Ok, so we’re not sure if this claim is true or not. We haven’t had all of the sushi Japan has to offer. I’m sure there’s a guy somewhere that’s better. But, I’ll quantify our claim this way:

A guy we know is a serious foodie in Japan. He’s been to many awesome places. He’s eaten at Jiro Sushi. Yes, that Jiro Sushi. He’s eaten there a couple of times. And he’s eaten at this place we went to as well. He easily, EASILY recommends this place above Jiro.

For starters, Jiro is a 20 minute experience, and then you’re kicked out. Sushisho Masa, though, is a 2+ hour experience. Our friend had friends insist on going to Jiro, which he took them to, and then he took them to Sushisho Masa afterwards, and they were muuuch more impressed with the latter.

So, even though Jiro has more fame and better marketing, it’s not necessarily the best. Not that Sushisho Masa is the best, either. But, if Jiro’s supposed to be the best, and this place is better, then, well, that’s how we make our claim. Sounds convoluted, I know. I just feel like I Bucket Listed “Have Best Sushi” and will convince myself that this is it.

But that’s not a fair thing to say, either, because it makes it seem like this sushi wasn’t phenomenal. IT WAS FREAKING MIND BLOWING. Guise, seriously. This is 100 times better than any sushi we ever had, and we ate boatloads of sushi in our lives. Really, a lot a lot a lot of sushi. But, as soon as we ate this sushi we knew we were ruined. RUINED. We ate sushi a couple days afterwards, in Tokyo, at a place that we would have loved otherwise, but instead we were like “meh. It’s not Sushisho Masa.” Damn! The experience was great at the time, but the repercussions now are decreased appreciation of Sushi :(

Also, this wasn’t cheap. This was the most we ever paid for food ever. Yes, it was a lot of food. I ate till I felt ill from eating too much, and we didn’t even eat everything there. More pieces were to be had. But we had to give up. So, altogether, for the two of us to eat the sushi, and have four bottles of sake (WORD!) and unlimited green tea, it cost $525. JESUS! It’s not a meal we can have every day, or even every month. Maybe every leap year? It’s not even a meal we’d want to eat if we were immensely rich. It’s so good that I can still taste it now, a week later. Damn. My eyes are getting watery thinking about the day. It was phenomenal. Really expensive, but whoa: it’s an experience we’ll never forget.

Side note: I like how our reactions to the sushi are different. I eat the sushi and then gush about it for a few minutes. Martina eats a piece and just stares in silence. Also, sorry about the bad quality! It’s too small to bring in full equipment, and – even then – we didn’t have our full gear with us, because we were in Japan and only had iPhones with us. You can still see the sexiness of the food, though, right?

Anyhow, if you’re interested in going there yourself, you can find more information about the restaurant here. It’s got better pictures and maps and phone numbers and everything. We didn’t get that information ourselves because we were too busy orgasmating over the food to think about responsibly getting the proper information.

Edit: for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to ootoro, and what anime I was referring to, here’s a video snippet of it. Check it out:


  1. Have you tried sushiro it’s in Japan and Korean it’s really cheap 1.00 +tax

  2. What is the song at 7:01?

  3. You make sushi look like a religious experience. Saved by sushi!

  4. You guys should link to their website.

  5. I’m going to japan in january and i was wondering how the pricing worked?
    Do they foot you for the session or for each individual sushi you eat?

  6. AHH!! you guys are so lucky!!~ I watched a documentary called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” and I was so moved by it. Jiro’s incredible. So when I saw you guys had posted “The Best Sushi in Japan” I was thinking OH PLEASE LET IT BE JIRO! hahhaha :D

  7. wow im seriously drooling and i love how they teach you how you are suppose to eat. i so want to try that purple sea urchin.

    I live in san francisco and you guys make me want to go to Japanese restaurant called kappou gomi right now. Roughly $10 usd a dish. like each different type of seafood can be made in about 7 different styles that you can choose from. You can eat cheap or expensive here depending how you order. I can’t say how authentic it is because im not Japanese, but it’s definitely the best Japanese food I’ve ever had when comparing taste and freshness. They even have a sign that literally says no sushi, no combination dinners on the front door.

    bad idea to watch this at 1am. I’m trying to lose weight here!

