Ok, so this was a bit of a difficult topic for us to handle, because there’s so little to talk about. For starters, we’re not Korean teenaged girls. Kinda makes talking about it more difficult. Hell: we’re not even Korean! Also kind of an obstacle when it comes to talking about teenage pregnancy in South Korea. And, since Korean teenage pregnancy is SOOOOO low – just about one of the lowest in the world – what can we really say about it apart from talking about its lack? It’s a great thing, yes, that teenagers aren’t getting pregnant in Korea, but we’re not sure if the reasons for it is because of “wholesome” values, or for the purposes of saving themselves for marriage, or anything like that. Our guess as to why there’s so little teenaged pregnancy is because there’s so little opportunity for teenagers to have sexual relationships, primarily due to lack of free time and privacy. That’s our guess, at least. If anyone has any better ideas, please feel free to share them. We’re not fully convinced by our own explanation on the subject, love to see different standpoints on this topic.

Also, kind of like how we said that there’s very little crime in Korea, that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. Similarly, though there’s very little teenaged pregnancy in Korea compared to the US, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, either. It happens. And when it happens, from what we heard, it’s really quite difficult for the pregnant teenager. We spoke with Soo Zee about it, and she told us that there are centers for pregnant teenagers, because – in many situations – they’re kicked out of the house and aren’t offered any support from the family. We have no statistics on this, mind you, so we can’t say that ALL houses do this, but it happens enough to worth mentioning. There were also instances a few years ago in which pregnant teenagers were forced to drop out of high schools, which shocks us. Like we mentioned in our video, we had classes with pregnant girls in them, and they had a lot of support from the school, and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Side note: anyone see the movie Juno? You should see the South Korean version, “Jenny, Juno“, which was made long before the Ellen Page version :D

Back to the point, we’re only speaking here about the small glimpses that other people got from watching documentaries or reading the news on the matter. Our first-hand experience with the matter is non-existent, because teenage pregnancy in South Korea not that big of an issue. If you have more info on the matter, let us know in the comments, and maybe we can all together get a better understanding of what the situation’s like.

When we were planning for this TL;DR, we spoke with a few people about it, and the topic did generally turn to sexuality in Korea, which – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON’T ASK US! We know so little about it, and can only tell you stories that other people told us, and that’d just be odd. “So, I knew a girl that _____” That’d be an awkward TL;DR. But I know that some of you Nasties take your name to heart, and probably will ask about it. PLOT TWIST: JUNSU IS SECRETLY A NASTY AND POSTS ON THE SITE.

  1. I love jenny, juno!

  2. Korea’s dirty little secret is its sky high abortion rate. Thousands of girls have abortions before they show. And they are back in school quickly.

  3. What kind of facial image of girl which Korean guy like? The tone, shape, etc. Or the girl with a mole under her mouth maybe? hehehe

  4. They are probably marginalized and go into poverty like the US. Good teens aren’t getting pregnant as much there though.

  5. Theres a manhwa called Nan Eomma Nun Appa (I’m Mother, You’re Father) where it illustrates the life of a girl who ended up getting pregnant due to a one night stand. Despite its really frustrating and unrealistic story I just wanted to put this manhwa out there as like an example of teenage pregnancy in Korean media/idk-what-it-really-is-categorized-in. :)

  6. Cassie

    Koreans’ sense of honor and shame is also much different from westerners’. The family is so important and in Korea the family is one unit; whatever happens to one family member happens to the entire family, too. Any shame a teenage pregnancy would bring to the girl, it would also be felt just as much, if not more by her family members and she would never be able to remove the stain from her and her family’s reputations. So the pressure to stay clean and pure in their eyes is heavy. Even unmarried adult women in their late 20s get scolded by their parents and pressured to have abortions for the shame having a baby out of wedlock would bring.

  7. http://documentary.net/baby-box-unwanted-babies/

    What do you think about this and is it even something you knew existed?

  8. where’s the documentary link? D:

  9. I have a question! If you guys ever decide to have kids, what will you name them? What country would you guys have them be born in/raised citizens of??

  10. A big part of all this has to do with “saving face,” which is a concept that is HUGE in Asian cultures but not so much in the western world. It is linked to being a part of a collectivist, communal society versus an individualistic society. You touched on that when you spoke of the “lack of privacy” in living situations. It isn’t uncommon for Koreans’ living situations to include multiple generations. Kids grow up understanding that their actions don’t just reflect on/affect them, as well as having the understanding from early on that their parents, grandparents, etc. have invested a lot to ensure the best life they could for them.

    Not to say that Korean kids are perfect. I have an aunt who taught in Korean private schools for decades and is now a headmistress … and I’ve heard stories! ;)

  11. Are there many or any black people in korea?

  12. OMG korean game of thrones! I couldn’t stop laughing when Simon said that :)

  13. Question: Have you changed ever since coming to Korea? I know that Canada and Korea are different socially and stuff, but as a person, has Korea changed you? Do you act differently than you would in Canada, etc etc? (PS. I think there should be a video of Simon, Martina, Spudgy, and Memeers doing the gwiyomi song….. :D…)

  14. SimonandMartina, do Korean people really aigoo and aish? I’ve heard idols say it (especially Key) but do normal Koreans say it to? Just curious.

  15. what is ur all time favorite korean movie and drama? i would love to hear what both of u have to say about it…i know that Simon doesn’t watch that much but i would still like to know both of ur guys oppinion..

  16. Canada has 10 provinces. Quebec being the only all French speaking one. So that being the case, Martina do you know how to speak french and or understand it? Does anyone in your family speak/understand it OR is one of your family members French?

  17. How did you deal with culture shock? You mentioned that you studied a little bit of Eastern culture, but most people who visit still get it. Was it hard adjusting to living in Korea?

  18. I can’t remember if I asked this or not already or if Im too late (if I am you shall see this same question on the next video) buut I’m curious about korean variety shows? how popular they really are? Thoughts on running man? are any other variety shows as/more popular than running man? Koreans/Your opinion on variety shows? What was it like being ON a variety show??

  19. SimonandMartina, How did you guys become interested in Korea, and make the decision to finally move there?

  20. for singaporeans,teenage pregnancy is looked down upon too…at this time and age,you need a degree to save yourself a job, a high school cert or college cert is nothing anymore

  21. Dear Simon and Martina, could you please talk a little bit about your understanding of ‘fanservice’. I understand it from both the perspective of a fan, and because I’ve studied psychology (specifically collectivism as it applies to Korea). However, not even my MUM is patient enough to listen to me explain anything more than ‘they’re not gay, it’s just fanservice….’. Please make a TL;DR for us to show our parents that we don’t necessarily get off on seeing Jonghyun pull TaeMAN’s hair (though it was very hot), but it’s just ‘fanservice’.

  22. Simon and Martina, I would really like to know if there is any difference you noticed between Korean Kpop fans and International Kpop fans. Sometimes, I feel that fans from other than South Korea feel Korean Kpop fans are obsessive of their Kpop Idols while Korean Kpop fans think that International fans are being disrespectful towards them otherwise. Can you give your own personal insight of the matter? Thank you.

  23. Lolololol I’m an American high school student on exchange in South Korea (I go to an all girls school, I don’t know if that makes a difference) and we had to talk about pregnancy the other day in my Domestic Science class… I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know how all of that worked, but some of the girls in there seriously seemed like they were hearing it for the first time… Like I think they knew the jist of it, but it seemed like they had never heard the details discussed at length.

    After the lesson, a bunch of people were asking me if teenaged girls really got pregnant in America, and they were shocked to hear that there are twelve pregnant girls currently at my American high school, and that one of my sixteen year old friends just had a baby… I even know a girl who had a baby when she was thirteen back in the States :| I asked, and they all said that they had never personally seen nor heard of a girl getting pregnant in high school.
    And to think that my parents were worried I would get into trouble if I came here on my own for a year… I’m pretty sure I could be doing much worse things if I were in America right now xD
    Anyway, sorry in advance for the plug, but if you want to see more about Korean high school from an inside point of view, subscribe to my YouTube channel at SarahsSeoulSearch :) Thanks!

  24. yanagiba yusuke22

    can u tell us abt the haunted room in ur studio??

  25. I think, generally, Asian countries are more conservative and not very supportive of teenage pregnancy. i’m not sure whether all countries are like that, of course, but in general (and the country i’m living in), we are not very open to it. we would always encourage ‘pregnancy after marriage’ even during our class’ sexuality education. and i guess this culture that we have also play as one of the factors as to why S.Korea has such low rates of teenage pregnancies :)

  26. Hey. I’m a teenage living in Korea and pregnancy does happen, but it’s regarded as a extremly immoral thing to do. So even teens get pregnant, they hide it from their families and go in to centers protecting them, or well…erase the baby. I know it’s a big problem coz as abortion is illegal here, girls go to unlicensed places and get their body all messed up. My school teacher once told me that teen pregnancy is actually quite freaquent here, but they don’t get enough concern and protection they need coz Korea is still very conservative about things like this.

  27. Well, teenage pragancy is a greatest shame there. Your whole life is ruined anf it will follow u forever and ever. Virtually no support and yah girls are rejected by family and friend. Its a social death sentense. On the other hand, ppl do’t really think bad about AAabortion at all. Its iligal, but like prostitution. I never heard of many majoy crack down. Conclusiin. 99% teenage prag Go through aabortion. Never tell anyone Aand take Athe secret to the grave.

  28. What is the Korean health care system like?
    Danielle from Canada

  29. Hi guys! I really enjoyed this week’s TL;DR! I also just watched your live chat, and your comment about wedding rings makes me wonder, how is marriage different in Korea? I know you’ve already talked about wedding ceremonies and maybe even living situations, but I was wondering specifically about marriage. What are the expectations? What are the gender roles? How is it changing?

  30. Ha! on the Junsu comment in the blog. This was a pretty serious TLDR, and funny enough very related to my job, just realised I have a ‘Nasty’ profession…well not really. From the Koreans I do know, it does seem like, especially for girls, there is a strong emphasis on Christian values of celibacy before marriage and Confusion filial piety to not do anything that would disgrace your parents/family. That being said a lot of my westernised Korean girlfriends don’t stick to this, but it is definitely something they would not openly share with their parents, unless said Parents are very westernised.

  31. I remember reading an article earlier this week that focused on single mothers in Korea. Being a single mother is looked down on by a majority of Korean society – to the point where it can cause the single mother to lose her job, or get kicked out of the family. Single mothers also don’t receive much support from the government either. (Single parent families have it tough). The article said that there’s a Korean saying that goes along the lines of “single mothers sleep around and are not trustworthy.” This may also affect the rate of teenage pregnancy in Korea.

    I wish I could find that article again and link it. It also discussed abortion and adoption rates from single South Korean mothers. Anyone know the article I’m talking about?

  32. what do you think about the strictness of Korea’s penal system and the
    treatment their celebrities like Kang Ho Dong and MC Mong receive for
    breaking the law?

  33. Wonderful post! I find it pretty sad, honestly, that they don’t have the sex education we do in Canada where we go into details about everything about it so we can understand how it happens, why it can be dangerous, and how to keep ourselves safe. Abstinence methods never seem to work that well as it leaves sex a mystery, so teenagers are free to believe whatever they hear or whatever they want (many with the idea “It will never happen to me.”). If you compare Canada and the United States, two very similar countries, the average of teenage pregnancies is much higher in the States.

    Of course, that could be due to many variables but I truly think education is a big part of it. Many US schools try to avoid the subject and just tell their students not to have sex unlike in Canada where we are educated about it. I really think that many other countries need to step it up! Teenagers aren’t that dumb and can handle a lesson on sex, but they can be very easily misguided. This doesn’t just prevent unwanted teen pregnancy but benefits people later on in life.

