To begin with, Martina got sick on Friday and we were hoping she would get better but she got worse and lost her voice on Sunday. Her voice is still gone today so we couldn’t film Kpop Music Monday and we’re trying to not push it so she can heal up and film a TL;DR and WANK this week. SUPER LUCKILY we happened to film this before the weekend with the intention of posting it up at the end of the week, but now it will take place of Music Monday. Hey, it’s still technically a Kpop Music Monday right? Right!

Half of the year is done, and a whole boatload of songs came out. We reviewed a bunch of them, but there are also loads of songs that we didn’t get the chance to talk about and express our love for. And so, here is a list of the best Kpop songs of 2013 thus far, in no particular order.

Heo Young Saeng “The Art of Seduction”


Simon likes but doesn’t love this song, while I LOVE LOVE this song. It has a peppy disco funk feel with the slap bass in the background but it also has rocking synth and an awesomely catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along. This would be an awesome track for the introduction of an 80s TV show with sassy characters all working as undercover detectives but with multiple talents. Think GEM the cartoon show made into a live action. Oh yeah. Also, you might have noticed I enjoyed changing the “Oppa neun eottae” (how is this Oppa) to “I’m burning up yaaa”.

MBLAQ “Smoky Girl”


Probably both our favourite song of the year. It’s really, really, really good. Start to finish, there’s nothing bad in this song at all. The one small complaint, which is debatable: the chorus is a bit too repetitive, but it also kinda works in the song’s favour as well. Everything else in the song is ridiculously great. Even the rap sequence fit in nicely! It doesn’t even sound like a Kpop song, you know? It’s hard to explain why that is, but the song sounds like it can be played anywhere in the world. It’s definitely one of those songs that we’d be happy to share with our friends that aren’t into Kpop. But legitimate question: what does smoky girl even mean? She’s stinky? Difficult to see? Has smokey eyeshadow? Are they trying to say she’s mysterious? I don’t know. Just SMOKY GURL SMOKY GURL SMOKY GURL SMOKY GUUURRRLLL

Psy “Gentleman” – Check the Music Monday for it!


It’s the biggest Kpop video of the year, with hundreds of millions of views. No other video this year has been watched as much. It’s almost the most viewed YOUTUBE video of the year as well, isn’t it? If not, it’s definitely high up there. Though, yes, it’s not as popular as “Gangnam Style,” we actually like this song more. But we’re not sure if it’s because we just heard Gangnam Style too much. Question: remember when dances were fun and easy to imitate in Kpop? Like Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”? Why did that stop happening? There aren’t really any fun dances to do lately, in my opinion, but PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” are easy to do, and catchy. We also feel disappointed that so many people write off PSY as a one hit wonder when he’s been producing tons of amazing songs way before Gangnam Style! If you’re new to PSY check out “Champion” (awesome video) “Right Now” (also awesome), “Shake It”, and “It’s Art”. In my opinion, PSY is now dealing with what I have dubbed “jelly hater syndrome”, which is once you’re popular, people automatically want to hate anything you do, thus “Gentleman” being dubbed as “not as good as Gangnam Style” or “a copy of Gangnam Style”. Check out “Right Now: and you’ll see PSY has always been making videos like this. And why does it have to be compared to “Gangnam Style”, it can stand alone as its own song, and it’s certainly better than most of the songs that came out this year.

Wonder Boyz “Tarzan”


Coming right after PSY, which is the most viewed Kpop video of the year, second most viewed Kpop video EVER, this song barely has any views in comparison. It’s still a really awesome song, though. It’s totally fresh and original, which – let’s be honest – isn’t a quality that you hear in a lot of Kpop songs out there. How many bands have done reggaeton, and done it well? And to be a rookie group with a song like this is really ballsy, and gets a lot of respect from us. Really, we were totally amazed by B.A.P.’s debut in January 2012 last year, and we can say that Wonder Boyz’s “Tarzan” is easily the best rookie song of this year for us so far.

T-ara N4 “Jeon Won Diary” – Check the Music Monday for it!


I have no idea why Martina doesn’t like this song. She hates this song and hates 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name.” Yes, both songs are a bit clunky and not really smooth, but they’re ridiculously fun. RING GA RING GA RING GA RING! And the dance is silly and easy. What’s wrong with that? I like it. Martina here. Hey, I like the chorus of this song, I think it’s awesome but everything surrounding the chorus was unpleasant for me. I don’t like girls rapping to begin with unless they’re ACTUALLY GOOD AT RAPPING and a lot of this song has clunky rap-speaking that made me want to poke out my ears. But hey, that chorus was indeed fun and catchy and I do enjoy dancing the boob shake dance too.



Remember everyone, A.D.T.O.Y = A Donkey Tickles Onew’s Yoohoo. That’s what this song is about.

Martina here. No, but really: this song is muuuuuch better than “Come Back After You Listen to This Song Right Here Right Afterwards Ok Don’t Delay Because It’ll Be Bad And I Totally Ordered Pizza And It Will Get Cold If You Take Your Time Returing After You Have Listened To This Entire Four Minute Song But Right After You Finish Listening And Maybe Peed And Brushed Your Teeth Then Comeback Right Away,” though that song was okay! A.D.T.O.Y was a lot sexier and coherent, in my opinion. The heavy breathing background voices are amazing and the quick rapping with the heavy emphasis on the ending of syllables was awesome sounding in contrast to the clean ballad singing. I even liked the weird robotic sounding background singing over the chorus. All in all I just loved the frantic pace of this song. The guys sounded really horny stressed out and it matched the topic of the very adult song perfectly. And how about the falsetto part? MAN! AWESOME AWESOME!!! Though, yes, it had a rather silly dance which kind of ruined the sexiness of the song and lyrics so I pretend the video didn’t exist and I just imagine a scene from True Blood with Eric wanting to be with Sookie instead.

Lee Hi “Rose” – Check the Music Monday for it!


Martina likes this song a lot more than I do. It’s one of those songs I can appreciate, like “yeah, I can see that this is a good song,” but it’s not something I want to listen to in my spare time but I’ll still hear it from time to time and be like “damn. I forgot how nice of a song this is.” I also think people seem to forget that Lee Hi is a rookie. It’s like their logic is instead, “Well Lee Hi is under YG so she doesn’t get rookie status” which isn’t fair at all. Rookie means first time in the crazy musical field, dealing with all the stress and issues that come with it, and yes, Lee Hi has incredibly grown up sounding vocals but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from being a rookie. Perfect rookie example, Lee Hi is a dreadful actress, but I dare say it has improved a lot more with the music video for “Rose”.

4Minute “What’s Your Name”


Ok, we couldn’t be more opposed than we are here. I actually really like the song and find it mindless fun, perfect for zombies. It’s silly, it’s colorful, and it’s catchy. Martina just flat out doesn’t like it. Yes, the chorus sounds like WASH YOUR NAY WASH WASH YOUR NAY. That’s not getting in the way of me liking it, though. Martina here. Okay, I loved “I My Me Mine”, “Huh”, “Hot Issue”, “Muzik” and “Volume Up” but WHOA is this song ever SUCKY. Just when I thought they were sticking with the whole chipper LA LA LA LA LA LA LA feel of the song it ends up coming back at the end. Nothing changes in this song!!! It’s so boring and 4minute aren’t usually boring. GARHHH…

Alright, so that’s our list of songs so far. Martina wanted to include UKISS “Standing Still” and Jaejoong’s “Mine” but the list was already getting long however, we did do a Music Monday’s on both of those videos so you can check those out if you haven’t seen them yet! Let us know what your favourite songs of the year are so far and what songs you agree and disagree with us on. Six more months to go!

  1. JaeJoong is not included because the list was getting too long. You guys must be short on brains to exclude JYJ members from your list all the time since their music is better than most of what you did include. ..Everybody is entitled to their opinion…even me.

  2. Cmon Martina get your earwax cleaned, “Wash yo Naym ” was gooddddd :D :D

  3. The one that moved me to subscribed is yout music taste guys,, i’m glad that you put Tarzan here,,its so catchy,,and for ADTOY, after few months now I can sing all the rap lines, so happy to sing the whole song since it always in my playlist :)

  4. i cant believe…. how can u miss i got a boy by girls generation

  5. UMMMMM…..Hello, Martina~! Reggaeton, absent in Korea? HAHAHAHAJLDFKJSDFLKASDJFSALDJFHAHAHAHA! No. Bobby Kim is said to be the Godfather of Korean reggae, and what about Stony Skunk, made up of Skull and Kush who were in YG Family? there are plenty of other artists, but those guys are my favs <3 Just sayin, Reggae is done and done well in Korea. Bobby Kim released an album last year, and you can watch Stony Skunk's Ragga Muffin and Boomdi Boomdi. Those are my favs. I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

  6. I couldn’t do a video response on YouTube, so I give you this: http://youtu.be/4pj3k5O0acI

  7. For me it would b jaejoong mine and one kiss

  8. T-ara ^.^ <3

  9. … would it be blasphemy to say that actually, SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” is in fact one of my favourite songs of the year so far? *hides*

    And so, for that matter, is SHINee’s “Why So Serious”… *pulls rug over head*

    EDIT: just cuz I can, my other faves include:
    One Shot by BAP
    It’s Over by Lee Hi
    Wild by 9Muses
    Dolls by 9Muses
    Bad Girls by Lee Hyori
    Beatles by GI

    And honourable mention to CL’s The Baddest Female which I don’t LOVE but do quite like. :)

  10. I agree with you for T-ara, actually. The song was really fun and catchy and just make you wanna dance this chest move that makes me look like a monkey -_-. The only think I don’t like is the lond MV, so I prefer to watch the dance version. I really don’t like when the song gets interrupted in the video.
    “The art of seduction” and “Smoky girl” on the other hand are not my favorite song. They are good but not really memorably for me. The MV to “The art of sudiction” on the other hand is amazing.
    For my favorites… Well, I must say “I got a boy” XD. Really, I kinda understand why people can not like it but for me it was one of the best songs so far. It’s catchy and fun and I just want to dance on it. It gets me in a really good move. Great song.

    Then it’s Shinee. I think I like “Why so serious” a little bit better than “Dream girl” because Dream girl was like a safe song for me. It’s really good but it’s not something… I don’t know, it’s normal really good, not extraordinary.

    Just recently I found: GI – Beatles. It’s so good! The dance, the melody, the singing. It’s really funcky, I love the group. I think they’re rocky so I will be rooting for them.

    And there is: Girl’s day – Expectation (the MV kind of boring, but the song itself is great) and T-ara & The see ya & 5Dolls & SPEED – Painkiller (a balad and it’s really sad in a crazy way – the MV and the song, that I’m really digging it)

  11. WHAT ABOUT BIG BAAAAAAANG???!!! TTT.TTT c’mon I’m crying now…

  12. Mblaq Smoky Girl this song comes out of the typical kpop

  13. haha i never saw you guise argue as much as in this video

  14. I think you should do a list of your least favorite songs lol.
    I agreed with everything on the list except “what’s your name”
    I have it but I can’t get past the first 10 seconds before I skip to another song lol.
    I have to add another one though: Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” I love that song and listen to it a lot. Oh, and “24/7″ by 2Yoon. I love that song too.

  15. Why no Henry’s Trap and CNblue I’m Sorry?
    ShiNee’s why so serious is good too

  16. you should totally do a worst songs video! that would make my life!

  17. Usually, I agree with Simon on almost every song he loves.
    - I’m totally on his side about T-ara being a lot better than Heo Young Saeng, I cannot get enough of “Jeon Won Diary”, it’s on my 2013 favorite playlist for sure. I didn’t care that much about “The Art of Seduction”, but I’ll try it once more, just to see, sometimes those songs grows on you.

    - I couldn’t agree more with Martina about totally disliking “What’s Your Name”, who is in fact probably the WORST 4minutes song, EVAAAAR! But I’m still listening to “Standing Still”, who is maybe one of the greatest U-KISS song, at least in my book. Then again, I’m not into Jeajoong’s Mine, at all…

    That said, here’s some of my 2013 favorite :
    - “Welcome”/Jay Park : It somewhat pass through without getting enough acknowledgement, just like some Lee Hyori song, since it came out so close to “JOAH”. But the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It’s more slow, like “Star”, and it’s more like a “come to bed” song. But it’s just really awesome. It would be the best IF he didn’t say “Iphone” in the middle of it. Ahhh, Jay Park…
    - “JOAH”/Jay Park : I’m not Jay Park bias, at all, but I really enjoy this song and still listen to it a lot. It’s so bubbly and it makes me think of my boyfriend.
    - Any VIXX song : VIXX is just incredible, the combine the gansta part of BAP, the dark side of (is there a really dark Kpop boy group? I cannot recall any, so maybe they’re it) and the more commercial boyband-ish side of any big Kpop boyband group (ok, except BigBang, since no band is like BigBang).
    - “Crescendo”/Akdong Musicians : I love them. They’re different and fresh and joyful. “Crescendo” is so full of fun. It’s they’re greatest, but I’m listening a lot to “I Love You” lately, who is great to.
    - “Yoboseyo”/NU’EST : Still not tired of it, in my mind, it’s they’re best.
    - “Amor Mio”/Lee Hyori : So beautifully sung and soo moving. The best Kpop ballad I’ve ever heard I think

    I know it’s not exactly Kpop, but I’m really into the remix of “Everybody” by Mongoose and Mindopener. The MV is really great too.


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a worst Kpop songs of 2013, it would be so funny!

  18. Man I feel like I was just watching the first KMM yesterday!

  19. U-KISS- Standing Still & uBEAT should have been on this list!!!!!! I can’t believe that Sistar19- Gone Not Around Any Longer wasn’t on this list. Some songs that I really liked this year were Jaejoong- Mine, SuJu- Breakdown, BAP- One Shot, Vixx- Hyde, Exo- Wolf (They’d probably put it on the list of worst songs along with GG- I Got a Boy), Infinite- Man In Love, B1A4- What’s Going On, Henry- Trap & CN Blue- I’m Sorry.

    Their list: 1) 2PM- ADTOY~ I agree this song is amazing, but I liked Come Back When You Hear This Song just as much. 2) N4- Jeonwon Diary~ Amazing! It’s so catchy. I prefer the dance version of this MV. 3) MBLAQ- Smoky Girl~ I like this song, but I think it’s their worst song. Wait!?! I might like it more than Oh Yeah haha, but I Stay, Cry, Run & This is War are soooooo good. 4) PSY- Gentleman~ HATE, HATE, HATE. I really don’t like it. As for Gangnam Style, I’d die happy if I never had to hear that again. I continue to like the song Right Now. 5)Heo Young Saeng- The Art of Seduction~ Completely agree with Simon’s opinion. I think it’s awful & I’d put this on a list for the worst songs of the year along with CL’s solo. I liked Heo Young Saeng’s other solo songs like Let it Go & Cry, but this one repulses me T_T. 6) Lee Hi- Rose~ I dunno why, but I just don’t like this singer. Not my style I guess. I do like other YG artists. 7) Wonderboys- Tarzan~ Somehow I missed this song & I’m glad that I did. 8) 4minute- What’s Your Name~ I like this group, but it’s their worst song.

  20. EXO-Wolf! Dream girl-SHINee!!! ViXX-hyde!!!!! <—– what about those

  21. OMG!!!!! I totally agree with you on A.D.T.O.Y!!!!!! Yes! Everything from the hypnotic robotic voice in the background to the self groping/making out dance (what was up with that dance????) Everything you said about this song is exactly what I thought about when I first heard it. I was hoping you guise would do a KMM on it but oh well. Glad to see we had agreeing opinions on this song. BTW I never really thought about it but you are so right! They do sound horny xD

    Also, I think the A.D.T.O.Y dance should be the new “Ayyyyy Gurl-Rolling Down the Sexy Window” for this year.