  8. Wow ! We went there 3 years ago and some of the pieces we had looked exactly the same. My boyfriend is a food geek, he has a gallery and all. You can check our pics (sorry for the spam) http://plus.google.com/photos/113873863861047818065/albums/5458554632293418945?banner=pwa
    It was an amazing meal but we can’t say they were the best sushi we had. We had also an amazing experience at Sushiso Sawada (https://plus.google.com/photos/113873863861047818065/albums/5460163470328370961?banner=pwa).
    Thanks for sharing !

  9. I kept on thinking “Aren’t you two full yet?!” Wow, that was a lot of sushi. They all looked so beautiful. I could see the tears forming in your eyes, especially Simon.

  10. Can’t stop watching this! Don’t ever remove it okay? When I get hungry I come here to fill up. :(

  11. I think it’s terrible that you beg your ‘fans’ for thousands of dollars and then brag about eating $250+ per head meals.

    • okay…I debated with myself about answering this, but decided I can’t let this pass. Please know that I am replying to you as a mom and as someone who has lived 60+ years, so my intention here is not to rag on you, but to try to get you to think of this in a different way. In this life you have one go around. It’s trite, but no less true. I have no idea what your circumstances are, but I hope that in your life, when you have worked hard to achieve your goals, have striven to do your best in life, that you will not deprive yourself of the things in life that give you joy and happiness, whatever they may be and whatever they may cost. To the best of your ability, grab hold of those things and experience them, even if just once, so you don’t reach your old age wishing and regretting. Equally, when you take joy in the things that you love, that you have earned through your hard work and effort, know also that others are also entitled to take joy in what they have earned through their own hard work and effort. I cannot address your concern about where the money came from to purchase the memory Simon and Martina made for themselves and for us. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. This is, after all, part of their job here too. Anyone with sight and hearing could understand the pure, unmitigated joy they took in this lifetime experience. Through them, I too was able to experience it, to share some of that joy….an adventure that will never happen to me in my life nor to many others, no matter how much I wish it could, This is what they are supposed to be doing for us, their viewers. Looking at others’ happiness or success and disparaging it does not lessen them, it lessens you. Don’t do it. There is a reason Jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins…it destroys you from the inside. Don’t make any room for it in your life.

      • First of all, I’m not jealous. Lets just get that straight. Why would I be? I earn enough money and have enough free time to travel and ‘not deprive myself of the things in life that give you joy and happiness’. The fundamental thing is I have done this all off my own back, never once have I asked anyone for any money and nor would I ever dream of doing so. I just feel that it is wrong to one day be asking for money, the next to be splurging on expensive meals. If they had never asked for thousands of dollars to continue doing what they are and were self funded, then I have no problem with eating expensive meals. In my mind it is about respect for the people who gave (not lent) them that money. If Simon and Martina had any respect, they would realize that this is a very undignified way to act, especially in Asia.

        • But I’m pretty sure they didn’t use any of the money from the fundraiser. They used that for the studio, which the fundraiser was for.

        • Towelthief, I am pretty sure with or without the fundraiser Simon and Martina world have splurged on high class sushi. Before they started the fundraiser, I am pretty sure they are well saved up for $500 dinner and since its one of their missions to try high class sushi, I don’t think this was an impulsive oh-we-got-thousands-of-money-lets-eat-expensive-food splurge.

          Before you spout out harsh comments like these, maybe think why so many people did not have the same thought as you. Because we trust them to not handle the money insaintly, and from the new studio, new house and being invited to such trips (like interviews and gatherings), I think it’s paid off.

          “If Simon and Martina had any respect, they would realize that this is a very undignified way to act, especially in Asia.”