    On another note, this is more of a universal thing, I find it very sad when parents won’t support their children. I think it’s terrible as well, kids having kids, but if it has happened, what can you do? It’s not the end of the world, is it? What teenagers need is support so they can still get an education and be able to fulfill the life they desire. And it’s even more disappointing that the education system would actually kick them out as well. However, I suppose in very conservative societies like South Korea and Japan where reputation reigns, that won’t be happening soon at all.

    But wow! Simon, where were you? I’ve only known three pregnant girls, two I had just heard about. I guess it truly depends on the area.

    Ugh, I just feel gloomy about this topic. I guess even if the parents are supporting the teenager and she is educated on sex, it’s still very depressing subject on its own.

    Forgetting all of that, I actually had a question. I was curious about the differences between the young and old generations. I understand that South Korea is very homogenized and relies heavily on gender roles but I’ve also heard that the younger generation doesn’t care as much. I was wondering if that was true and if it is, how so? Do you think the young generation will be able to change South Korea’s views a little when they become older?

  34. I
    don’t know if this will work or not or if I’m gonna seem like a total
    weirdo to even try this…but I have a favor to ask. My boyfriend and I
    have been together for almost four years and on Monday he broke up with
    me because he didn’t think I was as serious as him. Anyway, he won’t
    pick up the phone or answer his emails but I’m almost positive he’s been
    watching EatYourKimchi episodes because they always made him happy.
    *deep breath* If there is any way you could mention briefly in one of
    your videos that Lydia Lutz misses John Kwak and really is as serious as
    he is about the relationship I’d be so happy. He is a fellow Canadian
    from Korea and so I can’t just drive up there and convince him in person
    (I was supposed to be up there this summer). I love him so much and he is super important to me. Please please please help
    me! Thank you.

  35. South Korea is amazing.
    I truly love the focus on family… I have yet to hear “get out when you’re 18″ or some “omg he lives at home and he’s 25″ talk.

  36. Question: Hello, I’ve heard of a lot of Korean cults and have been approached by them in Australia. I’ve been approached by the ‘Heavenly Mother’ cult as well as the ‘Mannam’ / Shinchonji. They seem to like approaching foreigners – have you had experiences with them? What is the attitude of Koreans to them?

  37. From my experience, people from America would often say that South Korea’s mentality is several decades back. That would be why they would frown upon homosexuality, masturbation and teenage pregnancy. I’ve actually been raised with this type of mentality.

    Even 20-ish years ago, kids who had unmarried parents would be teased and made fun of. Being gay was also a huge sin.
    Now if you look at us today, you’ll see mothers who just barely grew into adults (without getting married), and hear rumors of guys getting it on with guys (I was one of those rumored ones XD). It’s prevalent, but the older generations still don’t approve of it.
    Now the 20 years ago would be like the South Korean mentality of today, and our mentality today would reflect America’s current one. At least that’s the way I think of it ^^

  38. I know Christianity is one of the largest religions in Korea , but are they any other big or lesser know religions in South Korea .Like …..Islam???

  39. you should watch 14 sai no haha. it has to do with a 14 year old pregnant girl in Japan.

  40. I think a major thing is people just get abortions. Or they use contraceptives. I mean I’ve talked to Koreans, and they say they knew a couple of girls who got pregnant, but they got abortions right away. Also, they disagree about the time and place thing. Teens are just too scared to get kicked out, so they will do anything to not get pregnant.

  41. I think y’all have already done a video on this but I can’t remember haha but I’m going to be in studying abroad in Seoul next spring so I was wondering: How are foreigners seen by average ordinary people living in Seoul/S. Korea?

  42. Hello my wonderful naaasty people ;) (oooh you soo nasty) *Ahem* anyways :) I know this isn’t really much of a question but I’ve seen a lot of people ask for something like this so I thought “Hey I’ll just join in because i’m curious too” buut …. Do you remember ages ago when you did a “Day in the life of eatyourkimchi”? weeell I was wondering if you could do something like that again, especially since ALOT has changed from then till now :) Love you both xxxx

  43. Hi Simon and Martina, can you guys do this dance for the next TL;DR ? I know it may be out of context, but I would really love it. >.< Here's the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyCwVdNaubY

  44. teenage pregnancy is a big issue here. you may not see it on tv, but thailand as you might already know is notorious for it’s sex industry. there was this documentary thing that investigated teens that would sell themselves for brand name bags..money.. etc and would compete with one another to see who could sleep with more guys. it’s so sad…. *sigh* im so grateful for going to an international school where its a better community…

  45. Teen pregnancy is for sure not common, but I’ve hear a lot about ‘oops’ pregnancies in young couples. For example, my old co-teacher was dating this girl for like, less than 4 months and he suddenly announced they were getting married in like a month…and she had a baby probably 3-4 months after that…. One of my other Korean friends told me about a couple of co-workers who accidentally got pregnant after a 1 night stand…it’s like they make up for all that lost high school hanky panky time in their 20′s. At least some people. They basically always end up getting married tho because sex/pregnancy/baby out of marriage is so taboo, to my understanding. Which is sad, if they don’t love the person!

  46. Actually, you were right when you said poor sex-ed is not related to low teenage pregnancy rates. It’s actually the contrary. There are plenty of studies that found that the more you educate youth on safe sex practices, the less you have teenage pregnancies. It’s particularly true in United-States because of the “abstinence sex-ed” (hint: that doesn’t work) http://i.imgur.com/9d3QDtI.png

    • Yeah, I don’t think it is less common in the “less religious” regions to get pregnant – but they are most probably just going to abort the baby, so… it’s more complicated than that, I guess:]

  47. Hi guise! Thanks that was a really insightful TL:DR not a topic I had thought about. I had a less serious question, are there many movies or TV shows from the US shown in Korea? Is there much of a US cultural presence apart from food outlets?

  48. Simaon & Martina, can you talk about the differen between Japan mangga & Korea manhua, and wich one you guys like the most? Beside sailor moon and ouran high school host club.. tq. (>’-’<)

  49. I think here in the US there is more teenage pregnacy because all the hormones in the meat we eat affects our own hormones. Plus if you are a teen and pregnant you get your own tv show ._. ex: 16 and Pregnant or any MTV “teen” shows…

  50. After seeing a issue with Putin that’s against gay marriage I wanted to ask, how do people in Korea see gay people and marriage? In the Netherlands it’s accepted. But there are still a lot of countries that don’t accept it or where it’s still seen as abnormal…

  51. That JYP reference though xD

  52. Hello :) I am a student, and I want to know if it is difficult for a foreigner to study at a university in korea, how is the system and how much is the average cost. Thank you!!

  53. Great video! I’d also like to add another oberservation of mines. Ii believe status plays a role in the south korean society and so if a teenage korean were pregnant and the parents as well as others find out, then this will bring down the status level of the teenage girl and her family.

  54. I knew Junsu was a secret Nasty!! ;D

  55. so unrelated but I have a suggestion for a WANK: show us what beaches (one beach?) in Korea are like! I’m German currently living in Costa Rica and beaches are so different here, and so much more awesome <3 Korea has lots of coastline, what are the beaches there like?

  56. Wasn’t the Korean version of Game of Thrones Great Queen Seondeok?

    Also, it seems like sex ed leads to sex somehow from what you said in the video: lots on info & warnings in North America plus lots of young pregnancies, but practically no info in Korea and no pregnancies.

  57. whatttttt junsu is a nasty :O

  58. Emilie

    Thanks Simon and Martina. I just spent my evening watching Jenny, Juno instead of doing my homework. >.<

  59. Korean Game of Thrones.
    I died.
    I know it’s off topic.
    I died.

  60. AY GURL CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK? thenaskyouaquestionforyourtl:dr?? :) Being a diligent kpop international fan, I tend to watch a lot of Korean Tv through youtube, particularly reality and variety shows, and often times people make jokes/mistakes with their formal and informal speech. Since English doesn’t really have as much of a distinction between formal and informal dialects I don’t really understand the patterns of how it all works. Could you guise maybe explain it a little for us?? How important is formal speech? How is accidental or purposeful rudeness through speech treated?? And above all what IS the difference between the two??? I know you guise aren’t the best at Korean, but you know more than I do, and Soo Zee or Leigh might be able to help out too (hint hint ;) Thanks!!! Brohoho!!!

  61. Also a shark’s brain looks like a uterus… That’s why we have dubbed the hellish week “shark week”.
    There’s lots of blood, viciousness, and one wrong move can equal a missing limb. http://2.media.collegehumor.cvcdn.com/32/46/20e848ca704bad056df3e760077f70a0.jpg

  62. I know someone that has a dodge ram……..I will never get a dodge ram. Why? Sigh……….Now I can never fufil my fantasy of getting a dodge ram.

  63. I think that your reasons and theories weren’t wrong guesses and also are one of the reasons. So what I’m writing is the opinion of an asian living in Germany.
    As an asian kid it is impossible to have a teenage pregnancy. Impossible! You would never even dare of thinking about it, ’cause your parents would “kill you”. It’s all about reputation, so in order to keep their dignity, they would probably hide it, abort the pregnancy or kick out their child, also possible let them marry.
    Because what kind of parents are you, if your teenage child is pregnant? Careless parents. (Even if this wasn’t true, but the other people will think that way.)
    As for the US, friends of mine who were there as exchange students, noticed that on the one hand they try to be prude, but on the other hand they eventually rebel and don’t know how act right and eventually get pregnant.
    A teacher of mine had told a child to use protection, but the teachers from the US recommended her to rather ignore that and not even talk about it. So I guess either you talk open about it or you’re very strict about it. Also it’s kind of a western thing to have experience with sex. There’s a lot of peer pressure like “Did you already…?”-thing, this doesn’t really exist in Korea, it’s rather “Did you already had your first kiss?”. Yeah, that’s it.

    • Wait, the teachers told the kid to not use protection or told the teacher to not bother talking with the kid?
      Either way, I’m sorry for whoever had teachers from the US that are like that. It is completely opposite from every teacher I have ever had. My teachers always would say you shouldn’t have sex until you are married, but if you are having sex be smart and use protection.

  64. Hi guys, this might not be the most exciting question ever but here it is. Seoul is one of the world most expensive city in the world to live in! How can middle class people survive on a daily basis in that metropolis? Are living condition of middle class people ok? I know it is a very large topic, but I would like to know more since you always say that street food is so affordable… is it really affordable for an average Korean?

  65. love the 1984 reference

  66. I heard that while I was in Korea that abortion to Korean teens are not allowed. Like its not legal?

  67. I was thinking of that exact movie! :D I watched Jenny, Juno a long time ago.

  68. I would love to hear about Korean laws. I think that would make for an interesting TL;DR.

  69. When you said that Korean High Schools don’t provide sex-ed I wondered about methods of contraception being available?
    I mean I bet it’s possible to get condoms and birth-control pills, though I’m not so sure about the “post-day” pill? And are these difficult to acquire?

  70. What about illegal abortion? I would think many teenage girls would opt for this rather than having to drop out of school and ruining their future or loosing their reputation. Also, as far as sexuality, I heard that women are seen as “impure” or promiscuous, if they carry their own condoms so they are hesitant to ask for protection during sex.

  71. Amaranda

    I’ve seen “Jenny, Juno.” I liked it even more than “Juno.” It doesn’t have the witty dialogue that everyone either loved or hated in “Juno,” but the love was much sweeter and pure. It used to be available online at Netflix, but now I think you can only order it on disk, at least for now.

