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The Best Kpop Non-Title Tracks

May 20, 2014


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Alright: we’ve been talking about making this video for a while now, and we’ve finally gone through with it. What are the best Kpop songs that weren’t promoted or don’t have official music videos? We made our list and talked about them. They’re in a playlist as well, if you’re interested!

We skipped out on a few, however, because we didn’t want an unseemly long video. Here are the other songs we really like but didn’t get a chance to talk about:

B.A.P – Shady Lady

Damn this is a great song! It has a Zion T vibe to it, and is really reminiscent of their Coffee Shop track, which was just loooovely. We’re always conflicted about B.A.P. We love it when they’re badass and awesome; hate it when they’re whiny and whimper. Songs like this are totally different from both sides, and I think they actually pull this off, in many ways, better than their tracks with music videos. Damn they’ve got some smooth-ass voices! I…just don’t think Zelo fits the vibe of tracks like this very well. Bang Yong Guk has a smooth, deep voice; Zelo’s energy just doesn’t fit the wavelength. But he’s not terribly off in this. It’s still a really lovely track. Check it out!

MBLAQ “둘이라서 (Because There are Two)”

This really isn’t like anything we’ve seen from MBLAQ before, though it does have elements of their more Spanishy sounding tracks. It’s very much a Kpop sounding song, but the background track is really different. It’s got DJ scratching in the background, and just makes for a different listen. Give it a shot. Let us know what you think.

After School “Dressing Room”

Thank you so much to Amyaco for the recommendation. HOT DAMN THIS SONG IS GREAT! Listen to it with headphones. Right from the get go you hear the “uh uh uh” panning left and right and it’s just badass as hell. The whole song has a driving feel to it and you’ll be biting your lip and head bobbing to it instantly. Great stuff here. Really great stuff.

The Snuggly One “41 Days”

Here’s another song that does a great job of left/right panning. Get some good headphones and listen to the bass hit left/right…left/right. It’s awesome. The whole song has a lost in the city at night and feeling hopeless about the world vibe to it. A bit M83 ish, almost. And M83 is one of my favourite bands ever. I could do without the “how it feel right now” part, though…

Yeah! So that’s our list, as well as our honourable mentions. Let us know what you thought of our list, and feel free to add some more!

We’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut. A lot of scenes, in fact. We talked for almost an hour and trimmed this video down A LOT. Here’s what didn’t make the cut:

And, lastly, if you liked this video, make sure you click on the fancy pants button below to let us know!



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The Best Kpop Non-Title Tracks


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  1. I think that all of the songs on F(x)’s third album Red Light are pretty awesome.

    6 months ago
  2. 4minute-“Sweet Suga Honey”, the SNSD 2011 Tokyo live combo “Devil’s Cry/(black swan)Run Devil Run”-I wish they did the black swan version as the MV – it sounded a lot better AND the MV with Hyoyeon letting loose would be awesome.

    8 months ago
  3. Ale

    There are so many Non-Title tracks that are so good idk where to begin!!!! Ugh first of all SHINee has so many perfect songs : hitchhiking, alarm clock, punch drund love, love like oxygen, run away, like a fire, graze, in my room, replay, beautiful, queen of new york, close the door (just to name a few…) And Orange Caramel! I think they are finally getting the recognition they deserve! They have so many good songs like Aing (SO CUTE!!) Funny Hunny, Shanghai Romance, & Bangkok City! Infinite: Back (freaking amazing) follow me, 소나가 (i think is how its spelled). Got7- I Like You. B1A4- 물한산. Bts- BTS Cypher Pt. 2 Triptych,어디에서 왔는지, Miss Right. MBLAQ- Celebrate. T-ara: I Go Crazy Because of You, Good Bye Ok, We Were In Love, Big Bang: Love Dust. Park Ji Yoon: Mr. Lee IU: Love of B, Havana, Modern Times, Marshmallow, The Story Only I Didn’t Know.

    1 year ago
  4. omg, so i was downloading your recommendations on my ipod. and den i came up with the last one, ‘The snuggly one ’41 days’. at first, i thought ‘oh wow, is there actually a solo artist with the name ‘the snuggly one’? why haven’t i heard of him.
    ive been looking for it like for 5 minutes. so in the end, i clicked that video here and it says ‘Sunggyu’

    and i just.
    felt so stupid.

    and there’s honestly a lot more other songs not just these.
    you two should make a new video “part two” but us nasties would be the ones who are recommending :)

    because i have a few in mind, and same goes for the others who have already recommended their own

    1 year ago
  5. New Running Man here, just had to go check out Gary’s MV….HAHAHAHA OMG! goes to cry* I can’t unsee that. WHY? WHYYYYYY? I am still in shock.