          Sorry, I had to laugh at that comment. Assuming that you are Asian, where do get that idea from? Dramas or living abroad asians? How long have you lived in Asia. I know there is this stereotypical perception that Asian people are conservative and dignified, but I thought that long viewers of EYK will know that isn’t exactly the case. LOCAL businessmen are all about asking money. This is predominant through the Asian governments, business and rich kids. But that is straying from the topic. I just hope you don’t randomly spout out assumptions, thinking that they can be facts and assumptions. (Simon and Martina aren’t sleazy businessmen. They were genuine about needing money and we were happy to help.)

    • Brag? Why? I appreciate knowing how much it costs to have good sushi and where. I also appreciate their disclosure which I did not think was bragging. I do not think it is fair to judge them on the one expensive meal they had.

    • Heya Towelthief, first of all I’d like to thank you for stating your displeasure here, where we can discuss it, instead of mumbling behind their backs like some people do. ^^b

      Now that I’ve heard your thoughts on this issue, I’ll share mine.

      First of all, I don’t think they begged their fans for all that money. Arguably they might have ‘begged’ for $40 000, but they raised over $100 000, which to me seems to show that at least $60 000 was given out of love and generosity, instead of pity and charity (since they didn’t technically ‘need’ it). For the record, I’ve actually donated money to them long before they even thought about a studio – mainly because I felt it was unfair that I was receiving all this education and entertainment without giving anything in return. Thus, for me, I donated freely because I thought it was due to them, not as a charity. I was paying them for their services, and as far as I was concerned, they could spend that money on anything they liked.

      I can’t speak for the other 1500 people who donated, however. I have heard similar sentiments of wanting to pay for the entertainment (similar to renting videos or paying for cable TV) – but I’d assume most people donated because they felt really needed it, for the studio and such. This is where my next point comes in.

      It’s not as if they used the money donated to eat sushi. In spite of a lot of people donating purely to EYK and not specifically to the studio, S&M did take special care to keep records of all the money spent from the fundraiser, and has a blog specially dedicated to it: http://eatyourkimchistudio.tumblr.com/ From what I see, they’re using the money dotaed towards the studio solely for the studio. They’ve also done what they can to show their appreciation for the people who donated, in the form of perk packages, the Nasty Wall of Fame, having interviews for us to enjoy, increasing the quality of their videos, arranging visiting days, and having fan giveaways. They feel deeply indebted to all the Nasties, and they’ve never ceased to express that. I can’t imagine them being irresponsible with the usage of that money.

      But you know that, right? Am I right in assuming that the issue here is with them using their money for their own pleasures, when they could have used that money towards the studio, instead of asking for the fans’ money? I mean, this is $500 vs $100 000 dollars, but I can see how you could argue that by saving that $500, instead of asking fans for $40 000, they could’ve asked for only $39 500.

      Here’s what I think: It all comes down to our attitudes towards the giving of money. I think this is not a moral issue, but a cultural one. And since you seemed to have mentioned Asia for some reason, let me tell you something – the stigma of using money given to you by other people is largely due to the western culture of independence.

      Warning: Broad generalisations ensue!!

      I’m half Thai/Chinese and half Australian/American, and I’ve also lived in 10 countries which include Asia, Southeast Asia, America, and Australia. From my experiences moving between these various cultures, I’ve noticed that Asians, in particular Southeast Asians, are a lot more open to accepting help, monetary or not. In Western countries, people would rather borrow money from the bank than accept gifts from people. It’s as if, in western cultures, being indebted to someone is something to be ashamed of, whereas in many Asian cultures, being indebted to others is a part of life, and builds a sense of inter-dependence and community. Please correct me if I’m wrong!!

