HelllllOOOoOooOo! It’s Martina! So I had quite a loooong adventure yesterday. So those of you that follow us on our live chats would not be surprised to know that I was getting my half sleeve done, but for the rest of you (including my mom and dad…) SURPRISE! So whenever I get a tattoo I think very long and hard about it. This tattoo has been in the works for the past 5-6 years. It was always missing something so I just couldn’t start it but with the addition of Spudgy and Meemers in my life I was able to happily complete my half sleeve!

If you’re wondering where I went, I did a lot of research before I decided on Tattoo People in Hongdae. Their original branch is located in Busan, so all you Busan..anites…Busantlers? Busantaclauses? You can check them out!

My tattoo artist is CIAO and he is awesome. It was a really different experience than what I’m used to back home. We met up once or twice to get an idea of what I want and then we used KAKAO chat to send pictures back and forth to each other. It was awesome to get a message at midnight from CIAO being like, “Martina, check out Meemers! What do you think?” It was constant feedback and I was able to sketch out the changes I wanted, snap a picture, and send it back right away. Nifty!

And for those of you that will inevitably ask me about the price, I can’t really answer you because it honestly changes simply depending on the design. The amount of colour, size, complication, the artist’s experience are all factors. If you want to get a tattoo done in Korea, I’ve had an awesome experience thus far! The studio is clean, all the artists were friendly, CIAO speaks a bit of English, I speak a bit of Korean, so together it forms communication! You can check out their Facebook page here to see some of their work or to drop them a message.

We also did a TL;DR about tattoos in Korea a while ago, which you can check out here for more info:


So this video only documents my first session which involves the most painful part, the line work, which is just a fancy way of saying the outlining. Yes it hurt, but it didn’t hurt as badly as my feet tattoos which were just searing horrid pain for the entire experience. This time I came prepared for a long session, and as per Martina tradition, I always research as much as I can before I do anything. So, here are some of the tips I gathered for dealing with a tattoo session:

1. Eat a BIG MEAL before you start. Even the toughest person can pass out from shock if they have an empty stomach, even from a small tattoo! Your mind might be able to take it but your body is going to panic. I carb loaded with a big cream pasta for lunch and a beef curry with white rice for dinner.

2. Pack some sugary snacks to keep your blood sugar up because you’ll start to feel weird. I packed a chocolate bar and a can of pop even though I don’t normally eat those kind of things but by the second hour I was happy to nom a chocolate bar.

3. Zone out with music and prepare a playlist in advance. You might be in a weird position that doesn’t allow you to fiddle with your music, so prep it in advance. When in pain, I enjoyed zoning out to aggressive rock and heavy metal, so my playlist included: Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Death From Above 1979, Muse, and Gogo Star. Such a funny playlist for such an adorable tattoo!

4. Have an iPad? Prepare a TV series or a movie to watch. Time will FLY by when you’re wrapped up in a good TV show. I refuse to tell you which TV show I was watching but if you look carefully in the time lapse, you just might catch a glimpse of it. High five + explosion to the first person to name that show!

5. Wear loose comfy clothing AND pack socks and a zipper hoodie even if it isn’t cold. Your body gets cold and hot and does all types of weird things when trying to deal with the pain, plus sometimes you’re just underdressed for your tattoo. The zipper hoodie because it’s easy to use as a blanket as well.

6. Pack a pillow or stuffed toy. Every tattoo parlour I have been to never has comfy pillows for you to lounge on, so I’ve learned my lesson and have always packed a plump stuffed toy. Yesterday’s toy was my Junsu Banana. He acted as a table for my ipad as well as a nifty back support and pillow. GO BANANA!

So that’s about it for now. I start my next session after Australia and I can’t wait to post the complete pictures of it! Are any of you Nasties thinking of getting tattoos? Or do you already have a tattoo? Or are you against tattoos? Spudgy was planning on getting a tattoo on his tummy that said “touch me over here, touch me, touch me over there” but I talked him out of it. Oh Spudgy.

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  1. I have one tattoo which I got a little over a year ago. It’s on my left wrist on the inside, and it’s kind of a four cleaver made up of four hearts. Three of them are black but the top right one is red/dark pink and it’s a slightly tweaked version (aka the black is originally white) of the symbol that’s on the cover of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole single :D I got that one because SMBH was the first song I heard knowing it was Muse, and also the song which brought me into the Muse fandom and gave me a ton of awesome friends and travels and experiences.

