HERMIGAWD! It’s an actual wonderful Wonderful Treasure Find! We tend to focus on a lot of odd and quirky things that we find in Korea, but there are also lots of cool things you can find too! We did a few WTFs like that before, such as the circle contact lenses, the build a paper robot, and the fuzzy hat scarf with built in mittens. I’d love to do more of these wonderful cool finds because there are so many cool things in Korea but sometimes I’m worried they’ll seem boring and more like product review? What do you think if we do WTFs on cool things and just play with them? Like vending machine capsules or Korean candy or Korean drinks? Let us know what you think!

So onto this tea diver. Both Leigh and I are big big tea fans so Leigh actually found this little tea diving guy and we thought it was so cute we had to do it! I know that outside of Korea they tend to have lots of different kinds of tea bag holder too, but this one is sincerely made and designed in Korea so I thought it was at least unique to Korea in that way! It was actually a really clever design because it cleaned up really easily (by pooping out the tea, haha) and the little oxygen tank on the side is actually weighted so that it doesn’t fall into the tea pot. It also came with that little tea bag drippy thingy holder so that when you remove it from the cup it doesn’t juice everywhere. Simon, however, really hates tea. He thinks it tastes like wet paper or slightly wet grass. SIMON DOESN’T UNDERSTAND GREAT TEA!!! Some of you Nasties have sent us some wicked awesome tea in fan mail that I’ve never even heard of before! Some of it was loose leaf tea and we’ve been using a little mini metal tea ball thingy but it kind of sucks. SO now we’ll be switching to this awesome little diver guy!

So that’s about it, don’t know what else to say except that Simon is wrong. Haha can’t fight back against what you don’t know is in a blog post, can you Simon? And don’t forget to please let us know what you think about adding wonderful WTF items!

  1. XD “How do you kill someone with water?”
    1. Hold them under and force them to inhale the water.
    2. Use superpowers to make a water rope and strangle them.

  2. The Kenny reference lol xD I definitely think you guys should do WTFs on cool stuff too! :) Do itttt!

  3. !! Free with the LCBO magazine (remember those?) was a copy of the ‘Selections from Museums of Canada’ with those knick knacks and random ‘fancy’ things that are meant to be Canadian and WHAT DO I FIND ON PAGE 23??!!

  4. Switch off between cool stuff and funny stuff.

  5. DO IT! Cool thingy product reviews. I thought that’s what they originally were anyways! I mean, it’s TREASURE right? It’s supposed to be cool and fun!

  6. Aw, it’s so cute! I love tea. My favorite tea strainer is one shaped like a submarine. I want it! And Christmas is coming up…..

  7. i wonder if any store in my area has this. it doesn’t have to look like kenny, anything that isn’t this mesh ball thing is a win

  8. I’m afraid I have a little silicone yellow submarine tea infuser, so I am not bowled over. Still neat but not like OMGOnlyinKorea.

  9. awwwwe he’s so cute!! I wish I drank more loose leaf teas just so I could use all the cute little tea accessories!
    I liked this WTF! I would’nt mind seeing more like these every now and then!! ^.^

  10. I think putting plastic into hot water isn’t a really good idea ^^’

  11. hey simon and martina, would you ever consider selling some of the stuff you review on your online store? the legit cool stuff like the tea diver, maybe not so much the black face masks and various face reshaping tools lol.

  12. I love both of your hats!

  13. This WTF is so cute! Might have to add the the xmas wish list.

  14. can you tell me please a shop in seoul where i can buy it? thanks

  15. I have seen that Fred Flare has the same tea infuser, so I wonder if the design was copied or sold?



    Even part of the description is exactly the same.”Made of 100% LSR Platinum Silicone (the same safe stuff used for baby bottles).”

  16. Go to teavana.com and be prepared to spends lots of money. I haven’t ordered from them in a while but they used to have a rooibos blend with little baby marshmallows in it. So good. Also they sell these cups that you brew loose leaf in then set on top of a mug and the tea strains and flows into the mug. Very cool

  17. Aww i wished you would have a giveaway for that:(

  18. Omg I’m tea drinker too! Martina, there may be a way to convince or to at least make Simon appreciate tea…

    Simon, I was like you before, too. I, too, had thought tea is the yucky bland dried grass juice mess that you drink when coffee and hot chocolate and even hot milk isn’t around…

    But my eyes have been opened! There are so many tea types out there that would taste completely different from my earliest taste of tea, coz really it was just because the tea I had wasn’t brewed properly ~.~’ that’s why it would taste yucky…

