Martina! So I had quite a loooong adventure yesterday. So those of you that follow us on our live chats would not be surprised to know that I was getting my half sleeve done, but for the rest of you (including my mom and dad…) SURPRISE! So whenever I get a tattoo I think very long and hard about it. This tattoo has been in the works for the past 5-6 years. It was always missing something so I just couldn’t start it but with the addition of Spudgy and Meemers in my life I was able to happily complete my half sleeve!

If you’re wondering where I went, I did a lot of research before I decided on Tattoo People in Hongdae. Their original branch is located in Busan, so all you Busan..anites…Busantlers? Busantaclauses? You can check them out!

My tattoo artist is CIAO and he is awesome. It was a really different experience than what I’m used to back home. We met up once or twice to get an idea of what I want and then we used KAKAO chat to send pictures back and forth to each other. It was awesome to get a message at midnight from CIAO being like, “Martina, check out Meemers! What do you think?” It was constant feedback and I was able to sketch out the changes I wanted, snap a picture, and send it back right away. Nifty!

And for those of you that will inevitably ask me about the price, I can’t really answer you because it honestly changes simply depending on the design. The amount of colour, size, complication, the artist’s experience are all factors. If you want to get a tattoo done in Korea, I’ve had an awesome experience thus far! The studio is clean, all the artists were friendly, CIAO speaks a bit of English, I speak a bit of Korean, so together it forms communication! You can check out their Facebook page here to see some of their work or to drop them a message.

We also did a TL;DR about tattoos in Korea a while ago, which you can check out here for more info:


So this video only documents my first session which involves the most painful part, the line work, which is just a fancy way of saying the outlining. Yes it hurt, but it didn’t hurt as badly as my feet tattoos which were just searing horrid pain for the entire experience. This time I came prepared for a long session, and as per Martina tradition, I always research as much as I can before I do anything. So, here are some of the tips I gathered for dealing with a tattoo session:

1. Eat a BIG MEAL before you start. Even the toughest person can pass out from shock if they have an empty stomach, even from a small tattoo! Your mind might be able to take it but your body is going to panic. I carb loaded with a big cream pasta for lunch and a beef curry with white rice for dinner.

2. Pack some sugary snacks to keep your blood sugar up because you’ll start to feel weird. I packed a chocolate bar and a can of pop even though I don’t normally eat those kind of things but by the second hour I was happy to nom a chocolate bar.

3. Zone out with music and prepare a playlist in advance. You might be in a weird position that doesn’t allow you to fiddle with your music, so prep it in advance. When in pain, I enjoyed zoning out to aggressive rock and heavy metal, so my playlist included: Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Death From Above 1979, Muse, and Gogo Star. Such a funny playlist for such an adorable tattoo!

4. Have an iPad? Prepare a TV series or a movie to watch. Time will FLY by when you’re wrapped up in a good TV show. I refuse to tell you which TV show I was watching but if you look carefully in the time lapse, you just might catch a glimpse of it. High five + explosion to the first person to name that show!

5. Wear loose comfy clothing AND pack socks and a zipper hoodie even if it isn’t cold. Your body gets cold and hot and does all types of weird things when trying to deal with the pain, plus sometimes you’re just underdressed for your tattoo. The zipper hoodie because it’s easy to use as a blanket as well.

6. Pack a pillow or stuffed toy. Every tattoo parlour I have been to never has comfy pillows for you to lounge on, so I’ve learned my lesson and have always packed a plump stuffed toy. Yesterday’s toy was my Junsu Banana. He acted as a table for my ipad as well as a nifty back support and pillow. GO BANANA!

So that’s about it for now. I start my next session after Australia and I can’t wait to post the complete pictures of it! Are any of you Nasties thinking of getting tattoos? Or do you already have a tattoo? Or are you against tattoos? Spudgy was planning on getting a tattoo on his tummy that said “touch me over here, touch me, touch me over there” but I talked him out of it. Oh Spudgy.

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  1. LOL, awesome video! My line for intro to driving in Korea is stop signs are a suggestion and red lights are optional. I took a trip to Thailand (just cabs not renting a vehicle) and I think driving in Korea is far worse.

  2. I’ll be going to Korea again this Nov and I’m planning to get my
    first tattoo there! Have already made the appointment but am so worried
    about it now!

    Do I need to go back again for a touch-up? Cause I’m
    only doing it towards the end of my trip. If yes, I might need to
    rebook my appointment.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I’ll be going to Korea again this Nov and I’m planning to get my first tattoo there! Have already made the appointment but am so worried about it now!
    Do I need to go back again for a touch-up? Cause I’m only doing it towards the end of my trip. If yes, I might need to rebook my appointment.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Gina✧*:・

    Those guys were super cute ;A;

  5. I’ve got six other tattoos (from my head down): On the back of my neck I’ve got a treble clef. On the inside of my left wrist, I’ve got an ankh. On the inside of my right wrist I’ve got “Let it be”. On the left side of my back I’ve got a chalice. On the right side of my back I’ve got an interlocking alpha and omega. On the inside of my right calf I’ve got two stars.

  6. I just got some tattoo work done on Saturday. It’s not done yet, but all the line work is done and one and a half lions are colored in. (It’s three gold lions in a row with a Tudor rose in between each. I wanted England’s coat of arms, but I didn’t want a humungo shield on my calf.) I remembered the music, but forgot about the pillow. I’m going to make it a point of bringing a pillow with me when she finishes the coloring. I’ll make the appointment for that once what was just done heals fully.

  7. Can’t wait til you guys come to Norway!!! ♥♥♥

  8. I have a back tattoo and plan on getting more tattoos but as Martina, I like to think long and hard before I actually get the tattoo.
    My back tattoo is a quote of Roald Dahl and it runs down (beside) my spine in two rows. It didn’t hurt at all for me but I’ve heard that a lot of people have had painful experiences.
    Your tattoo is totally cute, I’m planning to get my cat tattooed on me somewhere too. His name is Captain Luigi (but it started as Noa).

  9. Nice tat Martina! I really like it, it screams your personality! My hubby just got his ENTIRE back done, so it’s my turn next. I need to finish my lower half-sleeve (doing it backwards, lower arm first). But like Martina, I have to think for a long time. I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of years and just need a little SOMETHING still. Of course, I can’t afford it yet so that doesn’t matter! :D I’m in Vegas so choices for tats are huge, but I highly recommend Robert Pho at Skin Design for black and grey. Have fun in Australia!

  10. I personally think tattoos are really cool but I could never get one done. I’m the type of person who gets bored really easily and love changes so if I had a tattoo for too long i’ll get bored of it and want another different type in it’s place or somewhere else. :’) But I love how you love tokidoki Martina! Cool design! :D

  11. I wasn’t distracted until you told me not to be distracted… xD Hay! Lookin’ good!

  12. That guy with the navy shirt, yeah I totally loved the way he looks at the camera like “yeah I’m sexy and I know it” xD

  13. Super cute tattoo Martina. Thanks for sharing it with us! ;) and yes cute korean guys did distract me. Sorry…

  14. Just seeing the outline is quite exciting! I think it will be fantastic when you’re much older, a grandma, with such a cute tattoo. But on top of that, you being how you are now, when you’re older. You’ll be one of the hippest grandma’s. xD
    I agree that it’s important to take your time in thinking out what tattoo you want and not rush into it, because well, it’s permanent. Case in point, “Wino Forever.” Anyone know this one?
    I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a tattoo for a handful of years now, but am still not 100%. I have about 4 things in mind that I would like, all of them on the small scale. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to get anything large, which of course can look great on other people. =)
    For my personal taste, I am glad you decided to nix more stars and other such goodies. I like that each piece can be clearly seen and appreciated. When tattoo’s become too cluttered, well, you can’t really distinguish each unique piece easily. Again, this is just my preference.

