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The Best Kpop Songs of 2013

June 18, 2013


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To begin with, Martina got sick on Friday and we were hoping she would get better but she got worse and lost her voice on Sunday. Her voice is still gone today so we couldn’t film Kpop Music Monday and we’re trying to not push it so she can heal up and film a TL;DR and WANK this week. SUPER LUCKILY we happened to film this before the weekend with the intention of posting it up at the end of the week, but now it will take place of Music Monday. Hey, it’s still technically a Kpop Music Monday right? Right!

Half of the year is done, and a whole boatload of songs came out. We reviewed a bunch of them, but there are also loads of songs that we didn’t get the chance to talk about and express our love for. And so, here is a list of the best Kpop songs of 2013 thus far, in no particular order.

Heo Young Saeng “The Art of Seduction”

Simon likes but doesn’t love this song, while I LOVE LOVE this song. It has a peppy disco funk feel with the slap bass in the background but it also has rocking synth and an awesomely catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along. This would be an awesome track for the introduction of an 80s TV show with sassy characters all working as undercover detectives but with multiple talents. Think GEM the cartoon show made into a live action. Oh yeah. Also, you might have noticed I enjoyed changing the “Oppa neun eottae” (how is this Oppa) to “I’m burning up yaaa”.

MBLAQ “Smoky Girl”

Probably both our favourite song of the year. It’s really, really, really good. Start to finish, there’s nothing bad in this song at all. The one small complaint, which is debatable: the chorus is a bit too repetitive, but it also kinda works in the song’s favour as well. Everything else in the song is ridiculously great. Even the rap sequence fit in nicely! It doesn’t even sound like a Kpop song, you know? It’s hard to explain why that is, but the song sounds like it can be played anywhere in the world. It’s definitely one of those songs that we’d be happy to share with our friends that aren’t into Kpop. But legitimate question: what does smoky girl even mean? She’s stinky? Difficult to see? Has smokey eyeshadow? Are they trying to say she’s mysterious? I don’t know. Just SMOKY GURL SMOKY GURL SMOKY GURL SMOKY GUUURRRLLL

Psy “Gentleman” – Check the Music Monday for it!

It’s the biggest Kpop video of the year, with hundreds of millions of views. No other video this year has been watched as much. It’s almost the most viewed YOUTUBE video of the year as well, isn’t it? If not, it’s definitely high up there. Though, yes, it’s not as popular as “Gangnam Style,” we actually like this song more. But we’re not sure if it’s because we just heard Gangnam Style too much. Question: remember when dances were fun and easy to imitate in Kpop? Like Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”? Why did that stop happening? There aren’t really any fun dances to do lately, in my opinion, but PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” are easy to do, and catchy. We also feel disappointed that so many people write off PSY as a one hit wonder when he’s been producing tons of amazing songs way before Gangnam Style! If you’re new to PSY check out “Champion” (awesome video) “Right Now” (also awesome), “Shake It”, and “It’s Art”. In my opinion, PSY is now dealing with what I have dubbed “jelly hater syndrome”, which is once you’re popular, people automatically want to hate anything you do, thus “Gentleman” being dubbed as “not as good as Gangnam Style” or “a copy of Gangnam Style”. Check out “Right Now: and you’ll see PSY has always been making videos like this. And why does it have to be compared to “Gangnam Style”, it can stand alone as its own song, and it’s certainly better than most of the songs that came out this year.

Wonder Boyz “Tarzan”

Coming right after PSY, which is the most viewed Kpop video of the year, second most viewed Kpop video EVER, this song barely has any views in comparison. It’s still a really awesome song, though. It’s totally fresh and original, which – let’s be honest – isn’t a quality that you hear in a lot of Kpop songs out there. How many bands have done reggaeton, and done it well? And to be a rookie group with a song like this is really ballsy, and gets a lot of respect from us. Really, we were totally amazed by B.A.P.’s debut in January 2012 last year, and we can say that Wonder Boyz’s “Tarzan” is easily the best rookie song of this year for us so far.