  72. Isn’t child prostitution an issue in Korea? I think it was a huge deal a few years back. If I remember correctly.

  73. I think poverty and lack of education and birth control play a big role in Teen pregnancies. where I lived In Vieques PR was one of the worst districts in Puerto Rico for teen pregnancy. Vieques is also one of the poorest districts in Puerto Rico And Puerto Rico has a higher teenage pregnancy then the U.S. And since it’s a tiny Island outside of the mainland there isn’t much for teenagers to do with there time. Also majority of people are Catholics so birth control isn’t something that’s taught as much as it should be. It seem to me Parents and the the church want to teach there kids abstinence but the media, TV and the music industries are teaching them something different. What ever the reasons it’s definitely a big problem in my country. I wish we knew the magical formula on what’s working for South Korea so we could make it work here. Thank you S&M for touching on this subject.

  74. That would be AWSOME if Junsu was secretly a Nasty that posted on the site!! O.O I wonder…..

  75. Well, I went to a Catholic all-girls high school in NY and I think there was one teen pregnancy when I was there. I wasn’t sure what happened to that girl because she disappeared for most of my senior year, but then when graduation rehearsal came around she was noticeably pregnant. I’m not sure how the girl was able to graduate because she wasn’t even a good student, but I think she did like some kind of home school thing so she could at least complete her final year of high school.

  76. We want proof that Junsu is a nasty!

  77. Wow, interesting topic! I do feel sorry for Korean kids with that level of school, it seems a real waste of their youth! I’ll tell you a bit about where I am, Northern Ireland, teenage pregnancy happens often. I went to an all girls, Catholic school where we received quite a lot about sexual health and relationships right through 1st (12/13yrs) to 5th (15/16yrs) year. We had sex ed from the school and from outside agencies giving more in depth talks (google Love for Life to see for yourself). My school was extremely accommodating when it came to teenage pregnancies and we had a lot, in my year alone I should imagine there have been at least 10 girls who’ve had kids starting with the first who was 15. When I think about that, it seems mental! But I know that there have been plenty more girls older and younger than me that have had kids and who also went to other schools.

    So school ends at as early as 2:30pm or as late as 3:30. Some then go on to part-time jobs, home, clubs or sports activities in school or outside school or they go into the city centre to hang out together or in big groups to meet with boys from the local boys schools. Because we mostly have segregated schools here, meeting up after school is a way to meet members of the opposite sex whether you’re friends, a couple or looking to get to know a prospective girlfriend/boyfriend. Also, teen discos are arranged like once a month were lots of sh*t goes down. Now I was a shy gal, so I never attended them but others have told me lots of smuggled alcohol/pre-drinking and lots and lots of SMOOCHING! Awkward teenhood FTW!

    As far as sex goes, there’s at home when they know nobody will be around, in cars if one can drive, or even outside… Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Because teen pregnancies have become a problem there has been an increase in contraceptive awareness and doctors must offer every available form to girls especially the implant. Parents come in all forms, you need to understand some of our countries social history in order to understand some of their perspectives but for the most part I think they are supportive… If not shocked initially! To be honest, I feel there is no excuse when it comes to contraception, everyone learns about it and is taught how it works and how to use it. Its readily available and there isn’t any stigma attached to buying it either.

    Abortion is illegal here, the only exception is if the pregnancy or birth is damaging to the mothers health. If a girl chooses one she must go to England and have one privately, very costly and often traumatic. Some can only afford the flights and procedure and a few ended up sleeping in the airports with no access to aftercare. A clinic opened up in the capital city of Belfast offering non-surgical abortions despite the fact abortion is illegal here, I have no idea how it’s still open! There was also an issue with some girls and women buying abortion pills online without knowing how safe they were or how they could affect them, but the government says this is a Christian country and abortion is not allowed.

    Single mothers get a lot of government help, they are entitled to money and free housing usually prioritised on housing waiting lists. Because of this they often get a bad rap for being lazy and living off taxpayers money. I can’t say what it’s like cos I’m not a teen mother, but they do get stared at in public and they are often judged by others, usually older women and other girls. I think the stereotype is that they come from low income families, party and squander their benefit money, dress in trashy clothing, are poor mothers and don’t know how to properly care for their children and generally have messed up their entire lives with little future. This is obviously an unfair assumption and I know many girls who do not fit this terrible sterotype!

    So, that’s about it really. I know it was really long but it was interesting to read about other countries and about Korea so I thought I might as well through in my little piece of the world in too. I hope you I kept your interest and you learned something about a different place! :)


  78. I have volunteering experience at Prolife Korea, which works for pregnancy at (social) risk, against child abortion. From this experience, I would say teenage preganacy is not that low, but that is only in numbers and not in percentage. I assume that the percentage itself might be much lower than western countries. Nobody knows for sure. The reason why statistical information is almost impossible to collect is because abortion in Korea is prohibited by law. Doctors who perform abortions do not leave any medical records. It is very sad that teenage pregnancy should mostly lead to abortion, and many prolife organizations are campaigning for public recognition while providing safe sex education in schools, and shelter for teenager parents (who get kicked out of their parents’ home). But it is still true that Korean society is not at all friendly towards teenager parents, who the majority are single mothers. I think no school would allow a single mother to attend classes, thinking them as ‘bad examples’. Personally I think that teenagers, especially in Korea, are not old enough to take responsibility for children. Of course teenagers in western countries are much more independent and take serious responsibility from an earlier age, but Korean teenagers tend to get more dependent on their parents, even to an age of 30 nowadays. I am also against sex with no regard to the possibility of pregnancy and only as something to enjoy. At best, I think it should only take place after marriage, when the baby, if it does come, can be loved within the safe refuge of a family.

  79. Melissa Dischert

    TL;DR Question–Since you spend a lot of time discussing current Korean music, trends, events–could you tell us about some awesome old school Korean songs, traditions, rituals(folk/history-type things) that everyone still does? How do the old folks get down in Korea? Thanks!

  80. Simon made a George Orwell reference O_O Literacy 4 Lyfe
    Life* (I’m lame.)

  81. I feel like Junsu should be the official mascot of the Nasties. Or the president.

  82. Koreans should be proud of their low pregnancy rates. I assumed it was this way from the dramas but didn’t know for sure. Having censorship in the dramas and media probably helps. In America, we have shows like “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”. It came on ABC Family and I thought it would portray a teen getting pregnant and the difficulties of this, but instead it made it seem pretty common for teens to have sex with multiple partners. I was put off by the show and to think this is what comes on a station titled “family”(meaning wholesome) but luckily my teen daughters watch mostly Korean dramas. Their sense of normal is NOT to have sex in high school. For this I am thankful so I encourage them to watch more and we hardly ever even turn our TV on anymore.

  83. kpopfan123

    I think it’s better that the rate, for teenage pregnancy in South Korea, is low. That’s how it actually should be(it sets a good example). In highschool/college you barely have time to study (and prepare for the future) not to mention taking care of a kid. People have plenty of time afterwards to procreate. First you decide your way in life and find the financial material to support yourself (cause you can’t live off your parents’ “back” all your life) and then you can think about having children (wether you have enough money to assure the child a life and a proper growth and so on…)

    I was expecting to hear your oppinion on the matter in your blog post…


    • Of course that’s good, however the system that makes it that way is not. A lot of kids might spend that time on hobbies, figuring out who they want to be, forming self-esteem and values during that free time they are not given, rather than have sexual relationships. It’s good on one side that teenagers don’t have time for sex, it’s not good that they don’t have time for ANYTHING. To maintain good health, both mental and physical, it’s necessary to have time for recreation.
      I certainly am first deciding to find my way in life before having sex (well, I plan to wait till marriage for religious reasons– but even though I wouldn’t, I’d still wait for stability) without being part of Korea’s rigorous no free-time schooling system. I think it has to do with the values taught to you as a child, your personality, and external influences like peer-pressure that determine the maturity with which you experience sexuality. :)

      • kpopfan123

        Well… even if they did had more time I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t due to their values teaching system….and that’s how the Asian education works in general. There is a lot of competition and some parents like the Western kind won’t be satisfied with passing grades… not to mention jobs…there’s probably a lot of competition on those as well…

        I think this topic should be more brought up in schools . I’ve seen far too many teenage girls on the streets not being able to support their kid, they drop out of school obviously, so they’d start to work but don’t have the skills for it, and end up living a life of misery…well that would be different if the parents are rich and don’t mind the whole situation…

        Yeah you need a certain maturity when the time comes…

        • Yes, that’s what I think, that their values teaching system should change. If it does the competitiveness will probably lower as well since kids (and more particularly, adults) will understand that there are more important things in life than grades and that you can indeed succeed even without a university degree.

          There is nothing wrong with being competitive (I know I certainly am), but it should not be taken to the extremes. Korean students with aptitude for art might be expected to become a lawyer or a doctor, yet they don’t have any motivation for those careers minus their parents egging them on.

          On the other hand, I live in a country on the opposite side of the spectrum, where cases like you mentioned are plenty and competitiveness in basically zero. Most people conform or don’t care. They want to be doctors but their grades are 70s or 80s when it isn’t really that difficult to get 90s or even straight 100s here. When I go to class I feel like I’m taking a course two years below where I should be. And yet every thing is “memorize, memorize, memorize” here as well. I guess it’s just hard to find the perfect balance for everyone.

          Thing is, the topic is brought up in school. Many teachers will talk about how students need to put more effort to get through life. That they shouldn’t be mediocre by conforming, or making the wrong decisions. Yet it seems to enter through one ear and go out the other. It possibly only helps those who already posses those values.

          I think so much competition could also provoke a student to drop out of school (or just commit suicide, since dropping out of school in asian countries is practically impossible). Maybe they have trouble in math, feel like they cannot keep up with the system, that they are failures and that they will never obtain the standards to which they are put.

          I don’t know if all that made sense. Basically, I think it has to do with, as I said before, values taught and personality, and I don’t think that a system should be in place just because of how lacking these aspects are due to society. In fact, it seems to me a vicious circle: more pressure, less values taught; less values taught, more pressure, not only for the kids, but their parents as well. Yet the answer is not in implementing an opposite system either, where you don’t strive for the best.

        • kpopfan123

          Yes I know… there is need of a balance… but don’t know if things would change in this life
          “you can indeed succeed even without a university degree.” I don’t know about that…

        • Well, there are many cases were people have succeeded without a university degree… some YouTubers, for example (charlieissocoollike, JoeyGraceffa…) did not go to university and they are living pretty well. I bet you can find other examples if you google it. Of course, that shouldn’t be encouragement to not go; I bet you there are a lot more that didn’t and have it pretty rough now. But some people have it rough even if they did go to university. And is it bad to not have a lot of money? That’s where the perception should change… why is money valued above family? Of course it’s nice to have money, but that’s not all there is to life. Yes, you should probably go to university, but at what expense? Where are the limits? The point is, your life won’t be ruined if you don’t go to university unless you let it be (or there are some other circumstances like war or something). Granted, it will most likely be harder, but then again it actually may be easier. You might find something you can do really well, instead of spending your life paying your student loans working in a career you dislike. Of course with how things are going it’ll soon get to the point where for most jobs you will be required at least a degree, not just high school like it is now.

        • kpopfan123

          I was speaking in general :)) those are fortunate cases…about the money part…there are some countries (Romania) where there isn’t a balance between salaries and market prices or services… if you want to live a life where you don’t pay almost all your salary for taxes and house expenses you need a better salary… just speaking from personal experience…

        • That’s true too. *sigh*

  84. OMG. I nearly choked when I saw that Game of Thrones picture with JYP’s face on it. Brilliant!

  85. bigbangfosho

    oh man, I thought Juno was a horrible movie, but now I want to see the korean take on it xD

  86. How does South Korean’s feel about single parents and how does their family work? Like who usually does what, what is out of the norm for them that we see as normal?

