So, here’s an interesting question that someone asked, about interesting questions that we’ve been asked:

What are the weirdest questions that your students have ever asked you?
jobellebelle, Singapore!

Now, we wish we can say that there were some profound questions that we were asked by out former students, something that, in their curiosity, revealed to us an aspect of Korean culture that we hadn’t seen before…but I think we kind of already shared the more interesting questions in our “TL;DR- What South Korean students think of North America

So now you guise are stuck with the awkward stuff. The kind of special memories and special moments teacher have that can be awkward stories to tell other people, but other teachers understand what we’re trying to say. So, we don’t want to ruin the surprise in the video, but we’ll give you a hint:

Martina’s question was about the real meaning of “magic stick” and “lollipop” as found in a song. Yeah. She kind of panicked. And Simon’s was in a similar field, but we’re starting to think that someone was dared to ask Simon that question…

Now to be clear, these are not common questions (although Martina did get a lot of questions about the meaning of slang used in English songs) but just really memorable ones for us. I guess this is kind of a light and fluffy TL;DR! YAY! Something light and fluffy was needed this week…like…a giant pink unicorn toy. <—clearly Martina typing

So after you watch the video and witness our awkward moments, we’d love to hear your awkward stories that you’ve had with students (or maybe even younger siblings?) Both Simon and I are the youngest children so we’ll have to hold our sisters/brothers back from spilling any embarrassing stories about us. *Martina’s eyes narrow…put that family picture album away….

  1. Oriane Yia

    I was in a really embarrassing situation 3 years ago.

    I was with a friend, walking on the street. We were going to eat pizza, around 8 or 9 pm. And then i saw a shop, still open.

    So i said out loud :” that’s funny, why is this shop still open ? I wonder what they are selling, we should come in ! “.

    My friend looked at me really awkwardly and started laughing at me . I asked her what happened. Still grinning, she said that it was a sex shop, but if i wanted to enter i could ! Was as pink as a flamingo

    Ahahahah Good time !!

  2. elisha hwangbo

    yoohoo~ is there a tldr today? :)

  3. Katharina Kenklies

    Not so much awkward, but funny:

    Me and a colleague were still in our shared office at college at about 9 pm, trying to sort out an avalanche of enrolment papers for the next day. A student emerged from the library and found the main entrance locked already, so came looking to the office for someone to let him out.

    He poked his head around the door and asked “Uhmmmm, excuse me…. do you work here?”
    Without so much as flinching my colleague went “Sssshhhhhh! We’re trying to break out!”
    With a completely straight face the student replied: “Oh. Good luck!” and disappeared.

  4. Anonymous

    good bye baby is awsome

  5. An akward moment happened a few years ago when I went to a mini market near my house. And I still remember it coz this is what happened.

    There is a condoms display near the cashier desk and there also several packages has pictures of fruits on it.
    There were two children at about age 5 and 8 years old, looking for some candies and they asked the employee there like this;
    Kid A = ” what are these candies? why are they placed different than the others?”

    At that moment my face went (o_0),, and wondering what will I say to those children when I’m in her (employee) position.
    And that girl looks like she was thinking for a while,, and I also curious about what will she told them.

    Then the girl/employee there just calmly answer them, “oh, that’s an expensive but taste bad, gummy candy. I think you wouldn’t want it.”
    Knowing that the kids only brought enough money for a few snack and candies,, they just comment each other that “oh, it’s expensive. Let’s find another candy then!”

    My thought was like “OMG that girl is so briliant to have such an answer like that within less than 30 seconds!”
    After those kids left, I spoke to her and appraise her to have such an idea to told the kids.
    I honestly would be stuttering answering thise question if that was me. ^_^

  6. An awkward moment that will ALWAYS remain burned in my memory (because until I moved away, it was still constantly brought up) will be the banana bang conversation during lunch at the end of the year when I was in eighth grade.

