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The Best Kpop Non-Title Tracks

May 20, 2014


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Alright: we’ve been talking about making this video for a while now, and we’ve finally gone through with it. What are the best Kpop songs that weren’t promoted or don’t have official music videos? We made our list and talked about them. They’re in a playlist as well, if you’re interested!

We skipped out on a few, however, because we didn’t want an unseemly long video. Here are the other songs we really like but didn’t get a chance to talk about:

B.A.P – Shady Lady

Damn this is a great song! It has a Zion T vibe to it, and is really reminiscent of their Coffee Shop track, which was just loooovely. We’re always conflicted about B.A.P. We love it when they’re badass and awesome; hate it when they’re whiny and whimper. Songs like this are totally different from both sides, and I think they actually pull this off, in many ways, better than their tracks with music videos. Damn they’ve got some smooth-ass voices! I…just don’t think Zelo fits the vibe of tracks like this very well. Bang Yong Guk has a smooth, deep voice; Zelo’s energy just doesn’t fit the wavelength. But he’s not terribly off in this. It’s still a really lovely track. Check it out!

MBLAQ “둘이라서 (Because There are Two)”

This really isn’t like anything we’ve seen from MBLAQ before, though it does have elements of their more Spanishy sounding tracks. It’s very much a Kpop sounding song, but the background track is really different. It’s got DJ scratching in the background, and just makes for a different listen. Give it a shot. Let us know what you think.

After School “Dressing Room”

Thank you so much to Amyaco for the recommendation. HOT DAMN THIS SONG IS GREAT! Listen to it with headphones. Right from the get go you hear the “uh uh uh” panning left and right and it’s just badass as hell. The whole song has a driving feel to it and you’ll be biting your lip and head bobbing to it instantly. Great stuff here. Really great stuff.

The Snuggly One “41 Days”

Here’s another song that does a great job of left/right panning. Get some good headphones and listen to the bass hit left/right…left/right. It’s awesome. The whole song has a lost in the city at night and feeling hopeless about the world vibe to it. A bit M83 ish, almost. And M83 is one of my favourite bands ever. I could do without the “how it feel right now” part, though…

Yeah! So that’s our list, as well as our honourable mentions. Let us know what you thought of our list, and feel free to add some more!

We’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut. A lot of scenes, in fact. We talked for almost an hour and trimmed this video down A LOT. Here’s what didn’t make the cut:

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