    1 year ago
  6. Sunggyu’s 41 Days is a fav of mine!

    And I’m probably biased but Infinite and U-KISS have a lot of great non-title track. This one isn’t Kpop but I just freaking love U-KISS’ ‘Distraction+’!

    1 year ago
  7. I haven’t been into kpop for so Long yet so, i don’t know the old ones, but there are a few non-title tracks i really love to Play up and down:

    Taeyang: take it slow, this isn’t it, and do intros Count? ifyes, io reeeeaaaally love rise’ intro!!!

    2ne1: sarangeun ayaya (i don’t know the english title and i am too lazy to type it in korean)
    good to you. just sooo good

    f(x) paper heart from their new Album red light. i usually don’t like this Kind of Music, but it just caught my (paper)heart!

    LeeHi: Dream, i listened to it for days!!! And i mean DAYS! Without breaks!!! Even during the night!!!!

    Infinite: Inception. NO words. JUst WOOOOWW

    GD&TOP: TOP’s OH mom. i didn’t like it so mjuch till i watched the live Performance. THen i cried

    GD: ROD, shake the world, today, window, without you, black, and the outro You do

    BAP: save me, with you, s.n.s, IIIIIIIII loveit

    EXO: THunder and run from their Album addiction, it’s so not EXO, i could only fall in love with them, because normally i don’t like exo, not because of the Music, but they….
    i dunno i simply don’t like them. BUt These two Songs let me Forget they’re from exo

    ….lastly, i’d like to excuse for my english, i am austrian, so my english is…meeehh

    1 year ago
  8. HISTORY – Blue Moon

    Royal pirates – Fly To You

    SPEED – Hey Ma Lady

    CNBLUE – Like A Child

    MBLAQ – 12 Months

    Beast – Will You Be Alright?

    B1A4 – Starlight Song

    I have more but they’re just so many~~

    1 year ago
  9. I’m so happy that you guys mentioned G-Dragon’s Black!! It’s definitely one of my favourite GD songs ^.^ But I think my favourite non-title kpop song is F(x)’s Airplane :D

    1 year ago
  10. I still cant get over the Legend of Korra thing XD

    1 year ago
  11. Going old school, I really like DJ DOC’s ‘Dancing with DOC.’ I’m not sure if it’s a title track or not (I tried to find out but my research was inconclusive), but nevertheless it’s a great song. On BAP First Sensibility I’m not huge on ‘Shady Lady’ but I really like ‘Bangx2,’ and when I’m in the car I also get really into singing Daehyun’s parts in ‘Body and Soul.’

    1 year ago
  12. EXO’s My Lady and Seungri’s Open Windows are a fantastic choice!

    1 year ago
  13. I prefer Mr.Boogie over Shadow
    And TaeTiSeo’s Baby Steps is awesome too

    1 year ago
  14. I love listening to H.O.T’s songs, but my favorite is Outside Castle!

    1 year ago
  15. super junior . butterfly / why i like you /love disease /monster /andante / shake it up / gulliver

    jyj . pierrot / i deal scenario(my fave part: i want you in ma pants baby XD)

    G-Dragon . finally

    ss501 . obsess/ a song calling for you

    heo young saeng . Im broken

    tablo . bad

    epik high . fan/ 트로트 / ignition / rocksteady

    DJ DOC . run to you

    mblaq . broken / 12개월/

    1 year ago
  16. Can you ~please~ do a review on rookie group “Champs”?. Actually, they’re a B-pop (Brazilian Pop) group that’s signed with a Korean entertaiment agency, so their debut song “Dynamite” (they debuted last Sunday, May 25th) is very k-pop oriented. Please, give them a chance – they’re not bad! THEY GOT THIS ASIAN MEMBER NAMED KENJI – he’s Brazilian-Japanese – AND I LIKE TO CALL HIM “CANDY KENJI”. The other members are Shi (pronounced like “she” ~le Elvis Costello song plays on the background~), Ricky, Diego and Iago (“Yah-go”). It doesn’t need to be on Music Mondays, just do a review on them, pleeeease.

    Here’s the link to their channel:


    2 years ago
  17. super juniors andante
    and why I likeyou
    are the best

    2 years ago
  18. I really really love “Nightmare” from SHINee. It has a sexy vibe to it, it makes me go “Ooh you so nasty”. Other non-title tracks I like are “Evil” from SHINee too and “Feels good” from Super Junior.


    2 years ago
  19. i like lee hi’s song and there is one song, “Fool for love”. i really like this song and i just get hooked up with the lyrics.

    and for bigbang, i like “Good person”. i can’t recall the song is from which album, because my archive is a mess, well, but, this song is really good. the song is weirdly good for me :”)

    2 years ago
  20. Tia

    F(x)’s Pretty Girl is awesome. I wish it had a video. The lyrics and message are awesome. I just wish people wouldn’t mistake it for a racist song. Just because they mention white skin does not put it in a racist light.

