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The Pocky Challenge!

February 26, 2018


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Hello everyone, and welcome to a special edition of our painful challenges, in which we bring in two friends visiting Japan, the brilliant minds behind HellthyJunkFood. If you’ve ever checked out YouTube’s Trending Page, you’ll surely have seen a video or two of theirs up there, where they make stuff like a Giant Chicken Nugget or Giant Grilled Cheese. We’ve spoken with them online a bunch, and once they came to Japan we thought we’d show them a nice place or two, and we also knew we’d have to make them suffer on camera. Except for JP who seemed to have great luck and never had to worry. But Julia and I, we suffered a lot :D

The start of the day was really fun, with the making of the giant pocky. While Julia and Martina actually followed a proper recipe and made something very faithful to the original, I gotta say, I was really happy with how JP and my Pocky turned out. Though it’s not a true Pocky per se, it was still a great concoction we came up with. Cutting the crust off of bread is already a great idea. Covering that crustless bread in white chocolate and strawberry bits is just brilliant. I’d say that biting it outright might not be the best way to eat it, but if you were to slice it into smaller pieces, it’d be a solid dessert. Make sure you agree with us in the comments to JP and Julia’s video!



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Food Adventure


The Pocky Challenge!


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  1. This is so weird (situation, not the video). I’ve been watching JP & Julia for ages, and recently Simon’s $300 toaster vid popped into my recommended videos. I didn’t even connect it to you guys until seeing it in the Simon & Martina feed.

    And, for fellow Canadians, anyone else notice that YouTube seems to suggest more Canadian content creators? So much of my list is that, and I don’t go searching for Canadians. Not that we’re bad, just hadn’t expressed a preference to the big YT.

    12 months ago
  2. I’m OBSESSED with the fish and almond sliver snacks. Would take it over Pocky!!

    1 year ago