  15. Miss Martina a very impressive art piece, well thought out, it’s fucking sweet. I can’t wait to see the completed art piece when it’s done. What about you Mr. Simon? When will start on your new piece? Can you disclose any info on the direction you will be going in?

  16. Def eat a good meal like Martina said. When I got my back tat…it didn’t hurt, but all of a sudden my eyes rolled in the back up my head and I started convulsing. I could hear everything going on the whole time and felt my body shake the whole time. But when my body finally stop convulsing and I could open my eyes..it felt like I woke up from a long nap. It’s a scary thing…so eat a big meal!!! Can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s all colored in! It looks so cute!

  17. My friends and I have tattoos, and we do all the things you listed. :3 And the worst pain I’ve had when getting a tattoo had to be the mid-back area. That was horrible! Especially on the spine…yikes that was bad.

  18. Asela Cheung

    What’s the song called by Francophilippe? It’s really cool! O:

  19. I’ve been toying around with getting a tattoo, main issues are picking something I’ll be willing to live with for the rest of my life and finding the best tattoo artist for what I want. So far, a plan for my potential first tattoo is going to be like Wycinanki (Polish paper cutting). Thanks a lot for your list of tips. Nearly all of them are issues I wouldn’t have even thought of before having to deal with those kinds of inconveniences.

  20. kpopfan123

    Since it took so much time to make the tattoo model… does it hold any special meaning? I know I saw Spudgy and Meemers in there… but I think I saw Wolverine in there as well… haven’t seen the livechat yet( T__T) but I think after your tattoo is completely finished , it would need a TLDR.

    Those guys look proffessional. I think now that you’ve seen your tattoo artist at work, you can relax more Martina :).


  21. WOW-my-gosh!!! Those Korean boys were the cutest distraction EVER ;)

  22. Martina! I was wondering if it would be wise to take any pain killers before it? Like to dull the pain a bit?

  23. i’m totally for tattoos. Luckily my family is really supportive. My only issue is figuring out what I want. For a life long commitment, I’m really worried about what design I should choose and where i should put it. I have a slight fetish for hand tattoos but (like the feet), they are incredible painful to get tattoos on and i’m a incredibly big wimp. boo.

  24. I have a tattoo and I have more planned. Does this studio do smaller tats as well because all of mine are fairly small with no colour and not much artistic license. Your tat looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it finished >.<

  25. What do you know about their ink quality? Like will it show up on darker skin?

  26. That’s some very wise advice…I do teeth chattering cold when I got my foot tattoo…And super hot when I to my back tattoo done,,,

  27. Whoa! Sick tatz… Only Martina could pull off a cute Wolverine and keep him badass! Is it a coincidence that your favourite character is also Canadian? Represent, amirite?

  28. i got distracted by the Korean boys ♥ ♥ ♥ lol

  29. can you talk about the cities in korea where only foreigners live

  30. I totally got distracted…sorry

  31. Are you guys going to see 4minute in Sydney…If you are im very jealous…but you guys should come to our brisbane art gallary (GOMA art gallary) my favourite place in the whole world

  32. I had no joke forgotten about the korean guys. I was really excited about getting to the tattoo part of the video because my bestfriend and i are getting freindship tattoos and then i want some other tattoos. So its really nice to know that theres a place i can go to if i move to korea.

  33. Some of my friends got theirs done at a cheap, shady kinda place, and ended up with totally mushed or ugly tats. I’ll keep CIAO in mind for when I decide mine!
    BTW, love the Wolverine and his cupcakes haha

  34. Lmao! I laughed sooo hard when you put up the “don’t get distracted by the Korean boys” cause I was totally distracted! I had to watch the part like 3 times just to catch what you were saying, lol. Soooo sorry Martina! I love you guys!

  35. Tattooist Ciao :3 ♥

  36. Looks to me like you were watching Vampire Diaries. Could have sworn I saw both brothers (Stefan and Damon) in the time lapse video.

  37. Can you post the pics you used for the tattoo? Was that a chibi Wolverine? That’s so cute!

  38. I also have tattoos as well Martina!-I have 2, one in white ink on the inside of my left wrist that says MIRotic and the other one on my right hip says La Dolce Vita~V.I.P. I think your tattoo is cute and suits your personality-I personally wouldn’t get a half-sleeve, but it’s your body, so it’s your choice. i think it’s looks really awesome with just the outline, but I bet when it’s filled and all colourful it will look great!! P.S. Yes, I did get distracted by the Korean boys…sorry! :p

  39. Oh my… Korean boys,wait what-? … *w* uhm. yea.
    I wanted to ask that do I have to be over 20 years old in order to get a tattoo in Korea? I’ll stay for about two weeks in Korea next summer and well,it’s possible for me to get a tattoo in my country ’cause I’ll be 18 then but it would be nice to get it in Korea. If I understood correctly, a minor is a person under 20 in Korea.

  40. Awesome tattoo, hope you will be showing it off while your at the K Wave festival in Melbourne. I hope we are able to give you the gift bags that my daughter & I have put together for you (3 in total) & you enjoy what’s in them. Will be bringing over any hats to sell ?

  41. I wanne have a tattoo in a few years when I’m old enough for it. I was thinking about angel wings or chinese karakters with blossom on my shoulderblade(s)
    It’s still a few years but I already have it planned out…. kinda….
    I totaly love your tattoo it looks so cute~

  42. I do want to get a tattoo when I’m older and when I thought it through of what I want exactly. Tumblr is really an inspiration for me such as your tattoo Martina! Also my older brother and oldest sister have half sleeves or even full sleeves. AND my brother’s fiancé is a tattoo artist herself! When I saw your design Martina it reminds me of my sister’s tattoos. She also had a lot of stars and really cute tattoos. She also has Japanese inspired tattoos with a big Koi fish and waves. Although I love your design I would never get such a big tattoo. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a small one on my wrist or ankle. ^_^

  43. oh!im planing to do 4 tattoos!8D
    one on my neck,one on my shoulder,one on my arm and one on my front shoulder that goes all the way to the pack :3

  44. i just wanna say I am soooooooo proud of Simon! For being brave, trusting and understanding in letting Martina get this tattoo this big. : D

  45. Call me immature but I still laugh when I read the words wank and fapfap xD Wow girl, your tattoo looks fine! I would faint at the sight of that needle, I was like AHHHHHHHHHH the whole way watching you

    Damn those hot boys were hot. They are the king race of hotness, damn there being no Koreans in my town!

  46. Sooo jealous~! I currently have two tattoos, one on the outside of my left ankle and one on my neck/upper back, and I am totally ready for my third. I know what I want, I know where I want it, but… I’m not sure where/how to get it. :/ Plus, I want it in white, ’cause I think white tattoos are such an awesome effect, but I don’t know if they even do those in Korea… Have you guys ever seen one here?