  22. to the geonwon ilgee… mind your own business…

  23. They mean smoky gurl as in “Smokin hot girl ” I think …

  24. I totally agree with four of the songs, them being Lee Hi’s Rose, 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y, PSY’s Gentleman, & Wonder Boyz’ Tarzan. I love those songs!!! Thanks for showing me Wonder Boyz’ Tarzan. I listen to it all the time now and I told my friends about it and they liked it. I still don’t know about the creeper in the video (lol) but the song is GREAT!!! The same can be said about 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y & Lee Hi’s Rose – they’re singing is amazing! Lee Hi just totally amazes me with her awesome mature vocals and 2PM’s high pitched singing in their song is what made me love the song. And PSY is just in a class of his own. I agree with the whole writing him off as a one hit wonder and how annoying that is. But that’s just the ignorant people that didn’t know about him before Gangnam Style. And to those I say, you have been deprived of a really great artist & now that you know him & his music – you’re just writing him off as a comedic one hit wonder which is not the case. But anyhoo, I love Shake It, Right Now, & It’s Art. My mom started liking Psy when she saw him perform Shake It on top of the round moving platform on my 2011 YG Family Concert DVD. lol. I have a recent song that I really really like that came out this first half of the year BUT I already know how you guys feel about it so I won’t go there. lol. But yeah, let’s hope more awesomeness comes our way in KPOP in the next six months! I’m looking forward to 2NE1, that’s if YG keeps his promise & the schedule on track. -_-

  25. Guise, guise, guise.
    Exo’s My Lady.

  26. wow did yall forget about all the great stuff that came out in the beginning of the year? infinite H’s whole mini was amazing how did NONE of those songs make the cut? especially over T-ara and 4minute…. /side eyes simon hardcore for those picks…. i also would’ve put Dream Girl on this list, and Henry’s Trap and just… oh god there were so many great songs that were passed up…. JOAH, B1A4′s what’s going on? i also super disagree with you guys about smoky girl though…. sigh… maybe we just have different tastes. (I’m also assuming you’re just talking about title tracks bc otherwise i’d mention exo and shinee’s recent albums, excluding the title songs haha)

  27. I LOVE Wonder Boyz’s Tarzan And MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl, though I thought it was a bit anticlimatic after This is War. I still LOVE it, but…. *agreeing with Martina* NOT their best song ever.
    I will agree that Gentleman and ADTOY were both really good songs, but play it one too many times and it becomes totally annoying. The high notes in ADTOY always bugged me anyway. Not sure why.

  28. Why didn’t you guys put 4Minute’s cover of “Milkshake” on the list? :) Seriously though, I personally would put VIXX’s “Hyde” on this list. I agree with almost all of your picks. I really didn’t like “Smoky Girl” when I first heard it, but the more I heard it the more it grew on me. I’m at the point where I actually like it now.
    Thanks for the video!

  29. I haven’t been so updated with kpop lately but from whatever new songs I’ve been listening to, these are my best of 2013:

    8- this love – shinhwa ( this song is there because it makes me laugh , I swear shinhwa are trolling us all )

    7-A.D.T.O.Y – 2pm

    6- baby don’t cry – EXO .. (pretend oolf never existed and just take a look at the gems in the album)

    5-babay – zion T .. (because you can never get enough zion T)

    4- bad girl – bumkey ft other people .. (the only good “bad girl” song this year)

    3-miss korea – lee hyori

    2- I gota boy munchin – snsd ( because am biased )

    1- sweet dreams – MFBTY ..


  30. Wash your nay. LOL MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” is my favorite song of the summer. It’s so good!!! Music’s on point, video’s on point, CHOREO’S on point. The only thing I can’t get behind in is Thunder’s pink hair. It seems like the Park siblings are forever in charge of crazy hairstyles in their respective groups. I also love Lee Hi’s “Rose”. I’m not a fan of her, but I’m definitely a fan of this song. It fits Lee Hi’s cold charisma perfectly. As for “Jeon Won Diary” & “What’s Your Name”, I definitely agree with Martina. I can’t get into these songs either.

  31. I totes thinks you should make a video of the worst songs of the yearrr

  32. About the dance for Gentleman… I don’t think that can be considered Gentleman choreo, since it was taken directly from Brown Eyed Girls, can it? Even though it is catchy like dances used to be, since it’s old choreo!

  33. No SISTAR </3
    I loved both Gone Not Around Any Longer and Give it to Me, but I understand that people have different opinions….

  34. To my surprise, none of Simon and Martina’s picks were mine at all, but ah the magic of these two – there’s so much joy and energy in their opinions. I watched the entire playlist just to hear all their favorites.

    Young Saeng – Art of Seduction – I really liked it this time. I’d thought it too cute the last time, but without the primary colors in the video, its just a fun song. If anything, the video now seems mature, because it deals with obsession,

    Mblaq – Smoky Girl – Nice song, but still a 1-sigma for me. Mblaq has never reaches 2-sigma for me, be it song, singing, dance or dancing. (Same problem with U-Kiss.) They’re good, sometimes really good, but never really, really good.

    2pm – ADTOY – As Martina pointed out, it had this manly sound, and I was enjoying this, as well as the minimal dancing, but then the falsettos started, pooniya, pooniya, pooniya. Sigh. I liked the black and white here better than in Smoky Girl, but they seem to have run out of budget with the chairs.

    Psy – Gentleman – I find the video really crass. That’s the thing with crude humor, everybody’s got a line somewhere, and this one crossed mine. So, I tried to listen with my eyes closed, aaaand, I still don’t like the song. I liked Champion and It’s Art a lot, and even Gangnam Style grew on me after a while. The sound in Gentleman is just so processed, and yet there are many other songs with over processed sound that I enjoy. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough of anything else to hold my interest, besides a strong beat.

    Wonder Boys – Tarzan – I really like this on second hearing. Wow. I really like the beat, and learnt a new term, “raggaeton”. I like how the wolf cry is made music, and is not just sound effects like the other one.

    Lee Hi – Rose – Simon, you can be proud of your student; the English is a 5 out of 5. Her voice is wonderful. The song is nice and sultry, nice and sultry, still nice and sultry, and yet more nice and sultry. After about two minutes plus, I got a little restless, and it was actually an effort to listen all the way to the end.

    T-ara N4 – Countryside Diary – I like this song now. I had earlier disliked the whole Paris Hilton I’m-so-interesting-being-a-fail-at-honest-labor thing, argh have a bit of self respect already. The live performances didn’t help, since it was T-ara singing without Soyeon’s mellow and stable voice. But this time around, i found the country colors are warm and cheerful, and likewise the song.

    4 minute – What’s Your Name – Still not excited about this song. For the record, What A Girl Wants is one of my all I time favorites.

    2013 songs I really liked
    An incomplete list in no particular order
    Vixx – Hyde
    Nuest – Hello
    Teen Top – Miss Right
    9 Muses – Wild
    Lee Hyori – Miss Korea
    Glam – I Like That

  35. Omg I agree with you both sooo much. I got into kpop cause of psy gangnam style but then found eatyourkimchi and I feel in love with so many songs. And I listened to a heap of psys others and I can say gentleman is amazing and I like it just as much as gangnam style. But my all time fav is The Art Of Suduction by Heo Young Saeng. Fav kpop song eva. And all the songs on this list, yes even Jeon Won Diary, are on my favs list. This year I listened to a lot of kpop so far and I trust you with choosing tasteful songs since you got so many of my favs as urs so we have the same taste in kpop. Thabks for this awesome list.

  36. I would love to hear a least favorite list!

  37. Gemma Deacon

    I too like Jeon Won Diary. It’s fun and catchy :D I also like Tarzan too. That song is just awesome. But my favourite song of the year so far is Nod Along (끄덕여줘) by M.I.B. I like it when artists or groups that I’m not really fussed about their music come out with an awesome song and I’m just like “Oh my glob this song needs to be on my iPod ASAP!” One more play and it’ll be in the top 25 most played! Yay! ^_^

  38. I agree with Martina on A.D.T.O.Y, the moment I hear the song first time, I kept replaying it and singing it all over the house, my brother went mad at me :D
    And also, Rose is a very likable song. Even though at first I got disappointed with no climax, but after a while, I got used to it.
    Between T-Ara N4 and 4 Minute (both released almost the same time?), I choose T-Ara’s because it has more upper beats compared to “What’s Your Name.”
    And yes, Wonderboyz’s Tarzan is a must because of the uniqueness of the song. I was surprised when it came out, even the video was well edited (on my opinion).
    Last, but not least, and yes, I agree with you guys again, MBLAQ’s Somky Girl is THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR. I can repeat it all the time without having my brother mad at it because it’s so smooth, you don’t even realise it when it was over.

    What I might add up is Akdong Musician’s “I Love You”. LOVE THE SONG so much, it helps get through the difficult times throughout this month :)
    (But does it consider as K-Pop?)
    And also, K-Will’s “Love Blossom” and Girl’s Day “Expectation” is also my favorite this year.

    NO, you should not make any review of your least favorite. I don’t want to see you guys dealing with new wave of haters coming from fandoms who disagree with your opinion. It’s better to protect yourself by not doing anything that could harm you than doing it and then regretting it. (Complex sentence is complex. Skip if you want.)

  39. I normally don’t comment, but had to chime in here. Def agree and became borderline obsessed with Art of Seduction, Wonder Boys, and 2pm. (I am actually a new 2pm fan when previously was more ambivalent about them because of both of their new releases. I even like the cheesy dance).. Also really like Smoky Girl (and the leg dragging dance) and enjoyed the T-ara 4 song. But one of my favorite songs of the year has got to be Vixx’s Hyde!!! Everything about that video, concept and dance is on point! It made me a huge Vixx fan (I also now really love On and On).

    Also not mentioned is Jay Park’s Joah which is pretty fantastic, and Nu’est Hello which I also obsessed over.

    Great Post idea!

  40. Jeon Won Diary, Rose and What’s your Name are my favourites in this list

  41. you should put up your worst songs list! haha :D I agree with most of your list, I am flipping addicted to Smoky Girl and ADTOY :D
    I’d add Expectation by Girl’s Day, B1A4′s What’s Happening, Jay Park’s Joah and Boa’s Disturbance :D

  42. MBLAQ SG is the Best i don’t care about these fangilrs opinion they are just fangirling :P the song was true amazing

  43. I agree more with Martina than with Simon. I just think that 4minute’s “What’s your name?” should be on the least favorites songs list instead.

    I don’t have many songs to add besides CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry” and Henry’s “Trap”.

    I know that “I’m Sorry” wasn’t the best of the CN Blue’s songs, but it’s still great! I’m a little suspicious to talk about it since I’m a boice, but CN Blue’s always come out with great and catchy songs but they never get the chance to be mentioned on the kpop blogs.

  44. I agree with Smoky Girl, Tarzan, & ADTOY. (Soooo glad y’all are giving love to Tarzan. It so deserves it & I’m glad that it’s getting love from somewhere. ^^) Rose was good, but I don’t think I’d put it in my favorite songs of this year so far. The other songs on your list – just not my cup of tea. I’d agree with Martina on Mine & Standing Still too. :)

    I’d have to add VIXX’s Hyde, B1A4′s What’s Happening, & CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry. VIXX has slowly been making their way into one of my favorites in Kpop. They just better & better moving up from their first release. B1A4 are my boys! Love those kids & this latest album of theirs shows such great growth in their music. What can I say about CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry? LOVED this song from first listen. I sing (mumble) along with this song every time it comes on. (If I knew Korean, I’d bust out so hard on this song like for realz.) For me personally I’d put B.A.P’s One Shot on the list, but I might be doing that because I’m bias. I just love B.A.P’s positive, inspiring lyrics that isn’t too prevalent in the non-nonsensical & love saturated Kpop song topics.

  45. Have to agree with most of these! Right now though I am sooo obsessed with Smoky Girl and Tarzan. Smoky Girl jumped up my most played list really quickly. I have to agree with Martina that Jaejoong’s Mine should have been added. I thought it was a really good song and I listened to it a lot when it came out. Another song that I really like right now is Bangtan Boys’ “좋아요”. Maybe I’m just biased toward this group because I knew about them way before debut, but I love this song!

  46. You should make a worst kpop songs of the year (so far) >~< I think that give it to me by sistar should be added (the video is just epic and the vocals are amazing with the falseto and i don't know how to spell that) also trap by henry with kyuhyun and taemin is just gorgeous!

  47. I agree with all Martina’s choices!! Call me Martina bias :P.
    There were another two songs I really liked this year and that you guys couldn’t review:
    1. “I’m Sorry” (CNBLUE) – that bass and guitar intro mixed with the drums was so AWESOME! The song was really catchy and the vocals was strong but smooth at the same time. The filming was beautiful, especially that scene they were playing on the rooftop. And it’s another “sorry” song you end up blurting out while talking with someone LOL.

    2. “I’m trapped” (Henry) – the piano, drums and vocal made the song awesome!! There was no eletric and double step mix. It was a breeze of fresh air in the current kpop patch work trend. Especially because Henry opted for high pitched vocal in the brigde when kpop songs usually go with a rap :).

  48. My 6th grade boys really love 4 Minutes song. They are always singing it in the halls. It’s strange. But I have to admit, I really like it, too.

  49. Amyaco

    I’m REALLY glad that you guys are talking about Tarzan so much, because when I heard that song I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY, but it wasn’t really popular so I was afraid it wouldn’t get much exposure and people wouldn’t be able to experience its absolute glory. But since Martina liked it so much a lot more people are listening to it, which makes me really happy. ^^

  50. Amyaco

    Did you know that the lyrics in the chorus of Tarzan say “*korean words* Tarzan, make a thrilla in Manilla or an island”? I had no idea until I looked them up. XD So, I guess you guys can sing the actual word instead of “nananananananana” now. Although that might not be as fun……

  51. Dream Girl by SHINee!!! or Why So Serious, i think you guys should give it a chance! its a song that grows on you after a few listens!!

    • I agree about Dream Girl! I think is very fresh, compared to kpop songs in general :D I haven’t listened to anything similar (well, on kpop)… And I love the (drama version) mv as well, probably one of my favorite SHINee’s mvs!
      I like WSS too, but I think S&M would add it to their least liked songs of 2013 hahahahaha

  52. Of the title tracks released so far this year the ones I have listen to the most are definitely Shinee’s Dream girl and Wonder Boyz Tarzan. K.Will and Lee Hi also ranks really high.

    I think a “Most disliked songs” list songs would be really interesting, considering how torn people seem to be over the current conceptual, disjointed trend going on right now.^^

  53. Sheila Muñoz

    When you mentioned ‘The Art Of Seduction’ I was sooo happy~!!! you never reviewed one of SS501′s MVs … so yeah it’s special you still like them though you never talk about them (even though Simon didn’t actually liked this one.. u.u )

    I haven’t listen to Tarzan till now…and actually is a pretty nice song~ reggaeton is quite nice in a k-pop song :o (not actually a k-pop song anymore huh) though all my life I’ve been listening to reggaeton since here is watch everyone listen to… u.u stll it was a change :3 I liked it~

  54. this video kind of made me wonder if you guys could make a video about
    songs you liked on albums that AREN’T the title songs??? i think a lot
    of the time the other songs on an album are better than the one the
    artists end up promoting. for example i really didn’t like shinee’s why
    so serious. i thought promoting evil would have been SO much better!!
    same with exo’s wolf, which is not a good song *at all*. but the rest of the
    album is really really good!

    what songs on an album do you guys like?? i’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts about the many unpromoted songs! i think that would make a fun video instead of your least favorite songs of 2013, which unfortunately would probably just bring a lot of hate :

  55. Jaejoong’s MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved that song.
    And yes, you should make a “least favorite songs of the year”

  56. “What songs have you bought thanks to EYK?” <— would love to see this as a poll or something, because I think whether or not it was good enough to pony up real $$ is a measure of how much you liked it. Or "Would you buy".

  57. My songs are

    PURE – I Still Love You

    Shinhwa – This Love

    Boyz Republic – Party Rock

    B1A4 – What’s Happening

    100% – Want U Back

    Secret – Yoohoo

    SHINee – Dream Girl, Beautiful and Punk Drunk Love (I’m a big SHINee fan but I wasn’t all that impressed with Why so Serious)

  58. i would love to hear your least favourite songs of the (first half of the) year. done right, i doubt fans would be able to bash u guys anyway. i mean, u guys are already saying stuff u dislike abt these songs here. and “least favourite” is an opinion, not like u’re saying “worst” songs of the year.

  59. I really did love Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy —–> no shame. it was different and it made me happy. Yet, if i had to choose it would be a short list.

    Teen Top – miss right
    Wonder Boyz – Tarzan
    Sistar – Give it to me
    Ladies Code – bad girl
    Kim Sori – Dual Life
    Nine Muses – Dolls
    BOA – Disturbance
    Davichi – Turtle / Just the two of us
    CL – Baddest Female
    Heyne – Dalla
    z.hera – peacock
    Lim Kim – All right.