    2 years ago
  21. Best Non-Kpop Track everrrr would be BTS – Where Did You Come From? It has an upbeat tone and its satoori which is so unique in my opinion! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1xRJs-uIVE

    2 years ago
  22. Does anyone know any songs like f(x)’s shadow, SNSD’s Trick, Sunggyu’s 41 days or After Schools’ dressing room??? I am ADDICTED to these songs now!!! :D

    2 years ago
  23. Kim Sung Kyu – 41 days … oh really love this song !!!

    2 years ago
  24. f(x): sweet witches

    2 years ago
  25. some of my favorite non title track songs are 2PMs hot and electricity, GDs window, Seungri’s In My World (his voice is so beautiful here!!!), Big Bang’s Cafe and alive, 2ne1’s baby i miss you, (there are definitely more but i can’t think of anymore right now lol) AND OMG you guys killed me when you talked about CLs mtbd!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF7rqOdceog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LihGVHiRqLQ

    2 years ago
  26. For me, B1A4’s “Starlight Song” is my favorite non-title track ever! It’s on their “What’s Going On” album, which is their best album, in my opinion. They couldn’t promote it because Baro got injured :(

    2 years ago
  27. I’ve never thought of checking out the albums…I MUST CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY. seriously, f(x)’s shadow is the bomb diggity thanks Eat Your Kimchi for opening my eyes ///awkward smile and thumbs up///

    2 years ago
  28. B.A.P’s It’s All Lies is such a smooth and touching song.
    Also check out Voicemail, it’s written entirely by Yongguk the leader! It’s a really unique song that includes the dial tones as part of the beat. I also really like Dancing in the Rain, it’s such a lighthearted feel-good song <3


    2 years ago
  29. Martina – Loving the 1985 Madonna hair! Totally RAD! :) I was digging most of these songs you mentioned!

    2 years ago
  30. If someone hasn’t answered this by now, the technical term for the “throat chopping” is vocal stuttering/chopping. The recording engineer records (the technical term for this is sample, but that’s basically what he is doing) and literally cuts up the resulting sound file in his audio editing software. Anymore questions? Also, read linku here -> http://kpopalypse.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/okay-so-ill-do-another-blog-about-plagiarism-sampling-and-genre-similarity-as-long-as-you-all-promise-to-stfu-about-it/ for more info about how BIGBANG “ripped off” that song you guys were talking about. /boring music production geek mode

    *ahem* So I really like this week’s KMM. I felt like a giant music geek because I knew practically every song on the list besides the SHINee and Girl’s Day one, but it was nice. I’m so very very glad you guys brought up Shadow and Stop!, though. Like… I was fangirling so hard that you guys brought that song into your video!! Both songs come from amazing albums (seriously, tell me Pink Tape and Wonder World weren’t amazing albums; see what happens /threatening eyes) and I recommend y’all listening to each album all the way through; you won’t be disappointed ^^

    2 years ago
  31. i honestly think that BAP’s shady lady is the second best song on there new album aside from there song body and soul. also other songs you guys forgot were..

    2 years ago
  32. Yes! Honey, yes! I love this song so much. The lyrics are so good and it speaks to me.

    2 years ago
  33. exo – heart attack. it has trippy feel and mystical. voices in the background gives me chills
    bts – tomorrow. this song is just mind blowing. that shrieking guitar!!!
    shinee – symptoms. badass song.



    2 years ago
  34. This song was a project song and not on an album but it’s definitely one of my favourite songs. “Love Is” by Jea and Miryo. Such a nice sound. Love Brown Eyed Girls in general :3

    2 years ago
  35. B.A.P – What The Hell is absolutely just a kickass song from beginning to end that I think Simon & Martina would appreciate because it is extremely badass, B.A.P Style!:


    2 years ago
  36. exo – heart attack from xoxo album. it has trippy feels and mystical. i really think they should’ve promote this one instead of wolf.
    bts – tomorrow from skool luv affair. this song is just mind blowin’. that shrieking guitar!
    shinee – symptoms. simply dont understand why SM wasted this badass song.

    2 years ago
  37. hey girls no title cuties http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86tg0RET-Pk k much what should i do

    2 years ago
  38. One of my favorite non-title songs I like to listen to when I work out is 0(Zero) by B.A.P from their album One Shot. I really like the sound of the music and I didn’t understand why it didn’t have an mv for it. I do admit that I feel like they still hadn’t found that perfect groove or blend of their voices when this song was made. This song has always made my head bob and randomly dance. While I’m at it, Martina, I LOVE the hair! It’s absolutely fabulous! :3

    2 years ago