  47. Haha was staring at the hot Korean guys before you pointed it out ^^ Holey Moley your tattoo looks awesome! When it’s healed (?) can you post a picture of it?

  48. Allison Faith Bianchi

    Btw, CIAO is totally hot! I was way more distracted by him than the photo bombers! ;P

  49. Allison Faith Bianchi

    I love tattoos, but I’ve always been too afraid to get one. First, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find something I would want on my body forever. I’ve thought about a hummingbird, but I don’t know. There are two things I’m really scared about… First, my dad said if he ever found out I got a tattoo, he said he would carve it out of my skin with a pocket knife, no matter how old I am *shudders* Two, I honestly can’t gauge how much it would hurt. I don’t know If I would be strong enough or if I would totally embarrass myself and cry like a baby. I mean, I’m not afraid of needles at all (I get really excited when I donate blood…that might be a little creepy….) and I absolutely LOVE piercings, but I doubt it’s the same… *sigh*

    • I’m actually more freaked out over the idea of piercings than I am about tattoos. For some reason, I equate piercings with injections, whereas the tattoo needle skims the surface of your skin (I know it doesn’t, really, because it has to go deep enough to deposit the ink).

      Regarding my dad, he’s fine with my tattoos “as long as we’ve established that nothing is going on your forehead.” In terms of pain, where you get it depends on how much it’s going to hurt. So stay away from wrists and places without a lot of “padding” as it were.

      If the pain is too much you can ask the tattoo artist to stop for a bit, but I’ve found that, no matter how unpleasant it is, the more they stop the longer it takes for them to finish, so I would just rather they don’t stop and I power through the pain. And as much getting it might hurt, you’re going to end up with something cool and beautiful in the end so that makes the pain of getting it worth it.

  50. Love the design! Can’t wait to see it finished. ^^ I have three small/med. sized tattoos: 3 stars behind my ear, rosary on my foot, and a Japanese fan and cherry blossoms on my wrist (hurt the most, mainly the tattooist’s fault. >_<) I've always wanted a larger tattoo, like a half sleeve design of cartoon versions of the classics monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) but I've never had the guts to do it. Maybe I will one day. Seeing you get yours done is definitely putting the idea back in my head now. :p

  51. Martina, what do you think past (goth) Martina would think of your new (very cute) tattoo?

    • She would approve of Wolverine, the Pirate Cupcake with its “sugar skull”, the stars, and the lighting clouds, for shizzle. Also, I can’t imagine her disliking ANY tattoo of future pets. Even goth Martina loved animals…I had a pet bunny for 9 years! Hahah! I guess she would like it a lot. Maybe it would just be too colourful for her.

  52. OMG MARTINA YOUR TATOO IS SO AWESOME!!! If I were to ever get a tattoo, I would love to get it in that style, super cute!

    I have a hard time imagining how painful getting a tattoo is… did it feel like you were getting a lot of deep scratches? Was it worse than that? Or was it more like the pain you have when you get your hair braided? Like it stings really bad you kinda get used to it?

  53. This is perfect! I have been looking for someone to do my tattoo when I’m in Korea… Yay the facebook page is awesome! I can’t wait!!

  54. That TV show is Vampire Diaries, right!? :D I clearly saw Damon there…

  55. As a real question i’d like to know how you came up with putting your pets in your tattoos. ( I adore them) but I was wondering since they do have a life expectancy of well… not that long. How would you feel looking back to it in lets say 40 years from now when you have had maybe other pets after them?

  56. *cough cough* Ermm, how did you know we were going to get distracted by those OHMAIGOD-SUPER-GOODLOOKING boys? *sigh* You know your Nasties sooo well :P

  57. You were watching the Vampire Dairies weren’t you Martina…I thought i saw Ian

  58. now both of u would have sleeve tattoos!

  59. Really been thinking about and planning my own half sleeve mentally for the past few years, but the part I am most at a loss for is finding a tattoo artist that I really like. Few more years, I guess, the wait will eventually pay off judging by how yours is going!

  60. Were you watching The Vampire Diaries? :D

  61. oh my gosh I’m cringing as if I can feel it while watching ><

  62. I have a tattoo! I got it over the summer, it’s a hamsa and it’s absolutely beautiful. I loooove it. The problem with tattoos though…is that they’re addicting. I want more but I definitely promised my parental units that I would stick to one. [My brother has nine though!]

  63. It is a really weird thing, when you think about it: staying still for hours while you let someone hurt you.

    Definitely eat a hearty meal beforehand, and bring juice with you for when you start feeling weak (it WILL happen). Also, don’t take any pain meds because you’ll bleed more.

  64. Lindsey Miller

    I’m so excited for you and I’m so excited in general because I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo done while in South Korea before I even got here! I’m so excited! Thank you for the information <3

  65. Were you watching Supernatural? No? Okay. xD

  66. ハイディ (Heidi)

    That’s probably the cutest tattoo I’ve ever seen!! I’m not really into tattoos myself, but I absolutely LOVE yours!! Tokidoki! ♥ And Spudgy and Meemers look adorable too! :3
    Also! When you said your playlist included the Deftones I was totally surprised!! My cousin is the drummer in that band, Abe. XD I always forget that they’re actually kind of famous…

  67. I should send you a pick of my totoro tattoo, I feel like we’d be instant best friends =)

  68. I’m planning on getting a tattoo this winter~ Haven’t fully decided what I want yet but it’s definitely going to be centered around music^^

  69. It looks awesome!! :O

  70. it’s a SUPER CUTE tattoo!! :D I love it! I think tattoos are works of art but I do agree w/ the “old age” argument about tattoos which is why personally I don’t have permanent ones.
    Instead I developed an interest in henna tattoos as those are natural stains and they wear off after a week and a half or 2 so u could always put something new. For the past 2 years I got Henna tattoos done a couple times, but I caved in and bought the henna cones as recently as a month ago! so I could apply it on myself (since i’m artistically not bad lol). So now that’s what I do~ :D it’s a fun process and painless. and while yes it sucks that they can’t be cool colors and that they wear off, I can argue that it’s cool that they do wear off b/c u could do something new afterwards and the big plus for me is how natural it is. I’m into natural, organic and health things so henna tattoos are actually my niche. ^___^

  71. Elizabeth Valenzuela

    Korean boys…

  72. I know this will sound incredibly stupid but can people who don’t want tattoos at all still be cool people? I hated tattoos only because I feel like I had to get one in order to fit in, thankfully I didn’t and it still bothers me when I see people getting tattoos because I feel like they have more self confidence and feel cool about themselves. I guess what I mean is can people not get tattoos to feel good about themselves.

    • Also I’m wondering why people even get tattoos. I have nothing against it, I think tattoos look cool but I just don’t understand why people would do it in the first place.

      • I get tattoos of things that mean a lot to me. The Greek letters on my back represent my Christianity: Revelations 23:13 says “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end”. The chalice on my back and the lions on my calf represent my English heritage. The treble clef and “let it be” represent my love of music (And my favorite line from that song is, “There will be an answer, let it be.”). The two stars represent my love of literature (In Peter Pan, to get to Neverland: Second star to the right and straight on till morning). The ankh represents my love of ancient Egypt. (Also, while I am Christian, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a cross, so the ankh is my cross because it means the same thing: eternal life.)

