Hi everyone!

Here’s a short video of what the day was like for our Pop Up Store Event in our studio. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a short rundown:

Last Sunday, December 15th, we opened up our studio so that people living in Seoul could stop by and pick up some stuff from our Nasty Store. For technical reasons, we can’t sell stuff in Korea online, because Korean cards aren’t accepted on Paypal, which is what our store runs on. People have been asking if they could come by the studio to buy stuff there, but we can’t do that because a) we don’t have a cash register and b) our building isn’t really made for that. We’re on the top floor, and there’s a business below us on the 3rd floor, and they have a security gate up at all times, which means people can’t just stop by. Ugh!

So, we figured that we’d open up the studio for a day when the floor below us wasn’t working. Yay! We were going to be open from 3PM-7PM. We thought that’d be more than enough time. We were expecting maybe, like, 35 people – tops – to show up, and for things to whittle down at 6PM so we could clean up.


So, this video showed you how big the turnout was. The line went all the way down four flights of stairs and wrapped around the building outside. That’s crazy! It didn’t really hit us, though, because from our perspective in the studio we couldn’t see the stairwell or what was happening outside. We were so wrapped up in talking with people that we couldn’t notice. We were told from people that the line was long, but it didn’t really hit us till we saw the footage. Holy smokes!

And I feel terrible about it now as well. Whenever we met people, we’d talk to them for as long as possible, before we started feeling bad for the people behind them, and then we’d talk to them for the same amount of time, and the cycle would repeat itself. We don’t really see ourselves as a store, if you couldn’t tell from how bizarrely everything was planned and laid out. We’re dorks that make fart jokes on YouTube, and so, being able to see people that watch our videos in person, to be able to connect their online names from the comments that we remember with their real life faces, right there in front of us, we constantly lost focus of trying to serve the next person and being store-like

Because of our blaring inefficiency at manning the line, our event went – instead of from 3-7PM – from 3-11PM. We talked till our voices faded. We ate pieces of Kimbap between talking to people. We didn’t plan a break because we didn’t know we’d need one. All we could think about was how happy we were to see people and how bad we feel for people waiting in line forever. Some people we met said they waited in line for three hours. THREE HOURS! I wouldn’t wait in line to see ANYONE for three hours, let alone us!

At the third floor turn we put out a table of snacks for people waiting in line. We get hungry every two or three hours or so. We imagine the people here would be the same, no? So we had some stuff there to thank people for their patience. And in our studio we had a batch of fresh baked cookies. Martina made them the night before. You can see them being picked at in the time lapse in the video :D

And we met so many wonderful people. You saw the baby in the video, right? Cool story about that baby: as soon as we saw them in front of us we said “YOU’RE FROM AUSTRALIA!” We remember them from our Sydney event a while ago, when we went outside to see people waiting in line, and there was this family with a baby, and the baby had an outfit on saying that they’re a Nasty Baby. HA! And they were in Korea at the time of this event! Holy smokes! That’s fantastic! We felt terrible that we couldn’t see them at the event in Sydney, since the line got cut off, but we got to see them here! Yay!

We also met some lovely people who traveled from different parts of Korea to get here, and we even met a really awesome dude who came all the way from Australia and was exhausted from the flight but came right away. We had a very emotional moment then. Getting emotional remembering it now. Must…stop. Funny story time instead!

So hers a story just to emphasize how utterly unprepared we were for the event. Allow me to lay out the scenario:

A) When we converted our store prices from US dollars to Korean Won, we didn’t round up to the closest 5,000 or 10,000 won. We kept them as close to the online price as possible, so they converted to 12,000 won, or 21,000 won, and such.

B) We don’t have a cash register that accepts cards (we weren’t prepared for this, since the event was a rather impulsive idea), so we just emptied out our toolbox and used that.

C) People paid in 10,000 or 5,000 won denominations.

Can anyone see the problem here? How do you give people change on a 12,000 won item if they give you 20,000 won?


Luckily, Soo Zee the day before went to the supermarket and begged them to change her 50,000 for a bunch of 1,000 won bills. So that held us over…for a bit, until we started running out of 1,000 won bills. AHH! So, there were some moments when people would come to the cash and when we’d see them pay, so we’d ask them, awkwardly, if they could use their 1000 won bills instead. Ha! Thank you to those of you who were kind enough to spare us your chonners :D And thank you, again, to everyone who came and made this day so special!

  1. I would LOVE if you guys come to the New Jersey area! :) We don’t have
    any K-Pop conventions here (that I’m aware of… if we do, please let me
    know! :D) but we do have anime conventions that lots of people come to!
    :) The convention in Somerset always has a vendor or two who sell K-Pop
    merch. :) Just a thought! Maybe you guys could sell stuff in the dealers room and/or hold a panel? People hold panels for things not related to anime all the time. :) Maybe you could talk about your experiences while you visited Japan? ^_^

  2. Nicole Marie

    Woah, these people had a way easier time finding the place than we did!
    (I’m one of the exchange students that stalked your studio. v.v) You should come do a pop up store in Busan!

