For those of you who read blog posts before watching the videos, be warned! This is a really long video. It’s not something fancy pants, either. We’re just sitting and talking, almost like a LiveChat, in a way, but we’re talking about memories, specifically ones from the opening of the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio

This video comes a bit later than we had planned. Our one year anniversary of our studio was actually December 31st, 2013. We were in Canada at the time, though. We only re-opened the studio at the beginning of February. We filmed this video right away. But because it was such a freakishly long video, it took us a bit longer to edit and publish. So it’s like our 1.2 year anniversary video, kinda!

But really, we had a tremendous year in 2013. From the studio opening, to the addition of Leigh and Soo Zee, to the store opening, to the tours and events, to the pop up store, to the EYKAs, to the YouTube Music Awards, and to all of the interviews and guest appearances from Kpop acts – it’s really been quite a whirlwind for us in 2013. Thank you all for being with us through this ride.

So we made this video in which we wanted to look back on some of our favorite moments and to tell some more stories about those moments and about ourselves as well. We’re rather transparent online, and you see a lot of what we experience and what we think, but there’s always more to the story. The camera and the editing can’t capture everything, right? Hopefully you see some more of how things are for us with this video, in a way.

Now that it’s 2014 we learned from some of the things we did wrong in 2013 and we’re hoping to change things up a bit in how we film and publish. I know one of the hardest things for us to do was to balance the work we did overseas with our video schedule, and whenever we traveled we’d miss out on some videos. We’re hoping to not do that this time around. We already went to Japan this year without missing our WTF and Music Monday vids. We’re also pre-filming videos for when we travel to different countries. This year we’ve already got some dates set for some of the places we’re going to visit (some new countries we haven’t seen before, and hopefully some new Nasties we can meet!), so we hope to have vids ready and filmed in advance for those of you Nasties not in those countries.

So, hopefully you don’t find this video too boring. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s not really in the style that we usually do our videos. It’s just something we really wanted to do, both as a video, and for ourselves, so we can remember the past as we look on to the future.

We’ve got some big things in store for 2014. Maybe even bigger than what we did in 2013. We’ve got some big announcements that we’re just sitting on. Some of you might already know about it from different leaks. We won’t acknowledge those yet, but our own announcement footage is filmed and edited and we’re waiting to announce it! But we can’t yet….not yet. So stay tuned by clicking on this button here below. You won’t miss a beat.

  1. I have a playlist in youtube that is called “Simon and Martinas best videos” – This is going in there! I love these kind of videos from you, because the reason I started following and got really interested in Eat Your Kimchi is the kpop music monday 100th special video. I just laughed so much from all the goofiness and different jokes, I knew I had to check out all of your stuff!
    Keep up the awesome job, but don’t exhaust yourself. My best EYK moment in 2013 was getting a hug from you two in Oslo, and Martina commenting that we both wore hats ^^

  2. The crazy thing is that when you were adding SooZee and Leigh, I wasn’t sure about more people being in EYK. But now, I can’t imagine it without them. <3 All of you feel like family and your videos brighten my days, especially during stressful times. This was a fun throwback to the last year.

  3. I loved this video! But I have to wholeheartedly disagree on the spam issue, haha. Of course it is *meant* to be edible without any heating or cooking. However, unless you’re in dire straits, no one in their right mind would actually do so. Cooking spam doesn’t just make it warm – it completely changes the texture and yes, the taste. I’m not saying that onion spam would be delicious when cooked, but it would definitely make it better. Especially with a side of some rice.

  4. When I saw the part when Martina was tearing up on a fanmeet or something, I actually teared up as well :((

  5. Please do a segment on Classic KPop. I’ve been a kpop fan for 20+ years. There’s sooo much great material from the past; the kpop music collection on my phone is 3000+ songs and a third of them are oldies. Most newbies are totally unaware of the history of kpop and finding out about the earlier stuff would provide a lot of insight. 2013 was mentioned as a disappointing year for kpop. For me, it was great. Every year is better than the previous. It’s all a progression and some years are more experimental than others, and other years are extraordinary. In any genre there’s always stuff that sucks, but I found plenty of gems last year. I really, really hope you guys put your unique spin on Classic KPop and help the world discover the kpop gems from the past.

  6. Will you guise come back to the SF Bay Area??

  7. I really like your videos and your way of being so down to earth!! LOVE YOU TO PIECEEEES!!! I admire all the things you do, from way back when you were teachers, I feel like I somehow grew with you, and got to share some experiences with a community. You guys are hilarious, close to each other and so creative (I’m kinda envious, JK). I feel that you have come such a long way and helped me grow too! keep going! HWAITING!!!! <3

  8. Loved this trip down memory lane! I was laughing so hard yet again. With all this laughing I should be developing an awesome 6-pack.