      Now this issue has shown itself in many different forms. For example, traditional family life. Generally, Asian families will completely provide for their children until they get married, whether it be accommodation, food, money, education, toys – almost everything. Children get money packages every year. Western families, on the other hand, will encourage their children to become independent as soon as possible, by getting a job, paying the rent, moving out, and buying all their own stuff. It makes Asian kids seem spoilt in comparison, and a common source of teasing and/or racism in western countries. But it balances out eventually – because Asian children have a responsibility to take care of their parents after they get married. They’re expected to provide for their parents completely, often by living together and nursing for them, and giving a large portion of their income to their parents. Western parents do expect their kids to come visit, but I have not noticed a great demand for much monetary help. Am I right? (being a Eurasian, I happened to get the short end of the deal both ways – not only was I forced to pay all my own expenses since I was 16, I’m also expected to completely provide for my parents. So unfair T_T)

      That’s just the differences in family finances. The attitude towards charity is also similar. I’ve seen many people give money to charity, yet look down on people who receive charity. I know for sure that many people in the country I’m currently in tend to look down on the recipients of government funding. There seems to be an idea that those who are poor are that way because they just don’t work hard enough, and thus are unworthy of pity. I’ve seen people shake their heads at slum-dwellers who use government benefits to buy a mobile phone. Why? Because if you receive charity, you don’t deserve to get anything better than the bare necessities?

      The other extreme is when people really do beg. Yes, i know lots of them – professional beggars, actually. The type that dress in a particular way to attract pity, and stow away the money they get at regular intervals, so it seems that they don’t have much in their bowl. Or the kind that kidnap babies and cut off their limbs and say their child was born that way. Or if they ask for money for a taxi, but instead use it for cigarettes. Horrible right?
      But consider that they were born from a poor, uneducated family, in a country that doesn’t care for the lower class residents. I’m sure you could list 101 better ways to earn money, but could they do the same, with their lack of education? How about you put it this way – that by begging for money, they’re making the people who give them money feel good about themselves. In Buddhist countries, it’s actually taken quite seriously – giving money to beggars is considered virtuous. It would not matter in the least what the beggar does with that money.

      Another issue that I’ve already mentioned earlier is the fact that giving money (not lending) between friends in some cultures is actually considered a way of strengthening bonds. I’ve noticed this a lot in Southeast Asia. If I give you what I have in excess (eg money), you will at a later time, give me what you have in excess (eg have your sons help me move furniture). The money giver is not necessarily of a higher status than the recipient, and the recipient does not think any less of themselves for asking for that money. Also, it doesn’t mean that they absolutely needed that money – they could’ve found a way to earn that money somehow, eventually, if they really wanted to – sold their daughter to prostitution, or something. But what if the friend wanted to give them money? Happily, because they’re friends? Say a person was given money to buy a house, so they used the money to buy a house, and then with their own money, they bought a TV to put in it. If the person who gave the money complained about that – isn’t that really fickle? Do they control their friend’s life, to say what they can / can’t buy? I would be happy for them, that they still had some extra money to get a TV.

      I’m not sure where I personally stand on this issue. I’ve seen it from both sides. I’ve accepted charity and given to charity. I have been hesitant in giving money to people who I know are heavy smokers. I have also received scholarships which helped pay for tuition and accomodation – and then went overseas for my holidays (which raised a few eyebrows). I suppose that compared to you, who I assume has never been indebted to anyone your entire life, I have lived my life entirely dependent on other people. But I’m happy about that, because it makes me more willing to help other people in similar situations, having received similar help myself. That is why I can’t judge S&M for asking for money, nor for using their own money as they please. Because I guess I know how it feels to be on the receiving end.

      Sorry, I guess that ended up as a super long rant ^^;; My main hope is for you to see that different cultures have different values, and what may appear to be undignified for you, may not be for others. Would you still think the same way if you were born into another family?

  12. OMG! so jealous, i would so wanna go there, especially my brother since he loves sushi!
    and the clip of Ouran High School Host Club!! :D love that anime!