    Pretty much this half goes to the girls for me. Also many are rookie artists.

  60. A few songs that I thought were amazing that didn’t make your list are:

    Dual Life – Kim Sori
    Trap – Henry
    Get up – EvoL
    I yah – Boyfriend
    Expectation – Girl’s Day

  61. I’m so happy that you included Wonder Boyz’s Tarzan, which is one of my favourite song, similiar epic emotions like listening to EXO’s What is love.

    awfully underrrated Hyde by VIXX is also on my list.

    I love SHINee’s Why so serious, but I like “Nightmare” better.

    BTS – No more dreams is on my list too, but again I like “we are bulletproof pt 2″ better

    Jaeyong – Mine – love its j-rockish style

    Jay Park – Joah

    강민희 - It’s you

    I’m sure that in 5 minutes I will have another list, but right now I can’t think of anything else.

    • Nightmare is my favorite song on SHINee’s album! Something about that song really grabs you in. I also like BTS’ “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2″ better personally.

  62. I am soooooo glad you gave heo young saeng props. I think his song was amazing and I was really disappointed it didn’t get reviewed! it’s so hard to make it as a soloist, especially after being part of such a huge band for so long. so im glad to see him gettign some recognition for his solo work which I think is great.

    I usually always agree with martina more- guess our songs preferences are more similar than mine and simon’s (as im not a fun of jeon won diary or whats your name either) Lol anwyays I enjoyed the update on your top picks. :)

  63. Yes! Do the worst songs!

  64. “Come Back After You Listen to This Song Right Here Right Afterwards Ok
    Don’t Delay Because It’ll Be Bad And I Totally Ordered Pizza And It Will
    Get Cold If You Take Your Time Returing After You Have Listened To This
    Entire Four Minute Song But Right After You Finish Listening And Maybe
    Peed And Brushed Your Teeth Then Comeback Right Away”

    ngakak guling2 xDD

  65. yay for ADTOY! get well soon Martina!

  66. heyy guys the vid isn’t working at all so can u upload it again pls?

  67. VIXX’s On and On, Girl’s Day’s Expectation, Wonder Boyz’s Tarzan, VIXX’s hyde (it grew on me so quickly), BTOB’s Second Confession, Rainbow’s Tell Me Tell Me, Nine Muses’ Wild, Roy Kim’s Bom Bom Bom, K.Will’s Love Blossom, LC9′s Mama Beat, Baechigi’s Shower of Tears, C-Clown’s Shaking Heart, CNBlue’s I’m Sorry, Shinhwa’s This Love, GLAM’s In Front of the Mirror, Phantom’s Like Cho Yongpil, Cho Yongpil’s Hello, Lee Hyori’s Miss Korea, Rania’s Just Go, Teen Top’s Miss Right…………

    Okay I’ll shut up now but I can’t even make a top 10! It’d probably be On&On/Expectation/Tell Me Tell Me/Bom Bom Bom/Shower of Tears/Wild/Tarzan/Just Go/Shaking Heart/Love Blossom. In that order.

  68. Hope you get better soon Martina~!! Agree with most of your list too! (mostly Martina’s)

  69. Was anticipating KMM all week TT_TT *cries in a corner* but I guess this does kinda count. Get better soon guise!

  70. Okay, so here’s my list, in random order.

    TOP 10 (or is it?):

    1. Lee Hi – Turn It Up; Dream; Fool for Love (one of the strongest Kpop releases so far)

    2. DMTN – Safety Zone (Daniel hwaiting! I forgive you now)

    3. B.A.P – Rain Sound; One Shot; ZERO!!! (sorry Simon, but I will forever love Rain Sound)

    4. Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer (I’m still warming up to the new Sistar album)

    5. VIXX – hyde (imo, the most addictive song of the year so far)

    6. Nine Muses – Wild (Sweetune at his finest)

    7. 4Minute – Domino (seriously, this should have been the title track instead of What’s Your Name)

    8. Secret – B.O.Y/Because of You (and the whole mini is amazing as well)

    9. B1A4 – What’s Happening? (I liked Tried to Walk better but this is just a super fun song)

    10. EXO – Baby Don’t Cry (this song is on repeat for weeks now)

    Special mention: BoA’s ‘Disturbance’, Huh Gak & Jung Eun Ji’s ‘Short Hair’, ALL SONGS OF HISTORY!!!, and the ill-fated songs from early 2013 that I forgot. :D Looking forward to the next few months especially 2NE1′s new releases. We’re getting a new song in July!!!

  71. Get well soon martina :D Drink plenty of tea and less sugary stuff and get LOTS of sleep.

  72. My favourite songs of 1st half of 2013 are

    Primary feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo and Zion T – ? (yep, that’s the name of the song) – LOVED it and highly recommend it to you!

    Bumkey – Bad Girl

    Lee Hyori – Miss Korea

    Whats going on? – B1A4 (never loved Bilasa, but love this song)

    Mblaq – Smoky Girl (i think Zion T is a genious, okay <333)

    Lee Hi – Rose (and the whole album actually)

    and Baby don't cry by EXO .____.

    and out of rookies I really enjoyed Boyz Republic – party rock because it's super disco fun ;D

  73. a true blood reference! glad i’m not the only one shipping sookie-eric!

  74. vaxanne

    Expectation by Girl’s Day is rather addictive. They had a pretty long staying power in the market with this song


  76. List needed more SHINee, Shinhwa, Girls Day, B.A.P., and Sistar in my opinion. (also Wild, but I’m not sure if I really just like it because I am a guy and it’s hard not to…)

  77. Chocolat’s Black Tinkerbell and AfterSchool’s First Love have been on repeat recently
    For catchy song I repeated forever… Two X’s Ring Ma Bell
    Nine Muses’s Action from their Wild Mini
    BaeChiGi’s Shower of Tears
    GLAM’s In Front of the Mirror
    Ladies Code Bad Girl

    Albums I Liked:
    Nine Muses Wild
    LC9′s Skirmish
    Lee Hyori’s Monochrome (omg her slower songs are amazing)
    Lee Hi’s First Love (I Am Strange is my fav)
    I also LOVED the Art of Seduction!
    My taste is similar to Martina’s!

  78. I only like What’s Your Name and the T-ARA song out of them you’ve choose..

  79. SHINee’s Dream Girl and WSS…?.__.

  80. I think you guys should avoid doing a ‘worst of K-pop 2013′ because as much as I like to pretend to be a rational, well rounded individual, if cnblue’s ‘I’m sorry’ ended up on that list, I may unsubscribe (from open the happy, for like 2 minutes).
    That aside, I actually do think that naming the worst songs is highly controversial, if your favorite song doesn’t end up on the list you can always fondly imagine it as a close #11.
    Also songs which are the worst to some people may be loved by others.
    Just my 2 cents

  81. Kielley Bade

    Awe, poor NU’EST wasn’t on here :( Lovely little NU’EST XD Or SHINee for that matter. I think the only song I REALLY liked on this list was The Art of Seduction.

  82. Get well soon, Martina!!! T-T

  83. Simon and Martina I’m missing your “how to dance Kpop”….haven’t made one since 2011:((( your very first how to dance kpop made me subscribe t your channel because you guys are so funny:3

  84. yanagiba yusuke22

    agree with simon about IGAB song…:)… sorry sones

  85. aww well so Heo Young Saeng got no review but at least he got to be one of the best kpop songs of the year chosen by S&M :D and i must say indeed one of the best , well maybe cause i am being biased lol anyway my list of best songs

    1. Heo Young Saeng: Art of Seduction

    2.- Sistar19: gone not around any longer

    3. Ailee: i will show you

    4:Mblaq: Smoky Girl

  86. ZodiArk-x9

    No mention of SHINee’s “Dream Girl” at all? I thought you both really enjoyed the song? =^-^=
    I always enjoy reading about your actual favorite songs!

  87. None of the recent (June) releases? I guess that’s too recent though :D [Sistar, ChoColat, After School, Henry...]

  88. Jack Stachowicz

    My top 10 of 2013 (in no particular order)

    Sistar19 – Gone not around any longer
    Psy – Gentleman
    Sistar – Give it to me
    T-ara N4 Jeon Won Diary
    C-Clown – Shaking Heart
    Nine Muses – Wild
    Hon Jin Young – Boogie Man
    Girls Day – Expect
    2PM – Come Back when you hear this Song
    Lee Hyori – Bad Girls

  89. I have to say I love “Right Now” it’s still my favorite Psy song. I like it way better then “Gangnam Style” or “Gentleman”.

    I still can’t believe MFBTY “Sweet Dream” didn’t make the list, that song is so amazing. It’s definitely my favorite alone with UKiss “Standing Still” and Infinite H “Without You”. I haven’t been able to stop listening to those three since they came out.

  90. The band BTS just debuted only a handful of days ago and they already have me hooked with, “No More Dream.”

    I would go so far to say that they are one of the best rookie groups so far this year. After watching the live performance of the song (seriously check out their dancing skills), I had to watch it over and over. That was one of the best debuts I have seen in a longggg time.

  91. oh yeah..smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl…
    maybe because the girl is like smoke….because the guy can’t hold on her…I dunno…hihihi…
    that’s why you need interview them :)
    how about Jae’s songs…
    I think Jae’s songs deserve some spots on your list :)
    Martina, hope you get well soon :)
    I think I understand Martina’s taste :)
    Simon, I’m Junsu biased hehehehe
    please review Junsu’s new album next July
    I’m so excited about it
    and I hope you guys can interview him too :)

  92. Good choices, but I’m gonna have to agree with Martina–Standing Still should most def be up there! U-Kiss rocked my world this comeback! :D

  93. One Spring Day by 2AM is also a good song this year!

  94. I loved Gentleman more than Gangnam as well and Tarzan is one of my favorites this year. You guys should definitely do a list of the least liked/worst songs.

  95. Awww, get better soon, Martina! Not having a voice sucks! :(

    Thanks to your list and some of the comments below, I’ve found awesome gems in “Tarzan,” “Smoky Girl,” and “ADTOY.” Some others I’ve really liked so far this year (in no particular order):

    - Infinite’s “Man in Love”: have to say I was shocked that generally, there’s a dislike this song, mostly in comparison with the group’s other songs. Yeah, it’s not as powerful as “BTD” or even “The Chaser,” but it is a fun summer song. I remember because of the teasers I was worried it would be a ballad, then was pleasantly surprised it was such an upbeat song. I know the beat and arrangement is annoying for some, but I just think it’s awesome! It’s gotten the most plays on my iTunes this year :p

    - Shinhwa’s “This Love”: LOVE the song, kinda meh about the video and all the vogue-ing. All the piano and the build up to the chorus is amazing!

    - Sistar19′s “Gone Not Around Any Longer”: Love this, though I would’ve wanted more Bora. My favorite part of the whole song is when Hyorin sings (and Bora rap-sings/raps) those lines leading up to the second chorus. I think they could’ve added more such parts because their voices blend well, even if only one of them is singing.

    - Sistar’s “Give It To Me”: Aw, this is my current jam. It’s such a fun beat and melody, so much so that I forget it’s a sad song! (I did think the first line of the song, about questioning if they will ever get married before they’re 30, is kinda weird)

    - Bilasa’s “What’s Happening”: So very fun to listen to AND watch. I swear, this group gets my vote as having some of the best live performances in terms of their voices and overall performance. It’s kinda patchwork-y, but it’s patchwork done AWESOME, in my opinion.

    - Henry’s “Trap”: Oh so so very happy it’s piano-heavy. The chorus is so freaking catchy and makes for fun chair-dancing.

    - SNSD’s “Dancing Queen”: Though technically this came out the last week of 2012, I like this a smiiiiiidge more than Duffy’s “Mercy.” :P I’m not a fan of the dance, though. And this song gets more awesome when combined with the fanchants!

    - CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry”: Ooooh yeah this is so awesome! Just such a cool song to jam to. It’s awesome to listen to while putting on makeup, too. Not that I’ve done that. ;)

    - Lee Hi’s “It’s Over:” After “1,2,3,4,” this song worked so well with her voice and reassured me that YG realized her voice is so unique that you really can’t just slap it on any random pop song. I love that she did this and she rocked her own brand of aegyo.

    - BoA’s “Disturbance:” LOVE this song for being so quiet and consistent and totally not falling into the dubstep or patchwork-y trend. She does the sad and regret so well. I got teary-eyed when I listened to this while reading the lyrics. The same thing happened to me with “Only One.”

  96. Martina, feel better fast!!!

    My fave songs of the year so far are:

    Standing Still – U-KISS
    Longing – Allen Kibum
    Mine – JaeJoong
    Hello – Nu’est
    What’s Happening? – B1A4
    Safety Zone – DMTN
    Hyde/ On and On – VIXX
    Gone Not Around Any More – Sistar19

    These are the songs that I have replayed way too much on my music player…and the only ones I remember at the moment
    BTW, you guys should definitely do a worst songs for 2013 too

  97. I need a worst song list! NEED IT, I SAY!

  98. Firstly, I commend you two for being able to make such a small list – I’m an extremely indecisive person, so choosing favourites from all the songs which I have liked this year so far is really difficult for me. And so my list is really long…..I also have a bad tendency to write a lot…..sorry about that….Anyway, these are the songs which I have LOVED from 2013 so far:

    SHINee – Dream Girl, Beautiful, Orgel, Can’t Leave/Sleepless Nights
    Beautiful is just, well beautiful; soft but powerful hehe. I love the steady build up to the chorus which I could just sing all day AREUMDAWOOOOOOO~~~~~
    Orgel is a haunting masterpiece. The simple xylophone at the beginning, their harmonies, the soft vocals and Onew’s sexy, high note is my life.
    Can’t Leave is just perfection, the piano accompaniment, the melody, the dynamics, the harmonies are all just perfect. I could listen to this song forever.
    And Dream Girl is just the best! It’s so much fun! DREAM GURLLLL!!!
    But, can I just say how impressed I am with Misconceptions of You and Me? I like so many songs off these two albums. Seriously. Yes, I don’t actually like every song on both albums, but Misconceptions of You and Me are QUALITY albums. Overall, I think I like Misconceptions of You better but there are some fantastic songs on Misconceptions of Me, so it’s hard to choose really.

    SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
    I don’t know what it is about this song, maybe it’s the saxophones, but it’s just sooo good. No matter how much I listen to it, I never get sick of it – now that’s pretty impressive.

    UKISS – Standing Still
    I love this song. Enough said.
    Also, I have a love-hate relationship with Because I Love You. Like areumdawo, I’m addicted to the chorus, it’s just so shoutable, NOEL SA~RANG~~HANIKKA~~~~ but I can’t stand the beginning (it reminds me of I got a feeling – which has just been so overplayed, and I didn’t even really like it to begin with) and the verses are meh. If it was just the chorus repeated than it would be my favourite song, like ever. But it’s not. *sigh* Bad Person is the same, I love the chorus (Soohyun’s voice and falsetto kyaaa >.<) but I can't stand the dead "nappeuda naega nappeuda". ugh.

    SNSD – coughIGotABoycough
    this is just a really fun song to sing and dance to – it really is like a musical – which I like. Yep, I'm guilty of loving this crazy song, you're just going to have to deal with it. :P

    VIXX – On and On and Hyde
    I love the phantom of opera opening and super catchy chorus of On and On and Hyde is just as good!! I don't know a lot about VIXX but I'm going to check out the rest of their stuff cause these two songs are great!

    K.Will – Bon Voyage, Fade Out and Lay Back
    All three songs are just perfection.
    I seriously don't know what to do with K.Will. His albums are the only albums where I actually like EVERY song. The Third Album Part 2 was no exception.

    C-Clown – Shaking Heart and Go Away
    I like the abruptness of Shaking Heart although I could do without the autotune (clownies I know you don't need it!!), it's stil great anyway. And go away is just so…smooth. ~no way no way no way~~

    Lyn – Tonight, Breakable Heart
    Oh Lyn is just amazing! Breakable Heart is really so heartwhrenchingly sung and Tonight just has that beat, upbeat lively melody and Baechigi's awesome rapping skills.

    2pm – ADTOY
    Martina, I agree with you, this song is just sooooo good. It has the perfect balance of everything…and I like the dance it's hilarious – I especially love the faces they make. 2PM always crack me up because no matter what they're doing they're always super serious in their mv's. I still can't get over the running man in I'll Be Back.

