Hey everyone,

This isn’t a big video on Korea or Kpop or anything like that, we just wanted to say thank you SO SO much for being so thoughtful for mailing us wonderful letters and care packages. This all started a short while ago when we did our video on Golf Pencils, and we jokingly mention our PO Box and how you should mail us stuff to help make us fat. A lot of you have taken this to heart, and have mailed us wonderful, wonderful things. Lots of Peanut Butter Cups, Ranch, Root Beer, chips, German Candy, Australian Candy, treats for Spudgy (which he L-O-V-E-S), hand drawn pictures, matching Martina & Simon & Spudgy letters bracelets, and wonderfully touching letters (we even bought a special book for these letters so we can keep them in prime condition so that we can periodically cry over them…RAWESOME!!!!)

Really, thank you everyone so much! We don’t plan on making these fan mail videos regularly because we think it would get rather boring for you guys back at home, but we’ll be sure to take excited pictures with everything we receive and post the pictures online on Facebook and Flickr!

Here’s a small gallery of photos we’ve taken from our second gathering of mail, from stuff we didn’t get from the mailbox when we filmed this video.

  1. can someone tell me how to send stuff to simon and martina , i have tons of stuff they like next to where i live ( except for ranch ) And i love’em so … :) 

  2. FLOWERMOUND? LOL that’s so close to where i am xD
    (well..our high school played them last week..football..yeah..i do’nt care about football though)

  3. The video and pictures were really spectacular. It’s awesome to see how much you guys appreciate the mail. :) thanks for the great videos. :D

  4. did u guys ever expected that your fan mail will be this HUGE???? & i know there’s gonna be more to come … that i know!

  5. how can we send you stuff? like, where do we mail it to?

  6. I would love to send ya’ll a care package from south texas but i dont know how much the postage would cost…Im sure that others would like to know is there’s a wish list of what you both (and the Spudginator) would like to recieve. Maybe would send you all some good ole mexican candy :)

  7. apparently this makes ranch dressing? 
    1 cup mayonnaise
    1/2 cup sour cream
    1/2 teaspoon dried chives
    1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
    1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/4 teaspoon onion powder
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

  8. Awesome! Such wonderful fans. It looks like you got some Bath & Body Works soap & lotion. It looks like Caribbean Escape foaming. Can you tell I work there? lol. Been thinking I should send a pkg what other stuff do you miss, never see?

  9. Awww I liked watching this video! Not boring at all! 

  10. Holy Crap. Your fans are freakin hilarious!!!!! Reeses PB Cups!! :D

  11. It’s cute how you two love fan mail and presents! :D I’ve never sent international mail before; maybe I’ll try it and send some good old Washington State stuff to you two? :) And some kicka$$ dog treats for Spudgy, eheheheheh >:D Oh my goodness gracious, I almost died from laughter when the Vegemite pictures came up, because I heard it tastes disgusting XD

  12. I’m gonna send you guys some stuff; is there a wishlist so I can know what to get? I’ll send some vegan jerky; you might not like it, but at least the customs people won’t confiscate it ^_^ Do you guys miss any other things, like a certain brand of shampoo or deo, or ~lady items~? I heard powerbars are hard to find there; dunno if you guys eat those lol. I’ll send lots of Halloween candy! Do you like Nesquik? I can get that, even the strawberry flavored one ;D Do they have Cracker Jacks in SKor? Do you even like Cracker Jacks? LOL I’ll fatten you up good!

  13. my mom gets to much sweets in her hand lately ~ she asked me if I want some and well now I’ve send another package today, I hope it doesn’t bother you guys ~ XD

  14. loool, the awesomeness of ranch dressing! :D You guys are adorable and so hilarious, you have definitely made my Mondays since I started high school. MusicMondays always put a smile on my face when I’m down. What type of deserts do they have in Korea? 

  15. Could you share what camera equipment you’re using? The photo quality ARE AMAZING! <3 I shall save up and send some candies to you too! ^^ I wonder if they will confiscate popcorn?

  16. OMGsun…DAMN MARTINA THATS MY LETTER YOU ARE HOLDING ONTO -blushes- hahah mine is the Big bang one Lol….cant believe it was the first pic…

  17. HEY!!!! Flower Mound High School!!!! I’m from Mansfield High School in Texas =DDDDD!!!

  18. Did you ever think one day you would be receiving fanmail?? I bet it feels great :DD But you two totally deserve it!^^

  19. Epic :D I wanna send a letter to you guys now! I thought it was all joking like in the golf pencils video so I never actually tried but I will now <3 :OOOO 

  20. didn’t your mama ever teach you not to take food from strangers

  21. I’m SO writing a letter to you guys right now omg

  22. A little geography lesson: Flower Mound, Texas is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, north and slightly west of the DFW airport. I notice the stuff came in bags from Wal-Mart. That place is inescapable around here.

  23. Lol…u guys r gonna get fatty fatty fat fat!XD…lol…but really simon…how could you eat all that yummy delicous cool ranch doritos….and martina…what happen? weren’t you going to ration them?lol

  24. LOL! It looks like you’ve been deprived of food for years! :D 

  25. I’m glad people are showing you some love.
    You should check out what G-Dragon got from one of his fans a while back. *G*

  26. Is anyone having trouble logging on through facebook to leave comments? The past few times its told me an error has occurred. I waited a couple days, tried again and had the same result. Thankfully I have a twitter, but still. 

  27. 1. I love love love Reese’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I more or less react the same way you guys did anytime I get them, and as I’m in America, access is pretty easy.
    2. Cool Ranch Doritos are basically my only connection to ranch. 
    3. I’d send you some snacks, but I’m a poor college student.

  28. Simon/Martina, who are your favourite KPop idols?

  29. i would send you guys stuff but i am paying loans and trying to go back to college so i am extra broke

  30. I am a broke college student living far(ish) from home, but I am studying fashion design.Maybe I will make you guys some cool treads and send them :D   As a thank you for keeping me sane being away from home. Seriously guys, thank you so much for being funny and just doing what you do. You have helped me out a lot, even though you don’t know me. You may not be teaching school anymore, but you taught me that I can survive far from home, and I can enjoy my new home! So thanks again!

  31. I have some gifts for you guys too~!! It’s really from the bottom of my heart~! 
    Any request? I live in Sydney, Australia. We have those kind of snacks too~ or I’ll send you guys Australian snacks ^^ but I wont send you Vegemite, no worries.

  32. Now I must buy you guys stuff! WAL MART HERE I COME.

  33. What complete sweethearts :) Oh I absolutely love it! 

  34. You guys better do something nice for your poor mailman

  35. DX i wanna send you guys something~~~~

    but this video was so enjoyable, even though you guys are getting all the good stuff XD

  36. Man, wish I could you guys something, but I am broke and almost thirteen. Turning thirteen Monday, and I am so pumped because your K-Pop Music Mondays is the only thing I am looking forward to since I hate Mondays. I find those pictures are awesome. I don’t mind you guys opening the mail, it’s really cool to see you take joy in those stuff. It’s also really funny.

    but im only ten

  38. wen did you put up your adress.

    Netherlands here by the way. You now were you can buy drugs and tulips at the same store.

    interessed in clogs

  39. o______o IM SO JEALUS

    aw well….i can always bribe my grandma for some   hehehe

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