  13. Okay, I’ll go there one day. Saving ALL the money!

  14. Even though you guys said Sushisho Masa is the best, you two should at least try Jiro’s sometime. Just because your friend said it wasn’t as good as Sushisho’s, it doesn’t always mean Sushiso is better. Like all food, it’s based on taste preference and it appears your friend prefers that place over Jiro’s. Also if you two have watched Jiro: Dreams of Sushi, you would understand why it’s only 20 minutes. It’s for a unique experience and appreciation of sushi as an art, not just the taste. Jiro perfects that. Top chefs like Joel Robuchon and Anthony Bourdain come to Jiro’s because they consider it the best sushi they ever tasted. If this is coming from top chefs who knows food inside and out, then you know you have to try it out.


    That sushi looked amazing though. AH-MAZE-ING.

  16. Simon, you kept making me want to steal your sushi!! You are a SUSHI TEASE!! Martina, steal his sushi!!

  17. I’m not a fish eater but this video made me want to try some good sushi! But $500! Sheesh! I’d need to save up lol

  18. i always thought that fusion sushi-s are better than this kind of.. more simple sushi. But now after seeing you guys eat them and reacted after it… I can’t help but drooling for them. I’m so want to go to Japan and eat them too!

  19. Ouran High School!!! Love It!!!

    And dang now I want to go to Japan just to taste that awesome Sushi!!!

  20. So bloody jealous right now….

    That delicious Hamachi will be mine one day. Just you wait.

  21. love ur strawberry earring!

  22. I drooled the entire time watching this. I must visit this place! MUST!

  23. Jealousy and anger, that is what i feel towards you two while i watch you eat high quality dishes of my favourite food.

    I would be the type to tear up eating amazing food, which makes it worse, because i have some understanding on how Simon feels, and it makes me realize that im not feeling that feeling!

    This day will scar me.

    • On a side note, my newest (probably not new, but just newly recalled) ambition in life will be eating top quality sushi in Japan. How costly was that place? (not that food can ever have a price)

  24. YES!!! OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!! That’s EXACTLY what I thought of when y’all said ootoro. I’m so glad we were on the same page. :D

  25. Ouran High School Host Club!!!! I love you EYK! But seriously you gave me food envy. I wanted to jump into the screen and steal a piece, and I’ve never wanted to steal in my entire life. Even now I can’t stop salivating!

  26. For that price, you guise probably ate a fair proportion of disappearing species…

    • To tell the truth I was thinking the same thing as I watched, especially since I know the issues with Japan and their fishing industry.

      My island also has a vital fishing industry and we are always reminded about sustainability.

  27. I don’t like fish at all but even my mouth was watering T_T

  28. KATHyphenTUN

    also Martina seems to be a foodie too.. always smelling her sushi before eating it! XD

  29. LOL! Piano music during Simon’s post-sushi glow^^

  30. i have a question, it seemed like alot of wasabi was used on individual pieces, like the ootoro had quite the hunk on it, was the wasabi actually alot lighter/less intense than your usual store variety(which is usually a mix a horseradish and mustard because actual wasabi is alot more expensive). from watching jiro and other travel shows with high end izakayas iv never seen that amount of wasabi used either, the amount on the ootoro alone is the amount i would use for like half a meal of sushi. or was it even more intense since its real wasabi but the quality of the fish countered it in taste?

  31. PunkyPrincess92

    T_T i hate you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna eat sushi now!!! TT_TT
    hahaha when Simon said “I have a question. A serious one” i thought he was talking to us nasties!!!

  32. ~~the cutest and most emotional FAPFAP ever…..not just for eyk’s fapfap but i think of all food reviews i’ve ever watched…Simon’s reactions are daebak!!…wow!!the food must be really amaaaazingly delicious….gonna add this to my bucketlist..nyamm..nyamm!!thanks guise for this awesome FAPFAP!!=^.^=…..and btw,..i hope to see u guise here in the Philippines sooon!!~~^^

  33. It’s probably because I’m not a sushi person that all of this looks totally revolting. Raw fish bleh. Being a zoologist that has studied parasites probably doesn’t help either. I’m sure it’s the best ever but that’s not saying much for me

  34. I drooled on my computer. Thank You for that….

  35. Cyber_3

    Super hilarious coincidence? After Simon acts like he’s dying at the end of the sushi vid, the player immediately goes to the scene of Simon “dying” from the vampire in the previous video. You almost think “Well, at least he died happy that he had the best sushi” – LMAO!