    EXO – Wolf, Baby, Don't Cry and My Lady
    My Lady is perfection….I was waiting for this song, I liked the teaser short version of it so much that I admit I even just listened to that over and over so it's great to have the full song hehe. :P
    Baby, Don't Cry is also really good, it's a really pretty song.

    As for Wolf, it's just so hilarious that I have to love it. I'm sorry, I can't take wolf boys seriously, but that's why I love Wolf so much!!. I'm in love with the chorus, it's great gurae OOOLF naega OOLF Ah saranghaeyoooo!! it's so ridiculous that it's so much fun to sing it hehe.

    MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
    when I first heard this song, I thought, wow that girl is reaaaally smokey. Usually I don't like such repetitive songs but this one is addictive. I'm not sure if I'll get sick of it soon, but I'm digging it at the moment!!

    NELL – Ocean of Light, Perfect
    NELL always has such pretty music. Escaping Gravity is an awesome album but I especially love Ocean of Light and Perfect.

    FTISLAND – Black Chocolate and Freedom
    yes, they are japanese songs…but I still really like them FREEDOM!! peace out ;)

    I also really really like:
    Girl's Day – Expectation
    Heo Young Saeng – The Art of Seduction
    Ra.D – It's Been So Long and Thank You Thank You
    B1A4 – Good Love and What's Going On?
    uBEAT – It's Been A Long Time
    DMTN – Safety Zone
    One Kiss – JaeJoong

    • Yeah both of SHINee’s albums contained some really great songs, although most of the ones I liked aren’t the ones you mentioned lol. Really didn’t like Why So Serious (the song) tho.
      The Mandarin version of Heart Attack by EXO is by far my favorite thing on the album, even with the autotune. Didn’t like Wolf at all but there are still five songs from the album that I absolutely love.

  99. you should do the worst songs!! :)

    • Raine

      I totally agree! That would be hysterical and fun. But also worst VIDEOS. Cause some songs are GREAT but have horrid videos.

      • I want them to do it, because of all the warring fangirls who are going to be out for blood because of it XD That is so terrible of me, but I love how S&M are not afraid to say how they don’t like a song or video (*cough*No More Perfume On You*cough*), and how crazy rabid some fangirls get when you point out the flaws of their precious oppas or unnies

  100. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHIBpeZR0Do&list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mosmA8_8D-AEncuEOa4NGbr&index=1
    Here’s a playlist of my favorite NON-TITLE songs so far from 2013.
    It’s kinda sorta in order from Favorite down to really liked.

  101. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mosmA8_8D-AEncuEOa4NGbr
    Here’s a playlist of my favorite NON-TITLE songs so far from 2013.
    (Kinda sorta in order from Favorite down to really liked.)

  102. I disagree with most of this list. I think a fair number of these songs are overrated and aren’t original or fresh at all. Most of them are okay, like I can objectively understand why other people like them. But I personally don’t.

    Also, I would love a worst songs list. Worst songs lists are awesome. (A Dose of Buckley does fab worst songs list.) And because, objectively, a lot of shit has come out this year too.

    As far as rookies, BTS’s No More Dream is among my favorites. It’s aggressive and fun.

    I’m also among the crazy people who loved I Got a Boy. The Boys was a shit song, but I like the crazy disjointedness of IGAB and how it all comes together in the end.

    I like Lee Hyori’s Bad Girls. I think it’s a strong comeback for her, and works within the limitations of her voice.

    I agree with Martina that Jaejoong’s Mine was really awesome and rocktastic. It finally made me sort of see, sort of, why people are so obsessed with JYJ/DBSK.

    And my fun music choice is B1A4′s What’s Happening? B1A4 is one of the few groups I think pulls off eclectic well, just because they’re one of the few that don’t seem forced.

    And OMG, AIRPLANE’S PRETTY IS SO DAMN GOOD. Probably my favorite song from 2013 thus far. Winning Insight turns out good artists. Too bad they don’t get a lot of recognition.

    M-tiful’s How Can I Smile is probably my close second favorite song. Goodness, M-tiful needs more songs for me to spazz over.

  103. In my opinion the best song of the year so far is Tiny-G’s Minimanimo. 9Muses “Wild,” Girl’s Day “Expect,” and GLAM’s “I Like That” are also favorites of mine.

  104. Out of the songs that came out that have music videos my favorites were:

    Dreamer – History
    Special Girl – Infinite H (had this on repeat for oh so long…)
    Mine – Jaejoong
    I’m Sorry – CNBLUE
    Sweet Dream – MFBTY (still randomly gets stuck in my head all the time.)
    Dream Girl – SHINee (I’ve been liking all of SHINee’s stuff this year, even Why So Serious, is this just me?)
    Mama Beat – LC9
    Hello – Nu’est (still waiting for the day Nu’est is reviewed… it will happen!)
    Like Cho Young Phil – Phantom
    I Wanna Love – Teen Top
    Standing Still – U-kiss
    One Shot – B.A.P
    Nob Along! – M.I.B
    Hyde/On and On – VIXX
    Trap – Henry
    Ocean of Light – Nell
    No More Dream – BTS
    Joah- Jay Park

  105. Since I’m completely bored I’m going to make a playlist of my favorite NON-TITLE tracks of 2013.
    Be back soon.

  106. “Let us know what your favourite songs of the year are so far…”

    Of the songs that are on the Kpop Charts (and that I’ve actually heard), I remember loving these ones:

    One Hundred – Reserves
    Nell – Ocean of Light
    Yangpa – Glory of Love
    Philtre & Younha – Fade
    Lee Hyori – Amor Mio
    Shinhwa – This Love
    Wonder Boyz – Tarzan
    Cho Yong Pil – Hello
    Rainbow 99 – Morning, Airport
    EYK Crew – EYK Like A Man
    Salt’n’Pepper – Hats
    Jay Park – Joah
    Zion T – Babay
    K. Will – Love Blossom
    G.I. – Beatles
    4Minute – Milkshake
    P-Type – Die Hard
    Lee Hi – Rose
    EvoL – Get Up
    U-Kiss – Standing Still
    Lee Hi – It’s Over
    Yankie ft. Tablo – I.N.D.O
    Feeldog, Junhyung, LE – You Got Some Nerve
    No Brain – Soju Hanjan
    Jay Park – Appetizer
    BAP – One Shot
    Clazziquai Project – Love Recipe
    MFBTY – Sweet Dream
    Vixx – On and On
    Kim Sori – Dual Life

    They’re mostly hip-hop…….there were probably a lot more awesome songs released, but I didn’t listen to all of them properly. I’ll go check out all the other songs people listed~~

  107. Whoa Simon….our tastes in music are so, totally different. I’ve noticed this for a while. You seem to like them disco-electronic-shoegaze-whatever modern stuff, whereas I like ballads, alternative rock and hip-hop. Some of my friends are electronica musicians, so I’ve been trying my best to appreciate that kind of music, but I guess in the end my conservative streak will always win.

    So, I’m going to scold you like I did some other Nasties a while back – would it be possible to make the title ‘Our Favourite Songs of 2013′ as opposed to ‘The Best Songs of 2013′? I find your opinions very interesting, and I do enjoy hearing them, but it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of music quality. Similarly to how you talk about songs that you dislike – I would prefer if you said ‘I hate this song’ vs the usual ‘this song sucks’. Y’know? No? Ok just my moderator habits coming out there; I tend to be overly picky about wording stuff.

    ok maybe i’m just being bitter because i don’t particularly like those songs listed….i could just have bad taste

    I know what you mean about the ‘jelly hater syndrome’, I personally nicknamed it ‘the Justin Bieber effect’ :p

    • And that Nasty still thinks it’s stupid.

    • I don’t think you’re being bitter or picky haha, I actually totally agree with this!

    • I agree with fuuko4869 Nasty Mod too — Please call this “OUR Favorite Songs” because Simon & Martina do have some different likes here. Have to say I agree with Martina mostly. :D

    • Kielley Bade

      I agree as well XD Especially since I definitely don’t think they’re the best of the year. SHINee isn’t in there, and BAP isn’t in there for One Shot… and while yeah, personally I love those songs I just think they are great songs overall, aside from my bias. XD (If my Bias was in there NU’EST would be way up there)

  108. Jeon Won Diary owns!!!!!! :D

  109. I had never listened to ”Tarzan” before reading this post. But blimey, thank you guys so much for making me do it! Seriously, the song is so great, which is kinda weird ’cause it’s not really my type of song but I loved it so much, I had to go download it right away!

  110. I pretty much completely agree with Martina tbh but I’d throw in a few others (Agreeing with Jaejoong ‘Mine’ and U-Kiss ‘Standing Still’ as well). These songs have gotten the most play from me:

    GI – ‘Beatles’

    GLAM – ‘I like that’

    Girls Day – ‘Exception’

    Shinhwa – ‘This Love’

    Lee Hyori – ‘Miss Korea’

    but I’ve been really impressed with MBLAQ’s ‘Smoky Girl’, so that’s top of the top for me.

  111. I agree with a good amount of the ones that you guys said, but I also really like:

    B.A.P- One Shot
    VIXX- On and On, Hyde
    Rania- Just Go
    GI- Beatles
    DMTN- Safety Zone
    Infinite H- Special Girl, Without You
    Boyfriend- I-Yah
    K.Will- Love Blossom

    there’s many more, including ones that don’t have mvs, but these are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head

  112. Top 5…
    1. SNSD – IGAB
    2. EXO – Wolf (XOXO is an amazing album!! I listen to it more than I Got a Boy [the album, not the song] lately..)
    3. MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
    4. B1A4 – What’s Happening
    5. History – Dreamer: Best 2013 rookie so far IMO

    Other Favorites in order of release…
    SJM – Break Down
    Jaejoong – Mine
    VIXX – On and On
    Phantom – Like Cho Yongpil: Beautiful, underrated…
    BoA – Disturbance
    ALi – Ziugae
    Speed Pain: I didn’t like it much at first but I suddenly found myself singing the song a lot .__.
    Teen Top – I Wanna Love: Better than Miss Right IMO
    D-Unit – Talk to My Face: JNey was a great addition. Made for a great song XD
    Glam – In Front of the Mirror
    Girl’s Day – Expectation: It grew on me very quickly..
    G.Na – Oops
    Evol – Get Up: Solid song from a rookie group
    Infinite – Man In Love: This song makes me cry and I don’t know why o.O
    ZE:A Five – The Day We Broke Up: This song is better than most of ZE:A’s singles…
    Lee Hi – Rose
    K.Will – Love Blossom
    15& – Somebody
    Gain and Hyungwoo – Brunch: Holy shiz this is a great song
    BTOB – Second Confession
    M.I.B – Nod Along: I was totally nodding along to this XD
    C-Clown – Shaking Heart: One of the best dances of the year
    Lee Hyori – Amor Mio
    Nine Muses – Wild
    Shinhwa – This Love
    VIXX – Hyde
    Rainbow – Sunshine

    Sorry for the excessively long list… I liked a lot of songs xp

  113. um yes and I forgot…MFBTY’s Sweet Dream, Teen Top’s Miss Right, Sistar 19′s Gone Not Around Any Longer, and CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry are also missing from the list…

  114. I still think History’s Dreamer, was the best song so far.

  115. Dream Girl by SHINee is so missing from this list..just sayin that song was awesome and one of the only SM videos that made sense in a box…

  116. Awe no girls day =(

  117. bigbangfosho

    Oh, and I cannot agree more with you for Gentleman. When I first heard this song, I automatically fell in love. IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD!! People are just….SO BLINDED by Gangnam Style. I always argue with people that if you did not know PSY created Gangnam Style, you’d find Gentleman super fun and awesome. They just..ugh. Whatever, I love it, the MV is hilarious, and the song is just so addictive.

  118. Most of my favs didn’t actually get MVs but here are some in no particular order (because the Epik Nasties were already considering doing a vid of our favorite songs of 2013 at the end of the month, so this way there is a slight element of surprise lol).

    Rhythm is Life – Gaeko
    Ma Boy 3 – Electroboyz ft. Nana
    On and On – VIXX
    Tarzan – Wonder Boyz
    Give It To Me – SISTAR
    Should Have Treated You Better – uBEAT
    Dream Girl – SHINee
    Expectation – Girl’s Day
    A.D.T.O.Y – 2PM
    One Shot – B.A.P
    Just Go – Rania
    Miss Right – Teen Top
    Tears – LeeSSang ft. Yoojin
    Sunshine – Rainbow

    I could list a lot more but that’s already too many lol. And I’m probably forgetting some, if I was listing my favorite w/ or w/o MVs maybe only 4-6 of these would still make my list lol.

  119. Simon right there with you on Tara N4 and 4minute. Tara N4’s Jeon Won Diary is sticky and sweet like candy. The lyrics Ting ra-ding-ra-ding-ra-ding is just crazy infectious. 4minutes Whats Your Name is not a great song but sure is a bouncy song. It’s got a mixed beat of what you hear in the club which isn’t a sound you hear much from kpop.

    With that being said, Martina you are right with Art of Seduction by Heo Young Saeng. First off this is by far the best song of 2013 in my mind. By accounts of my itunes, I have listened to this song more than any song in my library. The Art of Seduction is addicting like crack is for a drug addict. You have to listen to it again and again. Second, greatest upset this year is Art of Seduction not being reviewed by EYK. Come on the song has nothing to due with Seduction but a little borderline stalking and
    the video was a nice tie in to this. Fingers cross that maybe it will be a winner of the 2013 EYK award for the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday.

    Please do the worst of 2013. I would love to see if I agree or disagree with your picks.

  120. For me, some of my favorites weren’t from veteran artists:

    15& – Somebody, I seriously love this song. It’s catchy

    Ladies’ Code – Bad Girl, if you haven’t heard this then you should check them out. All are amazing vocalists and this song was superb.

    GLAM – I Like That and In Front of the Mirror, they should really be seen as monster rookies. They have been proven to hold their own against their very popular seniors

    SKarf – Love Virus, I’m upset about Sol leaving but I just love this song as much as My Love

    SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

    Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy, sorry Simon I just really like this song lol

    Jay Park – JOAH and 1Hunnit, it’s Jay Park and these songs were so good

    Akdong Musician – I Love You, this song is so cute and fit so well in All About My Romance

    K. Will – Love Blossom

  121. Why does this video not play for me?

  122. I vote in favor of doing a “Least Favorite” list!!!!! It’s always the best, amazing, favorite. Rarely does anyone ever talk about their least favorite. I think it would be fun and amusing to hear what S&M have to say as to why they chose those particular songs and/ or videos.

  123. Shinhwa’s “This Love,” 100% “Want U Back,” Teen Top’s “Miss Right,” GD’s “MichiGo,” VIXX’s “Hyde,” EXO’s “Let Out The Beast.” I think that’s it for me… :- I Do agree that “Smoky Girl, ” “Art of Seduction,” “Gentleman” and “A.D.T.O.Y.” were AMAZING ~ I prefer Lee Hi’s “1,2,3,4″ and “It’s Over” to “Rose”… (“1,2,3,4″ is the best!!!)

  124. ahhhhh “Standing Still” <3
    glad you guys like it so much :")

    you should totally listen to EXO's album!!! it's awesome~~ I can't stop listening to it

  125. I knew PSY years ago from a song “We are the One”. That’s still my favorite song by him, it’s amazing! The MV is funny too – but not in the usual “hilarious” way, but in a “that’s subtly ridiculous” funny, like trying to play a guitar riff in boot camp or Kim Jung Il with an afro and jamming out.

    One of the videos for “It’s Art” showing him at a concert was breathtaking as well. Just shows how much of a showman he really is, and makes me kinda sad that everyone worldwide only expects him to perform Gangnam Style. I feel his popularity is actually prohibiting him from doing the things that he used to do.

    I also think it’s kinda funny that “Gangnam Style” felt like a parody of how modern pop music and culture was like, but the very culture of America that he was making of accepted it as a real song so quickly.

  126. I live in a Latin American country, so I get exposed a lot to reggaeton, which, for anybody that can relate, is very bashed by a lot of people here because it mostly talks about dry humping, sex, girls being hot and money, and the dance related to it is called vulgar and beastly by a lot of people (a lot of people love it though, and most of them dance to it even if they don’t necessarily like it for their ipods).

    Either way, hearing reggaeton everywhere on the street, I can tell you Tarzan is not it. It does have obvious tints, the beat that goes throughout all the song is certainly a layer to many reggaeton songs, but reggaeton is not it. It’s like saying Snoop Lion makes reggae. It kind of sounds like reggae, but it really isn’t.