  73. Hey Simon & Martina! Its a very cute and awesome design. Can’t wait to see when its in full color! Did you watch true blood on your ipad? I love you guys..

  74. OMG!! Love your cute tokidoki design~~~ Should definitely tweet your finished tattoo on Tattoo Tuesday for Simone Legno to see~

  75. I have some tattoos~ I also have F**K OFF on the inside of my lip

  76. Ehhh…Forgot to say…I remember that few people that were doing tattoo were buying anaesthetic unguent/cream called Emla(prescrption is needed -at least in place I live) . I know that it was applied&wrapped about half hour before can make doing tattoo painless or less painful but I don’t know details-_- …… However maybe if you find more about it maybeee that method would be helpfull next time . I know it may not be suitable for some people or in some cases but checking – or asking someone better informed than me wouldn’t be a bad idea….

  77. Your tattoo is amazing~~ I just love it! love it! and love it!!!

  78. I’m sorry you guys, but I really got distracted by the Korean boys! Hahaha, I kept replaying the button back to them! They are so good looking! <3

  79. Not sure but it looked like Vampire Diaries…

  80. It looked really painful!

  81. This is perfect for you, Martina! It’s so…YOU! The cute adorable style with all sorts of your favorite elements is just so incredibly fitting to you. I can’t wait to see it completed!

  82. I just completed my own half sleeve. My first tattoo was a piece commemorating my time spent living in Korea. My wife and I alternate tattoos which I think is pretty funny. It’s her turn next and she is super excited. Although she has three and I only have two. I find the hardest part finding designs or art that you will want to have on your body forever. This design took several years, where my Korea inspired tattoo design was not as difficult.

  83. Nicole

    IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Seriously I love, love, love it. Wish I could have been with your for it. :) Though I guess I feel pretty special that I got my hand crushed during your foot tattoos! Sazunic sisters FIGHTING!!!

  84. I see boys overtook comments^.^..” Somehow I just forgot how to read English at that moment “^_^… But you agree with me that ‘ yellow short pants’ boy with that [HAI~~~~] looking face was just 2 adorable^_~…. To the point … Tattos … Right? Kkkk… Contours looks wery well and Spudgy &Meemers math in there… I’m getting excited to see it in full colors^v^… I hope when you’ll be back the 2nd part will be as painless as possible ^u^…

  85. Martina your tattoo looks soo cute ^.^ squeee

  86. hapagirl

    This is just bringing back up the tattoo argument in my head. I really want one, yet I’m so worried about if it’s crappy and if I end up fleeing the minute the needle touches my skin. I really enjoy this video, and am now contemplating getting a cutesy tattoo on top of the two I want. So will Simon also be finishing up his after you two are back from Australia?

  87. In your TLDR you said that tattoo parlors are illegal in S. Korea, but seemed very open in your tattoo video about who the artist was and where the shop was. Have the laws changed in S. Korea since the TLDR? Just wondering.

  88. I went to Yellow Monkey in Hongdae, it was good but they don’t speak English very well. I wasn’t the one getting tattoed and my friend just wanted a simple design, so there wasn’t need for a lot of talking. The staff was pretty nice and funny, one of them spoke English a little better and he just came talk to me when my friend was getting tattoed ^^’ My friend was 18 when she got tattoed, I think she wasn’t legal in Korea but she said that it was in her country and they were kinda like “well…let’s just get you tattoed” ^^’

  89. That was awesome! I’m getting a tattoo in Japan in just a few weeks, and I’m going to Korea with my brother next year. I’m DEFINITELY checking these guys out! And thanks for the tips, I’m getting a 1/4 sleeve and I’ve never sat longer than an hour for a tattoo before and I’m nervous. So exciting, your tattoo is so cute!

  90. OooOoh Martina! Your tattoo is awesome !!! :D
    (I got distracted too é_è ..sorry..)

  91. I really really love this tattoo design and the line work is looking super promising! Good luck!

  92. Soo cool !!

  93. Your tattoos are so cute! I have always loved tokidoki, and the Spudgy tattoo was adorable. For me though since I plan to be in the medical field I want a tatto on my back just below the nape of my neck. I have always wanted to have a tattoo of pink cherry blossoms falling down with white butterflies flying around :)

  94. I like tattoos :) But so far I’ve only got one, a Zelda-themed quote around my left wrist. (it’s super nerdy! ;D) When I get some money saved up I’ll get another one.
    I can’t wait to see your half-sleeve when it’s finished, it’s probably going to be fantastic :)

  95. Omo!!!! All the comments about the hot Korean guys strolling in the background. I actually paused for a different reason and then did a double take…lololol. I KNEW everybody would be commenting about them. See THIS is why we can’t go to Korea and hang out (says this in the “This is why we can’t have nice things” tone). Thanks for taking us along to see your new piece!

  96. Honestly…i have wanted to get one for years but i always chicken out. My family is against them for starters and the pain i know it will be for another. But i still want one and even know what i want of i can find someone to design it for me. Who knows…maybe one day i will do it

  97. Starsania

    That is an adorably awesome tattoo Martina! I could never get a tattoo myself because my pain tolerance is so low. I’ll stick to temporary ones haha

  98. I love your tattoo design! I really like how it goes up onto your shoulder, it makes it look more organic and i think complements the body better. I swear though you are one of the only people that could get away with all that cuteness and have it look awesome!

  99. I have my foot tattooed (it’s a giant pink lotus w/ the kanji symbol for love in it with a double eighth note, once circle a peace sign and the other yin and yang, above it) and I want to get the other done as soon as I get the money though w/ cherry blossoms branching from my inner lower leg onto my foot. I must be a special case because I didn’t think it hurt that bad but everyone else that has one claims that it’s the worst pain they’ve ever been in. By no means was it pleasant but I just sat there for 2+ hours and watched him do it like it was nothing…my mom still laughs at me about it because she sat with me for the last part of it ^_^

  100. This is one of the cutest tatts I’ve ever seen. IT HAS WOLVERINE WITH SWEET THINGS ON HIS CLAWS AND MEERERS AND THE SPUDGY sdfkjgsdkjfgslkdjfgklsjdfg I hope you go through travelling ok with this new ink Martina. Does Simon have any plans to get more ink?

  101. LOL DID I SEE TWILIGHT? *I think I saw Edward!* That’s actually a REALLY cute tattoo, it’ll look pretty darn awesome when it’s done.

  102. I’m probably wrong but were you watching vampire diaries Martina?

  103. Gemma Deacon

    This has got to be the cutest tattoo ever! It’s like a cute explosion has happened on your arm :3 I don’t think I could handle the pain of getting a tattoo done, even if it is just a small one. I’d prefer a piercing as it’s quick and over and done with. Also my dad is heavily against body modification. He even protests when I dye my hair and I only dye it brown! >_<

  104. but….are you really gonna want that on your arm when spudgy and meemers are gone and when you’re like 85? not judging or anything, genuinely asking. i hope this doesn’t come off as insensitive o.o

    • I dunno about the Meems (sorry kitty), but Martina seems to have a ridiculously special bond with Spudgy. You watch the first video when they found him and it makes you cry… AND IT ALSO ALWAYS MAKES HER CRY. ;O; I’m really sentimental about my cat and one of my hermit crabs (said hermit crab passed about 3 years ago, I had her for seven years) and I can imagine getting a tattoo of those two. Not all my pets, but those two? Yes.