  87. So I am a Kindergarten English teacher in Korea and we have had sex education videos shown in Korean to our students. This video shows some positions and both anatomies. It also had a cartoon version of a sperm trying to swim to an egg. So possibly the sex education is done very early on and not in high school. I don’t know just something I have experienced.

    • Wow, that is so different from here in the states. I wonder also if the parents are more open to talking about it too. I learned about sex when I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade because I asked my mom so in complete honesty she told me. But in school we only started talking about sex in 7th grade! I know that because I know about it earlier in life, I’m not prone to make those desicions. I know a girl who has the mindset that when she turns 16, which is the age that you can have sex and there is no way anyone can be charged with statutory rape, “you won’t find her because I’ll be in some man’s bed”. Her mom hasn’t told her anything and I think that’s what has strongly influenced her thinking.

      • I would agree that children that know at a younger age about sex tend to make better decisions, but also think it has to do with how involved a parent is in a child’s life. I think a lot of children do things to get attention so maybe the girl you are talking about is yes not informed, but also lacking love and attention from her parents and acts that way. I know my students fight for my attention in classes and will hang and climb on me. A lot of them are super affectionate too, because they don’t get attention at home. It makes me so sad. I love my students and I have been with them for over a year now. I sometimes feel like they are my kids because I spend more time with them than some of their own parents do. A year ago many of them didn’t behave well or had no manners. Over the last year not only do they all speak okay English, but they also behave pretty well most of the time and have manners. This was because their other teachers and I took the time to teach them these things not just English. I think parents need to be involved with their kids more and if not them maybe teachers or other relative could take an interest. I think a lot of teens in North American lack that guidance. I am speaking on personal experience of course, but just my thoughts since I grew up in the States and currently live in Korea.

  88. Hey guys! Can you talk about the threat of North Korea for your next TL;DR? Are any Koreans concerned? I heard about a threat to foreigners in South Korea. Are you or any other foreigners concerned about the threat of North Korea?

  89. This takes me back to my freshman year in high school. I remember in my one gym period, there were eight pregnant girls. The only reason I remember this was because I was jealous that they got to sit out.

    This one girl in my graduating class ended up pregnant, I think in junior or senior year. I don’t know what happened, but she definitely didn’t come to school when she had her kid. She actually worked, I think. She did come to school with her kid though, to show some teachers and she did end up graduating with us, so she was able to finish her coursework somehow.

    But, yeah. Teen pregnancies are pretty common, or common enough that I don’t really feel strongly about them either way.

    As for the comment on young mothers (they didn’t clarify if they meant married or single, or how young “young” was): of course asian mothers would be younger if only because most asian countries push for marriage at an earlier age. I’m only 20 and my mother is already talking about her future grandchildren (and by future, she has said several times “I should already have a grandchild”) and my dad constantly reminds me of how his elder sister was already married and pregnant at my age. Of course my parents wouldn’t be happy if I came home pregnant (they would probably, most definitely kick me out of the house) but what they are hinting at is that I should be looking into marriage. It’s also why pharmacy is so popular among asian girls; there are 6 year programs and then your board exam and voila, you’re making good money and are still young enough to get married and pop out some kids.

    Sorry, somehow this morphed into a rant about me.

  90. I had that awkward class in ninth grade and never saw the Dodge Ram logo the same way again, I always wonder why they call it RAM, know what I mean? ;)

  91. OMG!!!!! Thank you for answering my question!! I was so surprised and
    aaww Martina you said my name so cute!!! And Simon your Guatemalan
    too??!! lol

    You guys are the best!!

  92. How do you learn to speak Korean? Does the Canadian Embassy offer Korean language courses? Do you take private courses or just study by yourself? I can only imagine how it is to not speak the language in a foreign country.

  93. Hello. What are Koreans view on different religions? Are they open to or scared of Muslims, Hindu, etc? Thank-you.

  94. AHAHA i just realized that beside Simon and Martina’s name it says “nasty mod” ahhh that just made my day :D

  95. LOL at the Korean version of GoT HAHAHA You’re awesome

  96. I heard that in Korea, it’s illegal to get abortion unless you are being rape or you know the doctor personally, so I think that’s another fact why teen pregnant is so low.

  97. japan is the lowest? wikipidia… u sure about that? :DD wooo am so nasty

  98. ☆pallavi☆


  99. I want the last line to be true!!! Tell me that he really is a nasty! PLEASE!! T^T

  100. My boyfriend always tells me how his experience in high school with pregnancy was non-existent (especially in Suji) but once he got to college the number of pregnancies went way up. He always tells me about friends who just weren’t careful and got a girl pregnant, and ended up having to marry them. (The shortest relationship to shotgun wedding was a relationship of two weeks or so I’m told… yeah)

  101. From what I’ve heard from the church I go to in Korea–because it’s a big concern for them. Teen pregnancy does happen. In fact they’ve recently set up a Crisis Pregnancy Center, but the word really isn’t out about it. From what I was told at my church is that getting pregnant out of marriage is very shameful especially during high school. So much so that many decide to abort their babies. Very few decide to go through with giving birth and the ones that do usually give up their children for adoption. Culturally for whatever reason Korean parents won’t help their child take care of the baby. I can’t quite remember the reason… Maybe because there is that constant pressure on students to study, get in a good university, and start a good paying job, that many young Koreans decide to just abort their babies.
    Also on a side note, because so many adoptees are looking for their parents, Korea recently made a law with in the last year or so that you need to enter your child in the family register even if you give your child up for adoption. There has been an increase abortion rate. Which it is helpful for adoptees looking for their parents, but it causes problems for the girl when she goes to get married later on. Korea still uses match making agencies. My Korean co-worker was telling me that she got called by a big match making agency telling her how she needs to hurry up and sign up because she was no longer in the Premium category. The match makers look at age, family history, what university you went, where you work, and who knows what else, and then they will give you a grade. If there is anything like that you had a kid when you were younger, it would make your marriage prospects a lot less. Even if you didn’t use a match making agency and found a husband the dating way, your husband or his family wouldn’t be happy that you already had a kid when you were younger. Again, it’s really, really shameful to become pregnant out of wedlock.

    • My Korean friend told me they had sex education in high school or middle school I can’t remember which, but I have no idea how in depth they go into the topic. This only was discussed after I mentioned that one of my students asked where babies came from and another one had asked what the word sex meant. I work at a small Christian English speaking school. My friend said that topic would normally be discussed in like a sex education class which my school doesn’t have.

      Also the problem with sexuality in Korea is that it’s just not discussed. No one talks about it or the problems there are. Even though prostitution is illegal, it still happens. You have the massage parlors, the karaoke bars, and even barber shops offering sexual favors. Then there is the problem of Korean men actually going out of the country to other countries in South East Asia where they will pay for prostitutes and even child prostitutes. Some even buy child prostitutes. From what I’ve heard, among the men going to South East Asia for prostitutes, Korean men are at the highest percentage. This is a problem, but again no one talks about it.

  102. If teenagers wanted too they would find a way in a small apartment lol We are smarter than we may appear…

  103. It seems that Korea practices the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Which is pretty interesting that it is actually working.

  104. Martina , I now can not un-see how the diagram for the womb looks like a Moose’s head. AH! You’ve destroyed my vision of them. o_O

  105. Sex-ed was always weird. In my midwest American high school, I had sex ed classes starting in fifth grade. But I was so oblivious, and it took me until two years later to figure out what sex actually was, when I stumbled upon an explicit scene in a book. Now, looking back, it should’ve been obvious, haha! My Chinese parents avoided the subject at all costs.

    • I can relate. I also grew up in the Midwest and my parents never really had “the talk” with me. My 5th grade “family life” class cleared things up, but before that I didn’t have the faintest idea what sex was. When I was little, I didn’t know of anyone who had a child outside of marriage, so I had deduced that babies spontaneously showed up when one was married. Seems very silly now.

      • A lot of ideas I had in my childhood do seem extremely silly now. Up until I was 11, I had this notion that adults wore diapers. I had seem my mom with pads for periods, and so I conjured up this idea in my head that all adults wore diapers simply because they were much too busy to use the restroom, while kids could afford to waste their time. It seemed to make a lot of sense at that age, since children would always whine about going to the restroom, and adults never did!

      • My parents never really had “The Talk” with me, either. (Well, I did ask him where babies came from and then got so grossed out at the answer I stopped listening.) They did give me two books, Where Did I Come From? and What’s Happening to Me? and asked me to read them and to come to them with any questions.

  106. ktaeng

    I spent most of my high school years at a school in a kind of…not bad, but not so financially well off neighborhood in northern California. And I never saw a single pregnant teenager. I heard there was one who did independent study through our school, but I never actually saw her or any other girls on campus (or even just in the city in general) who were pregnant.
    Although I think my school probably had more gay kids than your average high school. I was literally the only person in my group of friends who wasn’t gay/les/bi.

  107. I know you were asked about teenaged pregnancy in Korea, but what about the average pregnancy experience of women in Korea compared to back home? Are there any differences that you noticed? I figure that you would have a greater idea about this through friends. :)

    • Sharing my experience, I never had any personal sex talk with my friends, except one single friend. Probably this is because most of my friends are Christians from middle class families… but from what I observed at an Obs-Gyn clinic, I only saw one unmarried adult virgin during a whole month, and all the rest had history of abortion, most of them multiple times. some of them were married women, and they whispered that their abortion history was a ‘secret’ (to their husbands or mothers).

  108. Right now I had to scratch my head and to think if I’ve ever encountered any teen moms.
    well not in my school. In high-schools it’s pretty rare to find pregnant teens, but it way more common to meet girls with big tummies in the Vocational training schools (which are attended after 10th grade by students with low grades). My mom works there and I’ve helped her out with organizing some documents and… wow are there a lot of pregnant teenage moms or what!? Even in universities it can be unusual to meet someone pregnant. I’ve been in my university for 3 years already and only 1 girl out of 180 got pregnant in that time HOWEVER I think it depends on your field of studies. I study linguistics, but a friend of mine is studying nursing. It’s also her 3rd year in university and around 6 of her group-mates are now married and 4 of them are of pregnant or already have babies…
    I guess people with different priorities choose different study fields and from there emerges this really obvious difference…

  109. I live in Ohio, in a high-middle class suburb. I knew one girl who got pregnant at 14, and three at 18. There was another girl in my school who pretended to be pregnant to get attention – and then tried getting out of it by saying she had a miscarriage because her sister punched her in the stomach. Yeah, right. Pregnancy is highly frowned upon here, but I personally knew many girls who were sexually active in middle school. I’m Chinese-American, and my mom always looks shocked everytime she hears about this kind of thing. I guess I’ve gotten used to it!

  110. Jenny, Juno was one of the first k-movies I watched. It’s pretty interesting. The lack of sex education probably has nothing to do with the lack of sex. It’s sad though, their rates of STDs are about the same as the US (approximately 1 in 4 people) which likely has a lot to do with that lack of education. Even on college campuses… At mine they even give out free condoms and they often offer free testing and things like that.

  111. *dry hump* *dry hump* *dry hump* OOOHHH YOU SO NASTY!!

  112. Annie

    Where i come from and i went to a girls school for about 10 years i never once saw a teen pregnancy even when i transferred to another high school and i graduated a few months ago. There was no such thing. Its generally looked down upon maybe you could say the middle class/upper class are more “understanding” i guess but forget about going to school as far as i know that will not work. You can even hear cases about someone being kicked out of their house. If there is ever a taboo in Kenya, its that.