    • Completely agree with you! I live in P.R, and it is very much the same here. I really dislike reggaeton, and although I guess in the beginning it has a certain feel of it, it goes away quickly. (for me) Even though I hate reggaeton I absolutely love this song! To be honest I hadnt thought about the comparison of the 2 until I watched JRE’s reaction vid and he mentioned it, and later Martina. :o

  127. I need MBLAQ’s KMM to live like I need air to breath, but this is good enough.
    I like the idea of ‘half-way-through’ video, but don’t make the least favorite songs, you will get immature, unnecessary hate, you don’t need that ^^

  128. Too bad you weren’t able to film a KMM, but I liked this video. I didn’t expect a list like this halfway through the year (you haven’t done this before, right?) and it was a nice surprise.
    As for the songs that you picked, I agree on some of them and completely disagree on others, but I’m on Martina’s side most of the time.
    The Art of Seduction – I like it
    Smoky Girl – I love it! First time I heard it, I wasn’t that enthusiastic but boy, has this grown on me!
    Gentleman – meeeeeeh
    Tarzan – people here seem to really like it so I thought that maybe I should give it few more listens but nope, it doesn’t do it for me
    Jeon Won Diary – I don’t like it
    A.D.T.O.Y. – love upon first listen, nuff said
    Rose – this time I agree with Simon
    What’s Your Name? – no, no, no. I don’t like it at all.

    My favorites:
    C-Clown – Shaking Heart probably my most played Kpop song this year, I listen to it almost every day and I’m not getting tired of it at all
    MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
    B1A4 – What’s Happening?
    2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.
    VIXX – On And On
    BToB – 2nd Confession
    SHINee – Dream Girl
    History – Dreamer
    Philtre ft. Younha – Fade – it’s more indie than pop, but it’s so beautiful that I just thought I’ll list it as well
    Looks like I’m totally biased towards boy groups (I’m not going to deny it) and there weren’t any girl group’s songs that could make it to my list… But there are some that I really liked- special honorable mentions for girls:
    Davichi – Turtle
    Girl’s Day – Expectation
    Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

    Hmm, I remember when Martina lost her voice last year and Simon dubbed her parts (KMM for B.A.P’s Power) and it was pretty funnny :) But losing one’s voice is not funny at all so get well soon, Martina!

  129. I agree What’s Your Name and Jeon Won Diary were sucky, bleh songs. Volume Up is 4Minute’s best song in my opinion. I am totally digging Smoky Girl and ADTOY. ♪Ha ha haru jongil ni saenggak ppuniya ppuniya♪ I wish BAP’s One Shot was included also…that was a good song and had a pretty cool MV.

  130. I agreed with most of your song selections, well I agreed with Martina. What’s Your Name was just so…ah, frustrating and dull for me. And the T-ara N4 song was good but not something I went crazy over. I’d also definitely add U-KISS’s Standing Still and also Shaking Heart by C-Clown! Also, Dreamer by History which I totally loved. Oh, and Eric Nam! Just…Eric Nam in general, haha. My favourite songs on his album were the ones without music videos so I don’t want to say Heaven’s Door specifically. Okay, good, time to stop procrastinating! (Oh, and also I guess these don’t count but Ledapple’s Music Note covers were just super fantastic.)

  131. VIXX’s On and On is my song of the year so far. They’re so overlooked!

  132. for me..it was sistar19′s GNAAL,secret’s yoohoo and only you,4minute’s whats your name,snsd’s IGAB (DON’T JUDGE ME!),psy’s gentleman,Rainbow’s tell me,jay park’s appetizer and joah,CL’s baddest female,Lee Hi’s Rose,GD’s michigo,hyori’s bad girl and miss korea

  133. I have to say that i agree with most of the songs they listed. Like Heo Yang Saeng “the Art of seduction”, i am still totally in Love with the song and also Mblaq’s “Smoky Girl” one of my favourite songs of the year these far. But Tarzan from Wonder Boyz just didn’t do it for me ^^
    I think your list has a lot of great songs and that people shoudn’t hate on you two for your opinion. Even i am a sworn shawol 4 life but i wasn’t angry at all that you didn’t put “Why so serious” on the list because it just has this rocky feel to it that not everyone likes :D
    The songs i would also include would be B1A4′s because it was just so creative and fun, and Teen Tops “Miss Right”, because everytime i listen to it i imediatelly start dancing like a crazy freak and my parents always ask me if i try to kill something because of all the noise i make ;)
    Lots of love from an austrian nasty, you two are the funniest and the most crazy youtubers out there <3

  134. also..
    SHINee Dream Girl, Lee Hi Its over, Teen Top miss right, Leessang Tears, U-Beat Should Have Treated You Better and of course U-KISS Standing Still~ :D
    and hooray for HYS The Art Of Seduction!!!

  135. MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl is the best song in my opinion♥ I love it♥ Too sad that MBLAQ is totally underrated ;__;

  136. Cyber_3

    Are you really sick Martina or is it case of *cough*post-anniversary-snuggles-time*cough*? XD Which honestly, I don’t think anyone would begrudge you two. If not, you should get better and try to work in that coughing thing ;).

    This list was interesting and I liked your vblog about it but sometimes I feel like you are deliberately disagreeing so that you can appease both the lovers and the haters of some songs at the same time. Very strategic, like Seungrina complaining at the end of every KMM about what didn’t get reviewed, but too much of it and I start feel like the ‘genuine-ness’ of your opinions is rubbing off a little. Please feel free to state your opinions, I don’t have to agree with you to like you. And haters are gonna hate no matter what. BTW, I’ve noticed a fair bit of trolling and thumbs-downing this week on the videos and kpop chart threads that didn’t exist before.

    Also, I just wanted to mention that I have NEVER heard Martina sing a song off key EVER in one of your videos (even the little vine.co ones), until today. You are obviously very talented B). I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt given that she was likely pre-cold during filming but it smells strategy-fishy to me. I don’t think that you should do a list of songs that you liked the least. I think that it would generate too much negative emotion for no good reason. Maybe something alternate you could try is “Most easily-mocked music videos”, “Videos that least matched the song”, “Mr. Brohoho’s most profitable videos”, “Most over-sexed for no good reason videos”, or “Videos with the highest crotch-grab count”. Feel free to steal those ;) Why not suggest a lot of silly ones and make it a survey if you really want to know what people want.

    I, too, miss the dances this year. Then again, I missed the “top 10 kpop dances of 2012″ which was EYK awards instead. The awards were great, I just missed the dance-mocking – those are some of the funniest bits that are the most memorable in an KMM.

    Cyber_3 – goes to do some manly-sweeping and put out the trash followed by brushing off my problems and then murdering everyone ;)

  137. Smoky Girl doesn’t cater to fans who like random songs jumbled together in one and also for listeners who like hard hitting songs. Smoky Girl is a jam. Yes the chorus is too repetitive smoky girl smoky girl but it is a marketing sort of strategy to make sure the song gets stuck in the music center of the brain.
    Melody is awesome though.
    Good list S and M.
    That Tarzan song is really good too for a rookie group shame, they get clouded behind groups that are from big companies.

  138. Yeah The Art of Seduction makes the list .^^
    I am so happy. Thank You :)
    Well I also like Smoky Girl
    get well soon Martina.

  139. I did not expect to see The Art of Seduction on this list, but I agree, it is an awesome song! I agree with your list pretty much too.
    Some other songs that I loved this year are:
    B1A4 – What’s Happening/What’s Going On
    Eric Nam – Heaven’s Door
    Teen Top – Miss Right
    CN Blue – I’m Sorry

  140. unicornsgalaxy

    For me, I would definitely have to say Shinhwa’s This Love is my favorite of the year (actually the whole album). I’m gonna also add in 100%’s Want You Back. I also really liked 2pm’s ADTOY, B1A4′s What’s Up (It surprised me how much this song grew on me!).

    Here are a few others that I really liked (not necessarily my favorites tho) that never got close to being on the first page.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUM2dntMYl0 – Brian Joo ~ Let this die
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM46elqDHPU – H ft Kanto ~ lose control
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-65rQr-GtAs – Kris Leone ~ into the skies
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5mcfC1byjY – Sunny Days ~ I must be crazy
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZmy01O6UIo – Baechigi ~ Shower of Tears

    There are others but too lazy to list them! LOL

    • +1 Let This Die
      Great song :) Still waiting for any news of what Brian’s up to lately

    • I agree with Shinhwa’s This love being too awesome to even classify and all the other songs are awesome too. But with Brian’s song to be on a 2013 list I have to disagree haha, awesome song, one of the best songs released in 2012 kkk

      • unicornsgalaxy

        LOL was it released in 2012! I was so not paying enough attention! I have a playlist of songs that I need to get and that was one of it and when I saw it was uploaded in Jan I figured go ahead and mention it. Should have looked at the year too! LMAO. Thanks for the correction! XD

  141. Can’t decide on Smoky Girl or What’s Your Name… I just love both so much! When I first heard What’s Your Name I didin’t like it, but then I started to like a little bit and at the end I was just TOTALLY ADDICTED TO THIS! COULDN’T HELP BUT SING ALL DAY LONG! And I keep listenning and dancing until now… it’s so funny! :D

  142. Albino Eskimo

    I love that you guys put songs in there that you may not both have the same opinion of.

    Now for a list of some of my favorites from this year, so far. (WARNING: There may be a couple repeats from above.)

    In no particular order.

    Tiny-G – MINIMANIMO : Hrm, what can I say here? I just find this song to be really fun and cute. Gets stuck in my head all the time.

    HISTORY – Dreamer : I love this song. From the harmonies to the way it picks up in the chorus. I could see how S&M might not love it though due to it being a little musical-esque.

    U-KISS – Standing Still : It’s been a while since I’ve heard a U-kiss song I didn’t like. I’m still trying to forget their debut song…shudder.

    Jay Park – Joah : You know a song is good when you find yourself listening to it over and over again without realizing it.

    LADIES’ CODE – Bad Girl : The first, and my favorite, of the Bad Girl releases this year. A strong showing for a debut song.

    LEE HI – Rose : Simply put, this song is beautiful, even if the contact lenses do creep me out a bit.

    You Seung Woo – Hello : A really cute song. And I’m always impressed when I see actual instruments being played; They have sadly become lost in the hustle and bustle of the idol world.

    Lee Hyori – Amor Mio : I really love this duet, so much so that I figured out how to play it on my guitar. I was sad to see this get buried beneath “Miss Korea” and “Bad Girls.” Though It’s understandable since ballads aren’t as well liked as other styles.

    MBLAQ – Smoky Girl : I pretty much agree with everything you guys said about this song. There really isn’t anything more I could add without really trying to stretch for it.

    Roy Kim – BOM BOM BOM : Man this guys voice is smooth.

    Jaejoong – Mine : This song reminds me a lot of the Japanese Rock band “Abingdon Boys School.” I used to listen to them a bunch, so there is a bit of a nostalgia factor in play for this song.

    Whoa. I should probably stop. That is 11 songs. There are some differences here from S&M simply because I think I like ballads more than they do. There are obviously a lot of great songs, along with some not so great, this year. I’m sure I missed some due to not remembering they are from this year.

    • I love Jaejoong’s Mine because it reminded me of Abingdon Boys School too! haha :D

    • LOL, who isn’t trying to forget U-Kiss’s debut song? I imagine U-Kiss, themselves, are trying to forget it too. I’ve started to develop a weird fondness for it though and I’m not really sure what to do about that…

  143. I WAS SO HOPING FOR ADTOY. And I get it as the first one and Martina has totally the same reaction on the song as me. GEEZ THIS SONG IS FANTASTIC. On the loop. And I wasn’t even slightly a Hottest before this song, to begin with haha

    BUT, on the contrary to Martina, I absolutely love the video as well. I feel the thickness of air while watching it, EVERY SINGLE TIME. This dance move was a little strange to me at first, but during second chorus it already appealed to me completely. I find it now sexy, but in an unusual way. Something in the slow motion of this move gets me on my knees.

    - ok off to watch the rest of the vid lol -

  144. I agree… except for 4Minute and Tara… sorry, just not my cup of tea but everything else was spot on. Kind of disappointed I didn’t see Trap by Henry. Best SM song in a while and yes… it has one beat!

  145. Smoky Girl is really awesome, MBLAQ did such an amazing job as always! Another song that I really love is “Hyde” by VIXX, it’s really awesome and the MV is pretty sick!

  146. Please, do not make a ” the worst kpop songs of 2013 – so far – ” video. That would be a bad move and it will probably get you alot of hate. Nasties are nasties, I think we can handle different peoples opinions… but the sensitive girls out there probably not. -.-

    My list of “best” songs so far would be ( the songs which had a MV; thou I listed based on the song and not the MV ):

    Ailee – I will show you

    Seung Yeon ( KARA ) – Guilty

    Cn Blue – I’m sorry

    Davichi feat Verbal Jint – Be Warmed

    VIXX – Hyde

    Henry Lau – Trap

    ¤ a few others would be on my “playlist ” but the ones listed probably were the reason I broke the replay button xD

  147. As for me, I agree with all of your picks.. (Not being biased you know?) The songs in your list are really addicting, at least for me.. Also, being a TripleS I am, I’m really happy that Martina liked Heo Young Saeng’s The Art of Seduction! From a neutral point of view, the song is really catchy, and everytime I hear the song, I dance with it, or at least tap my hand or something..
    Mblaq’s Smoky Girl is another addicting song!! Since I am one of the TS who helps A+ increase its views on YT, I hear it everyday, and I really love the song!
    Psy’s Gentleman is no surprise either. I just watched psy perform it on the MMVA last night, and it was still soooo good and pleasant to hear!

    Additions (by me):
    B1A4′s What’s going on
    Henry’s Trap
    Eric Nam – Heaven’s Door
    BAP – One Shot

  148. Get well soon Dear Martina :D

  149. I totally get what you said about reggaeton with Tarzan! Coming from a Latin country where reggaeton is popular, after I listened to this song I was really happy! I wish more K-Pop bands did something in that genre…

  150. bigbangfosho

    I really really want to hear you guys talk about your least favorites, but for the safety of everyone, I suggest not making a video about it. But the more you think about it, why should you be afraid?

  151. I hope you get well soon, Martina.

  152. Thanks for this video guys :) Absolutely agree with Martina on 4Minute (sorry, SImon :D) but I sing this song anyway :D Also it’s a pity you didn’t include VIXX’s Hyde and EXO’s Wolf, I guess the concept was pretty interesting and lyrics…just GREAT!

    Martina, get well soon!! And I hope you’ll make a list of the worst songs of the year :D muhaha it’ll be funny :D

  153. Thanks so much S&M! I’m so happy that you picked HYS’s The Art of Seduction as one of your best kpop songs so far! ^^ Thank you :D

  154. I just think soulbeat style of R&B really suits MBLAQ vocals. I hope they will stay in this genre but they might try something new though. They seem like to explore more music

  155. What’s Your Name? Wha-what’s Your Name?
    I also loved Girl’s Day – Expectation
    Henry – Trap
    9Muses – Wild

  156. I agree with a lot of these actually. Even my friends who don’t really like kpop like Tarzan, Rose, and Smoky Girl too.

    I know someone already mentioned Roy Kim’s Bom Bom Bom, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned CNBlue’s I’m Sorry. It’s just a really good song, plus I love the use of the waw pedal in the guitar part.

  157. My favorite song is Kim Jae Joong ‘s Zmine. I love the rock mixed with piano and Jae’s sexy voice! Love it! Close second is Kim Junsu’s Foolish Heart from Heaven’s Mandate OST. Love that song because Junsu starts on a low tone and as the lyrics get hopeful his voice gets into high notes. Third, Mblaq’s Smokey girl, love my boys voices so much in this song! Specially Thunder’s voice that gets sexier with each video.