  105. Your tattoo is looking awesome! I’m in the middle of a half sleeve as well (just completed session 4) and you are a champ to get the entire thing outlined in one sitting! Now I’m super excited for my next session!

  106. I actually have 3 tattoos currently, with plans for at least one other, probably 2. They’re all no more than about 2.5 square inches, but the one I’m planning next will be much bigger. It seems to me that young people in the US (I’m 19) are getting tattoos more and more often, and it’s almost hard to find someone at college that doesn’t have at least one tiny one somewhere. With so many people having tattoos it’ll be interesting to see if maybe in the next decade or so there’s even more tattoo acceptance in the workplace once I really get into it.

  107. Ah~ So exciting. I’m studying abroad at Hanyang University right now, and I have been planning to get a tattoo. I’m looking into getting mine done at Seoul Ink, but I don’t know how I could find other artists. I already have a tattoo, but it was done last minute on my birthday by an artist that was not sensitive to my experience (he did everything very quickly without saying a word to me, squeezing me in before another appointment and rushing to get done before it)… though you probably can’t speak for any artist you haven’t been to, do you feel that the artist’s here are more personable than some may be in North America?

    • There’s a tattoo place called Inkholic Tattoo in Gangnam that I’ve had friends go to, I like what they got done there…main artist’s name is Memento. I’ve gotten work done by CIAO at Tattoo People and LOVE his work, (and everyone else comments on it), and he’s really nice. I met another artist named Zush from Tattoo People in Busan, he was working on another dude while I was getting mine done, but his work is sick, too. They were both really nice, definitely a lot more talented and nicer than artists I’ve gotten work done by artists in America.

  108. I want to get a tattoo some time, but like you I want to have thought about it for several years before I do it so I know it’s not an impulse or a trend. It’s gonna be on my body forever after all…

  109. I love it!!

  110. Mwahhaha, I got distracted right before you told us not to ;]
    Now that I read about your playlist, I’m afraid that every time I’ll see your tat, Rammstein is going to play in my head. *Spudgy* Du. Du hast. *Meemers* Du hast mich. Du hast mich. *tokidoki Wolverine* Du hast mich gefragt. Du hast mich gefragt. *rainbow* Du hast mich gefragt und Ich hab’ nichts gesagt. Yeah, seems like a nice combo.

    When I was 15-16, I was pretty sure I’m going to get a tattoo one day but then I changed and now I don’t feel the need to get a tattoo anymore. Maybe I’ll change my mind again but if I ever get one, it’ll be most probably to commemorate something or someone important to me and not only for the ornamental value.

  111. i think about getting a tattoo for 3 years now… i’m a bit afraid of the pain (little crybaby) but i really want it and i want to get done during my next vacation in seoul as an additional memory and meaning to it
    maybe i’ll go to tattoo people ^^

  112. CIAO is my artist, too! I’ve gotten my tattoos done by a few artists, but upon getting my latest by him at a tattoo convention in New York, I don’t wanna go anywhere else! It’s my absolute favorite on me, and everyone else just loves it and people always comment on how well it was done. When I heard that Martina got hers done by CIAO, I was like, “AHHH ME AND MARTINA HAVE THE SAME ARITST, AHHH” lol dork alert. I love yours Martina, it’s so cute! I hope to get more work done by him when I’m back in Korea. Take a look at my tattoo done by CIAO…traditional Korean motifs.

  113. Cool tattoo Martina :D, really excited to see the finished result ^^, But wasn’t it hard for you, sitting in a chair for 4 hours considering your shoulders and stuff, you know, the random popping of random joints?

    I’m also considering a tattoo. About 2 years ago, I got a temporary one, one which was put on with the same ink and stuff as for permanent make-up, but it’s kinda fading now. I really want it done permanently, cause what it represents is really important to me, but I’m kinda scared. So could you guise maybe also do a video about how to treat it afterwards and how much it hurted and stuff like that. You know, more practical info. It really would help a scardy cat like me :D.

    Btw, have fun in Australia ^^, to bad you guys probably won’t visit my country (Belgium) when you do your European tour. If you are, give me a hint or something, I won’t tell °ㅅ°


  115. Don’t get distracted? Well… now that you said that… I can’t stop rewinding and pausing! Oh, that one that looked at the camera was freak’n hot!

  116. In your TL;DR you said that tattoo parlors were illegal, has that changed? I have three tattoos planned for myself but I don’t know where to put them yet except for my arm band which is a rose vine stencil in white ink.

  117. Oh you so nasty!!!

    • Yeah, that guy with the khakis and navy shirt is woah, so hot…please tell me he’s an actor or trainee or something. It’s not fair if the average joes look like that.

    • Awesome.
      I was totally distracted and then got quite embarassed at the caption.
      I guess Nasties are just predictable like that

    • Holy crap, the guy on the left looks like my brother; he totally does that face in pictures and stuff. I did a double-take, what if he went to Korea without me? *gasp* He’d be in a PC bang…

      • U better be careful, he seems very popular both here and on youtube. You might get a bunch of girls sending you messages to meet your brother :-)

        • I’m talking about the one on the far left, not the Navy-Khaki Dude, the one who looks like he’s enjoying the videobombing way too much. :P

        • Yeah that’s the one I was talking about.. read the youtube comments, they like him.

    • Martina you disappear for a second. I couldn’t see you. All i saw were the gorgeous men walking behind you. I had to rewind several times to see them again and then again to hear what you actually said :-)

    • I totally got distracted but it was more because they were actually looking at the camera and trying to show off a little haha. Plus I’m easily distracted xD

  118. I think you sign these guys up to a EYK Kpop group

  119. Omygahhh! Martina, can you give me tips on how to find the right tattoo artist and how to get inspired to finish my tattoo design? You totally inspired me to get my new tattoo this year. I had my first two tattoos last year. I love my tattoos it’s just that i’m having a hard time finding a new tattoo artist that understands what I really want. I mean it was cool having a girl tattoo artist but i just realized she was too arrogant and she didn’t really listen to me. I’m thinking twice whether i go to her for my next tat or just explore other options. I’m kinda scared to go to someone else.

