Next week we’re going to be giving another presentation for the Gepik Orientation, so here’s a video in the spirit of helping teachers. Here’s another video of a lesson we do teaching English in a Korean Middle School Class. Like the last Battleship lesson, this is a class where the teacher does minimal talking and the students practice their English instead. It was a really fun class, so we’d highly recommend you try it out in your schools. As well, it’s highly customizable, so you can make the questions fit whatever level your students are at. Oh, and – yes – I know I look a little bedraggled in the video: this was the last class in a grueling 6 class day. I’m surprised I still had enough energy to stand on two feet. If you want to download it then continue reading:

Preview the Handout, or Presentation; Download for Mac or PC.

If you do decide to use it, please let us know how it works! Oh, and if you really liked this lesson, and it totally made your job and life easier, then – by all means – feel free to click this button here:

  1. I’ve been following your videos for two years, but only just discovered your ESL resources. You have so many great ideas! I used Guess Who with my class last week and they loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been following your videos for two years but only just discovered your teaching resources. Your ideas have been so helpful! I used this Guess Who game with my class yesterday, and it was a big success :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. why cant we have teachers like simon =.=

  4. Wish you had been my teachers!

  5. If you’re searching you’ll find loads of how-to videos and fresh ideas for class here: http://eslinsider.com/how-to-teach-english-videos

  6. thanks for the reply! i was really having trouble figuring out where to look for this. thank you~hope my co teacher likes the idea. :)

  7. People who watch this *okay, me* are probably why they didn’t get teachers like u guys. Teachers here in Seattle just teach. Not in a fun way. Only sometimes but rarely we have to earn our way there. Simon is such a nice teacher. haha Or else you’ll die. ROFL. You guys are so awesome! 

  8. it’s an interactive smart borad ,isn’t it?

  9. The PowerPoint presentation for PC is corrupted, a couple of the slides don’t seem to work.

  10. :) You two are DEFINITELY in the right line of work! haha

  11. What degree did you do at university? and how did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?; Your life is super cool and inspiring.

    Greeting from England :)

  12. I love the way they teach, really.
    I'm from Chile and my teachers never had that creativity, and the classes were somewhat difficult for people (like me) had trouble learning the language… kekeke.
    I really commend them for what they do, English is a beautiful language and should always be fun to learn.

    Greetings from Chile! Hehehe continue so: 3 Eat Your Kimchi Figthing!

    • Your English still turned out to be great, though! And, yes, we do believe that English (and, for that matter, every subject) should be taught in a way that's fun to learn. Memorizing answers for regurgitation on tests and exams will get you nowhere. If you like a subject, you'll study it more sincerely, and learn more as a result, which is why we try to make our classes fun :D

  13. Great idea! I think I will use something like this for my summer camp! You guys rock!!! How do you make your powerpoints so cool? Korean ppt is confusing ㅠ.ㅜ

  14. Hey, this Guess Who Lesson looks amazing! I’m trying to use the PC version, but when I open the Powerpoint it says it’s “corrupted.” Then I loose 2 slides(the ones with all the pictures). Is this a problem on my end? Any way you could re-upload it? Thanks so much, guys. Keep up the good work!

  15. wow! what did u use to create that videos ?

  16. I'm doing "Guess who" with my classes this week and in a pinch—my school ran out of laminating sheets—OH NO!— I discovered a great laminating alternative for the sheets that students mark on in this game…

    You know those clear plastic sheets that come in a binder and you can slip a piece of paper inside? They work great! They're cheaper than the hand-coating film you can buy to use without a laminating machine. Plus, they're environmentally friendly because you can take out the Guess Who papers and use them for something else next week!

    • That's an awesome idea! I never looked into the prices because I was fortunate enough to have my school simply provide me with the sheets, but if I ever have to pay for them myself in the future I'll remember this :D

  17. Wonderful lesson. Made me laugh. You teaching style and comments on the screen reminded me of my Personality Psy class.
    Keep up the great work!

  18. I've watched this several times and your bit with the rules always cracks me up. Especially the bit about making small dots or marks on the paper then imitating a student seemingly rubbing a pen all over the board and right off the desk, I HAD A STUDENT DO EXACTLY THAT. LOL.

