Next week we’re going to be giving another presentation for the Gepik Orientation, so here’s a video in the spirit of helping teachers. Here’s another video of a lesson we do teaching English in a Korean Middle School Class. Like the last Battleship lesson, this is a class where the teacher does minimal talking and the students practice their English instead. It was a really fun class, so we’d highly recommend you try it out in your schools. As well, it’s highly customizable, so you can make the questions fit whatever level your students are at. Oh, and – yes – I know I look a little bedraggled in the video: this was the last class in a grueling 6 class day. I’m surprised I still had enough energy to stand on two feet. If you want to download it then continue reading:

Preview the Handout, or Presentation; Download for Mac or PC.

If you do decide to use it, please let us know how it works! Oh, and if you really liked this lesson, and it totally made your job and life easier, then – by all means – feel free to click this button here:

  1. Your English still turned out to be great, though! And, yes, we do believe that English (and, for that matter, every subject) should be taught in a way that's fun to learn. Memorizing answers for regurgitation on tests and exams will get you nowhere. If you like a subject, you'll study it more sincerely, and learn more as a result, which is why we try to make our classes fun :D

  2. We use Macs. We don't use Powerpoint :D

  3. Unfortunately, since we only have Macs, we have no way of actually knowing what it's going to look like on the PC version. We make them in Mac software and then just push the "Save As Powerpoint" button and hope for the best. Sorry!

  4. Thanks Gregory. This was shot on our old camera, a Sanyo Xacti HD and edited in iMovie. Yeah!

  5. That's an awesome idea! I never looked into the prices because I was fortunate enough to have my school simply provide me with the sheets, but if I ever have to pay for them myself in the future I'll remember this :D

  6. Yes, Twilight hit Korea hard! As for the students slipping into Korean, they do so sometimes, but the co-teacher and I would walk around the classroom to referee the games, so to speak.

  7. I see you had the "Twilight" Robert guy on there. Has that whole craze hit Korea? It's nice to see the kids interacting with each other and using their English. They seem to be doing well at it. Do any of them slip into Korean sometimes?

  8. During power outages at my school I would use my laptop as the monitor. That solution isn't perfect, mind you, but it worked under the circumstances. If you're not down for that, then these games can still be played without the visual explanations on Powerpoint: it just takes more time to explain them. For the week that my laptop was in repair and my classroom was under reconstruction (I know…what are the odds?) I would go to each class BEFORE class started and would draw out visual explanations on the board. It totally sucked, but it still worked, at least.

  9. We know of SNU and Yonsei, but we've never actually been to either of them, though we have been told that they are really quite cool. We need to check them out some day!

  10. Thanks :D

    I like it when I write a sentence and then realize there's something wrong with it, but instead of pressing backspace I just start writing about what's wrong with it, until I realize that I've written a lot more than I should have, and I eventually hope that the person who's reading the sentence forgets about the initial mistake. Works like a charm!

  11. Ha! Thanks. I wish I was joking about that line, by the way. I'm trying to figure out a better way to make the cards. If anyone's got any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

  12. Fantastic! Glad to hear that it worked. I also find that some students just can't get it, but majority of them do.

  13. No problem! Glad you find it useful!

  14. Sorry to hear that! Glad it kinda finally worked out for you!

  15. Thanks! We work for GEPIK as English teachers. Gepik's great.

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