    So you will understand why I said this in the first place, you need to understand that my middle school’s lunch wasn’t exactly known for it’s presentation or food quality. Neither was my high school’s… But anyway, my friend Cayla and me were just sitting there having lunch and that day the fruit of choice for lunch (we follow the the food pyramid SO closely) was bananas. The bananas were very bruised and pretty much not edible —which sucked because I was hungry—  and I said (and, unfortunately, quote), “Man! It’s like somebody banged the bananas or something.” Cayla looked at me for a second, blinked, and burst out into hysterical laughter. I, OF COURSE, hadn’t the slightest inkling of why she was laughing so hard and asked. She gave me the look that means it’s obviously perverted. *lightbulb~* My mouth fell open. HOW ON EARTH DID I COME UP WITH THAT?! I was known as the more pure, innocent one of my friends and yet ALWAYS said the perverted things. I never lived it down. *sigh*

  7. Well my awkward moment was probably more of an awkward moment for our teacher XD

    So my teacher was teaching Chemistry and he was talking about how chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is the same hormone as when you have pleasure or when you fall in love…
    So then my teacher was like “Ok guys! Now you know what to give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day!” 
    It was pretty evident he wanted us to say Chocolate!
    But some guy at the back of the room yelled SEX!
    And we had like a few seconds of awkward silence before everyone burst out laughing XD

    On another note, I had an awkward moment with my brother cause he doesn’t think Taemin is a boy :/

  8. AHHHH … I too work in Korea, in the bustling town of Cheonju in Chungcheongbuk-do!  Simon – I had a similar question from a group of boys (I teach middle school).  They would also ask me about my “member size” and also if I had hair in different body areas … ehem.  Now, I’m new to the country – 4 months in – and though on the inside I am laughing hysterically because these are question that you just don’t hear back home from students – how normal is this really???????? 

  9. I had a similar situation with one of my 6 grade students in Puerto Rico, she asked me what did the “Peacock” in Katy Perry’s song really mean. Since she said her older sister told her she shouldn’t sing that song and since she didn’t dare ask her older sister why, she came and asked me.

    It was a little bit awkward but funny at the same time :D

  10. Lol one of my classmates told us that when she was little she wanted to know what was durex and that her dad didnt ever told her

  11. Hahahaha something like this just happened today!

    My old sister’s boyfriend told my sister was a Nymphomaniac and my little sister heard that and asked what that mean, and we all shared awkward stares until my older sister said

     ”It’s what you call people who like to date a lot” LOL LOL

  12. wow! u guys are really tall then! 195cm…its like the size of the door, simon! :O

  13. Alyssa Sun


  14. Anonymous

    Misunderstanding slang words/phrases happens all the time. When I was working in England, I was trying to tell the British girl sitting in the desk next to me to connect online to our chat room. Where I’m from (Texas), I would usually say something like “Hey, can you please hop online?” So i told her the same, and she had a very confused look and asked for me to repeat what I said. I responded with, “I said, hop on!”. The look of horror on her bright red face was priceless!!! After that, I realized I needed to choose my words a bit more carefully ;). Also, after dating a Korean girl for a long time, I know to try to avoid puns and sarcasm, sometimes a corny pun or a sarcastic joke can cause lots of problems.

  15. I am a teacher too, and, however, I can’t say that my students aren’t creative, I don’t have any particular memories of their really awkward questions or funny moments though.
    the most cute and wonderful memories are connected with my 5-year-old daughter and her questions and sayings BUT all of them are puns or mistaken phrases in Polish… so they won’t be funny in English at all! :(

    but I do understand you very well :)

  16. Oh oh I have some! Ranging from dirty to innocent:
    1. “Are you virgin?” and another kid in the back yells “Cherry! Cherry!” – rowdy boys in a 2nd year high school class. (I said “None of your business” and moved on.)
    2. “Are you pregnant?” – probably the same rowdy boys.
    3. A kid farts in class.  One kid says (I forgot exactly what he said so I’m paraphrasing) “I bet American’s have so much stinkier farts because all they eat is meat. Teacher, who has the stinkier farts, Americans or Japanese?? ”
    Me: “….I’ve never compared. I don’t think there’s a difference.”
    This leads to the students having a mini shouting match about whether or not American’s farts are stinkier, with one side yelling “YES STINKY” and “NO! SAME STINKY” – high school students.
    4. An adorable 5 year old boy who loooooves bugs upon finding out that I’m from Texas. “What kind of bugs are in Texas???”
    Me: “There are scorpions in the desert.”
    little kid *wide eyed*: “Do you eat them??????”

    • Have they asked if you own a ranch and a horse?

