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WTF – Tea Diver

November 10, 2013


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HERMIGAWD! It’s an actual wonderful Wonderful Treasure Find! We tend to focus on a lot of odd and quirky things that we find in Korea, but there are also lots of cool things you can find too! We did a few WTFs like that before, such as the circle contact lenses, the build a paper robot, and the fuzzy hat scarf with built in mittens. I’d love to do more of these wonderful cool finds because there are so many cool things in Korea but sometimes I’m worried they’ll seem boring and more like product review? What do you think if we do WTFs on cool things and just play with them? Like vending machine capsules or Korean candy or Korean drinks? Let us know what you think!

So onto this tea diver. Both Leigh and I are big big tea fans so Leigh actually found this little tea diving guy and we thought it was so cute we had to do it! I know that outside of Korea they tend to have lots of different kinds of tea bag holder too, but this one is sincerely made and designed in Korea so I thought it was at least unique to Korea in that way! It was actually a really clever design because it cleaned up really easily (by pooping out the tea, haha) and the little oxygen tank on the side is actually weighted so that it doesn’t fall into the tea pot. It also came with that little tea bag drippy thingy holder so that when you remove it from the cup it doesn’t juice everywhere. Simon, however, really hates tea. He thinks it tastes like wet paper or slightly wet grass. SIMON DOESN’T UNDERSTAND GREAT TEA!!! Some of you Nasties have sent us some wicked awesome tea in fan mail that I’ve never even heard of before! Some of it was loose leaf tea and we’ve been using a little mini metal tea ball thingy but it kind of sucks. SO now we’ll be switching to this awesome little diver guy!

So that’s about it, don’t know what else to say except that Simon is wrong. Haha can’t fight back against what you don’t know is in a blog post, can you Simon? And don’t forget to please let us know what you think about adding wonderful WTF items!



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