  120. Wow, that is the cutest tattoo I have ever seen and it’s only the outline. Not to mention those are REALLLY clean lines! WOW! I wanted a tattoo for 4 years, but I held off because I wanted that perfect tattoo.. and holding off paid off. My first tattoo will be the paw print of my dog, Tia.( I get it in two weeks) She passed away December 21st, 2012 in a house fire. We lost the house, everything we owned, and Tia. But none of the materials mattered compared to Tia. We were all devastated. I miss her more than anything! She was 11 and sick, and we all knew she wouldn’t last through the winter and, by chance, the day before the fire I had dipped her paw in an ink pad and copied her paw print on to paper, I happened to have that paper in my purse. I had wanted to keep part of her with me I guess and I am so thankful I was able to do that!
    I think it’s awesome you waited that long and knew after spudgy and meemers were in your life it was a good time to do your tattoo! Can’t wait to see it finished! :)

  121. Damn, those Korean boys got me distracted (I kept replaying). Who else noticed that spudgy outline tattoo? :o

  122. Holy crap! I had a hard time watching this… I don’t know why but I got soo queasy T^T I want to be a surgeon and I have watched surgeries online and can look at blood and watch a knife cut skin and stuff but watching Martina get a tattoo upset my stomach a bit :/ But hey… cute tattoo Martina ^^

  123. Too many cute boys in just one video ;;
    Anyway, the tattoo looked cool and it sounds like the tattoo artist was pretty nice but I really can’t stop myself from smiling when I read his name: it means Hello in Italian lol

  124. unicornsgalaxy

    I cannot stress the importance of “1. Eat a BIG MEAL before you start.” enough! My first tattoo (the unicorn on my lower back hip) I went after working all day and not eating. Plus I was wearing a sweatshirt (it was winter) and halfway through my tattoo, I got super hot and felt woozy. Thankfully, my friend had a lighter shirt on so we switched. Then I had to stop him because I felt like I was going to pass out. Some ice on my neck and a package of smarties later and I was good to go.

    My second tattoo (Two dragons/wyverns in the shape of a heart on my lower front hip) was better but it hurt so bad (I had the outline and color done at the same time. At times I just had force myself to not get up and try to walk away from the pain. I wish I would have thought to bring something to distract me…

    I’m thinking of another one. I want to get a faerie holding a baby dragon with fire circling them, but I can’t find the right wings. I think I might have to get my friend to design it for me.

    I thought long and hard on both my current tattoos. About 2 years before my first (I had to wait til I was 18) and then probably 6mo – a year for the second. They both kept their color nicely despite it being years and years and years later, which is another reason to research the place you are going to. Some places will ‘water down’ their colors making the tattoo fade faster.

  125. I got distracted too… sorry Martina! I can’t help myself. And I also paused the video, they were a very nice looking bunch of boys. Where’s my passport?

  126. But on the tattoo, I was kind of disappointed that you were going to tattoo your beautiful skin but it actually looks really good and it fits your personality. So yay! Can’t wait to see it colored. :)

  127. I don’t mind multiple tatoos, as long as they match with each other and your skin doesn’t end up looking like a sketch book with different concepts everywhere *side eyes at G-Dragon*

  128. I read the comments first and was like “Those guys can’t be that hot, surely” but then I watched the video and paused it several times watching them pass by. Oh my! Fangurilla fanfic thoughts here…I mean uhm, great tattoo Martina!

  129. I’m sorry, I got very distracted by the cute korean guys…

  130. Those Korean boys did look good lol!

  131. It looks awesome :)

  132. I’ve thought many times of getting a tattoo, about stars and space and imagination and that kind of stuff, but because I have so many ideas and loves in my life and they keep shifting, I’m good without one.

  133. I totally got distracted, omg.

  134. Noel

    So has the legal environment in So. Korea regarding to tattoos shifted since you made that previous video? That shops seems pretty out in the open with a FaceBook page and all.

  135. 1. how to not get distracted i mean /come on/
    2. i love your tattoo!
    3. i got a tattoo on my right wrist, it’s a heart made up of a bass and a treble clef, my next tattoo will be a star with the sanskrit writing of my name (it will look like the bigstar logo, if anyone knows it) my appointment is on sept 14^^
    4. that tattoo studio has some interresing opening hours

  136. That looks amazng I love the half sleeve compared to a full sleeve

  137. I was surprised you got such a big one… I thought it would be a small tattoo…
    But it looks cute ^-^

    I like to look at tattoos sometimes but, don’t want to have them myself ( would get bored of seeing them every day ).
    I also noticed that,when the person I am talking to has a big tattoo like Martinas, my attention goes to the tattoo and not the person…Which is kind of awkward when you’re talking …

    And thanks for the warning guise…Thou it did not help ,or should I say , the warning came too late… xD

  138. I’m doing lots of planning and getting a tattoo soon. In the months ahead I’ll tweet you the picture of what I have done. I’ve loved them forever, I can wait<3

  139. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    Did you seriously get a TokiDoki Wolverine tattoo?!?!?!?! THAT SO FREAKING AWSOME!!!! *shows off my tokidoki wolverine snapback*

  140. So, essentially, you’re going to have THE CUTEST TATTOO EVER TO BE
    CREATED IN EXISTENCE. I can’t wait to see it completed with the colors
    and all. :D

  141. I have four tattoos currently but I have gotten all of them done in the states. Now living in Korea I’m still going to get tattoos and I’m working on a few of them right now. Time will tell which one is completed in my head first and when I can afford to get it done but I know that the thought process will take a while so I have the time to save up the money. I love the new ink Martina and it is so “YOU”. I couldn’t picture it any other way. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  142. Love your tattoo, I love sleeves not on myself but on other people ( sounds weird :S). I actually have two tattoos one on my left foot and my right shoulder and I’m planning to get another one :)

  143. OMG that looks like its going to be so cute!!!
    When I got mine done on my shoulder (of a blue rose) it felt like she was tattooing up my neck did you get that sensation at all?! And I can’t eat before I get them done it makes me feel so sick.
    Now I shall re-watch for the cute Koreans!

  144. You’re tattoo is turning out beautifully! The lack of a black line at the top pleases me very much. It wont be like bam sleeve. Does that make sense? I want socks/stockings rather than a sleeve since they will be easier to hide in a professional setting. For now i am placing random favorite things on my legs. Once I am satisfied I will have an artist pull them all together into one piece. So far i have a narwhale, a skull, a giraffe, simba, pikachu, a peacock, and some text on my foot. I also have a finger stache for good measure. Oh and a simple hip tattoo. The feet and fingers are the most unbearable pain. After my foot tatttoo, i think i can handle anywhere else. I want my next piece to take up a majority of my right leg and be a compilation of all of my favorite miyazaki characters and settings. Here’s four of mine ^^

  145. Am getting my first tattoo in just a few hours! I was so happy to see your video and blog post Martina, if you can be brave so can I. :D Wish me luck!

  146. I DID get distracted by the cute korean boys…

  147. Sooo cute! *head explodes into candy, glitter, and rainbows* I’m a tattoo artist and I can’t wait to see the completed tattoo ^_^ I’ll be in Seoul (in transit to Gwangju) in less than a month — I’ll have to look up that shop. I’m very surprised he let you film his face and post the FB page while it’s illegal.
    P.S. Love all your videos!

  148. I really does look like TokiDoki, I love the lil spudgy and meemers. It really suits you with your pink hair martina haha XD some awesome tattoo tips too, I’ve only had one tat so far, a Infinite (as in kpop Infinite) sign tat but I deffo agree that eating first, bringing a sugary drink and music can deffo help, anything to distract you. Me and my friend played angry birds while I was getting mine haha. Cant wait to see the colour version!