    Cyber_3 – is it really a coinkidink?

  36. Cyber_3

    That sushi did look PHENOMENAL……

    Since you filmed eating it and put the results up on the site, couldn’t you count at least part, if not all, of the price of dinner as a business expense? I don’t know where you do your taxes, etc. but you could definitely claim that in Canada, probably Korea too.

    Cyber_3 – now pictures Simon and Martina scheming for reasons to go back and eat more…..LOL

  37. AAAAHHHH! OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB! I love the live action version better but OMG! AAAH! ok I’m done. But now I’m hungry and want sushi T^T

  38. changeseverydamntime

    Jiro’s sushi has just got bad service. Especially if you’re a foreigner; I feel that this taints people’s appreciation of the food and dining experience that they had. It’s really hard to separate the two food and the dining experience, especially when you’re paying so much money. You just don’t get the chance to appreciate the food at Jiro’s. I was disappointed when I went there (even though it was damn tasty!).

  39. EAT EAT fall in love! na na na na, na na na na, hey! hey!

  40. /watches Simon and Martina eat and cry over delicious sushi
    /convinces self that eating sour patch straws is just as good
    /cries for eternity because it doesn’t work ;__;

  41. best question ever: If I eat your sushi, will you divorce me?

    i can relate.

  42. You guys T.T That looked soooo delicious. I was eating chips and just imagining that I’m eating all the sushi…That’s all I can if the price is 500 dollars

    Forever broke student here </3

  43. all the British people should watch this !!! most of them hate sushi that is because they haven’t ate a good sushi before !!!

    • word. i dont know about hating sushi but there is a dearth of good sushi here, or even good japanese food.

      there are high end places that im sure serve amazing japanese food here sure, but on a level thats even remotely affordable for say a student/average working person, like less than 25 pounds say, everything tastes like the kind of midnight sushi scraps id get from supermarket in singapore, sometimes worse. every japanese iv ever asked agreed as well, which just made me sadder everytime i asked, hoping to find some secret place only the japanese knew about haha

  44. Did you guys order a course menu? Or just randoms off the menu one at a time? My mind is blown by the price, though I’ve heard of sushi going that high before I just can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe in the future I’ll go to Japan on my honeymoon and my future wife and I will splurge. But damn watching you guys eat that…Simon looks like he’s on the brink of tears lol.

  45. I admit, I was thinking about the cost, as he kept feeding you guys more and better sushi. I was like, that be over $200 USD, after the first 4-5 gorgeous pieces in the US, and no way would it taste that good. But I admit, it look so good, and I love that he told you guys how to eat it. That alone, adds a $100 value to the experience. Cause you can waste a lot of good fish and money trying to figure out on what to use wasabi, soy, ginger, etc. The wrong addition can destroy the taste.

  46. I am so jelly. It looks and sounds so delicious and oh god do I love my sushi.

    If that 0.000000000000000001% chance of me marrying Jaejoong ever comes true I’m going to go there asap.

  47. kawaii_candie

    damn you guys ate so much!!!

    i love that Simon was about to cry and looked like he was having food-gasms after every single piece…

    that said, i can totally understand your feeling. i’m sure a lot of people think you’re over-reacting but i’ve had super awesomely amazing sushi once in my life, it was a tiny place near tsukiji market and i’ve forgotten the name, and it was about 100$ for a plate of 10 pieces of sushi. fuck me. but yeah, best sushi of my life and it wanted to cry. lol.

    i’ll keep this place bookmarked for when i win the lottery! lol.

  48. I thought I was happy and ready for this FAPFAP cause I had just eated some gochujang loveliness and a homemade hazelnut choco cheesecake with a milano cookie crust….then I get halfway through this and feel like I ate crap compared to it’s wonderfulness…. D: Oh and I saw you makurokurosuke….I saw u.