  113. When I was in high school I remember three teen pregnancies. One was a girl in the year ahead who was still going to school in her last month. The 2nd was one of my friends and she wanted to get pregnant, bur I think she dropped out. The last was my next door neighbour who got pregnant at 15. She was kicked out of the house, so she moved in with her then boyfriend and baby daddy. Unfortunately she lost the baby about five months in. And not long after, her parents let her move back in. But a lot of my friends were mothers before they were even twenty. They start young in the town where I live apparently (Australia)

  114. These days, you hear about kids in North America having sex at the age of 14. If you’re a senior in highschool. and still a virgin, it’s kind of an embarassing thing.

  115. Ever wonder what gangsters own there? Ever wonder why there are so many OB GYN clinics? Not saying its really bad there, for the average person its safer and probably less teen pregnancies than most other countries but unfortunately the biggest problem in Korea is the flaws of Korea arent discuss critically and honestly. Just hidden or ignored.

  116. KATHyphenTUN

    Ohhh love the new design ending!

    For my experience in highschool: There was a school in the area that forced teenaged pregnant girls out of school, so it does happen in Canada as well. Then those girls would end up transferring to my highschool. My school was very excepting of it and we even had a daycare set up on campus for the girls to use.

    Otherwise, great job handling a difficult topic!

    • My school has a daycare too! In my old school, pregnant girls went to a separate class than the rest of the student body, while in the school I currently attend, they attend class like everyone else. The security guards and teachers are also very supporting, checking up on the students all the time while my other school, the only teachers involved were the nurses and the teachers teaching the separate class the pregnant girls were in.

  117. Interesting ! I feel that in Canada we tend to have a bad image of teenage pregnancy. Not bad in the sense of kicking them out of school, but in the sense of thinking “poor girl, she just screwed up her life”. I spent a long time in Japan and was surprised to see many young – very very young – mothers, and I talked about this to a Japanese friend. He told me that in Japan there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a baby at a young age, and that nobody would pity the girl for this. I don’t know if it was only his opinion, but I found this quite interesting. I was wondering if it was the same in Korea.

  118. I’m super curious about this, are there any prostitutes in Korea?

  119. ok can you have a another thing about north korea my kid lives in japan and he scared so you must have new ideas

  120. Cyber_3

    By the way, if you are lookng for t-shirt ideas, I think that a square of the TL;DR opening text would make a great shirt. If someone knows what it means, it’s cool, if not, it’s still safe for work and looks neat and you can feel superior in your nastiness wearing it. ;)

  121. I don’t know about teen pregnancies in particular but being an unwed mother in Korea is not acceptable. That is why I and tens of thousands of others were abandoned/given up for adoption. There are several offices throughout Korea, last summer I visited the one in Gangnam. Not only do they have the babies reception home but also a home for the young mothers, who would otherwise may have to live on the street.

    A 2008 survey showed that unwed mothers are the second most discriminated group in Korea after LGBT-individuals. They also get less child support from the government than women who have a husband.

    Here are two articles about the subject:



  122. I also find this subject very interesting. And as a european nasty(swedish, to be exact) I can also compare to how it is here. As far as I can remember from school there was only a few cases of pregnancies. Also in school we got to know how our bodies worked in 5th grade, when we were 11. You know all about having your…time of the month *cough cough* n why you have that.

    So I guess my point is the different cultures are very interesting, expecially comparing them. I’m not sure if the all over look at sexuality in the different areas also has to do with it. But this definately made me wanna do more research ^^

  123. I kept getting distracted by you guys saying “teenaged pregnancy” instead of “teenage pregnancy” which is how we say it in Britain :’) Ahhh, canadianisms

  124. I appreciated the 1984 reference. :D

  125. Nice comparison of the female reproductive to the Dodge Ram. But I have seen a better one. There is a comparison picture or the female reproductive to the Satanic Ram’s head. I think it better describes women, especially at their time of the month~…

  126. Haven’t heard alot about teenage pregnancies in Korea either…
    HOWEVER! I have heard about teenage abortion though, they seem to certainly be more common… Can’t help but to think that these things are connected… I’m just saying…

    Also, I’d say the frequency of love motels and DVD bangs makes it easier. As soon as you “get enthused” so to speak, heck you don’t even need to go home, you’ll have like 10 viable options within a 2 minute walk…

  127. Simon! Can you please do a hair tutorial one day? or maybe leave your hair down in a WANK hahaha

  128. Cyber_3

    As crazy as it sounds, teens in Korea may not have the knowledge of what to do when it comes to sex. I know that China is not Korea but sometimes social issues aren’t easy to see unless you’re on the ground and in the middle of it. When I was in Shanghai in 2005, it seemed to be a big problem getting children, teens, even youth in their 20s to use the public washrooms properly. Not because they were vandalizing or making messes on purpose, but because the kids were either a) from so poor of a place they had never seen a toilet before and were too embarrassed to ask or b)from such a rich one child only family that they had super special toilets that looked nothing like the public ones and also too embarrassed to ask. There is no one in between these two extremes in China. So, it could be similar in Korea with respect to sex vs. potty training.

    Also, those statistics may be warped by the fact that no teen would probably admit to being pregnant. Likely these girls are shipped off to a relative in the country (or the abortion clinic wherever that magical plastic surgery eye clinic is) until the situation has resolved itself, they wouldn’t be allowed to go to school so you wouldn’t see them.

    Cyber_3 – imagining the questions for the Korean version of “Sex with Sue” LOL!

  129. omg… the comments here, elizabeth mefford, not junsu, elizabeth rocher and the others ~ lol, I had a lot of fun…

  130. Ive always found it interesting that K-dramas seem to be so anti-sex/almost no sexual tension outside occasional comedy when it features characters below the age of 30… but characters over the age of 30 are often allowed to have sexual tension and that sort of story (with some even hinting at them spending the night together and stuff) and if they get married – Ive seen a few occasions where it is suddenly like… WOAH SEX EVERYWHERE! (but obviously without showing anything)

    • Lindsey Rieder

      whoa whoa whoa! I disagree… I think Kdramas have TONS of sexual tension… they just show very little sex related stuff. I actually think the showing of less makes it MORE sexy… you know? Like when I see sex scenes in Hollywood I’m like whatever… but when I see a couple hold hands or awkward kiss in a kdrama it’s much more exciting. well I don’t know if exciting is the right word.. I mean.. not THAT way… urrm

      • Yeh – on second thought I think you are right. There is often tonnes of proper sexual tension… and I get what you mean by exciting – oooo, you so nasty ;)

        I think I meant more sex outright references/actions (eg talking about it, getting close to it, actually spending time on a bed together) that generally only occur with characters over the age of 30/maybe late 20s (probably cos at that age they are expected to be married/get married soon). I’m thinking of something like heartstrings (early 20s) compared with the greatest love or secret garden (over 30s) – but feel free to disagree :)

        • Lindsey Rieder
          Lindsey Rieder

          ok, now we agree. :) I noticed that too… say Lie to Me…. whoa whoa… plenty going on there 감사합니다 강 지 환 whereas shows about younger people have more of the “oh my god are we gunna kiss?” freeze scenes.

  131. Can you guys tell us the name of the documentary that Soo Zee mentioned? I would like to find it and watch it.



  134. Is it me or does it seem like the average age at which Koreans lose their virginity is much later than in North America? It seems with all the awkwardness, concern over skinship and the total lack of privacy that it is happening much later – and from the outside it looks like more people save themselves for marriage (not saying it is good or bad, just different). Am I off base? Is there decent access to birth control? If so, what kinds? Also, seems like vibrators would sell like hotcakes in that environment.

    • Statistics say that Korean men don’t want to bother about safety (cuz it’s none of their concerns..) and don’t use condoms. Also there’s a general sentiment that taking pills is not good for your body so girls also don’t take oral pills. This was about 10 years ago and I think now young people talk about safe sex and stuff like that. About virginity, I think teenagers still think that losing it before 20 is pretty scandalous, as if it means throwing your future away. But after 20… the change of mind is very abrupt from what I hear but still is hard to believe cuz nobody talks about it.. I think it goes with “Just wait till I go to college” thing.

  135. i hope there is linda lovelace ver in korea

  136. I watched a kdrama last year that centered around a teenage pregnancy. It was called Little Mom Scandal. I enjoyed it.

  137. from an asian standpoint there’s actually A LOOOOT of boom-boom-jiggity-jiggity going around in korea and in schools as well. The reason people don’t like talking about it is bcuz yes, it’s taboo and u will get frowned upon amongst family (and possibly friends as well)? i do hear about this sometimes; when korean teens find out their pregnant, some will commit suicide and some will abandon their baby and run off somewhere. =( it’s pretty sad and the korean media never talks about these kinds of issues

  138. There’s actually a korean drama all about teenage pregnancy and sexuality. I can’t remember what its called…but if you want me to find out I’ll be more than happy too ! I think its drama fever though :)
    Oh and about the lack of sensuality in dramas: I’ve recently noticed a sharp increase in the topic. A few years ago it would take like 16 episodes for the leads to even do the “no lips move kiss” but now we have dramas such as I do I do where in the very first episodes the two leads find themselves in bed together. Its even talked about more on variety shows ! like in Hwashin (yes the episode with g-dragon) they talked about reasons why couples break up, and someone suggested because of a lack of “connection” *hint hint wink wink*

    • Perhaps the drama you’re thinking of is “Little Mom Scandal” starring Hwang Jung Eum. It’s on Drama Fever.

    • That episode of Hwashin is hilarious. And when the topic of ‘special connection’ was brought up everybody just went silent. I laughed so hard when the camera zoomed in on G-Dragon and Daesung and they both had a look on their faces like ‘I am SO not going to open my mouth on this one’. You could feel the awkwardness through the screen. I get the feeling that they are slowly starting to become more relaxed about the topic over time, but it is still pretty awkward for most people.

      • LOL I was so waiting to here g and d’s response, but they were so straight face the entire time, you could practically seem the sweat dripping down their necks from nerves !! lol

        • I am sure they couldn’t say anything even if they wanted to because it might cause a scandal for them. But it also reminded me of a show that Seungri was on in a car ride, he called all of his hyungs, and GD commented that they always worried about him because they never knew what he would say. So during that awkward silence i kept wondering if GD was relieved he was with Daesung and not Seungri, because Seungri probably would have ‘done something worrisome’. I definitely need to go back and re-watch both of those videos.

    • Oh please please can you find that drama that you’re talking about?!?!?!?

  139. Doesn’t it also have to do with the “perception” of love teenagers (and even college students sometimes) have about love and relationships between men and women? You know, when even holding hands or a kiss on the cheek is a biiiiig gesture and it takes a lot of time to get there (not to mention the whole giving a letter to the one you love – aka confessing – being a huge deal)…so that may also play a huge influence on the lack of teenage pregnancies or teenage sex, in general.

  140. I seriously had to check on teenage pregnancy in my own country after watching this. and apparently we’re on the bottom closer to korea and Japan, with approx a little above 6 pregnancies á 1000 teens. This kind of makes it interesting, as I’d say as we do get sex education through junior high, but not upper secondary (college). Also, there is a pretty big social help you could get for being an early mom, but my guess is because education is free (paid by taxes), most students stil feel like you a, either concentrate on your working career, b, really don’t want a child early and c, are very good at using none-pregnancy tools.

    Then again, our trend has been lately to get older and older first time mothers. My cousin, who was 24 when her first child was born, is considered quite young. Most mothers today wait until their early 30′s.