  158. Oh yesss MBLAQ Smoky Girl is totally my cup of tea. In fact the whole album is great.

    I will be patiently waiting for Smoky Girl review next Monday! Meanwhile, get well soon Martina…

  159. PunkyPrincess92

    wow….none of the songs you guys chose were my faves of the year at all!! ‘cept ADTOY was alright!! not a fave though….especially with the high voice parts…
    Lee Hi’s Rose was nice too!

    my fave songs of the year so far are,
    SHINee- Dream Girl
    Vixx- On and On
    Supreme Team- Stay Still
    Zion.t- Babay
    (and basically everything that came outta Amoeba Culture)
    Ukiss- Standing Still
    Jaejoong- Mine
    Henry- Trap (not liking the high voice part either!!)
    GG- I Got a Boy (that’s right!! i really like this song!! Simon WHAT?? come at me!! delete my comment!!!!………….heehee)
    Nell’s songs
    Cho Yong Pil- Hello
    MFBTY- Sweet Dream

    i feel like i probably forgot some other ones!!

    i chose things songs on the account that i’ve CONSTANTLY been listening to them since their release!!
    oh and these are just the ones with mv’s…..if i chose non title tracks well then…the list could go on so much more!!

  160. I think I’m the only one who seriously dislikes MBLAQ’s smoky girl …. >.>

    to each their own I guess haha…

    • I actually couldn’t even get through more than 1/3 way into it, every time I try to list the “SMOKY SMOKY SMOKY SMOKY SMOKY SMOKY SMOKY” broken record irritates me so much I have to turn it off. Ugh. It doesn’t even make sense, and I have a wide tolerate of nonsensical english in kpop songs!!

      • I was the same way. once that chorus stared I was like “…done” I’m not going to be overly critical of all English in Kpop songs, but when it takes up all of the chorus, and the song title as well….then I have an issue.

    • you’re not alone. ^^; I tried liking the song since well, it’s Mblaq, and they always put out between average-to-very-good songs but…. the chorus ): what I saw of the mv and the dance didn’t quite do it for me either…. ):

    • Blueberries

      I first didn’t like it: the chorus was too repetitive.. but now I can’t help but like it cause it’s so catchy and stuck to my head XD I don’t like chorus that much but otherwise I like song :)

      • ya it’s really the chorus that I couldn’t get over :/ it’s a shame, because I usually like their stuff. My favorite being “it’s war”

    • I completely agree with you~ I tried to like it, but I just couldnt get into it, and the chorus.. >< I really wanted to like it, I love MBLAQ and I think "This is War" is such a freakin epic song! But to me this didnt match up. It's weird cause I dont usually disagree that much with S&M (except a few cases) so its kinda weird for me that they said its the best song out of the year, and to me its just.. meh.. D:

    • Actually, at first I didn’t really like the song, but when I listened again The “Smoky Girl” part doesn’t sound that long to me too, and at the 1:27 part where the song changes ugh /dead so amazing. But everyone has their own tastes I guess :>
      (I didn’t like the Mv though, too meh)

  161. Jordan

    Yes, YES. Do a least favorite!!!

  162. i feel like the songs you guys picked are mostly recent songs :’(

    you guys should do a video on most disliked song of 2013 and maybe a video on best choreographed dance of 2013 so far.

  163. i LOVED the video for ‘art of seduction’ it was so great omg! and i also prefer gentleman to gangnam style.
    i cried at your singing of rose, it sounds like a good autotuned version of my singing

    some of my personal favourites are (no particular order)
    glam – in front of the mirror
    vixx – hyde + on and on
    u-kiss – standing still
    9muses – dolls
    bumkey – bad girl!!!!!!!!!
    lc9 – mama beat (fave debut of 2013)
    bangtan – no more dream (2nd fave debut of 2013)
    kim sojung – beautiful love

    these are just title songs tho, there are a bunch of non-title songs that i would love to add as well (but i wont)

  164. Wild & dolls – 9muses

    They did say dolls was one of their favorite songs on the eyk chart in one video!

  165. ADTOY is THE song of 2013. Amazing!

  166. Ely

    “Come Back After You Listen to This Song Right Here Right Afterwards Ok
    Don’t Delay Because It’ll Be Bad And I Totally Ordered Pizza…”

    I prefer this title, although it would be very long, shortened… :D


  167. i agree with the list except t-ara n4 and 4 minute, because i didnt like those songs. and i am going to add henry’s trap to that list which was an FREEAKING AWESOMEE song in my opinion. and i would love to see least favourite songs of the year but you would get a lot of hate because of it. us nasties wont hate you, but there are a lot of people on the internet looking for a reason for bashing other people.

    if there would be a way to just reveal them in this website, not youtube o.o

  168. AfizaFarhanaPija

    I love “Jeon Won Diary”, “What’s Your Name” and additions of “Standing Still” and Girl’s Day – “Expectation” -^^- or maybe ChoColat – “Black Tinkerbell”

  169. To the Spanish speakers, in Tarzan have you noticed that in the chorus, as for example in the 0:13 they say “por la mañana y por la tarde”? it was kinda of funny for me because every time they repeat that segment I understan that :-D

    • I thought it was just me xD

      • I sometimes look for the “momentos teniente” in many songs like this;-). But in this case it was right away I didn’t have to play that game.

        • Is it that common? It only has happened to me two times, this one and Won Bin ft. HyunA – I Love You and I Love You (she said adiós)

        • I think it depends of what you want to hear. For example when I heard BTS’s “no more dream” what they say in the 1:36? You have two options one sounds better than the other and the meaning also. ;-)

  170. Where is “Thank you” by D-Unit?

  171. Totally agree with Martina about Standing Still and Mine! The super strong beat of Standing Still is so intense, I love it, and Mine was just awesome. Jaejoong should be a dark rocktastic vampire angel all the time. Those two, along with Rose, are probably the songs I listen to the most often (of the ones that came out this year). Bilasa’s What’s Happening was also awesome fun, great for helping me get all pepped up in the morning, and I keep forgetting how much I like Tarzan until I listen to it again and feel like “why is this not in my kpop playlist yet?!!”

  172. I think mordney and mordina should do the least favourite songs or meemers and spudgy. Nobody can hate on them.

  173. I’m extremely surprised to find that a minority of nasties are suggesting for Simon & Martina to not list their least favourite songs of the year. As nasties, and to be honest, as people, it’s always good to hear two sides of the story. Personally, having followed Simon and Martina for, well, since forever (secondary school up till now, mid way through university), I think that nasties should know- no matter what band you like, whether or not they’re well known or not so much, there will always be people who may not like it as much as you do. To find out why they may not like them is just as interesting, if not more so, as finding out why people like them.

    Seriously, Simon and Martina have to deal with so many netizens moaning about their opinions even if they like bands, so they should (in my opinion) also say why they don’t like certain bands. Unfortunately, to not like a band is usually not so welcoming to fans who are dedicated to particular bands. Anyhow, I’ll be looking forward to whatever the outcome is :)
    (On another note; yay! I finally decided to create a disqus account xD)

    • I do agree that they should make a list of their least favourite songs but not a list of what bands they don’t like. If they dislike a song it doesn’t mean they dislike the whole band so it leaves some people with hope. It also shows that they aren’t just biased. They can really love a band but still really dislike one of their releases. However if they say they dislike certain bands – all hell will break loose. I don’t mind but too many immature people will see EYK as haters.

      • @i am me and ShootAnonymous:

        Yup, I realise that they had negative votes, and yes, I realise if they discuss certain bands they may dislike, ‘all hell will break loose’ as i am me suggested. So I’m really curious about whether or not they’re going to go ahead with the least favourite songs of 2013 :) It sucks that they have to deal with potential immature people though. Oh. And I decided to stick to my youtube username xD

        • ShootAnonymous

          Such is the case with anonymity and the internet. *shrugs*

          I’m thinking that if they did a dislike list, they should probably do in a compare and contrast manner. I.e. a sound/concept/genre done badly and the same sound/concept/genre done well =d Otherwise…. if you think about it, a simple dislike list serves no purpose other than to fuel angry-fan-fire and to satisfy our curiosity. Like — are you going to check out all the disliked songs?

          I certainly am not. (Too busy listening to the epic that is Nell =P)

        • Yup I think that would be a nice concept for a dislike list. It’ll let S&M be able to show how they came to the conclusion and this will hopefully prevent angry fans suggesting that S&M are just in it to be haters xD

        • ShootAnonymous

          yessss. Even better if both sides of the comparisons can be from the same group/company. Less “YG BIAS!” “SM HATER!” “XXYY BIAS!!!” complaints.

        • xD I wonder how many complaints they get for a Music Monday from anti-fans!

    • The people who’re discouraging S&M to list a dislike list are probably doing it out of concern at (almost certain) backlash.

      S&M got more than 5 downvotes somewhere below for saying they didn’t like SHINee’s latest promoted track (forgot the name, sry. Didn’t like it either so I didn’t pay attention). And that’s on a random commment amongst 100+ comments. Imagine if they actually wrote a blog/made a video — angry fans(who don’t know the concept of personal opinion, no offense etcetc) incoming.

      P.S. I admit I’m curious to know about S&M’s dislike list (particularly if there are ‘popular’ songs included), but either way’s fine with me. I’d rather get recommended good songs than anti-recommended bad songs, if you know what I mean.

    • Cara Rose

      While I’d be intensely interested in a list of least favorite songs, I’d hate to see them bend of backwards just to cover and recover
      the fact that not liking a song DOSE NOT MEAN they don’t like the band. Just don’t want EYK to expend energy over continuous explanations. but perhaps they could add a segment to the EYK Awards for the worst song/mv, but add some constructive criticism and/or showcase one or two other songs by the same band in comparison to counter point?? I donno, just bouncing ideas…

      • Hiya Cara, yup, ShootAnonymous was suggesting the same concept :) And I’m sorry, I realise that I made a mistake in my second paragraph and have updated the post. Definitely it is the case that if you don’t like a song, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like the band- been in the situation myself several times so I understand that completely :)

    • I can only speak for myself, but I think it wouldn’t be a good idea because of the hellish sh!tstorm that would follow. Yes, the Nasties will rally behind them for sure, and I can say haters be hatin’, but the truth is–I have no idea how it’s like at the backend of this site. Like…just how MUCH hate email, comments, etc do they get on average and how much more will ratchet up once the least-favorite list goes up.

      I would love such a list, and I’m confident that Nasties are human beings first and Kpop fans second in that they would respect their opinions. But there will always be those fans (not necessarily Nasties) who cannot fathom liking a song but not an MV; not liking a song but liking the artist; or even liking a PART of the song but not the whole song, but also liking the artist. (confusing, I know) There will be those who cannot tolerate opinions differing from their own. And while the mature part of me would wanna say, “S&M have been doing this for years! They can handle it,” I remember Lee Hi-gate and well, I fear the same kind of repercussions in terms of the amount of negative comments. (I understand circumstances there are different. I just made the comparison in terms of possible negative reactions)

      Cyber_3 has some really interesting, alternatively-titled lists that I think would be hilarious and fun to video without necessarily having the “least favorite videos” title. Ultimately though, it’s S&M’s call, and if they choose to do so, I will watch, laugh, agree/disagree, and then watch it again to laugh. :)

  174. Blueberries

    I’m glad that you included 4minute’s What’s your name (it’s so catchy as Simon said!) and 2PM’s ADultTOY in your favorite song list, I love both of them!

    My other fav songs of this year are:
    - NU’EST- Hello
    - B.A.P- Zero
    - LC9- Ready Set Go
    - GLAM- In Front of Mirror
    - 2PM- Game Over, CBWYHTS
    - Mr.Mr- Highway
    - MFBTY- Sweet Dream

    I have listened these on repeat months :D

  175. I LOVE the Art of Seducation and Tarzan! Both amazing songs! I agreed with both of you guys for the most part though!
    Btw, you guys Gould totally do your least favorite songs! Even though some of my groups may be on that list, I wouldn’t mind :] I love hearing your guys reasoning for not liking a song. It’s enlightening to hear others opinions on that kinda stuff ^^

  176. I know it might seem like a long time ago to some people, but Infinite H’s album came out in January, and I strongly believe it was one of the best (alongside few others) to come out this year. It’s a bit regretful that they kind of came out right in between SNSD’s I Got A Boy and Sistar 19′s Gone Not Around Any Longer though. It seems they were overshadowed and now people have forgotten about them. Such a shame.

    Yes, anyway, I’m a bit iffy on some of your song choices (many I would not consider ‘best song’ material whatsoever).

    Personally I’ve been a fan of the album releases of IVY, Cho Yong Pil, Zion T, Nell, and INFINITE H, but as for best songs I’d have to go with these (in no particular order):

    1. INFINITE H- Without You

    2. Cho Yong Pil- “Bounce” and “Hello”

    3. Zion T- Babay

    4. Jay Park- Joah

    5. Nell- Ocean of Light (love “Haven” and “Boy-X” as well)

    6. Bumkey- Bad Girl

    7. Lucia- Flower Shade

    I liked quite a bit of other songs, but this selection pretty much sums up the standouts in my opinion. I would have added IVY’s ‘I Dance’, but the bad rapping disturbed the flow of the song and honestly I can’t stand listening to it because of that.

  177. I’m heartbroken MBLAQ Smoky Girl is not reviewed this week huuuuhuhuhuhuhuuuu have been waiting so hard for it!
    Get well soon Martina, promise me you will review Smoky Girl next Monday, okay? Mmwah

  178. Jase Aaron

    According to an interview, “Smoky Girl” refers to smoky makeup. I want to love this song but that phrase is just so off-putting for me.

  179. LongClawTiger

    Such a great first half of the year! If the second half is anything like the first, I am going to be dancing from now until well past new year’s day.

  180. I agree with you guys on Lee Hi’s Rose and Psy’s Gentleman :D And especially MBLAQ <333333
    I'm still a bit dissapointed that you guys aren't doing a Music Monday today, I was hoping for Smoky Girl :/ But it's alright, Martina get better sooooon :)
    And I'll be so so so happy if you review them next week <3 ^^

  181. My favourite releases this year without looking at my itunes list is a bit difficult but since I’m not at my computer here is what I do remember.

    1. LeeSsang – Tears
    2. Saltnpaper – Hat (The whole album is one of my favourites)
    3. MFBTY – Sweat Dreams
    4. Henry – Trap

    Oh and you should do a least favourite list but maybe make the link only available to “Nastys”? Also the “O” in Reggaeton is pronounced like the “오” in Korean.

  182. Cara Rose

    I’d add Clazziquai Project and Glen Check perhaps? I think maybe Love Recipe might not be the style of song you guise generally fall head over heels for, but the over all feel of the song AND music video is a beautiful combination.
    with Glen Check, technically it was a remix, so I’m not sure it would count officially [plus there's no MV, but....] their version of SHINee’s Hello is fan-tab-u-lous! (I might be a little GC bias though –><– )
    that is all :P
    love this video concept and look forward to many more recap sessions!!

    • Glen check!!!! I haven’t been keeping up with the korean music scene (since I usually just find one song and latch onto it for months on end), but did they have a new album/single? :O I loved their disco elevator mini album +_+

      • Cara Rose

        lol, no. I’m just adding in their current remixes
        (In total there’s Dicso Elevator, Haute Coture & Cliche for albums & minis’)
        all worth a look! ps. saw them live for New Years Eve. best live show EVAR! *-*

        • ShootAnonymous

          definitely going to take a listen, thanks :D

          P.S. so jelly right now TAT *flaps arms about* chances of Glen Check (or any non-idol korean music group/singer) coming to where I live is zero OTL

        • Cara Rose

          lol, I had to go to Seoul to see them. flew in on NYE and went straight from Incheon Int. Airport to Olympic Hall Stadium….
          totally worth it

    • Cara Rose

      also, perhaps this is more K-Indie bias <3

  183. Nicole Dennis

    I think ” Bangtan Boys – No More Dream ” is one of the best songs out right now. Also anything Infinite or Infinite H related is a major yes <3 I also think MBLAQ's Smokey Girl, Henry – Trap, B1A4 – What's going on?, and I love both of 2PM's songs. I bought both immediately.

  184. Asela Cheung

    Gomawo Martina for mentioning JaeJoong’s “Mine” and U-Kiss’ “Standing Still”!!! :’D Also, yay~! You guys mentioned MBLAQ and Heo Young Saeng!!! Woot woot!! (Though I am on Simon’s side for T-Ara N4′s Jeon Won Diary…. I like the song ^^;; ) I would also like to add Zion T’s “Babay”, Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl”, Bumkey’s “Bad Girl”, uBEAT’s “Should’ve Treated You Better”, Chocolat’s “Black Tinkerbell”, Nine Muses “Wild”, Younha’s “The Real Reason We Broke Up”, and Sistar’s “Give It To Me” (Wow…. That’s alot xDDDD)

  185. I think it would be really interesting to see what were your least favorite kpop songs/videos so far. Even if people don’t agree with you, it is just your opinion. And that is really why I love watching your kpop music mondays. A lot of times I watch a video, and ask myself, “I wonder what S&M would have to say about this one?” Sometimes I agree with what you say, sometimes I don’t, still is interesting to see another persons point of view.