  3. Monica Ramos

    you guys should get a square card reader. It plugs into your phone or iPad and customers sign with their finger. Its also only about $10

  4. Seraya Hosking

    ‘..we even met a really awesome dude who came all the way from Australia and was exhausted from the flight but came right away..’

    I think i saw him in this youtube video!! That guy is a true fan! I’m gonna try and link the youtube video on here.

  5. OMWWWWWWWWW yeahhhh i got my order today and i’m loving it… my beenie and t-shirt in rippito flippito sippi slow motion… sorry had to share… thank you Simon and Martina love them :)

  6. Gina-gina Maye
    Gina-gina Maye

    ‘chonners’ is a term i need to add to my everyday vocab

  7. Rachel Clark

    that’s awesome that you guys did that, i wish I could have gone

  8. Thats epic i can’t believe how many people showed up but it doesn’t really surpise me. you should do this at least 4 times a year or something.

  9. simon and martina! Come visit New York sometime! it would be pretty friggin awesome if you had a meet and greet there :DDDDDD

  10. OMFG I swear my eyes also most popped out looking at that line!!

  11. PunkyPrincess92

    T_T so jealous!!!! wish i could’ve gone!!!

    wow!!!! that line of Nasties!!!!!

  12. woah!! there were soooooo many people!! may i ask how much money u guise got?

  13. Aiyana Jenkin

    Dang that was a lot of people! Looks like it was awesome!!!!

  14. It was great to meet you both! Spudgy is so sweet! It was definitely worth the wait – the cast and crew will be thrilled! Martina, I will email you the link for our upcoming web series as you requested. We are looking forward to (and are very nervous!) about our premiere.

    I hope you have a great time in Canada for the holidays! Maybe I will see you around Seoul.

  15. so much people!! Tummy touches

  16. Alexandra Huang

    I commented on YouTube but I’ll say so here as well… Guess this mean you’ll need to set up an actual storefront somewhere ~_^ too bad there was already so much invested into this location. I mean, not “too bad” in the sense that the studio sucks, obviously it’s perfect for your operations but it just simply isn’t the right location for a store as you said. Maybe you guise can have a kiosk outside or something? Oh, oh, HIRE ME to man the kiosk!! I’ll do it!

    • I don’t know! We never thought that we’d have our own store, really. We set up the shop because our old T-Shirt printer didn’t ship worldwide, so we started doing it on our own, without thinking about selling stuff in person. We’d like to do this more often now. We just have to figure out how to do it :D

      • Alexandra Huang

        Crazy how things work out sometimes. It’s looked so fun! Please continue so I can make it to one someday! Haha.Trial and error, I know y’all will figure something out ^__^

  17. Woah! Did the whole of Korea come out for this? I’m jealous!!!! I want to meet you guys!

  18. Elizabeth Pauper

    Like BROHOWHOA~!!! was that?! I did not see that line coming in. I’m too jelly to even say anything XD But hopefully in the summer I can visit and buy your things, that’s when I’ll probably raised up enough money to go back to korea. Is it possible for you to sell your stuff on Amazon.com? It would twitter me happy for that to happen XD LOL im talking funny. Happy holiday guys!

  19. Wow that was a lot of people! Glad there was such a great turn out :)

  20. Wowser! That was a lot of people! Awesome! I bet Spudgy loved all the attention he was getting.

  21. Oh my gosh so cool! The 15th was my birthday but I’m in Canada so I wasn’t gonna be making it! Still, I love how even though it’s super sped through, when you see all the people who are lining up, you can see the occasional blur of Canadian Olympic mittens!!

  22. Every time I watch one of these events where you guys get to meet your fans in person I get all teary-eyed. Its just so touching to see how many people support and love you; I don’t know how you guys keep it together during these times XD I’d be a blubbering sack of emotions by the end of it.

  23. Wow, even though I wasn’t able to go to this event, I’m really happy for the people who did! You guys are so nice and lovely, it just brightens my day to see this video ^^ I hope you can do something like this again, maybe I’ll be able to come next time! :)

  24. voodoo girl

    I’m not sure but I saw someone for a second who looked like Himchan O.O

  25. ubiquitousDragonviola

    I couldn’t make it :/ but I know I’ll meet y’all one day. You guys should set up a physical shop in Korea! Then Korean nasties could come and buy your merchandise anytime they want. ;)

  26. builtbymachines

    Wow, there’s like 5 bajillion people :o

  27. I’m really surprised that there was such a huge line! I guess I’m not really familiar with the vastness of the nasty family..

  28. Karen Poulin

    Wish I could have been there! :D I’m glad it went well for you, even if the line was super long!

  29. So many people o_o This was a practice run, it will be better if there’s a next time- you know how to prepare now :)

  30. wanderingdreamer

    Hah, told ya that y’all would be swamped, glad to hear that it sounds like everyone didn’t get grumpy waiting!