    My friends told me that Jiro sushi is considered very good, but there are differing opinions on taste. One person likes their sushi the Jiro way, and some people don’t.

  49. Well now I’m craving sushi and the closest sushi place is an hour away.


    But seriously, that stuff looks amazing and I’m glad you had such a wonderful meal. There was a restaurant/bar/club thingy I used to belong to back when I was really hardcore into J-Rock and Vizzie Kei and they had the most AMAZING white fish carpaccio that I can still taste seven years later. It is amazing and it haunts my dreams. That and the emu salad. Soooo delicious! I’ll have to save up my money and plan a trip to Tokyo and make a reservation there.

  50. I like more how Simon react to sushi,he is better t Martina,sorry :/

  51. omg I’m so jealous >3< I was in japan for 3 weeks and me and my host family went to a normal family sushi place, and I had never had so delicious sushi before. So to see you eat that and think that it's so much better than normal japanese sushi… T-T Let me die and be reborn in that restaurang! I wanna cry, let me die while eating japanese food xD it's so delicious

  52. Martina: you like to smell your food before eating it, apparently. I do that too =D
    I’ve never had this amazing sushi while in japan, but I’ll def. check out this shop next time I am there. My mouth was watering … *slurp* Oh how I miss sushi…fresh sushi. <3

  53. lol I had no Idea what you were talking about when it came to ootoro but after watching the clip of the anime I finished watching LAST WEEK I had to smack my head and whine in jealousy TT_TT lol

  54. I had a very similar experience at Shiro’s in Seattle – “no soy sauce!!!” – and it only cost like $60. Totally worth it – best sushi in America guaranteed. You don’t order, he just chooses what he thinks you would like. And I sat beside some legitimate Japanese university professors who were amazing and convinced me to eat really strange stuff :)

  55. Based on your video, I got the impression it was eat-all-you-can sushi. Was it? Or was it a sort of tasting menu kinda deal, where you sample various sushi? My mouth is watering now. And now I want to watch “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” :D

  56. Tiger shrimp looks like Appa from last airbender xD

  57. I feel like taking a trip there for my birthday and totally splurging! But answer me this, since there isn’t an actual menu how do you know how much you will end up paying? Or do you choose a banquet and the chef makes whatever for you?

  58. You might have to think of that dinner as your second honeymoon? *grins* Dang.. it really did look worth it. beautiful work, and you could tell the chef really cared about his art. Two hours of non stop foodgazims for the two of you.. ^_^ I’m so jelly!

  59. So much food envy right now.

  60. OMG 500$ that’s like my yearly food budget!! now this sad hungry college student will run off to lock her self in the bathroom to cry over sushi she will never get to eat.

  61. I’m dying as I watch you two eat this!!! I want it all so bad >_<

  62. Simon & Martina,
    Did you know before hand that your meal would cost that much or did it all just come at you at the end of the meal??
    Cuz I would have trouble enjoying the meal knowing how much it would cost in the end. lol.

  63. Whoa that is an expensive meal! Even though I want to, I don’t think I could afford a meal that expensive. That might be a good thing though, I wouldn’t want to have sushi ruined for me. But it would be cool to have that experience and say I’ve had sushi in Japan.The closest I’ve gotten is sushi in Little Tokyo here in Los Angeles. lol. :P But yea cool FAPFAP!!! :)

  64. … Not fair guys. Not fair at all.

    50, 000 yen? Wow. I have never had a meal that expensive before, but I am not that surprised. Reminds me if when my friend wanted to have dinner at Morimoto and told us 6 months in advance so we could save. I still couldn’t afford it.


    • I’m wondering this myself–if they do it based on the # of dishes you ate I might actually rack up a bill higher than Simon and Martina’s D:, but at the same time if there’s a set # of dishes I would feel sad if I weren’t able to make it all the way to the end.