  149. Ooohh my gosh that tattoo looks so rad and is very YOU Martina!!

    Myself, I really want a tattoo, but I don’t like something enough to have it permanently etched on my body. And I’m worried that I’ll regret it like a year after getting it, as I can be a wee bit indecisive. So I guess it’s best if I don’t get one, but still…

  150. I got a tattoo a week after my 18 birthday :P It’s of my family crest and is in the shape of a circle on my Shoulder Blade! OHMIGAWD that is a painful place to get a tattoo lol XD the place I went to is really good at shading. My sister was right, she told me after the first hour it would progressively get more painful, because that’s when the adrenaline starts to wear off. Martina, I admire you for your level of pain tolerance, 4 hours AND multiple sessions?! I’m way too much of a pansy for that <3

  151. That. Is. Awesoooooome! I’m on tattoo number 6 (I think) and
    they all have a special meaning. That’s my one piece of advice to others
    when thinking about a tattoo (beyond the “what you pay for is what you
    get” concept). What you are doing is permanent. You have to
    love and know that you will continue to love whatever is being inked on.
    I saw a girl at a BigBang concert with an Adam Lambert signature tattooed
    on her ENTIRE forearm. I mean, hey…whatever floats your boat, but I
    don’t know what she’s going to think of that when she’s 80. Martina,
    thanks for the recommendation. I’m looking for a tattoo artist in Seoul
    for my vacation tattoo and am stoked to know of one that is skilled and
    reputable! BTW…sooooo friggin’ magnificent!

  152. My friend got a tattoo in Seoul at a place called Inkholic. They were really good, plus, her tattoo artist spoke plenty of English. Here is a link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/inkholictattoo?ref=profile

  153. Stephanie Dubuque

    I’ve been thinking for awhile to get a tattoo but I have a strong dislike for needles and worried about my pain tolerance. Also since I am a bit on the bigger side I don’t want to end up getting a tattoo on say my back or legs then either have it get distorted due to weight gain or loss. XD But I think my first tattoo will be simple and not big, something to incorporate my 5 years at working at a movie theater and now working at a navy exchange helping a bunch of sailors. =o

  154. That looks so awesome! I grew up with my parent’s and family all having tattoos’. I want to get one but I’m mortified of needles T.T, and I’m allergic to the world D8 so I don’t know if I’ll react well. My mom got a band around her arm and it blew up because she was allergic to the ink they used. So now I’m petrified. But, it’s so pretty and I want one and congrats on the begging of you’re new sleeve. It’s like couple sleeves but with each of your own personality!

  155. That is very like me. I have been planning my tattoo for about 3 years now and all my friends are like “just bloody do it” and “your just too scared”. None of them understand whats taking so long. One of my friends even tried to get her dad (a tattoo artist) to just do it for me but I’m like this is going to be on my body for the rest of my life and I better be damn happy with it before hand. I have researched pretty much every tattoo parlour in my city by now and read heaps of tips. I will most definitely add your tips to the list.

  156. I don’t like tattoos. I would never get something drawn on my body. HOWEVER, it’s a free world. Knock yourself out … it will last until you are 70.

    • Shay

      And then promptly disappear! (I’m kidding. I just thought it was funny that you said 70 since they will LIKELY live a little longer than that, so the tattoo will probably be there past that point too. And see this is where I’ve ruined the joke by being the polite Canadian. -_-)

    • My mom and dad had the same reaction,, haha. But I don’t know why people bring up the “old age” argument. It’s not like I’m going to be some super hot mini-dress wearing club girl at 70! I’m going to be 70…so…not much you can do about your looks by then. This is the prime time for me to enjoy my tattoo and pink hair! But just my perspective! :D

      • Gemma Deacon

        I don’t understand the old age argument either. My auntie is in her 60s and she’s still getting tattoos done :D

      • Halophila

        Don’t worry I work with a nice woman that is in her 50′s and she has many nice tattoos that look just fine. She tells me she stays out of the sun or covers them when it is bright out to keep them from fading or turning blotchy.

      • That’s EXACTLY my argument too. I am going to get a tattoo on my ribs (ouch, I know) and people always say “You want Mario music on you, what about when your old. You will look so stupid” etc. And my reaction is usually “if I’m an old lady, will I be showing off my ribs?? If I am, then I must have a smoking bod so who cares?”

      • kaward

        don’t worry about the old age thing my aunty is 56 and she is still getting tattoos done all over her body where ever she has room from her feet to her arms. :) she gets a new one for everyone of her grandkids plus the people she has lost they all hold memories and that are amazing works of art.

      • As I have family entering that age who re-did their tats, I can tell you the skin does crazy things after a certain point. If the ink doesn’t turn all green and fuzzy (if modern inks haven’t solved that problem), it at least becomes significantly distorted from it’s original state from the, y’know, skin flappiness.


  158. Oh my god Martina you have totally scared me now. My next tattoo will be a big foot and ankle tattoo. Searing horrid pain?? Oh my god

  159. thisisjustforfunval

    Super cute tattoo. Can’t wait to how wonderfully colorful the finished product will be. Also Junsu banana seems to be getting a lot of action these days. ;)

  160. OMG Your tattoo is the cuuuuuuuutest! I love it! I always wanted to get something like this!! I have a few small tattoos, the cutest are little wings on my ankles, four total one on each side of my feet. They look like the Sakura Card Captor wings from when she uses the jump card and they’re shaded with a turquoise-aqua-ish blue hahaha. Thumbs up for color names. I have a bunch of tattoos i want planned but NO MONEEEYS ))))): gemme yeer meneeeyss!!! D: i want to get a lotus flower on my back, i know kinda cliche but its gonna be a different design and stuff. and a gazillion phrases tattoed all over my boday because im a phrases person, idk.

  161. “you’re just underdressed for you tattoo” think that’s supposed to be “your” @simonandmartina:disqus lol BTW the korean boys were hawt af

  162. I have one tattoo (needs touched up), on my hip/pelvic??? I don’t know how to explain the spot lol. I got a matching star and moon with my 2 sisters and my cousin (it means hopes and dreams). It hurt… but it was bearable pain. I want to get one on my foot but as Martina mentioned… it hurts!! Can’t wait to see your finished tattoo. Also, do you have any pictures or footage of Simon’s tattoo? Like showing all of the detail? Would love to see it.

  163. I’m so sorry. I did exactly what you told us not to do. I was distracted by the Korean boys.
    VERY distracted.
    A LOT.

    on a side note, I’m am planning to have a tattoo done, so it’s nice to have those tips you gave :D

    I can’t wait for the finished look of your tat!! It already looks awesome!
    (also, I wouldn’t mind if you happened to find those korean guys again in your next vid…just saying….)
    love ya guys!

  164. Nice! The tattoo looks great thus far!

    For those who are considering getting a tattoo, be careful where you get it. The more fat there is on the area you want it the ess pain there is. Feet are meant to be the most painful place to get one. The one I got on my hip hurt like a b**** but the one on my forearm was fine. :)

  165. Martina, were you watching The Vampire Diaries?

  166. This is making me want to get a tattoo when I’m older!, still a lot of thinking and time, so it’s good. Thinking of something small or a Charles Trippy quote! Only time will tell

  167. were you watching vampire diaries? haha

  168. I have a tattoo of a dreamcatcher on my left hip/leg and I am so happy with it. In a week my tattoo will be 1 year old :D But seeing you getting your new tattoo makes me wanting to get my new tattoo so bad. But I think I will get my new one in 2014.. No moneyzz :(( Btw I love you guys tattoo’s!! So colourful <3

  169. Wow that tattoo came out looking very nice. I would worry about getting a tattoo in another country as far as if their place is clean, if their using sterile items, stuff like that. But that place looks very professional.