T-ara N4 “Jeon Won Diary” – Check the Music Monday for it!

I have no idea why Martina doesn’t like this song. She hates this song and hates 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name.” Yes, both songs are a bit clunky and not really smooth, but they’re ridiculously fun. RING GA RING GA RING GA RING! And the dance is silly and easy. What’s wrong with that? I like it. Martina here. Hey, I like the chorus of this song, I think it’s awesome but everything surrounding the chorus was unpleasant for me. I don’t like girls rapping to begin with unless they’re ACTUALLY GOOD AT RAPPING and a lot of this song has clunky rap-speaking that made me want to poke out my ears. But hey, that chorus was indeed fun and catchy and I do enjoy dancing the boob shake dance too.


Remember everyone, A.D.T.O.Y = A Donkey Tickles Onew’s Yoohoo. That’s what this song is about.

Martina here. No, but really: this song is muuuuuch better than “Come Back After You Listen to This Song Right Here Right Afterwards Ok Don’t Delay Because It’ll Be Bad And I Totally Ordered Pizza And It Will Get Cold If You Take Your Time Returing After You Have Listened To This Entire Four Minute Song But Right After You Finish Listening And Maybe Peed And Brushed Your Teeth Then Comeback Right Away,” though that song was okay! A.D.T.O.Y was a lot sexier and coherent, in my opinion. The heavy breathing background voices are amazing and the quick rapping with the heavy emphasis on the ending of syllables was awesome sounding in contrast to the clean ballad singing. I even liked the weird robotic sounding background singing over the chorus. All in all I just loved the frantic pace of this song. The guys sounded really horny stressed out and it matched the topic of the very adult song perfectly. And how about the falsetto part? MAN! AWESOME AWESOME!!! Though, yes, it had a rather silly dance which kind of ruined the sexiness of the song and lyrics so I pretend the video didn’t exist and I just imagine a scene from True Blood with Eric wanting to be with Sookie instead.

Lee Hi “Rose” – Check the Music Monday for it!

Martina likes this song a lot more than I do. It’s one of those songs I can appreciate, like “yeah, I can see that this is a good song,” but it’s not something I want to listen to in my spare time but I’ll still hear it from time to time and be like “damn. I forgot how nice of a song this is.” I also think people seem to forget that Lee Hi is a rookie. It’s like their logic is instead, “Well Lee Hi is under YG so she doesn’t get rookie status” which isn’t fair at all. Rookie means first time in the crazy musical field, dealing with all the stress and issues that come with it, and yes, Lee Hi has incredibly grown up sounding vocals but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from being a rookie. Perfect rookie example, Lee Hi is a dreadful actress, but I dare say it has improved a lot more with the music video for “Rose”.

4Minute “What’s Your Name”

Ok, we couldn’t be more opposed than we are here. I actually really like the song and find it mindless fun, perfect for zombies. It’s silly, it’s colorful, and it’s catchy. Martina just flat out doesn’t like it. Yes, the chorus sounds like WASH YOUR NAY WASH WASH YOUR NAY. That’s not getting in the way of me liking it, though. Martina here. Okay, I loved “I My Me Mine”, “Huh”, “Hot Issue”, “Muzik” and “Volume Up” but WHOA is this song ever SUCKY. Just when I thought they were sticking with the whole chipper LA LA LA LA LA LA LA feel of the song it ends up coming back at the end. Nothing changes in this song!!! It’s so boring and 4minute aren’t usually boring. GARHHH…

Alright, so that’s our list of songs so far. Martina wanted to include UKISS “Standing Still” and Jaejoong’s “Mine” but the list was already getting long however, we did do a Music Monday’s on both of those videos so you can check those out if you haven’t seen them yet! Let us know what your favourite songs of the year are so far and what songs you agree and disagree with us on. Six more months to go!



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