    I want a HP tattoo but no idea what I should do yet. But I do know that my next tattoo will be on the inside of my left upper arm and it will say ‘Absolution’. It is Muse again (Abso is my fav album) but it will also be a tribute to my two cats (because the song Endlessly), one has already passed away. I got them when I was 8 and 9 and the first one (Tussi) is my best friend ever. So yeah.

    I also kind of want to do a big back tattoo of wings, or get the Wings of Freedom from SnK bc I love wings. …a lot.

  2. I’m going to get tattoos done soon ^o^ I’ve wanted a tattoo for a while and after I thought about it a lot I know pretty much what I want. I’m going to get a feather on my lett ribs, and a small tree on my right wingbone.

  3. Love your tattoo!^^ And yes, I do have a tattoo, a Harry Potter tattoo in fact :3 “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” I am going to add “Mischief managed” when I am old and grey and can’t be annoying anymore :D

    But I’m like so excited and want to get more tattoos!! Argghhhhh! I’ve already decided on a tattoo on my other forearm (the HP one is on my right forearm, this will be on the left) that will say “You have to destroy me so I can create myself.” and I want like parts of my skin looking like it’s peeling off and flying away off of my arm, onto my hand and fingers. BUT I CAN’T GET IT ATM BECAUSE I NEED A JOOOOOB TT__TT My dream job is working for you guys though so I’ll work hard and do that and then get my tattoo XDDDDD

    *long comment about tattoos is long*


  4. I get tattoos of things that mean a lot to me. The Greek letters on my back represent my Christianity: Revelations 23:13 says “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end”. The chalice on my back and the lions on my calf represent my English heritage. The treble clef and “let it be” represent my love of music (And my favorite line from that song is, “There will be an answer, let it be.”). The two stars represent my love of literature (In Peter Pan, to get to Neverland: Second star to the right and straight on till morning). The ankh represents my love of ancient Egypt. (Also, while I am Christian, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a cross, so the ankh is my cross because it means the same thing: eternal life.)

  5. I’m actually more freaked out over the idea of piercings than I am about tattoos. For some reason, I equate piercings with injections, whereas the tattoo needle skims the surface of your skin (I know it doesn’t, really, because it has to go deep enough to deposit the ink).

    Regarding my dad, he’s fine with my tattoos “as long as we’ve established that nothing is going on your forehead.” In terms of pain, where you get it depends on how much it’s going to hurt. So stay away from wrists and places without a lot of “padding” as it were.

    If the pain is too much you can ask the tattoo artist to stop for a bit, but I’ve found that, no matter how unpleasant it is, the more they stop the longer it takes for them to finish, so I would just rather they don’t stop and I power through the pain. And as much getting it might hurt, you’re going to end up with something cool and beautiful in the end so that makes the pain of getting it worth it.

  6. I’ve got six other tattoos (from my head down): On the back of my neck I’ve got a treble clef. On the inside of my left wrist, I’ve got an ankh. On the inside of my right wrist I’ve got “Let it be”. On the left side of my back I’ve got a chalice. On the right side of my back I’ve got an interlocking alpha and omega. On the inside of my right calf I’ve got two stars.

  7. Mine was my wrists and the most recent one on my calf. Those hurt like a mother. The ones on my lower back and the back of my neck weren’t too bad.

  8. I just got some tattoo work done on Saturday. It’s not done yet, but all the line work is done and one and a half lions are colored in. (It’s three gold lions in a row with a Tudor rose in between each. I wanted England’s coat of arms, but I didn’t want a humungo shield on my calf.) I remembered the music, but forgot about the pillow. I’m going to make it a point of bringing a pillow with me when she finishes the coloring. I’ll make the appointment for that once what was just done heals fully.

  9. Can’t wait til you guys come to Norway!!! ♥♥♥

  10. I have a back tattoo and plan on getting more tattoos but as Martina, I like to think long and hard before I actually get the tattoo.
    My back tattoo is a quote of Roald Dahl and it runs down (beside) my spine in two rows. It didn’t hurt at all for me but I’ve heard that a lot of people have had painful experiences.
    Your tattoo is totally cute, I’m planning to get my cat tattooed on me somewhere too. His name is Captain Luigi (but it started as Noa).

  11. I wasn’t distracted until you told me not to be distracted… xD Hay! Lookin’ good!

  12. What’s the song called by Francophilippe? It’s really cool! O:

  13. Since it took so much time to make the tattoo model… does it hold any special meaning? I know I saw Spudgy and Meemers in there… but I think I saw Wolverine in there as well… haven’t seen the livechat yet( T__T) but I think after your tattoo is completely finished , it would need a TLDR.

    Those guys look proffessional. I think now that you’ve seen your tattoo artist at work, you can relax more Martina :).