  170. I’m really glad you guys this post, because (not to be a tattoo snob or anything) it is best to go a shop where there are experienced artists. You get very high-quality tattoos that last pretty long. Even if they are expensive.

    Just a word of advice for any first time tattoo-ees out there. Many times if the artist (a very good experienced one) is trying to convince you that your placement/sizing of a tatt is not….great, LISTEN TO THEM. They are not being rude. They are artists that do not want their name attached to something potentially terrible looking.

    Anyways,I love this tattoo. It incorporate so much of Martina in it and the Spudge and Meem in it made me tear. I have my deceased iguana Evergreen on my shoulder/arm (death due to me not being able to take care of him properly at 12yrs old). I now have a new baby ig and I have since then learned from my mistakes (I’m 22 now).

    Here is a picture after it was first done (bad angle though)

    • I don’t see the picture!! Can you repost?

      Also, great advice about location. CIAO placed wolverine several times to make sure he didn’t warp when I flexed my arm, something I didn’t even think about. He also had to remove a star that looked all fat and warped when I moved my arm. The practice layout took almost 2 hours and the ink stencils took almost an hour of careful placement and arm flexing. I was really impressed. Also, the Spudgster and the Meems are such a big part of my life, I’ll never regret seeing them with me forever, because I still miss my first pet ever, my bunny Snuggles.

  171. I was shocked…. like REALLY shocked… I didn’t expect you to do such a huge one and they are so cute I thought that you were getting temporary ones or something until when he’s almost done…

  172. WOW ! So how long did it take to do the hole out line on your arm? I just love it how you added some tokidoki { BIG FAN OF TOKIDOKI ART -^_^-} with eatyourkimchi chibi style tattoo. It came out fantastic baby …lol I can’t wait to see what color are use to shade in your arm Martina.

  173. i think its safe to say that everybody got distracted by the korean boys^^
    and Martina, awesome tattoo…totally u^^ love the spudgy and meems^^

  174. totally got distacted by the korean boys :P

  175. The tattoo artist is hot <3! Is he single?

  176. Awesome ink! I can’t wait to see it finished… ^_^ And the tips are great too… I actually got a huge heatwave during my tattoo session, but luckily the artist was considerate enough to ask me if I’m OK and turn off the heat.
    Oh.. and the boys… I totally wasn’t distracted… *rolls doggy eyes*

  177. Oh mannn. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a long time, but I can’t think of one that would have special meaning for me. That probably means I’m never getting one. haha. I think your tattoo looks great, btw! I can’t wait to see those colors!

  178. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    Flower boys! Tattoo shop!!! :P
    Love the tattoo! <3

    • So, am I the only person thinking Flower Boy Tattoo Shop would make a great installment in the tvN Flower Boy line up? You have the angsty artist boy, the charming personable boy, the rich boy with goals daddy doesn’t approve of, and the boy with a mysterious past. And the heroine is a high school/ college student with straight A’s who wants nothing more than to be a rebel tattoo artist!

      I officially need help.

  179. The artwork seems to be based of tokidoki ( one of my favs) which is the same designer of a figurine I gave martina in the singapore youtube fan meet :D

    • Yup! I love tokidoki! The lightening bolt clouds were really tokidoki inspired but the rest was a kindof of mishmash of ideas including a Spudgy fan art drawing! But I love the tokidoki style of cute + skull + popping colours!

      • omg I just bought a tokidoki bag and didn’t even know what tokidoki is until now.
        EYK is so educational in so many ways.

      • Emilie

        Did you know “tokidoki (ときどき)” means “sometimes” in English? Although, looks like they use katakana to spell it instead of hirigana, but it still sounds the same!

  180. Your tattoo is so cute! I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo since I wouldn’t know if I’d want to keep it forever – a henna tattoo maybe since they aren’t permanent. I do like looking at what other people decide to get tattoos of and what their reasoning is though. I’m surprised they have a Facebook page and were open about letting you film since you guys mentioned before that tattooing is basically illegal in Korea unless they have a medical license.

    • Yeah I asked them too, which is why I didn’t film the exact location and tried to keep CIAO’s pic out of the video, but he told me it was fine to mention the facebook page and to film his face. *shrugs*

      • Out of topic: Martina I feel like you have a role playing account on Instagram, and I’ve rped with you, or you just have one and won’t tell us. “Watches carefully holding an Eevee”

  181. Theory: Wolverine = Simon.

  182. It looks great – can’t wait to see your tattoo when it’s been coloured. :D

    (As the for the TV show… I’d say Vampire Diaries? *eyes vid*)

  183. I’m not a fan of big tattoos but I have to admit that the design is sooooo adorable!!! *o*

  184. Those korean guys were actually really cute c: *derp*

  185. Lol whoops just lemme rewind here *stares at Korean eye candy* :D. (that tattoo looks like it’s going be freaking kawaii explosion when it’s coloured!)

  186. I plan on getting one like Vega’s snake from street fighter. Vega also known as Balrog or Claw.

  187. ermmm I couldn’t resist… I put my hands on my head and said WOO WOOO when them guys walked by lmao. o.O

  188. Shelley Beh

    That’s so awesome Martina! Can’t wait to see the full design with colour.


  190. Ahw it looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it colored :D
    It’ll be a bit strange to watch your videos and then BAM tattoo or at least the first time. Usually I don’t even see bodymods anymore, not even eye tattoo’s or heavier stuff lol

  191. Sonia

    SO RAD! Spudgy, Meemers, Wolverine, rainbows, puffy clouds, and stars! It’s so you! And so adorable!

    Speaking of adorable……………….. (the boys)

    • Sonia


      ((((((((((So far they’re geometric upper-arm bangle shaped tattoos based on breads and pastries and I knOW that sounds lame but they’re super cute (and relevant to my career) AND I also drew a couple based on susuwatari and kodama and Kiki’s Delivery Service but they’re still works in progress and idk about having someone else’s art on my arm regardless of how important their work is to me but yeah))))))))))

  192. You’re both very brave, along with anyone else who has a tattoo… looks way too scary for me ><

  193. Sick Ink, like how he has very clean lines :)

    • I know, right? I was SO SO SO HAPPY!

      • i noticed he used stickers to draw the lines first. Martina can u tell me how did u draw your pictures, did u use some kinda graphic design program ~~ i really want to do it your way so i can show the artist exactly what i want as pictures. Please will be realllyyyyy grateful if u can enlighten me a bit how did u manage to do your pictures. O.O

  194. I got distracted by this guys…the one that looked your way was so hot :P

  195. ha ha.. i was definitely distracted by korean boys! kk

  196. is it just me or did one of the boys look like baekhyun?

  197. KATHyphenTUN

    also it looks amazing! I didn’t expect it to be so large! But it is sooo you~ congrats on the first stage done!

  198. KATHyphenTUN


  199. Tooootally got distracted by the Korean boys. But Martina your tattoo looks amazing!

  200. PunkyPrincess92

    “hey don’t get distracted by the Korean boys” ahahahha how did you know??!!
    don’t worry i was still listening to ya!!

    oh my god!! i love tokidoki!! Simone Legno is one of my inspirations!!!

  201. Whoops I did get distracted by the korean boys… they were hot ok

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