  31. Paola Bonilla

    Thank you so much SImon and Martina! i only recently realized that i never gave you my name when we meet! though i doubt you would of remembered it. lol My name is Paola and I’m from California. I was the girl that said i had made my decision to come to Korea thanks to you guys and that i had only been here 3 months. I told you that I e-mailed you guys two years ago and both of you were like “did we answer?” lol

    Yes Simon actually answered two of my emails and now i feel so special. lol Thank you for taking your time to answer my email. It was such an exciting wait to see you. I meet many people in line and got to talk to Leigh. I don’t think i have ever waited that long for something since the last Harry Potter book came out BUT it was worth every minute. Thank you again.

  32. Kate McCormick

    I waited in line for almost 2 hours, but I had to leave to catch my train home :( I wrote a letter that I left with someone I met in line, hopefully you got it! One (of many) great things about EatYourKimchi is that every Nasty you meet is a potential friend! There may have been charades involved while killing time waiting in line >.> Simon and Martina, you guise rock!

  33. Can’t belive the event lasted for 8 hours! I was there too and I had to skip my Spanish class waiting in line because it was worth it :) Althogh the weather was cold, it was great I could feel like I became a fangirl being positively nervous about what would happen. I was sad that I couldnt talk with you enough but still, it was awsome! Hope to see you guise agian!

  34. Did you end up having enough stuff for everyone? That line was hella long! :-O

  35. Sara Suzanne Berg

    Wow! With all of those people there, I’m kind of glad I didn’t come… I figure if I’m meant to meet you two in person, it’ll happen in it’s own time. ^^ I don’t need to force it to happen lol.

  36. Jeanne Beck

    Aww, I love seeing all the students in university jackets! I wish I would’ve studied abroad for more than a summer in Korea and gotten a real taste of Korean college life. (I’m working as a professor of English education in Korea now but it’s not the same!) Wish I would’ve known you guys were doing a pop up shop but it was finals week and was too busy to see the announcement. What are all you kids doing in Hongdae and not studying for finals! *shakes fist mostly because of jealous~ness*

  37. Thanks for opening up you studio! I hope one day I can go back and find my name on the wall :-D. Sorry for proving you wrong with the picture Martina, but I hope you can buy a pair of glasses just like mine! Also, I hope you don’t mind me bugging you some more about interning with you. Its one of the reasons I took extra classes and audio, lighting and film production and one of the reasons I’m in Korea! To work for you! Thanks!

  38. The Nastiness is so incredible!!!!!!!!!

  39. DuchessRhea

    Woah, that’s a lot of people. Around how many people came? I hope you’ll do another one again! I was planning on coming, but then my university decided to schedule a mandatory outing that weekend. Needless to say I was crying in my room.

    Just a quick thought. It would be cool if you guys made Letterman jackets. I know they can be expensive, but I would totally wear one. It’s something I’ve noticed a lot while living in Korea; students wear Letterman jackets all the time, usually representing their university. How cool would it be for us to go around representing our “university”? Nasty University… Has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it? XP

    • Letterman jackets? I’ve never heard that phrase used before. Hmm. Maybe, just maybe….

      • Courtney Bethany Spence

        Kids can get them when they hit high school in america idk about other places in the world (also Canada) . The jackets dont always have to be football, you can have track, swim team , marching band on them , they range from low 100’s to as high as upper 400’s . I couldnt afford one in high school so I didnt get one :/

      • DuchessRhea

        Yeah, I think they’re also known as varsity jackets.

      • It’s like an American football jacket. When I hear letterman jacket I think of football jocks. I guess the style has become popular with Korean student now too.

        • We call those varsity jackets, and anyone on any sports teams can get them. They’re actually really popular here too.

        • Ah cool. I am not American but I did go to university there. However at my school athletics/ sports were not that big of a thing. Most people did not wear those jackets outside of the Football team. I am trying to think of if our basketball team ever wore them but I can’t really remember that.

          I think maybe you could buy them at the college bookstore.

        • Or, for those of us who don’t need new jackets, just add the patch collection to the store and we can sew them onto our existing jackets.

        • DuchessRhea

          Yeah, they have them for almost every university. I’ve seen Seoul Uni, U of K, Yonsei, and also my own university. And I’m sure they have it for many others too. But in Korea I haven’t seen it as much for sports ,which is the main use for them in the States.

        • Tuwa Liking

          NASTY HIGH — Hmm, that also has quite a nice ring too it…

      • It’s like an American football jacket. When I hear letterman jacket I think of football jocks.

  40. Ashley Forness

    Ohmygosh, I am soooo sad~!!! I was super-excited to go, and then, maybe an hour before I was set to leave my apartment, I was hit by a sudden migraine. Couldn’t do anything but drug myself up and pray for unconsciousness. I was crying a lot on the inside, though. (Would have been on the outside as well, but that would have hurt too much. :/) Hopefully you guys will be able to do another event like this, though~~ ^_^

    • OH! I’m so sorry! I suffer from migraines, too, and I know how they render me utterly useless and immovable. I’m sorry it happened to you :(

      Hopefully we can see you next time?

      • Ashley Forness

        I’m no stranger to them, but they are definitely awful. >_< (And one of the times I really miss being home and having someone to take care of me the most…)

        I hope so~~! I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, so I'll keep an eye out for your next event. ^_~

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