    A little confused as to some specifics. Do I give one box of cards that they both draw from? but they have different face sheets in front of them? Or do you have to separate and make sure they are trying to guess a card with a face that they actually have in front of them on their face sheet?

  19. Yes, Twilight hit Korea hard! As for the students slipping into Korean, they do so sometimes, but the co-teacher and I would walk around the classroom to referee the games, so to speak.

  20. I see you had the "Twilight" Robert guy on there. Has that whole craze hit Korea? It's nice to see the kids interacting with each other and using their English. They seem to be doing well at it. Do any of them slip into Korean sometimes?

  21. You seem to be in an ideal situation with only twenty students and a working monitor in the front of the class. Are there any suggestions for teachers who do not have their own classroom? Many of my classes do not have working monitors and all of them have 40 students. It is just me and a chalk board

    • During power outages at my school I would use my laptop as the monitor. That solution isn't perfect, mind you, but it worked under the circumstances. If you're not down for that, then these games can still be played without the visual explanations on Powerpoint: it just takes more time to explain them. For the week that my laptop was in repair and my classroom was under reconstruction (I know…what are the odds?) I would go to each class BEFORE class started and would draw out visual explanations on the board. It totally sucked, but it still worked, at least.

  22. I want to continue study in korea. hey do you know about the SNU and Yonsei? tell me about them. ohh sorry if my comment a little away from the topic :(

  23. You guys are amazing! I've watched all of your videos, and especially love your Music Mondays. Thanks to you I've upped my determination to learn Korean and will now be putting in some serious time for lessons/studying during my day. I hope to meet you if I ever visit Korea (though hopefully my sister and I will get to move there in a few years), and my sister would as well (she would have killed me if I didn't say that). Sorry if that last sentence didn't make any sense, the more I read it the more that seems wrong with it, so meh. :)

    • Thanks :D

      I like it when I write a sentence and then realize there's something wrong with it, but instead of pressing backspace I just start writing about what's wrong with it, until I realize that I've written a lot more than I should have, and I eventually hope that the person who's reading the sentence forgets about the initial mistake. Works like a charm!

  24. Wow! I must say, the technology is amazing! I can see that you must have put a lot of time and effort into preparing the presentations and the game materials (totally related to the "It took me three hours to make the cards; Takes students three seconds to break them." Awesome! :D

    • Ha! Thanks. I wish I was joking about that line, by the way. I'm trying to figure out a better way to make the cards. If anyone's got any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

      • If you are able to get your hands on corrugated cardboard (used in backing for movie posters) eat might keep them together. They might have a stash somewhere in E-Mart. Here is an example (http://preview.tinyurl.com/yj2gudp) use that as a backing for your printouts. You might be able to salvage your sheets. Also the cleaning stuff my deteriorate the plastic using dry erase, try little circles (but might take more time) with sticky putty (or tape) on the back. I'm a nerd with arts and crafts stuff.

        Also I miss korea and I'm stuck watching you guys…it brings back the good times of my adventures around Korea. Especially the curling game in Cheongju..lol

  25. tried your guess who game today. it was really good thanks, but i did it in my extra class where the levels are all mixed – grade 1, 2 & 3 of middle school. some of the kids found it really easy and some could barely ask a question!! great lesson though.

  26. Okay, I just found this site today and I've gone through your lessons and *especially* the videos. This stuff is just amazing. Thank you so much for posting it. I am beginning teaching in Seoul in just a week, so I need all the prep I can get.


  27. I teach a Korean soccer team in the Philippines and tried to use the battleship game with the team but it failed terribly. LOL ! Not because of you but because of the mixed level of students and my lack of funds to provide two color pens to each student. So we did circle for yes and a x for no…. We ended up spending 1 hour of just explaining the activity and double that amount of copies. After 1 hour of examples they finally got it!!! Thank you so much for your website. I pray that Happiness always finds your door and the evil monster of Grumpiness gets terribly lost and confused and gives up and never tries to visit your house again. Many blessings!

  28. This is amazing. Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what organization do you guys personally work for?

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