  9. You mentioned your cooking segment in the video Martina. I absolutely love love love love love it! It is soooo funny and entertaining. Nothing like any other cooking segments I’ve ever seen. I actually only started watching your FAPFAPs last month (even though I’ve been following your site for about a year now). I didn’t know the cooking segments were so new but I was so mad at myself for not having watched them before. Please do more of them. The voice overs you guys add have me cracking up.

  10. It would be so funny if for meet ups with Simon and Martina all the fans wore similar outfits like the cyan and orange pant ones or the blue bow and black tank top ones. You’d have these huge groups of people wearing the same thing. People would be so confused, It would look like a flash mob. XD

  11. I’ve never been so happy about a video before ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  12. Time flies so fast. Happy birthday, EYK crew! I’ve been watching Simon and Martina even before Soozee and Leigh joined. I think that it’s awesome that both of you managed to do something you guys really like. When Soozee and Leigh joined, the awesomeness leveled up! Thank you for what you guys have done for us, Nasties!

    I less than three you guys!!

  13. Oh my goodness, this makes me so happy!! Before I found your guys videos like 4(?) years ago, I felt all alone in my little kpop loving world. I felt like a freak. No one understood my love. Until I found you guys on the internets!! I’m so glad you guys made this your full time occupation. It’s so much fun watching you guys have a blast! It’s been great growing with you from your tiny little first apartment to the Eat Your Kimchi Studio!! You’ve helped me develop a love and respect for Korean culture, not just kpop. Thank you for the laughs and inside jokes that no one around me understands ha ha ha! SOY UN DORITO!!! :DDDD

  14. Key is a sweetie, I love that he complimented your hair ^^

  15. This video could have been an hour long and i still would have watched it. I was laughing so much.
    If Soozee could even just do a throwback once a month it would be awesome.

  16. Happy happy anniversary EYK!!! I have been watching you guys since I got into kpop back in 2010. I’ve always enjoyed watching all of your videos ever since then. You guys never fail to make me laugh. I really hope that you guys could come to New York someday and have a fan meet. That would be just amazing :) Wishing the best for the EYK crew and cheers for more wonderful years to come.

  17. Thanks for the memories, and congratulations on your 1 year studioversary! Wishing you many more to come : )

    PS, now that you’ve been in the studio for a year, can you make us a video about the haunted room that you never explained in your studio tour livechat? Please?

  18. forever long is too short for these kinds of vids. ^^

  19. Well, I think that this video was just great and added some perspective to the videos of last year. Simon, I don’t know why you bothered with the pillow since your crotch was staring at the camera the entire time – LOL! Martina, those little “saucy moments/voices” in your cooking videos really are some of the best parts of them for me, I look forward to more ^_^v. SooZee, I think that you do a great job with the designs and your videos are fun to watch. Leigh, your editing is great and you make an awesome “straight man” for Simon and Martina.

    Thinking back on something in the blog from the 90s kids tag video, I don’t think that any of you are childish or immature, I think that you’re all just fun-loving people and I thank you for the great videos that encourage me to not be embarrassed and go out and be my own kind of freaky/nerdy fun person more often. SooZee, I used to hum anime tunes while I waited for the TTC bus to work (I can sing on key!) to while away the time but I don’t take a bus any more and now have to find other places to hum fun tunes now. Keep it up, it is a good thing ^_^v.

    2014 has already been so great at EYK, I can’t even remember any complaints I had in 2013 ;) Sorry that I can’t be live at the livechat on Friday, too damned early again. Sigh. Maybe next time…..

  20. soozee and leigh are my fav, i have to admit at first i was so leigh Bias and i was like who is this other girl that is taking over leigh’s spot. then I warmed up to SooZee. I am sorry soozee but you don’t know how much i love you know i love you lots your amazing. you make me smile. I love you simon and martina but S and L are my bias in this crew. however i thought about it if i was put on a game show and i had to pick one of the 4 of you i would probably run away and cry. I couldn’t do it. it’s the total oppisite if i was on a game show with nu’est or Super junior I would hands down run toward Ren or Heechul. this is off topic but i know what i would say too. (tv person says – so out of all these men that are in front of you who would run to?” Me – Heechul. tv person – okie so if you had to pick between these two memeber of super junior dong hae or siwon who would you pick?” Me – Heechul. tv person – but you can’t pick him. Me – Shut up Heechul no one else matters oppa i love you.”) I would do the same thing with Ren just not call him oppa because i am older then him. But yea if i had to pick between you 4 on a game show even thought i am bias to soozee and leigh i would run away crying or yell out spugy and cry away i just can’t pick out of you guys.

    by the way you know how you all said that Soozee seems to think of drity things and she thinks of Sausages alot. Will why do you think the name of leigh and her’s sagment is called what it’s called. SooZee made the name for a reason guys. even if leigh helped this is SooZee’s drity mind at work. it’s called DICKS for short for a reason :P sorry SooZee now that you have been labeled with a drity mind it unavoidable lol. her parents are reading this right now and being like “what is my daughter doing?” however you should show the bloopers of the unaired Dicks episode. please i want to see her and leigh going crazy.