    TL;DR, yes please do a least favorite video list. ^_^

  186. haruchi

    There’s some good songs on your list. The songs that came to my mind were “Mine” by Jaejoong and “One Shot” by B.A.P (when talking about best title songs). I think there’s more but at least those are my most listened this year’s k-pop songs on last.fm. haha Oh and my favourite rookie of the year as for now, History. “Dreamer” is a great song! (though “Tarzan” is starting to be addictive song! XD)

  187. And let’s not forget about

    History – Dreamer
    BTS – No More Dream
    MFBTY – Sweet Dream
    GLAM – I like that
    GI – Beatles
    Ladies Code – Bad Girl

    Gee, there’s a lot of dream-themed songs.

  188. Asela Cheung

    Gomawo Martina for mentioning JaeJoong’s “Mine” and U-Kiss’ “Standing Still”!!! :’D Also, yay~! You guys mentioned MBLAQ and Heo Young Saeng!!! Woot woot!! (Though I am on Simon’s side for T-Ara N4′s Jeon Won Diary…. I like the song ^^;; ) I would also like to add Zion T’s “Babay”, Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl”, Bumkey’s “Bad Girl”, uBEAT’s “Should’ve Treated You Better”, Chocolat’s “Black Tinkerbell”, Nine Muses “Wild” and Sistar’s “Give It To Me” (I prefer this song over “Alone” ^^)

  189. I`m actually kind of dying to see a full least favorite list… :,3 I think it could be fun! And I`m saying this knowing there will probably be songs I like on the list (hell I kinda liked why so serious, so I guess that part is certain), I`m just really curious! Perhaps even intrigued :O

    And yea, some people don`t respond well to criticism, but it`s just an opinion, and eventually everyone needs to learn to deal with criticism. I say go for it! ;D

    oh and …in the spirit of sharing, I think some of my favorites so far this year were:
    One Shot – BAP
    Gone Not Alone Any More – Sistar19
    Dual Life – Kim Sori
    Glam – I Like That

    (Also…a bunch of songs from Shinee that didn`t get music videos… specifically Spoiler, Dynamite, Hitchhiking, Nightmare, and Evil… So ok I might be a fangirl. .___. *tears*)

    Also with T-ara N4…Idk even that felt a little patchwork to me…it shifts gears from sort of a fun/edgy sound to that twinkling softer, more innocent sound partway through and it just…I can`t do it. :/ Also I`m not sure the `why you hating` line was entirely advisable. Love the ring ga rings though!

  190. I would say my favorite song would be B2ST’s Will You Be Alright. Itching to vote for it on our KPOP Chart, sadly no MV to vote for yet. I agree with u with the Tarzan MV. Speaking of rookie group, I’m loving BTS’s No More Dream lately. What do you think of that group?
    P.S. Martina unnie get well soon. EatYourKimchi 화이팅! ^^

  191. thisisjustforfunval

    Thanks for the great run down of your personal favorite songs of the year. You could have probably gone on and on, btw Martina great two additions at the end. Stand Still and Mine are two of my favorites of the year so far. Smoky Girl, This Love and The Art of Seduction being the others. It’s really wonderful that you guys are showing us Nastiess your own opinions on what you agree on and disagree on.

  192. Angelina Widener

    Hi Simon and Martina ! Thanks for the video and I hope Martina will get better soon !
    I also have to thank personally Martina because thanks to her Wonder Boyzs’ Tarzan is stuck in my head and I love this song>.<
    My other favorite songs include :
    MIB-Nod Along
    C Clown-Shaking heart
    Bilasa-What's happening
    Teen Top-Missing you
    Sistar19-Gone Not Around Any longer
    Eric Nam-Heaven's door
    Just to name a few ^.^

    • It’s also stuck in my head!!! Tarzan is a really fun song and nicely done!!!

    • I’m surprised they didn’t mention What’s Happening, it’s such a good song! I also agree with you on Nod Along. MIB’s Money in the Building is one of the most solid albums I’ve heard in kpop.

  193. OH YEAH MBLAQ´s song its great and Smoky girl stands for eewww u so nasty gurl XDDDD… ok not really… we shall ask to MBLAQ´s G.O <3

  194. What about MFBTY? I love “Sweet Dream” and it still plays in my head to this day…

  195. I was able to watch it thanks to the link on facebook, but not if I wanted to watch it from your site.

    Btw, you guise, have you heard Fiestar’s Wicked? I’d say that’s somewhat similar to Wonder Boyz’ Tarzan!

  196. Seriously… why can’t I see it? Did you guys take down the video? When I go to your homepage its not there… :(

  197. Just in case S&M didn’t see my comment on yt…

    The link in the video description to this blog post is wrong! it’s “THE-best-kpop….” and no “best-kpop…”

  198. I can’t see it :(

  199. do it! do a least fave song video! i wanna see it!

  200. doesnt smoky girl mean hot girl? like smoking hot

    • It could mean a bunch of things. I thought maybe it was a Konglish word but when I asked my husband and other Koreans they hadn’t really heard of it. Besides from something like “smoking hot”, it could mean something like “bad girl”, it could refer to the smoky eye makeup (though the girl in the video does lack really smoky eye makeup), I’ve also heard that it means a girl who is hard to catch, like trying to catch smoke.

  201. Hyde by VIXX is hella underrated. The song is great. THE LYRICS ARE AMAZING. (seriously the lyrics make sense and are coherent and go with the concept)
    So much fun to listen too, and the MV fit the song really well too. This is a song that you don’t need to see a performance of to like the song. But when you see the performance it makes it even better and doesn’t detract from the song itself .

    • Completely agree as well, it’s actually one of my favorite songs for the year thus far. The whole schizo thing within the lyrics really does it for me. Also, the dance might not be the most complex dance to some, but to me really fits the song and was kinda what attracted my attention first.

      • The dance is totally what made this song for me. I thought the idea of splitting up into pairs and having the two halves “fight” each other throughout the dance was seriously brilliant and mirrored the lyrics and concept perfectly. Also, that reaching up in the chorus was beautifully matched with the pleading, desperate feeling of that part of the song.

    • I agree good song, but it’s doing horrible on the charts

      • You mean on EYK charts on korean ranking charts? D:
        I honestly thought they were starting to gain popularity

        D: D: D: D:

        • korean charts it’s not doing well

        • ShootAnonymous

          Ah. That’s really sad ): *flounders about*

        • Joseph O'Sullivan

          Their album ranked number 1 on world albums chart however. so for rookie kpop group thats kinda amazing! EXO also did that just for perspective.

          They are gaining a lot of popularity in korea too but ya know…slow rise to the top in kpop. another couple years at this rate and they’ll be up there. Teen Top and Infinite debuted in 2010 and are only really up towards the top now

      • They were in 2nd place at some point, and managed to hold on to the top three for three weeks, but got screwed over because of EXO and CL. Kinda pissed me off. I know for a fact that both of them could have held on for a hell of a lot longer. Just a tad bit bitter here. XP

    • Well, the video and concept were awesome, yes. The song though, I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that the video –which, again, was balling awesome– was much better than the song for me.

      • Totally get it.

        Personal, I heard the song first cause i think i was on someone’s tumblr page an it played. Finally figured out where the sound was coming from and saw what the song was. looked up the video and lyrics and was super impressed that everything went together.

    • I personally liked VIXX’s On and On better as a song by itself, which was actually released this year, but because it was in January I think it was overlooked.

      However, as far as concept goes, Hyde hits it out of the park! It’s not just the lyrics that work so well with the concept, the actual chorus of the song matches as well. The chorus goes from minor to major using the same melody over top the chords which can suggest being two sides of a person. Just thought that was interesting!

      • I wasn’t really into the Phantom of the Opera opening of the song, but i loved everything else about the song. The video wasn’t anything to right how about, but the dance was great. I watch the practice video a lot. I find myself dancing to it at random points and get side eye from my family.

        Hyde on the other hand for me checked all the boxes for me. Although i really wish Ravi would stop with what i find to be awkward English intros.

    • In general, I love how VIXX does their harmonies. That’s hard to find. All the clashing notes that resolve flawlessly. I don’t hear that much in kpop, so when I do, I’m an instant fan. Both On and On and Hyde have amazing harmonies, so I’m satisfied.

  202. I really like A.D.T.O.Y, Tarzan and Rose. I quite like Smoky Girl, though my husband and I weren’t that sure about it at first. I thought it was too repetitive and he was annoyed by some of the Korean pronunciation, but after a few more listens it was a lot better, and so catchy.

    What’s Your Name is catchy, but then in a way where it’s stuck in your head and you want to scratch your eyes out in frustration…

  203. Only listing those with MVs.

    Mine – Jaejoong
    On & On – VIXX
    Hyde – VIXX (better mv than O&O, but i prefer O&O in terms of song)
    Safety Zone – Dalmation/DMTN
    Love Blossom – K. Will
    With Laughter or With Tears – Seo In Guk
    Joah – Jay Park

    Honorary mentions(?!): Nine Muses’ “Wild” and Chocolat’s “Black Tinkerbell” (haven’t decided if I really really like the two songs enough yet), LC9′ debut song (can’t rmbr the title but the mv certainly left an impression and the dance is pretty cute actually)
    Anything and everything released by Nell. Even if it doesn’t have an MV. (obvious bias is obvious. =P)

  204. Get better soon Martina!

  205. MarVi

    Martina always seems to be in bad condition :( get well soon!

  206. Martina singing “Smoky girl” while Simon talked pretty much sums up how I feel about that song — please, make it stop! (Sorry…) Also, it’s obviously hard to say this for sure, but if I had heard Gentleman first, I’m not sure I’d have bothered listening to any more PSY songs. Agreed on Rose, Tarzan (LOVE it!), and Jeon Won Diary.

    Some of my favs so far this year have been Lunafly’s Fly To Love, Henry’s Trap, VIXX’s Hyde, Bilasa’s What’s Happening, and Infinite’s Man in Love (that was this year, right?).

  207. Yes, SMOKY GURL is really one of the best this year. Maybe the only one that I don’t like is JEON WON DIARY and I kinda wish YooHoo was here but Simon&Martina don’t like YooHoo.. ^^

    VIXX – Hyde and Nine Muses – Wild are good too. Lee Hyori and Shinhwa also.

  208. Although Wolf was not a great song, Baby Don’t Cry, Don’t Go, and My Lady were the best songs I’ve heard.. I’m not sure if I’m just a fan in denial or if people actually think it’s good but I think it’s the best 2013 song. I also liked Nu’est Hello and Lee Hi Rose

  209. As someone who would like to continue watching your videos for years to come i recommend you DON’T make a list of the worst songs of the first half of 2013.

    Even if i think i know some of the songs you would choose, and i would be laughing and enjoying the video even if it’s my favorite groups song you hate. There are not many fangirls who can remain as calm as some Nastys. AKA Nastys would be down…Average kpop fan trollin youtube…not so much.

    • I completely agree. There would be a lot of arguments, hate comments, and chaos from people who can’t seem to accept their opinions. It’s not worth it for Simon and Martina to make and edit a video only to get a lot of unnecessary hate for it…

    • That was my first thought exactly. Worst Songs list = totally epic for Nasties, but would create epically total destruction for EYK with all the fans. I think such a discussion may be better if it was done at a fan meet or a place where the likelihood of it being immortalized on the internetz for thousands to see would be slim to none.

    • controversy makes for more views also. for an article I once wrote, I got actual hate mail. Lol but I was also the most read article and most shared article I’ve ever written. I actually still get comments/mail from it.

  210. meh on some of those songs, they were okay but I didn’t really love any of them (other than MBLAQ and Lee Hi).

    My favorites so far this year have been:
    Dreamer- History
    MaMa Beat- LC9 (And their whole album which was great)
    SHINe (Medusa I)- Shinee (Loved this album, Orgel was good too)
    Smoky Girl- MBLAQ (Still getting into the album but its pretty good)
    Shaking Heart- C-Clown (Far Far was good too)
    EVERYTHING THE GEEKS (backpack was a perfect album)
    Man In Love- Infinite
    Rose- Lee Hi (The whole album was good tho)
    I’m really liking the other tracks on Exo’s album (NOT WOLF THOUGH)
    hyde- VIXX
    Mango – Cheeze
    Hello- Cho Yong Pil
    Wild- 9Muses
    Bad Girl- Bumkey <3
    Whats going on? – B1A4

    Its really a mix of genres and groups, but I really loved it all.

    • Yay for Cheeze!

    • I also thought EXO’s new album was great. I liked Wolf okay but I thought they had some way better songs on there that would’ve made good title songs.

      • Wolf is only SLIGHTLY better than IGAB to me, both songs seem to be bad mashups of 40 different genres.
        I’m loving ‘My Lady’, ‘Don’t Go’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, and ‘Black Pearl’ <3
        'My Lady' is my favorite I think, its really smooth and I love the snapping and that part after 1:02

        • Angela Merritt

          Yessss Baby Don’t Cry makes me swoon like no other! Exo blew us away last year with their strong vocals in What Is Love, and BDCis kind of like part 2 in my mind <3

        • I honestly think EXO should stick to ballads. What is Love and Baby Don’t Cry are two beautiful songs. My Lady was also really amazing, and would make an amazing dance from what I have seen from Kai’s teaser.
          I really disliked Wolf and I cannot understand how it is doing so well on the charts. I almost didn’t even bother with the other songs on the album, but I remembered What is Love and thought I would give it a try. I’m glad I did, because I would have missed out on some really nice songs.

        • yeah wolf for me was a great video. really enjoyed it overall but I look back at songs like “what is love” and I think WOW!. these boys are talented. I would like to see them succeed with their great voices and not just to become another “hot” boy band only popular with fan girls. I just hope they can keep a mix of songs and types- like dance and ballads. their voices are too good not to have ballads as well.

        • I prefer their ballads too! Angel was my favorite song of the previous album actually =D
          About half the album is like pure ballad songs, which to me, is quite a bit? So there’s a good mix I think?

        • I think I’m being a bit harsh by saying they should only stick to ballads, espically when they do have some good dancers. I’m honestly not much of an EXO fan. When What is Love came out I thought I would be, but I didn’t care for Mama and History. I really wanted to be a fan with this comeback, but I hated Wolf. But they do have other good songs, so I haven’t given up all hope. I would really love to see a full live of My Lady though. I bet that would win me over lol

        • I wouldn’t really call it harsh, cause it’s your honest opinion based on your experience of the songs so far, and it’s not like you’re not keeping an open mind, since you’re not giving up hope haha~
          Oh yes a full live would be fantastic, they somehow manage to have nice dances for their ballads too, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised should that happen =)

        • The fact that they can dance to ballads is awesome. I love how sexy and slow and jazzy it can all look.
          Could you recommend a performace for me? Like I said, I’m not much of a fan, but I feel like watching a cool dance xD

        • I think the only full live ballad with dance they’ve done is for Angel/Into Your World (But I might be wrong XD), It might not be cool per say, but I think it’s nice haha (but I’m insanely biased cause I love the song, you have been warned XD).
          I’m not like a super crazy/dedicated fan who’s watched every performance and remembers them all, so I wouldn’t count on my recommendation being the best, but I think this fancam (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llbfoyjgGR8)has a nice view, might not be the best performance of the song or the highest quality video, but you can more or less see the whole song for the whole dance >.<. It's only K in this vid though =/

        • Angela Merritt

          I’m one of the weirdos who actually loved Wolf lol, but I see your point! Their ballads are SO worthy and really should be promoted more. It’s what really makes them stand out from the other rookie groups! I’d like to see a model where they release one ballad for every dance track. I definitely don’t think they should do away with the dance tracks though! We need to give the dancers and some of the guys with more of an ‘edgy’ appeal time to shine. Don’t get me wrong, I’d listen to these boys sing ballads all day long! Angel is my favorite song to watch them perform live! ^^But if they were a ballad only group, some of the 12 guys (all beloved by fans) might be a bit superfluous ya know? :/

      • Yes XOXO is surprisingly very good overall. Am I the only one who’s loving ‘Heart Attack’? Such an addictive song.