  141. I guess it happens everywhere. During high school I didn’t know anyone who was pregnant, or if they were, they would just disappear. I know a few who got pregnant after they left high school, but not during. My school was pretty strict, though. Then again, I do live in Northern Ireland… which is where Game of Thrones is filmed! N.Ireland represeeent~! *woop*

  142. Lindsey Rieder

    On a (sort of) related note… i know you mentioned briefly about women smoking (or NOT) in Korea, I was wondering about said substances in general– smoking, drinking, drugs. From my understanding drinking is pretty much considered a-ok socially. How is smoking viewed? Do a lot of people smoke? Is it allowed inside restaurants etc? And what about drugs. It’s my (very) basic understanding that that’s a big no-no– atleast from a Kpop standpoint. or atleast the image of no drugs? What about regular people— is it very common?

  143. Thanks for these awesome videos! So, I have a question for TLDR.

    Question: We’ve been getting a lot of serious questions lately, but I’ve been wondering about something kind of random and not at all serious, which I hope you answer. What are some trends and/or products from western culture that you have noticed gaining popularity in South Korea? Have you ever been surprised by the popularity or any crazy fads there? Thanks!

  144. When i was in school people were having lots of sex. They were having sex in school because they couldn’t at home. under stairwells and bleachers, in closets and storage rooms, locker rooms, even outside like behind a tree. Miraculously these people never were caught by teachers. And not just in high school, tons of kids were getting it on in middle school. Like 75% who got pregnant were ones who purposely wanted to be teen moms (as told to me by themselves). I don’t have hate for teen parents, a lot of my friends were teen parents and are now graduating college this year.

    • Lindsey Rieder

      I went to Catholic school in New England in the U.S. Needless to say, no pregnant people walking around there… but my sister went to public school and I don’t think she knew anyone who got pregnant in highschool either?? I’ll have to ask her.

  145. well… this reminded me of how i had to make a informational video about puberty for my biology class (DAMN YOU MR. HAGAR)… it was torture, i tell you… torture…

  146. Whaaa, I own a Dodge. Never again lol, THANKS Simon. Teehee

  147. Loved this one guys, great work as always! I have a friend in highschool in Korea, and she really did tell me they didn’t even have a chance to meet guys, let alone date them.
    Also, could you talk about how it was to adapt to food in Korea? I remember reading that Jay Park wasn’t able to eat korean food, and my friend also tells me that she is worried that when I go to visit her, it will happen to me too.
    P.S.: How’s the situation there? The news keep saying that foreigners are leaving Korea because of the war threat.

  148. Simon you were hilarious in this one. Is Pickering “hood”? lollolol And the “juices” comment and Martina’s horrified reaction almost had me in tears. BTW, I would pay a whole lot of money to see a Korean version of Game of Thrones. I still have to watch the first two episodes of season three that I have recorded. So excited! Storm of Swords was my favorite book in the series. (Sorry, nerd gushing :P).

  149. Have you guys ever seen the Korean drama movie Jenny, Juno? it is about a 15 year olsd couple who get pregnant and try to hide it from their parents, I won’t spoil the rest for you if you haven’t seen it but it is very good :) I immediatly thought of it when I saw the question :)

  150. Does anyone else think why are humans able to get pregnant almost any time of year from possibly age 13-50 or so…I mean most animals have a few times in the year they are able to conceive so why are humans different?! Well anyway, just random thoughts I’m thinking and how biology is kind of messed up, lol.

    • I think it could have something to do with the fact that we as humans are more likely to have one offspring at a time and because the pregnancy is relatively long. So, having two or more babies is less common and getting more chances in a year to get pregnant makes up for the gap. Animals tend to have short pregnancies and have multiple babies, that’s were the expression “Breeding like rabbits” comes from and why we think it is so funny.

  151. Question: I feel like now is the appropriate time to ask this, was I the only one who was made to put a condom on a rounders bat for sex ed? I wanna know if its happened before.
    Also, great episode today! Coming from the UK, we see some teenage pregnancy put not a crazy amount. In 6 years, I think only two girls in my school have been pregnant and I think one of them was the out come, unfortunately of rape, so… I don’t know. Maybe I live in a nice area? Because you always hear on the news over here that the rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing and I really can’t see it. It’s nice to see the contrast of, at least some, the reasons why Korea has a low teenage Pregnancy.

    • We did not put them on but we were shown by the instructor how to. I live in the USA. Conversations of sex were frequent in my high school as the students tried to see which teachers would discuss it and because they were bored with normal class talk. During the 4 years I was in high school- one girl was pregnant twice, one guy got 3 girls pregnant, one girl had an abortion, and one girl left school because of her pregnancy..so a total of 6 girls that I knew of. However, I also know that after I graduated there was not as many pregnancies in the school as it had become a major discussion point for a while.

    • It was a little different for me, the class I was in had to use bananas. AWKWARD, but I will say this. I am glad they had the classes because it made us more aware. There is always the argument that since we have the classes that we are all just go out and have sex and get preggers, but seriously it wasn’t that bad. There were, like you, only a few girls in my high school who were pregnant. I think after everyone saw the pictures and descriptions of all the diseases a person could get, it kinda made everyone cold for the chance to ‘get jiggy with it’. LOL

    • Lindsey Rieder

      I don’t even know what a rounders bat is… I went to Catholic school (U.S.) and our school nurse taught us sex ed by drawing “Sammy the Sperm” (complete with baseball cap) and “Edna the Egg” (I don’t remember what accessory she could have possibly had) on the blackboard. Then they scared us with pictures of STDs. And a deacon came in to tell us how Catholics aren’t supposed to have sex before marriage. But they still taught us about protection and such anyways.

  152. Could you please talk about the Park Si Hoo scandal? I’ve read some articles about it, but I’m not sure what is right or wrong and I would like to understand it. Also, have you guys heard about that scandal a lot in the general media, there in Korea or is it more of a internet thing?

  153. I love you guys. That is all. lol!

  154. Gabriel Shallsaur Enlightened

    Have always enjoyed all you TLDRs… Good job and I’m looking forward to more episodes from both of you ^^
    FAPFAP as well~~ Of which i happen to always watch in the middle of the night >..< so hungry…

  155. Oh yes, Junsu definitely is one of the Nasties here. I’m sure he is an Ultra Mega Nasty!

  156. Wow, I can’t remember a single pregnancy at my high school (midwest US). I always find shows about high school students where someone is inevitably pregnant rather unbelievable, but from hearing your comments and reading the ones posted here, it sounds like I was either from an unusual high school, or just oblivious. Probably the latter.

    • I’m from Midwest USA too, and I heard of some rumors of people, but I only saw proof of two: one already had been a mother since she was 13 because she was raped at a party. Another girl was pregnant who had already gratuated highschool but came back to visit her friends because some were a year younger than her, so they were seniors at the time. Honestly, we had more pregnant teachers than students, and I went to a decent sized high school.

  157. Hey S&M! (Why is it not until this video that I noticed that s&m also means something else…) ANYWAYS, I wanted to know what home life is like in Korea from a student perspective? I know that parents really enforce the importance of grades, but what else is different between Korean home life and other places? How long do children live with their parents? Ect. :D

    • Hi! Since they prepare a whole year to make an entry at a top university their university grade is very important as well as the university itself.. It is a 50/50 thing.. the first time since years of school and hagwon they have some liberty (if they live on university campus~) , also in making friends, but on the other hand they again need good results > means learning..learning too. Universities are expensive! As Koreans (students) told me often they met via friends. A student friend brings a male/female one to a date and if the two are interested in each other they maybe date :)) ( means he or she thinks about a nice one he/she knows very well and maybe is someone the other will maybe like…a guided date kind of~~) It is not (very) common to live together unmarried so they live in the parents house until marriage. South (Daegu.. Busan~ is more conservative).

  158. Romantic Roulette

    In my high school, almost a third of the Freshman girls came into high school pregnant, when I was a Senior (which was only two years ago). Meaning that they were 13 or so when they got pregnant originally. Yeah, there’s a LOT of free time in North America.

    I guess they don’t really talk about sex either in South Korea? That would also imply that bringing it up even if you DID have a boyfriend/girlfriend might be awkward cause of social stoof. I kind of wish it was like that in North America – so much of high school revolves around sex and dating and who got who pregnant it feels like.

  159. Haha, Pickering Represent! Yeah, St. Mary’s was infamous for pregnancies. Surprisingly being a Catholic school… Dunbarton, however was nothing like that to my knowledge. Very interesting TL;DR, guys! :D

  160. This was a really interesting topic for this week. I can understand the difficulty in answering the question but I though you both handled it well.

    To contrast this weeks topic, can you talk about old people in Korea? Is there anything different about Korean old people vs North American old people and how society treats them? It seems like in NA old people are often put in nursing homes, does that happen in SK often too? How about sharing some funny old people stories too? ^___^

    • Well, I can tell you one thing. Korean seniors are often found living with their entire family because simply put, Korean government system does not give a lot of benefits to old people. The USA gives medicare and Social Security benefits to seniors so they can live alone or in a nursing home if they need assistance, but in Korea, seniors pretty much get nothing. Couple it with the fact that Korean culture is a family-first culture, and you get a lot of Korean old people living with their sons/daughters and their kids. It’s actually a cultural rule to have the oldest son take care of their parents, but that’s not ALWAYS the case.

      • Thanks for the info – it is super interesting. I would have thought, due to the importance placed in age in korea and respect for elders, that the opposite would happen and there would be lots of government care for the elderly. Though, I guess if there are cultural rules which take care of that for the gov then I can understand why they wouldnt waste money on it… though, I wonder what happens to those few elderly without children?

        • Well, they simply get by with a retirement plan I’m guessing, something like a 401(k). Remember that Korea has really, really cheap medical care and food, so as long as the senior lives in his/her own house, it shouldn’t be too expensive. I imagine poor seniors are usually the ones who live with the family, especially grandmothers who didn’t really make a lot of money when they were younger because they were a housewife.

  161. JYP as Ned would be awsome but sad (because he would die) but it would be sooooo epic!

  162. As Korean I wouldn’t say that there’s not many situations when Korean teenagers are pregnant, but for sure teaching in one school couldn’t let you know how it looks like in other schools in all country.
    Anyhow crime level is also not that small… in big cities, in public places it’s definitely safe but actually not everywhere. In my family I had victims of crimes, everyday I can read on Naver about another crime, rape, murder and so on.
    I think it’s good to make videos about how Korea looks like for you. I moved out from Korea two years ago, I was born there and lived over 24 years and I live in Europe now. For me videos you make are fun and interesting, for sure many things you say are corret but sometimes Korea in your videos looks like some wonderland. However it’s only my opinion. :)
    You still make good job with most of videos, I wish you luck and keep going! ^^

    • That’s true. I’ve heard from other Koreans that Korea isn’t as safe as many foreigners believe it to be. Although, having been to other major cities, Seoul definitely feels like the safest of cities. However, that may be because Koreans tend to leave most foreigners alone and because most foreigners can’t understand the Korean news.

      • I don’t know about Korea, but when I was in China there were severe punishments for those who in any way hurt foreigners…

        Which made it very scary when I’m 1, born Korean, therefore there was no distinguishable feature between me and another foreigner on the street and 2, I was constantly mistaken for being a local Chinese person and 3, the streets were pitch black.

        In short, taxis were cheap and so much safer when getting from one point to another.

        • My Korean friend said something about how they rarely do anything to foreigners because of the dishonour it would bring to the country’s image or something like that.

      • Itaewon for example was created for foreigners to make them feel safe. :) Seoul indeed is safe, but also not all districts. Small streets are creepy and dangerous in all countries. ^^

      • Having lived in both a major US city and a Korean city, I have to say that Korean cities seem much less stressful in my experience. To Koreans, they know all the problems with Korea cities and they are surprised that foreigners express as sense of safety in Korea. In some neighborhoods in my city there are shootings and other forms of violence regularly, the one I lived in had a drug bust that resulted in a shooting the first week I moved in! If you walk anywhere alone in the city I lived in after dark you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself or run from danger. I know that foreigners may idealize Korea, but you have to understand what they’re comparing it to. However, there is a lot of domestic violence in Korea, which I think is not reported. :/

        Someone mentioned Itaewon being a safe place for foreigners… I have heard foreigners say that Itaewon is the place is Korea they fell the least safe! Which is interesting!