      Usually when people from other countries (heck, sometimes even in the u.s.) think that ALL Texans do. lol

      • Haha yeah they do xD I’ve even talked to one guy who thought that everyone in Texas lived in covered wagons and we still fought the indians for everything that we needed. It was really funny but honestly a lot of people think that. And that we don’t have green grass. They all think we only have cactuses and tumble weeds xD But then again Alaska has people doing the same to them

        • Michelle Totoris

          I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX where we actually have the rodeo too, and all my Turkish friends think I own a horse. I kindly explain that I live in a suburban neighborhood. But its fun to mess with people and say we rope cows and herd animals.

  17. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! I know what you mean! Due to the fact i have a lot of asian friends, most of them who came to America within the past 1-3 years, they have a lot of english questions for me. The best one i have to say is when one of my guy friends asked me what “shank” meant, so i explained it and provided the shanking motion. Later in the hall he ran up to one of my girl friends and shouted “SKANK! SKANK SKANK! >:D ” along with the hand motions….. but his hand motions looked very dirty. We laughed so hard i nearly peed myself! I don’t mind the awkward questions, because it goes both ways. Besides, who else is going to teach them!

    Also, wow Simon, “195cm” *shouts and high fives* Sounds just like the guys in my class.

  18. Ehehe, as the oldest and most shameless out of my group of girl friends, I always get stuck being the one to explain dirty terms to all the other friends, hah. One of my best friends is verrry innocent, I have to explain things to her all time. XD

    And add another to the tally of people who thought of BB’s Lollipop Pt. 2 XD

  19. Anonymous

    Oh..commented before watching the vid…my gosh! I was lmao

  20. Anonymous

    When I read “giant pink unicorn toy”, the first thing thing that came to my mind was that line by Agnes from the movie Despicable me – “It’s so fluffy,  i’m gonna die!”

    Cutest thing ever.

  21. where. is. that. funny. and. funky. logo O.O duno, maybe i just got used to the old one, and i get the idea of the new one (and as a graphic design student i know logo MUST BE simple…) but… still i think it’s too simple xD

    anyways – o ma gad xD i lolled so much at those questions xDDD

  22. Martina’s question, and answer was really really good!! as a teacher in Japan, i often get asked lots of randomness as well… but not sure i’ve ever gotten such a gem… Simon, if it makes you feel any better, lots of my guy friends who teach here get often asked about the size of their junk, and i get asked what cup-size i am all the time :/

  23. I’ve asked an awkward question before back when I was little…>.> I was probably about 3 when I accidentally wandered into a boys’ toilet and saw a little boy pissing. >.< I came back out and I asked my mum 'why do boys have elephants?' XD XD XD

  24. I was at camp one summer and some friends and i were just hanging out. We were just having a normal conversation and all of a sudden the youngest(12) of us asked us if we knew what JB stood for (this was before the time of Justin Bieber). I didn’t understood what she meant at first but she kept on repeating and making motions and i eventually figured it out. Our other two friends had no idea what was going on and she was about to explain it to them. I screamed NO!!! and covered her mouth because i thought to preserve their innocence as long as possible (as i was the oldest among us at 13). However when i wasn’t paying attention one day she went and told them…. I think they were scarred for life :( 

  25. Anonymous

    Gasp, what happened to the colourful background? The doodle-y one with Simon and Martina floating above buildings? D:

  26. I’m the youngest in my family and I don’t think I ever asked anyone awkward questions. Okay, maybe I’ve asked a friend what’s “I got you under my skin” cos I wanted to know why was it banned. Then I knew why… That’s probably the most awkward thing I asked anyone. *shrug* guess I’m not that an awkward person afterall.

    • See, I don’t think that’s so bad, since it’s guys singing it it’s kind of ambiguous. I’ve never heard anyone use that phrase in a sexual way before I heard that song. They could have been referring to something a little more innocent. Like maybe she’s locked in their hearts or something…

      anyway, I think it’s a lot more ambiguous than “magic stick”

      • yeah… but I don’t get the lollipop part simonandmartina talked about… Okay, this is prolly gonna be an awkward question – -

        • lollipop = magic stick except he wants a girl to lick it….that is sexual.

          also, in canada/US, the term “i got you under my skin” generally isn’t actually sexual. it can be used in two ways. a more positive way – it’s like you’ve been affected by a person in a way where you can’t seem to stop thinking about them. 
          in a negative way, it’s like the person has begun to irritate you like a rash or if something was physically stuck under your skin like a thorn.
          a song wouldn’t be banned here for using this term.

        • oh… innocence vanished… lol jk. 
          Guess asian and western stuff just don’t really mix huh?