        • I was kinda meh on that song, it wasn’t bad (I liked the beat) but I didn’t love the vocals, they seemed kinda awkward with the song to me? Idk :O

        • Sophie Tiffany Vanderbilt

          Heart Attack is my favorite track on the album. Black Pearl comes in second. Wolf is down at the bottom somewhere lol. I deleted that 5 6 9 12 song or whatever that one was. It made my ears bleed.

          But yes, I would say Heart Attack could be my fav so far of 2013…it has the play count numbers on my ipod to prove it!

        • Kačí Kys

          ‘Heart Attack’ with ‘Peter Pan’ are my favourites. I actually really love the album as a whole, including ‘Wolf’. And I wasn’t a fan before XOXO, I became an Exotic with this album.

        • Yay finally I see a Peter Pan here XD, it’s slowly becoming my favorite song of the album >.<

      • I’m personally of the opinion that Wolf’s the title track cause it kinda sells better? Don’t get me wrong I love the other songs and prefer most, if not all, of them but I guess it’s easier to market a song like wolf vs a ballad, and possibly would be able to reach a wider audience. Just my theory though.

    • HIstory’s Dreamere was an A M A Z I N G song !!! I’m so glad someone else liked it !!

    • Perfect list! I’ve been listening to a lot of these songs on repeat this year.

    • Zion.T’s album was perfect! I love it soooo much.

    • Seriously, it’s like K. Will can do no wrong. I LOVED his album and he’s definitely one of my all time favorites.

    • Yes on Infinite H! OMG I was so blown away by their debut album! Simon and Martina, check out Fly High if you haven’t yet! That’s k-pop hip-hop done right. Hoya and Dongwoo have the talent and the swagger to really sell it! ‘Without You’ feat. Zion T is sooooooooo amazing!

      • I’d say they are the best recent sub-unit in k-pop so far :)

        • Angela Merritt

          It definitely gave me a new appreciation for Dongwoo! Hoya is my bias in Infinite (Reply 1997 anybody?), but I’m so glad they both got to show off a little more of their personal style. ^^

          As for recent subunits, I’m also a huge fan of uBEAT even though they weren’t what I expected! I was expecting something more like Infinite H, but I’m really glad they stuck to their own sound! Since Kevin says he’s not officially a member though, it’ll be interesting to see how their style changes without him next time around. KEVINNNN BABY PLZ DON’T GO!!!!! <3

        • I really want to see what uBEAT comes out with without Kevin doing vocals, I’m really hoping for a more rap/hiphop-ish feel :> I did like their album but I didn’t LOVE it like I did w/ Infinite H :o
          (Loved the Standing Still remix though)

          (I loved Hoya in Reply 1997 <3, and his singing was so beautiful in the Can u Smile remake<3 DINO-WOO IS MY BIAS FOR LYFE THO <3)

    • I’d never heard of Cho Yong Pil until seeing your post. I went and looked him up, and I’ve had When I Am With You on repeat ever since. Thank you!

    • SO I just got into LC9, Cho Yong Pil, 9Muses, and Bumkey because of your list up there! THANK YOU!!!! I had no idea Cho Yong Pil was such a legend for one thing. As for LC9, DAT MV! WUT??? It was like Fight Club – Korean pretty boy edition hahaha. All that gore! And then them all laughing like maniacs lol. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it in k-pop. I guess rookie groups need to make themselves memorable right off the bat these days! XD

      • AHHHH! Yay! And LC9 is so cute, E.den actually does vlogs on youtube too(he speaks english)! I really loved the video ehueheuheuehe, it was really funny and interesting to me, their whole album was awesome too

  211. M.I.B’s ‘Nod Along’ , Henry’s ‘Trap’ and Seo In Guk’s ‘Were we happy’ were my favourite songs so far this year :)

  212. D: No EXO’s Wolf?

    • LOL ! Wolf is like the worst song for the year.

    • XOXO as an album is amazing hands down amazing, but Wolf as a song all by it’s self without the dance and performance…not really one of the best songs of the first half of 2013

      I’m a huge EXO fan, but Wolf is not an amazing song. The lyrics make me cringe. (i regret looking them up…”Eat you like cheese”? seriously?)

      The performance of the song an the actual vocals on the track are great, because EXO has amazing vocalist and dancers. But just because the dance is amazing and the vocals sound good does not make the song good.

      Do you get what i mean?

      I voted for EXO to win on the music shows and help them as much as an international fan can. But it’s not because Wolf was a work of genius, it was because XOXO is a really good album, and the boys performance of the song they were given was amazing. (and they deserve and extra special award for keeping a strait face when singing some of that song)

  213. Emilija Sakavičiūtė

    Agh, I really missed Henry’s ‘Trap’ from this list .__. I think it was really catchy and awesome, and for me it’s the best release from SM so far this year ^^
    Oh, and Lee Hyori’s ‘Miss Korea’ was really catchy too. Also I really loved Shinee’s ‘Why So Serious’ ^^

  214. ADTOY ohh yeee

  215. This list is totally dependable.. Haha! MBLAQ’s song is in it, that’s why. Hihi. :D thank you simon and martina

  216. There were so many great songs this year, especially with all the comebacks. Haha wished SPEED with “Pain the love of heart” made the list, it’s one of my favorites :D

  217. Yay Lee Hi on the list!! Gotta agree with you about “damn. I forgot how nice of a song this is.” I sometimes forgot how much I love Lee Hi and then when i hear her songs i’m just like ‘daymn this girl is amazing’ Actually her whole album is amazing. People need to check out her other songs like Dream, Because, Fool For Love etc…

  218. I only know half of the songs on the list… XD I think I’ll listen to the rest of the songs soon! (:
    I would also add Shinhwa’s This Love, VIXX’ Hyde and Henry’s Trap to the list, because I think that those songs are awesome too! :D

  219. And oh.. the XOXO album was amazing.. if we look past the horribleness that is 3,6,5.. really can’t with that song xD Sounds like something One Direction would put out.. >-<

    Apart from that the album was really good with some really good songs.

  220. VIXX’s On and On is the best K-Pop song of 2013′s first half for me.

  221. My favorite song of the year is EXO’s My Lady

    Now at first I was sliiiightly disappointed because the full version of the song wasn’t what I had expected from the teasers we heard back in the EXO teaser era. But once I rid myself of that (I kind of just wanted a full song with D.O.’s voice xD) I really like it, it’s sultry and smooth and the vocals are perfect.

    Though I do have to say that On and on and Hyde by VIXX is also one of my favorites, easily two of the best dance tracks this year for me!

    • you too had the moment of “Oh…it’s not just Kyungsoo?” *pout lip* ?

      • Yes.. I did.. like.. I love Baekhyun’s and Suho’s voices.. I really do and I think they work fantastically in baby don’t cry.

        But it was like My Lady was made for Kyungsoo’s voice, it’s just so sultry and rich and.. choco-latte~
        So yeah, that moment happened :P

    • My lady is one of my favorites as well! Both the Korean and Chinese versions are very good! I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love their newest album XD
      (I’m a new fan to EXO)

    • I was a tiny bit disappointed at first too because I was hoping it would be Kyungsoo’s solo, but once I put my completely biased mind aside, I was very pleased with the whole song. ^^

  222. The video’s not working >.<

    • It’s working for some people, but not others, and I’m not sure why. I reported the issue to YouTube. Hopefully it can work soon!

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I couldn’t get to work on the blog but it does work if I go into your YouTube channel to watch :)

        • Jenny Showalter

          I also had to go to you tube to watch it, the main video wasn’t working on the website though the videos in the blog post are.

      • from my web browser, it seems the embed youtube link on your webpage source code is



        When trying to access it, it is actually an invalid link and becomes an error/black screen.

        one solution might be to change the link to



        which seems to be done for all your other webpages in previous blogs. and when i access that link, it becomes PLAYLIST MODE :D

      • Saw it on your channel! Thanks!

  223. i’m so sorry to hear that about Martina…hope she feels better soon…sending virtual hug
    but i’m sad Smoky Girl won’t have a KMM….i was sooo lucking forward to it….pls make one for them later on :d pretty please? :D
    as a personal favourite i will add to that list Henry’s trap…..it’s my new addiction

    • Yeah, I was hoping for Smoky Girl last week as well!

      • yah almost all the songs that LOVE don’t get reviewed for some reason :(((( i still hope they will do one for them, it’s their comeback after a year and they only have a MV per comeback :(
        but first it’s Martina’s health :) ….and the video it’s not working for me too
        i want to see your opinions :D

    • Well if we keep on voting our dream may become true(? I got really excited waiting for the video but ok I hope MBLAQ will keep on the first place for another week.

  224. Aww no G-Dragon :(

    • I love GD but gotta admit Michigo is awful.

      • I loved Michigo tho. Because you didn’t like it=awful.

        It’s like CL song. I don’t really like it, But some people loove it. Like genuinely. Same with Michigo =P
        Same with Wolf too. I’m in no way SM fan, but I like Wolf. It’s not the worst song ever happen on earth.
        Well not for me at least. Again preferences.

      • Michigo wasn’t a great song for casual listening but its a pretty good party/club song.
        It’s pretty awesome with the bass all the way up :>

    • I just want to go to a club and dance to that song again and again!! :D

  225. How strictly must they be ~kpop~ videos of the year? If it’s loose then I’d say MFBTY – Sweet Dream was one of the best songs to come out of this year so far. Is there a similar list for the whole of 2012? I’d rate NU’EST – Face pretty highly on that.

  226. no SHINee???

    • “Why So Serious” was one of our least favorite songs of the year…

      • Did you guys check out the rest of the album?

      • Stop thumbing me down, guise! Come on now!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Still thinking of doing that list of your least favorite songs of the year so far? Haha XD

        • JunieBunnie

          LOL to those thumbing down other people’s opinion. Just LOL

        • I hope my thumb up can make up for the 12 thumbs down…

        • Sandeul Baro

          It’s okay guise! Us true Nasties will always up vote you more than the down votes! :D

      • S&M I suggest you check fake/troll accounts here on your blog. Many accounts that dislike your comment have just random sequence of letters in their usernames.

      • “Why So Serious” wasn’t amazing, but the rest of the album was, I loved “Orgel”, “SHINe”, “Like a Fire”, and “Excuse Me Miss” <3

        I understand why they aren't on the list though- no MV.

        • Actually, I think The Misconception of Me might become one of my favorites album this year, but I think it’s totally not Shinee-like. And Why So Serious wasn’t the best song at the album, but it was the most Shinee-like. I think SMEnt. might have been a bit afraid to promote with other song, that’s why they chose Why So Serious for promotions, but the album as a whole – wow, it might be the best for Shinee so far.
          (coming from not-so-hardcore kpop fan)

        • yup, It had a really different, funky, un-pop feel to it, which I why I liked it. I always seem to love the rest of the album rather than the title song when it comes to Shinee though, I really hope they make more songs like the ones I mentioned.

      • Asela Cheung

        What about Dream Girl? O:

      • Dream Girl also came out this year, and I thought you guys liked that song.
        I personally love both; just my taste in music (and that I’m a little biased. I can admit it!)
        If I had to pick out of the two, I would pick Dream Girl.

  227. Am I the only one who can’t access the embedded video…?

  228. I agree with you Martina on 4Minute. I don’t know why that song got so popular? It is so boring. I know you repeat the same line in popmusic, but you can overdo it. What bothers me the most are the lyrics: they are saying they aren’t easy, but the entire song they ask for your name and your phone number, point at their vajayjays and shove their butts in the camera. Sorry but to me that sounds pretty easy. I liked their other songs, but I was so dissapointed with this one ): CUBE what are you doing to these girls?

    On another note. I really enjoy(ed) Henry’s Trap and Ivy’s new song song. Very refreshing (:

      • Thank you I havent met a lot of people who argee with me on this one x]

        • fairbookworm

          I didn’t really like this song too much either. Maybe I got too hyped up for it… idk. I feel kind of bad actually that Hyuna keeps stealing the limelight from all the other members… Personally? I don’t think she is that pretty. I’m more of a Hyorin type of girl haha

    • well apparently many people like this song though and it already became a hit.. i also didn’t like this song much at first but after i heard it twice… LOVE IT!

    • I think the parts where they sing “What’s your name?”, “Where do you live?” and “What’s your number?” are actually what the boys said to them, not really them saying those.
      Anyway the song is boring and repetitive to the level of giving me a headache after a few spins. The reason why the song did really well on charts is beyond my comprehension….

      • Maybe. But if you read the rest of the lyrics (you know the 5lines that are different) it does really seem they are talking to the boys. Like this for instance: (Oooh stop) Don’t leave me here alone, boy Slow down, I’ll do whatever you like so don’t hold back
        Today, spend this night with me oh oh oh oh.

        But I can understand why people think the boys say it. I just think a little bit different I guess x]. And indeed the song is too repetitive….

      • …Is that what they were saying in English? I couldn’t tell.

    • I totally agree! It’s not only boring…but I find the song really annoying as well. I’m not really their fan, but I did like “Volume Up” which is so much better!

    • Asela Cheung

      You should totally check out LEDApple’s cover of “What’s Your Name”! It’s 10x better than the original xDD

    • Every part of this song is a hook, and the production is really great as well: the song that exists is the best possible version of this particular song.

      Also, while I agree with you that the choreography is horrible and too obvious to be sexy, there’s no contradiction between being upfront about wanting to get to know a guy and saying you’re not easy. In the video you can see this when 4minute lovingly show off the “wall of no-name zombies”. When they find a guy they like, they’re straightforward about wanting to spend time with him, you know, like adults do, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sleep with any guy. I really like the aggressiveness of this song, it’s the “Call Me Maybe” of K-pop (complete with “Call Me” hand gestures).

      As far as why the song is popular, it’s because “What’s Your Name? What’s Your Number?” is an earworm in Korean, and not the annoying kind of earworm, but the fun kind. This song is really fun to sing.

      • To me it’s really annoying though x] But tastes differ. I really don’t like this song.

        • Oh yeah, the vocals aren’t strong with this one. 4minute can definitely do better (though they haven’t been great singing this live, either).

  229. what…no zion T? (oh well at least I can listen to him in Smoky girl chorus and he did wrote that song along with SImon d) but no Infinite H? no..i dont’ remember who? it was a good year wasn’t it? we had actually a lot of choises this year while at some point I was really disapointed.

  230. MBLAQ <3

  231. ” Why did that stop happening? There aren’t really any fun dances to do lately, in my opinion”
    Try Secret’s Yoohoo~ that dance has some really easy and fun parts~! :3

  232. The fact that MBLAQ’s SMOKY GIRL is on it, makes the list totally legitimate! hahhaa.
    that song deserves more recognition and love man!

    agree with the repetitive chorus part, almost like the debut song OH YEAH.
    But after listening to it more than once, you’ll get hooked fosure!

  233. Shaking Heart by C-Clown and This Love by Shinhwa… Definitely agree with A.D.T.O.Y and The Art of Seduction though

  234. Hey yay! Thanks for including MBLAQ’s smoky girl! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    *just a random shout out from HongKong A+*
    and according to the members, they said Smoky Girl (it’s officially without ‘e’ lol) is a girl who used cosmetics (Smoky eyes? i guess?) to hide her sadness from her eyes (okay just……. still makes sense right? i hope it is lol)

    • Yeah, it did make sense….. G.O. said it, right?
      Or maybe “Smoky Girl” just sounded cool to the village idiots :D

      • yupppppp hahahahaha cool and sad Smoky Girl with smoky eye shadow who is smoking hot (?)

        • Kriti Kujur

          The random waegukin in the MV looked everything mentioned above but sad :D I must say even the eye shadow wasn’t that Smok(e)y :D

        • I swear…. I was like, hello there random white person in a club where there are NO OTHER WHITE PEOPLE….

        • Kriti Kujur

          KPop MVs are like that generally, aren’t they? Hehe, it was more like Smoky Men for me than Smoky Girl….

    • They also talk about a girl who disappears like smoke in the lyrics, so I think it’s a double meaning. Anyway, a scene girl XD.

  235. Get well soon, Martina! ^_^
    Rest a lot and take it easy till you voice makes a comeback :P
    Then, maybe…..no, please review MBLAQ! Hehe, I was looking forward to it! :D

  236. I don’t really like(hate) Jeon won diary…but ivy’s song is one of the best ones for 2013 imo

  237. NO C-CLOWN?

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