    Best example is green tea… A lot of people would brew it on boiling hot water, which would then result in a yucky bitter aftertaste… I did not, could not touch tea for a long time, until I had to sit through a Japanese tea ceremony… Dun dun dun…

    Safe to say I had gotten over the alternating pain/needles/numbness of my legs by being partly mesmerised by the whole ritual and partly looking forward to gobbling up the pretty & cute little sweets you get with the tea…

    Anyways, point was the tea was freaking delicious ^=^ and that’s when I realise, then later found out (after discovering more through wonderful internet) that your suppose to brew green tea on slightly cooler water than boiling (80•C is ideal according to wikihow) since this tea has more delicate leaves…

    Fast forward, I now have a shelf in our pantry dedicated to the different types of teas I have, and depending on my mood I brew teas great with milk hot, then I also have teas great by itself cold, but to make it things interesting I mix some of them in one brew to have an ultimate hot tea or an ultimate ice tea ^=^ now the whole family doesn’t poo poo on me drinking tea ^v^

    I’m a Sydney-sider so maybe you guise may have seen the T2 tea shops when you were here in Sydney or Melbourne? But I think Melbourne also has Tea Leaves (only know there website, never been to there actual shop myself! but they may be a slightly cheaper alternative)… in danger of sounding like an ad, T2 is the shop easily accessible to me since I can taste test any new teas they may have and they have heaps of tea types, that I can happily be in there shop for ages… whats also cool is that they also have funky tea nick-nacks like, but not as cool as, the tea diver, and little strainer thingies and tea cups and pots… ‘Kay I rarely post but I think I went over board on this one… Anyways TEA Is Good!

    Here’s there websites if ur keen ^=^

  19. “How do you kill people with water…DROWN! We’re gonna…”

    I don’t know why, but I totally cracked up at that. Oh, Simon.
    Dear Martina, I looooove your hat. And how much you love tea <3

  20. Ermahgawd, it’s so cute! I don’t drink tea, but if i had one, i would want to~ :P

  21. Simon, where did you get that amazing hat? I WANTS IT.

  22. martina i just found out what that disk is used for

  23. I think WTF videos with things that aren’t necessarily weird, but cool would be great too! It’s fun to see what kind of cool and weird things you can find in other countries~

  24. XD guys… this is really cute, i saw this at H Mart the last time too – I wanted to get something for my friend who loves tea and almost got her this but i ended up getting her a Tea-Rex:

    (I, on the other hand, do not like hot tea in the least. sorry guys. hot cocoa all the way)

  25. LOL Was there a little snippet from Block-B’s Nillili Mambo in this video? the little “HUH?!?!?” When they find out the diamonds are missing?…. I haven’t listened to that song so many times that I can spot it that easily…. Hahahahahabgkaregkjhaerk… Okay insane moment over. Any-who Seems Like Martina is set on Tea paraphernalia… Simon do you know how to use a french press for le coffee’s?

  26. seeing the weird things is fun, but seeing cool things is fun too! you don’t have to worry, you guise!

    i often see cute tea-dunkers (is that even a real word??) in shops here and it makes me want to buy them and drink tea… and then i remember that i CANT drink tea because it makes me pee all the time. seriously, am i the only one?? i have serious envy of people who can drink tea and then not spend the next 4 hours going to the bathroom every 10 minutes…. *sigh*

  27. Guy this Diver tea infuser is available on AMAZON. c:

  28. The way Simon is pinching the tea to get it out of reminds me of rednecks dipping tobacco. Maybe he should just pack the tea between his cheek and gums…

  29. Simon is so wrong.
    edit: But it means more tea for Martina so I guess it’s not a bad thing after all :)

  30. I love tea! I was drinking Cardamon Pu*erh tea today. so yummy. I wonder if I can find something similar for sale in the US. I would totally buy a diver tea ball.

  31. I have one of these but I bought mine in the U.S. Mine was labeled the deep tea diver instead of just tea diver

  32. OMG You killed me. YOU *******.

    But its pretty cool :D

  33. Ok, I think you guys need to help me buy all the stuffs that are on the WTF’s so I can WOW my friends with all my friends with these wontabulous Korean stuff!!!

  34. I love these comments- so much I didn’t know about tea!!!!!

  35. My aunt got one when we were visiting Korea :D it’s so cool ~

  36. If I (when I) buy that, I will make some tea, dip Kenny in hot water and scream: “OMG! YOU KILLED KENNY! YOU BASTARD!”
    that is a REALLY cute hat, Martina.

  37. Simon just can’t appreciate tea, NECTAR OF THE GODS!!! It’s delicious ^_^

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