  14. I have a tattoo and I have more planned. Does this studio do smaller tats as well because all of mine are fairly small with no colour and not much artistic license. Your tat looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it finished >.<

  15. can you talk about the cities in korea where only foreigners live

  16. Awesome tattoo, hope you will be showing it off while your at the K Wave festival in Melbourne. I hope we are able to give you the gift bags that my daughter & I have put together for you (3 in total) & you enjoy what’s in them. Will be bringing over any hats to sell ?

  17. I wanne have a tattoo in a few years when I’m old enough for it. I was thinking about angel wings or chinese karakters with blossom on my shoulderblade(s)
    It’s still a few years but I already have it planned out…. kinda….
    I totaly love your tattoo it looks so cute~

  18. I do want to get a tattoo when I’m older and when I thought it through of what I want exactly. Tumblr is really an inspiration for me such as your tattoo Martina! Also my older brother and oldest sister have half sleeves or even full sleeves. AND my brother’s fiancé is a tattoo artist herself! When I saw your design Martina it reminds me of my sister’s tattoos. She also had a lot of stars and really cute tattoos. She also has Japanese inspired tattoos with a big Koi fish and waves. Although I love your design I would never get such a big tattoo. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a small one on my wrist or ankle. ^_^

  19. Haha was staring at the hot Korean guys before you pointed it out ^^ Holey Moley your tattoo looks awesome! When it’s healed (?) can you post a picture of it?

  20. Martina, what do you think past (goth) Martina would think of your new (very cute) tattoo?

  21. *cough cough* Ermm, how did you know we were going to get distracted by those OHMAIGOD-SUPER-GOODLOOKING boys? *sigh* You know your Nasties sooo well :P

  22. You were watching the Vampire Dairies weren’t you Martina…I thought i saw Ian

  23. Were you watching The Vampire Diaries? :D

  24. I have a tattoo! I got it over the summer, it’s a hamsa and it’s absolutely beautiful. I loooove it. The problem with tattoos though…is that they’re addicting. I want more but I definitely promised my parental units that I would stick to one. [My brother has nine though!]

  25. I’m so excited for you and I’m so excited in general because I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo done while in South Korea before I even got here! I’m so excited! Thank you for the information <3

  26. I should send you a pick of my totoro tattoo, I feel like we’d be instant best friends =)

  27. I’m planning on getting a tattoo this winter~ Haven’t fully decided what I want yet but it’s definitely going to be centered around music^^

  28. OMG!! Love your cute tokidoki design~~~ Should definitely tweet your finished tattoo on Tattoo Tuesday for Simone Legno to see~

  29. I have some tattoos~ I also have F**K OFF on the inside of my lip

  30. Ehhh…Forgot to say…I remember that few people that were doing tattoo were buying anaesthetic unguent/cream called Emla(prescrption is needed -at least in place I live) . I know that it was applied&wrapped about half hour before can make doing tattoo painless or less painful but I don’t know details-_- …… However maybe if you find more about it maybeee that method would be helpfull next time . I know it may not be suitable for some people or in some cases but checking – or asking someone better informed than me wouldn’t be a bad idea….

  31. Your tattoo is amazing~~ I just love it! love it! and love it!!!

  32. I’m sorry you guys, but I really got distracted by the Korean boys! Hahaha, I kept replaying the button back to them! They are so good looking! <3

  33. Not sure but it looked like Vampire Diaries…

  34. This is perfect for you, Martina! It’s so…YOU! The cute adorable style with all sorts of your favorite elements is just so incredibly fitting to you. I can’t wait to see it completed!

  35. I just completed my own half sleeve. My first tattoo was a piece commemorating my time spent living in Korea. My wife and I alternate tattoos which I think is pretty funny. It’s her turn next and she is super excited. Although she has three and I only have two. I find the hardest part finding designs or art that you will want to have on your body forever. This design took several years, where my Korea inspired tattoo design was not as difficult.

  36. IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Seriously I love, love, love it. Wish I could have been with your for it. :) Though I guess I feel pretty special that I got my hand crushed during your foot tattoos! Sazunic sisters FIGHTING!!!

  37. I see boys overtook comments^.^..” Somehow I just forgot how to read English at that moment “^_^… But you agree with me that ‘ yellow short pants’ boy with that [HAI~~~~] looking face was just 2 adorable^_~…. To the point … Tattos … Right? Kkkk… Contours looks wery well and Spudgy &Meemers math in there… I’m getting excited to see it in full colors^v^… I hope when you’ll be back the 2nd part will be as painless as possible ^u^…

  38. Martina your tattoo looks soo cute ^.^ squeee

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