    • I’d like to know that too – on the off chance that I ever travel to Japan and have the opportunity to have delicious sushi


      I assume they ordered “omakase”. Which means they left it up to the Chef to make them whatever he thought they would like. He usually makes the BEST of the BEST, like the greatest hits list. And yeah, the bills can escalate very quickly. Typical “omakase” are about 15+ items, up to 50. It is the job of the Chef to know when to stop or the customer to give the Chef notice.

  66. …..damn it all! i got sushi cravings at like 3AM…-.- what am i doing with my life right now….

  67. Guys… Just wandering… What do you do for living that you actually can afford all those trips andgoing to such resaurant even once? What do I need to do to have a life like you two do? xD

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  71. Simon, I’m curious, are you wearing Versace glasses? Because I have a pair that look slightly similar to yours. Oh, and by the way that sushi looks so damn delicious *mouth waters* You guys should stop teasing us with all this food pron! so hungry~~ I’m so jealous TT – TT

  72. there’s like, this tiny little dot on the screen, and I was super mad because I thought it was something on my screen, but then I couldn’t clean it off…and realized it was in the video o.o

    also, I’m allergic to seafood, but I’ve never wanted to try seafood as badly as I have while watching this video. T.T

    edit: ah, it’s a tiny bug. Darn you, bug.

  73. Level of sushi deliciousness = Simon’s amount of aegyo

  74. I must eat there one day!

  75. Btw Simon and Martina, I live in a town that has like 2 tiny Asian groceries, and not a single decent Asian restaurant.


    • I think it’s time for a road trip for you! We have loads of sushi places here, but most of the time we still can’t afford it. It’s usually a special occasion thing for us. Instead, I find myself making loads and loads of kimbap for the family.

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    • Sushi, prepared correctly and made fresh, is absolutely divine. I don’t want to fan push (because I hate that) but I highly recommend you give it one more shot, especially if your friends made a bad choice for an introductory meal. But that being said, sometimes you just don’t like stuff and that’s cool. Good luck if you give it another shot!

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    But holy cow, $500?! For only two people? That’s just, whoa. O.o
    And that sushi looked so shiny~~ It’s so awesome that you guys got to see them make the wasabi on the spot too! :o

  81. Kimmicci

    There’s a place in Houston,TX (USA) that my dad (a food lover) always claimed was the best sushi in the city and it costed $100-$300. we went there every time there was a special occasion. it’s funny because the sushi guy there actually MENTIONED THIS PARTICULAR PLACE before! he said, “if we ever go to Japan go to THIS place~ it’s the best!” ahhhhh and now ya’ll talk about it too adksjdksad now i know for sure when I go to Japan, I’ll bring enough money to go eat here. My mouth is watering soooo much watching ya’ll eat this. Thank you so much for this video!

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    Which is better: the sushi or the ramen, Simon?

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  87. I am living vicariously through you guys right now… Being nearly 3 months pregnant i cannot eat delicious sushi, and i want to sooooooooooooooo badly. Thank you for fulfilling a craving without getting me in trouble with my doctor

  88. over 500 dollars for sushi?????? MY GOD

    • Yes, I know. It’s not something we’ll probably do again, but it was extremely memorable.

      • After watching Jiro and dining at some Omakase style places that is similar to this one (although not as pricey and pretty sure not as epic), I think I have a better understanding why really excellent sushi would cost that much. They do serve particularly beautiful top notch seafood and the craft and training that these sushi masters have been factors into the price, like any other high end restaurant. Not to mention that the location is in one of the most expensive places in the world. And as you mentioned towards the end when you tried another sushi place in Tokyo, there is a world of difference between these types of place and all other sushi places that we’ve all had! This is not to defend the outrageously high price tag of the meal, but I could see the reasoning behind it, and that it is meant to be experienced at least ONCE in your life!

        And your videos plus the blog link pictures? Food porn = Death of me.

  89. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAH o_O As in, like 50 000 yen? Goodness and I thought 1000 yen meals were expensive.

    I don’t think I’d try even the most delicious sushi in the world for that price. I could buy a second-hand car with that much money ._.

    When I lived in Japan, I had a staple diet of 2 onigiri per meal…….

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