  27. Rhianna Libed

    So in high school I had an upperclassman friend who had moved to america from Korea. There were a lot of slang terms she didn’t understand. Some of the other kids would be mean and tease her by teaching her the wrong meaning. Some kids had her convinced that a handjob was any job you did with your hands. We tried to tell her that wasn’t the case without telling her the actual meaning, keep her innocent. Ummm she found out what it meant.

  28. My little sister (5 years old) says the funniest thing. You know how you tell little kids that there’s a baby in a pregnant lady’s tummy? One day my sister tugs on my sleeve and goes: “Why did Amy eat her baby?!”

    Another day she pointed at my picture of U-Kiss on the wall and says : “Those girls are so pretty!”
    Me: “Actually they’re boys, from a boyband in Korea.”
    She stares at the poster for a minute, then walks away in a huff exclaiming “I don’t believe you!”

  29. lol these awkward questoins were hilarious XD
    I did have a somewhat awkward and funny experience with my little brother. He asked me where do puppies come from. I was lucky enough that my parents vaguely spoke to him about where babies come from beforehand so at least that was out of the way…so I just told him the same way babies come from. Well he obviously looked like he didn’t understand much, but went along with it anyway. Then he replied saying “Oh! I thought puppies come from their nipples?”  After hearing that I was literally on the floor laughing, so yea I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t fully grasp where puppies come from, but the whole incident sure makes a funny story. That, and I’m pretty sure he was trolling me too.

  30. OMG!!!! lol especially at the question Simon got!!

  31. Oh you want to hear some awkward stories? Well I’ve got a ton! Hahah
    I remember one time I said “He isn’t comming fast enough” and of course, someone screams ‘THATS WHAT SHE SAID!’ I laughed, and my younger friend asked me why it was a ‘that’s what she said’ joke. As I was trying to explain it, I didn’t see that one of my teachers was standing like RIGHT behind me. I turned around and HE (it had to be the only male teacher I had) was staring at me, no expression on his face but clearly hearing what I said. I WAS SO EMBARRASED. I pretended I dropped something under the table and hid under there while my friends tried to coax me out. Ohhh man….

  32. LOL~~~ I was legit dying from these awkward questions. :3 awkwardness ftw ;D

  33. LOL. Great topic.
    I remember once I tried to explain “That’s what she said.” The person I was telling was very….innocent-minded…so it was a bit difficult to explain it to her. I have a feeling she still doesn’t get it…even though she says she does. Then again…She somehow doesn’t really know ANYTHING about sex (even though we’re both 17!)…perhaps due to the fact that sex education is a bit lacking over here in China?

  34. viviana soto

    i love you videos 

  35. Wellllllll, congratulations, Simon.

  36. I’m the second second in my family, so I’ll share an embarrassing moment:

    When I was 8, I had this OBSESSION with Combos (a hollowed cylinder cracker/pretzel with processed cheese inside). I went to the bodega with my family. At the counter (don’t know if this is universal, but at the counter, the cashier is usually surrounded by these glass panes stuffed with candy. You have to point to the one you want and he’ll give it to you), I asked for Combos. The man stared at me and said “What?”… I said “I want Combos… Give me Combos.” He stared wide eyed and started laughing at me all of the sudden.. I was all “GIVE ME COMBOS!! I WANT COMBOS!!” and I started describing it “You know, the thing with the stuff inside.” and I gestured a cylinder with my hand and my going inside the cylinder.. He would not shut up and my mom ran to me from behind and pulled me away. I was complaining “Mom, he won’t give me Combos!” And she said “It’s Combos not condoms…” Needless to say, the next question after that for me was “What’s a condom?” Childhood destroyed? Mission accomplished.

    Anyway, I wasn’t the brightest kid when it came to sex, I asked my 7th grade math teacher about what the heck a wet dream was and he had a hard time with that. So this, I can definitely relate to. I wish they made a hardbook version of urbandictionary so I can carry it around >_>;;

  37. Anonymous

    I’ve had a similar experience teaching English to a high school Korean boy. I don’t know where he heard it, but he asked me what “horny” meant. I had a few seconds of quiet panic, and then went to dictionary.com so he could read the definition for himself. It was super awkward.

  38. Oh :’) they’re so innocent.

  39. They went to Korea to teach english instead they ended up teaching sex ed. LOL

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