  21. Loved this one, didn´t care it was “long”, actually it was too short for me :3

  22. This was an awesome video!!! There was so many memories!! I am also so glad you guise put in the “I killed a child” piece! I remember being in tears from laughing so hard at that part!
    Anyways you guys and all the nasties here are so wonderful! Thanks again for continuing to do what you do! It’s been amazing watching you all grow!!

  23. Hope you can do some more longer videos like this I enjoy them and their fun. Every time i watch the shorter videos i feel like that I’m missing out on sometime awesome that you guys didn’t put out. Maybe thats just me -.- Oh well continue to make videos and Ohh You So Nasty


    I started laughing and my friend was with me and then she said,”That joke killed ME” and then we started laughing even more.

  25. I just rewatched the ‘Crooked’ KMM and y’all mentioned how doing a video on Coup D’etat would take forever because of all the symbolism, but I think it would be kind of cool if y’all did an analytical style video/segment(?) thing… Like how you did the super fast breakdown of TOPs ‘Doom Dada’, which I am forever grateful for b/c I now appreciate the video b/c I understand it. Anyways, a possible idea? Just every once in a while? For the super complex videos? As an English major, I love the analysis and being able to see what y’all think makes it more fun!

    Also, totally LOVE the 80s/90s segment idea!!

  26. I personally LOVE the longer videos you guys (rarely) put out!! They’re my favourites! Makes it feel like EYK is a TV show rather than a YT channel and vlog. Which is to say, I feel lucky spending more of my day with you! ^-^ Always cheering on the longer videos!

    Also! Oh my god! I’ve been asking for you to bring back your cooking segments and YOU HAVE?!!??! OH FRABJOUS DAY!! I can’t write a whole lot more because I need to go watch them now.

    (In addition, I’m really sad I missed you guys when you were in Toronto. ;_; Sob… Sob… Somehow I just missed any announcements about when you’d be having the meet-up – only that it MIGHT happen. T^T Then it had happened and I had missed it. Perhaps adding a link to Meet-Ups or something so that there’s a place announcing anything you’ve got nailed down? Then when you’ve got the OK that you’re doing one, you can add a link so people who are in that city/country can see and plan accordingly! :D OR MAYBE YOU ALREADY DO AND THAT’S WHY I’VE MISSED IT, BECAUSE I AM BLIIIIND… ;O; )

    • Aw! Sorry you missed out on the meet up. It’s good that you didn’t come, though, because it was -40 that day. Literally the coldest day in Toronto, and it just happened to land on the meet up event. Next time, we’ll hopefully get less deadly weather!

  27. SOOOOOOOOZEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Please do a Throwback Kpop segment!!! You can do it for 80’s, 90’s, and even the early-mid 90’s!!! I would love it!!!! By the way, did you know that everytime I try to tweet about Shinhwa’s Paradise, twitter wants to try to mention you. It’s so weird! I don’t even follow you on twitter! LOL


  29. Happy Anniversary to the EYK crew and Nasties!!! Here’s to another Nastie year!!!

  30. GD Crooked was probably one of my favorite KMMs overall, I think it’s so great because you guys respect him so much and he’s so creative and out there that the jokes can just about go as far as you want them too XD And I love Martina’s songs! Now that the Psy hype has died down I love hearing the GarageBand version of Gentleman.


  32. I can’t stop smiling right now from all the feels. GROUP HUG!

  33. Geez, you guys work so hard, STAHP! I feel so blessed to be a nasty, you guys care too much.

  34. EYK CREW 4 LYFE!!!! He-He ^^

  35. Oh this made me smile, it’s really awesome to reminisce. I think this should be a thing, just you guys all recapping the past year for the EYK crew. I would really enjoy seeing Soo Zee getting her own little segment about old school kpop. Pretty much everything you talked about in that, I adored.

  36. this makes me miss you guys way too much

  37. Happy, happy happy 1st birthday, Nasty Studios AND EYK Crew! That was some epic recapping for the last year and a bit. So much laughing and yeah :D

  38. EYK Crew, I’ve only been watching your vids for a few months now but I’m hooked! I’m currently unemployed and looking for work — it’s sooooo stressful!! — but your videos really help make everything better. I can escape to your world and smile and laugh and my worries just disappear for awhile. I’m so impressed with everything you do and even though I don’t know you at all, I’m really proud of you and so happy for all your success. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. You all are so awesome!! :)

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