        • Yes, when you think of cities with gang, drug and gun issues- Seoul really is a safe haven. Domestic violence and sexual harrassment cases are definitely kept on the down low. Itaewon is seen as a sketchy place by many Koreans because of the *coughliberalcough* entertainment there. I think many Koreans are just in denial of these places of entertainment around the rest of the city and country. Also part of it may also be due to prejudice and fear of the big bad foreigners with loose morals mentality…

    • Start making videos or blog about living in Europe from Korean perspective! Where in Europe you are? England?

    • Hm… Well… Crime is like, the essence of news anyhow, so what else are you gonna expect when reading news sources (blogs, webarticles, etc…)? Just because it’s being published doesn’t mean that there’s a ton of it compared to other places. There may be the same amount of content but the relative amount that is reported is different.

    • In Korean high schools are the boys and girls usually split up ? U think that’s why too ? Kind of thought they made it sound like a wonderland a bit but..still nice thought and probably better then here xP

  163. I guess, in general, my stance on teenage pregnancy is…well nothing exact. I don’t look down on girls who had kids young at all. My parents were young when my eldest sibling was born. Both sets of grandparents were young when they started having kids. I know plenty of girls who are my age who now have kids of their own at 20/21. I’m surrounded by it and, in a way, only really exist because of it. I, personally, am in no way confident I could be a mother at this point in my life, but teens who get pregnant and are able to make the right decisions for that child and make things work, I admire them.

    In all honesty, I’m not shocked at all that the rates of teen pregnancy in South Korea are so low. From what I’ve noticed they’re much more conservative with such things. While here in the US discussions about sex and all that really aren’t hidden. I’ve had class discussions about sex during classes that weren’t even health or sex ed. or religion.

    • I once had a literature class go from “Shakespeare” to “sheepskin condoms” in like three minutes. This was in college though. In high school we pretended we knew nothing of sex or even what the word meant because it was a Catholic private school.

      • Lol, so your high school was more the stereotypical Catholic school? I went to a private Catholic high school too and we had conversations go wrong often. Part of it could be that it was an all-girl school so we were more confortable with discussing those topics..

        But really, sheepskin condoms?
        Thats too funny!

        • Yes, it was. I think it was mainly because we’re a predominantly religious (CATHOLIC) society and because we knew we’d get in some deep deep shiznit if we brought up sex-related topics. We could play around the issue with veiled innuendos and stuff but to say “sex” out loud in the classroom you’d have to be discussing gender and be ready to prove it if you wanted to stay in the class.

          Yeah, it’s amazing how you can drift from one topic to the next. The worst part is that we had a legit discussion over the merits or sheepskin versus latex, et cetera. The teacher even joined in. We never did learn about Shakespeare’s home life…..

  164. What I notice is that many Koreans, especially Korean women, tend to have that……….”sexual awakening” a lot later than many other countries. Koreans that come to Australia on working holiday visas (for 1 or 2 years) suddenly realise they are in a country where they don’t have parents or teachers looking over their shoulders, they don’t even have older people in a Korean community watching them because all working holiday people are between 20 and 30 (and working holiday Korean community is different from established Korean Australian community). So suddenly with such freedom, things can happen. Some of that is great and liberating for them, but of course with anything there can be a downside.

    As you guys said, sexual education is so limited in Korea and I’ve found myself advising Korean friends on things that I knew as a 14 year old, but they just didn’t have that education. And of course lack of education can lead to problems like unwanted pregnancies. I knew of a few and had a friend who had 2 unwanted pregnancies…

    Recently there was a case in the news because a young Korean women went to hospital to give birth and ran away, leaving the baby there. The police were looking for her and asking the Korean community but got no leads. To my friends and I, it was obvious why they couldn’t find her. She was obviously part of the working holiday community, not the Korean Australian community. That type of pregnancy happens, and possibly even her close friends didn’t know about it, if she covered it up with baggy clothes. Though it’s horrible to abandon a baby, I can understand the reasons why she did it, from her perspective there was no way she could return to Korea and to her family (who she would probably still be living with in Korea) with a child and as a single mother. The union was likely only a one time thing and the father likely would want nothing to do with her. Those type of reasons probably led her to leave the baby at the hospital. It’s been 5 weeks and they still haven’t found her, she might not even be in Australia any more. There have been couples wanting to adopt the baby, so hopefully he will go to a loving home.

    • That is really sad, but I hope that he finds a loving home.

    • Hospitals are safe havens, right? Maybe she was unable to provide for the child and left it where it could be cared for.

      • Yeah. It’s unknown whether she went with the intention of keeping the baby or the intention of running away and leaving it there. But at least the baby was left where it could be cared for.

    • Actually 16 years old kids know everything about all the sex things and sometimes do it in school toilets or run away from house at night. When I lived there I met few teenage girls who were pregnant, first they were crazy scared that parents will tell them to live house, but it never happened.

      • I was talking more about in terms of education about things like contraception. Teenagers are capable of working out sex, but being informed and capable of making good decisions is another thing.

        • They do have some really awkward classes… like sometimes REALLY awkward, but they can’t really protect from pregnancy. Many people are convinced that “legally” you can begin your sexual life after getting married but sexual initiation age in Korea is estimated to be 14-15. Conversely, they do seem to have problems with buying contraceptives. In Korea it’s sold to people who are over 20 years old (but even people who have already reached this age are too shy to buy this kind of things). Many people think that buying birth control pills is a sign of sexual immorality (while for Westerners they are more associated with stable relationships) and are afraid of censorious pharmacist’s stare. Taking into account properties of this kind of remedies more logical statement would be that for one-night stands condoms are much more favorable as they protect you from venereal diseases… Obviously, buying them also requires a lot of courage and it’s not hard to nab a mature man sneaking shyly like a teenager towards condom-vending machine located in secluded place. :)

        • I know what you mean. I’ve had Korean friends who are women in their 20′s express surprise at me taking BC pills and how many other Australian women do, because they have been told it’s “bad” and don’t realise it’s not even just for preventing sex, but also regulating periods and reducing period pain.

          My (Korean) husband says all his friends have big problems buying condoms and prefer to take a risk instead of trying to obtain them unfortunately.

        • I think i would rather just go and by a condom. thought i understand why because of reputation. However in korea it more luckly if you are going to become a single mom you are more out casted. Taking a risk and chancing getting pregent seems worse then getting a stare from an ajamma or ajussi in the drug store.

    • So many people where probably thinking how could someone do that to the child. But when you think of it even thought she ran away. it’s better that the child was left in the hospital then abandoned somewhere else. There is no right or wrong thing that woman did i believe and a lot of people would think she is a terrible person. I hope the the baby will go to a loving home and one be unitied with his mother.

    • That’s the sad part, the child will never know the biological information that we should know. Cancers, Diabetes..etc. Or just to even have a Name to go by for mother/father.

  165. I bet you most kpop idols watch your vids. UKISS knew about you and Leeteuk too and Erik Nam. I wonder how many more watch your videos?

  166. Do teachers stay as long as students in schools? I mean, srsly guys, don’t they do ANYTHING else? Don’t they go to the movies or something like that?

  167. Great TL: DR guys. Thanks! :)

  168. Those poor students in korea ;33; I would die staying at school for so long.

  169. There is so much sex in my school. The showers in the bathrooms (Therefore they were barred off), in the library, in the Technical Drawing room (I don’t think the teacher knows…). EVERYWHERE!!!! And lots of rumors of abortions too. You’d see a girl clearly in her first trimester, she disappears from school for like a month and she comes back all (almost) normal.

  170. Jenny/Juno was my first experience of Korean anything!! I was looking rather optimistically for a Juno upload on youtube right after it had come out and stumbled on Jenny/Juno instead. I loved it. Little did I know what a rabbit hole that was going to be… good heavens.

  171. I watched Jenny, Juno it was really funny and far fetched. But I rather enjoyed it. Teenage pregnancy is very frowned upon in S.Korea, due to how much respect they have for their parents and family. The shame would be devastating. In the West, sexuality is celebrated much more than S.Korea. I live in Jamaica and there is A LOT of teenage pregnancies. Its sad but its due to the choices they have made.

  172. JYP is coming, buwhahahahaha, I almost dropped my laptop!!

  173. What is the Korean job market like? You guys were teachers, was there a lot of opportunities for your students after they graduated, or were you just like “NO YOU NASTY STUDENTS YOU WILL HAVE NO CAREER, THIS IS ALL FOR NAUGHT, HAAAAAA!” ?

  174. That makes a lot of sense. With the crazy school schedule, no privacy, no one have the time to make someone pregnant or get pregnant. Thank you for answering this question Simon and Martina! :D

  175. I remember watching some kmovies and there was A LOT of sexuality– its like the complete opposite to kdramas where a couple can’t even hug.

  176. It’s a weird old thing with sexuality in Korean media. I mean, you’ll rarely see it in dramas or romantic comedies, yet Kim Ji Woon or Park Chan Wook movies, for example, don’t really spare on (very explicit) sex scenes. I guess that contrast is curious.

  177. I saw that “Jenny, Juno” movie some time ago, it’s on Youtube. Tbh it sucks (and they didn’t even try to make the girl look pregnant, wtf? XD)

    • I remember watching a youtube interview where the actress said that she had problems gaining the weight to look even a bit pregnant and that when they shot scenes where she had to “show”, she would eat and drink a lot just to try and bloat up a little bit.

      • couldn’t the makeup team add things to her face to make her look chubbier?

        • elizabeth mefford

          I don’t know. They may have been trying for a more natural approach. Plus I was reading subtitles so there may have been stuff missing. I just remember seeing the interview and they showed a clip with her “showing” and it looked like a slender person pushing out their tummy. I thought it was funny.

    • Also I must say their were some funny sceens “Your pregnant, how? -I don’t know, but I think it was because of what we did last time at your house” or something…I thaught it was pretty hillarious and then stopped watching because it was too boring. Plus the guy and the girl looked a bit too young…like 11 yezr old kids…no wonder they didn’t understand what sex was

  178. Are you trolling us about Junsu? ;)

  179. are you worried about N Koreas warning to foregners?

  180. Just wondering, if the kids have no privacy do the parents have privacy?

    • Hehe I don’t think soo! I think sexual life in Korea must be sooo boring, it’d be like, they only have sex to actually have children

    • This is something I wonder about too. When my husband and I go to Korea to visit his family I always notice how his parents sleep in what I consider the living room. During the day it’s used for meals and watching tv but at night the bed stuff is taken out of cupboards and they sleep on the floor. We always sleep up stairs but it always seem so….. not private to me, especially when we are going downstairs to the bathroom or kitchen. It’s just such a big contrast to the level of privacy my own parents have. My husband says in other houses parents can have their own room but it’s still no where near privacy in Western countries.

      • I think it also depends on the family even in the western countries.
        For example my family is very similar to the Korean version (in terms of privacy).
        until I was 16 we lived in a flat. It had the living room and the bedroom. The bedroom belonged to me and my brother and my parents would sleep in the living room. also all of the doors had transparent glass in them (since the flat was small this was used to create an illusion of bigger space (just like TONS of mirrors everywhere).
        Then we moved to a house (we switched living places with my grandmother since it was too difficult for her to take care of the house). But even in the house we have pretty much no doors. There are glass sliding doors separating the living room from the rest of the house but that’s it. I and my brother share the 2nd floor (which is one united space with computers, TV, music corner, etc. and m y parents sleep in the living/dining room where we dine when we have some guests)

        Also most of my friends live in flats and share rooms with their siblings or even parents. (my bestie used to live in a one-flat apartment with his sister, mom and step-father.)
        And it’s like that mainly because there is no or close to no room to make separate rooms.

  181. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahahaha Mean Girls reference in the corner!!!!! “you will die”!!!!

    those lessons were awkward alright….
    i’m guessin’ they totally don’t have lessons on drugs and gang culture too right?

  182. It is embarassing for parents to have a teenage daughter who is pregnant, because socially it is just not accepted. They are supposed to obey and respect their elders. Getting knocked up without consent clearly goes against this principle. The rules that apply in the West do not carry over to Korea. Korea, while the country has come along way, still has much further to go in terms of social equality. Tradition is important, but so is understanding and compassion.

  183. I’m actually online not too long after you post a video? :’D
    Oh, interesting topic though. Time to watch!!!

    P.S. Have I mentioned before that I love TL;DRs? It has gotten to the point that I’m more excited about watching them than KMM. Still love all segments, but these are just so interesting!

    • Thank you! I know that not all of our segments appeal to everyone, but we’re hoping that we at least have some segments that keep people interested. Our TL;DRs always seem to get the most discussion on our site (apart from the KpopCharts which get thousands of comments)

      • I’m pretty much interested in everything. I think if I had to pick a least it’d be the make-up tutorials. (Sorry Martina! I just can’t make-up! Like, at all :P )

        TL;DRs are set up perfectly for discussions. Take a topic, discuss it, open it up for the audience. It may sound weird, but I feel like I’m in an actual class watching these and then browsing through comments. There is always something somewhere that makes me stop and really think about the topic, which is probably why I love these so much.

      • I love all of the segments! (besides make up bc i’m a male and that’d be odd) But oddly enough, the first eyk video I ever watched was a TL;DR so these are one of my favorites because of the insight to korean culture. Great job on these! Idk how i’d feel talking about some of the topics that people ask you to cover so kudos on being brave and taking on the awkotaco topics :3

    • I definitely like the TL;DR’s the best! This is how I became a fan of Simon and Martina in the first place a couple of years ago. It brought me to Kpop but only because I like to watch these crazy people… not really because of the music. Anyways great job on the TL;DR’s lately. They have been so interesting that I’m counting down the days to the next Wednesday!

  184. somehow i knew simon was a basement kid. +50 cool points to you sir.

  185. SimonandMartina, can you talk more about the problem with Sasaengs, and what they really are/what they have done? Are there any weird stories you’ve heard about them? And what does the Korean public really think about them, and how are situations like the JYJ scandal that happened a while back received in the general public?

    • this question pops up a lot but i don’t think they mingle with sasaengs to know more about them than what we hear from the media. this should be pointed to other fans in korea who are more active in some specific fandoms and actually have interacted with them..

      • We do see this question a lot, but we’d like to talk about it in a way that provides our own insight, rather than just re-hashing what is available elsewhere on the internet. We will tackle this topic one of these days. We just need to get a better understanding of it, I think.

        • I’d be interested to know if non korean celebrities get them while they’re in Korea. I’ve never managed to find much about it. It’s also possible that I’m just blind.

        • oh, I see. Yeah I was wondering about this question because although I guess you can find about Sasaengs online, but I was wondering more about what the korean general public thinks of Sasaengs/or if they really care, because tbh there’s really not a lot about that. But thanks anyway! :)

    • I think this would be a interesting interview question for when they talk with kpop artists. Of course it might not be the kind of question managing companys would want to answer.

    • I’m interested in that too. Are there any criminal repercussions they face for harassing celebrities. I still can’t believe Kim Heechul had to publicly apologize after his friend and idol Jung Yuhno was poisoned and almost killed. Heechul said that it wasn’t an “incident” that it was attempted murder. The sassang fans replied via web and threatened Heechul and his friends. He had to then apologize!!!! I don’t understand this.

    • There’s an interesting Korean documentary about sasaeng fans if you want to watch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QEDhh89ZLs) other than that, I know for a fact that the majority of normal Korean fans and general public hates them because
      1) they actually attack and beat up normal fans
      2) they’re seen as criminals and psychopaths
      I hope that helps ^^

  186. what better way to bring out the awkward than to ask about sexuality at robarts library while procrastinating for finals?


    • Then who are you? A banana?

      • Maybe Not Junsu was afraid that another name would make people think it was Junsu and so named appropriately so as to not be mistaken for Junsu through texting and word usage….lol


        • elizabeth mefford

          Yes we understand that you are…Not Junsu…but in reality that could be anyone….lol…oh this is so much fun…Not Junsu could be the secret identity of Junsu but not wanting to announce being Junsu states that they are..Not Junsu…lol

        • In reality, YOU could be JUNSU, and I could be Elizabeth Mefford.

        • elizabeth mefford

          Oh..That is true..of course we could both be Junsu and someone else could be Elizabeth Mefford..and then no one could be either of us and we could be neither… :)

        • And I’m batman!

        • elizabeth mefford

          So now that we all understand that the names are just names and that languages are just languages and we can be anyone or anything we want to be…We can sleep easy and not worry… LOL… I love eatyourkimchi for this reason….

        • then… yo soy un dorito!

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          And actually, we are two Elizabeths, wich is odd….wich means that there are too many elizabeths here, therefore one must be fake…therefore JUNSU!

        • elizabeth mefford

          Hiding in plain sight but really camouflaged, nice sneak attack. Admitting to being Nasty without promoting the Nasty…so NASTY….LOL

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          Quite! Just like U Kiss, they pretend they are homeless but in fact they are spies and they only live in the weird rooms for a short period of time before killing their target. We can clearly see that they are spies thanks to neverland where they are in Russia, in a nuclear ficility, ready to shut it down. or in Man man ha Ni, dealing with killing mafia drug gangs, etc
          All is there but no one thinks it’s true…that is the TRUE power of desguise

        • elizabeth mefford

          I wonder if UKiss will have a spy showdown with SuJu. I bet members of SuJu are really UKiss members and vice versa but they are spying on each other. Makeup and working in those little rooms may have warped them beyond recognition.

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          Maybe…just maybe! As U Kiss has 2 americain members…maybe it’s a Korean-America Spy unit! And Suju are the Chinese-Korean unit! It all makes sense! And it is easier for them to get to other countries thanks to their ” cover” of being K POP idols!

        • elizabeth mefford

          I do believe you have discovered the undercover spy ring tactics. Wow and we all thought it was just music that brought them together when it was really spying. They make them pretty to look at too so it distracts us all from what they are really doing. Must watch them more!! LOL

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          Of course! It is our duty to……spy one kpopidols to make sure who are the spies….I am not a pervert in no way…not at all!

        • elizabeth mefford

          No we are Idol-watching…not pervert, not stalking, fan-girling…lol

        • Sorry guise, Junsu only speaks Kenyan (beside Korean). So, yes, you are…Not Junsu. ^__~

        • Kenyan or Swahili? I’m asking you, because CLEARLY I WOULDN’T KNOW, SINCE I’M NOT JUNSU.

        • Nope, just Kenyan. He proudly announces from time to time. Kenyan. ^__~ And when Yoochun is near he also speaks English. Wanna example? Here it is: “How do you say deer in English?” (imagine that they talk in Korean, ofc). Junsu: “Rudolph!” Yeap, when Yoochun is near he’s also brilliant in English. ^__~

        • You could be using Google translator, and we wouldn’t notice

        • Annie

          Oh my Gawd what? Why Kenyan? I’m Kenyan and i’m confused.

        • elizabeth mefford

          Does this statement sound a bit like..I have nothing to fear but, myself?? hahaha

        • Elizabeth Rocher


        • elizabeth mefford

          ..song just popped into my head…secret agent man…instead…secret JUNSU-man…LOL….

        • Elizabeth oakey

          So many Elizabeths here, I feel at home (not related to topic at all oh well)

        • elizabeth mefford

          Topic? We were supposed to follow a topic? I was just saying whatever came to mind. No wonder my mind kept getting stuck on wierd things like Junsu and SuJu and U Kiss and spies…LOL

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          I think Elizabeths have problems with concentration…..we go from a topic to an other…BUT IT WAS FUN!!!!!! Elizabeths for the win!

      • That could be WHAT I am, but it isn’t.

        • Then you’re a chocolate milkshake! A strawberry yogurt! An amazing sandwich! A teddy bear that likes to creep out children while they sleep! ….Eh, no, that would be disgustingly terrible.. Let’s stick with the strawberry polyjuice potion x)

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          Junsu + Harry Potter = Epic

        • He does make a very sexy wizard ;)

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          “And today’s class would be on diversion charms. I call this one, the inoxication, you just have to say” Kiss and touch me rub my bananas” you may use your wand to cast the spell…or your other wand *ifyouknowwhatimean*

          SO NASTYYYY

        • Elizabeth Rocher

          I have my moments :D NASTYYY moments!

        • best game ever ^^. Who is he/she ?

  188. Well aren’t you guise just tackling all the hot topic issues?! :D I LOVE IT.
    PS I watched Jenny, Juno on Netflix and it was so painfully horrible. It wasn’t realistic at all and it let me down. It made teenage pregnancy look like a walk in the park. Ugh.

  189. now i want to know about sexuality in korea, lol

    • So do I… You cannot deny how sexual K-Pop can get (*cough*Junsu, Rania, Junsu, Hyuna, JUNSU, Gain, J-U-N-S-U!!!*cough*), yet how innocent it still looks. Seriously, it seems like everyone (except Lee Hyori, GaIn, and Junsu) are kept int he dark about how raunchy some of the stuff their ordered to do it.

      • I think it’s a little dual though?
        Like in some countries girls with short shorts get stared at for showing just about all them legs, and in Korea is so normal you might as well just go around with a huge t-shirt and a mini short that looks more like panties. One would think that SK being so “conservative” would at least blink at those (the new current reform in the talks about the length of skirts non-withstanding) It’s like how Simon and Martina talked about tattoos and for Koreans it’s really weird and even illegal, but idols don’t have problems with it because it’s “their uniform”.

        What I mean is, there are some things that we would obviously consider “sexual” in SK, and idols can do it because it’s “their job”, and there are other things we don’t even blink about and Koreans get them knickers in a twist, like that CF some boy band or other made where the board had an equation that looked like the word “sex”.

        Some things are just so contradicting. One would think asians are so conservative and hush hush about these sorts of things but SK has a sex themed park, they have clubs just to find someone to have sex with, they even have those japanese style restaurants with cute waitresses or handsome waiters. And really, all those Chinese people came from somewhere from doing something.

        As a saying from my country goes “One cannot have any contempt from that which is not known”. Just recently I found and article about some high dignitaries from the Communist Party of China under fire because people found some pictures of them having an orgy. Like… it’s always the quite ones, yo.

    • I read The Grand Narrative for Korean sexuality issues. It is a blog written by, from what I can tell, an American professor or graduate student who lives in Korea with his Korean wife and their children. I follow him on facebook and he links a lot of really interesting articles about Korea and East Asia in general. http://thegrandnarrative.com/

      • yeah I’ve read several posts from that site and they are trully interesting!

      • Yes, I follow that blog too! For me it has been so interesting getting to know SKorea on that level, and not just through K-pop and their idols (not that I don’t LOVE that). It’s nice to see a bigger picture of a country you are so interested in, and not ust the positive sides about it.

  190. yay! I was refreshing all the time hoping for a new vid- I’m super bored waiting for the new game of thrones ep.

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