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The Seven Best SM Music Videos EVER

June 22, 2013



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Hells yeah! We did another one of those ishLIST videos. Remember those? We did one on the 7 Craziest Kpop Videos, and another one on the 7 Best Kpop Artists Covering English Songs. Now, we’ve got another list to share with you. Highly debatable, of course. We’re talking about the Seven Best SM Music Videos Ever! Yes, we’re so SM Biased!

We put all of the videos in a playlist above, but if the playlists don’t work for you (like you mobile device users)

BoA “Eat You Up”

This is how we were introduced to BoA, and we were totally blown away. The song was fierce and powerful, and the video, though sometimes campy, was still pretty cool with the badass dancing and explosions everywhere. Haven’t really heard any BoA song since then that we liked as much as this one, though Hurricane Venus was pretty badass as well…just not as great as Eat You Up. Or we could just be biased to the “Eat you” since it’s half of our site’s name :D

f(x)’s 2012 “Electric Shock”

f(x) consistently makes good music. They don’t make it often. Hell: when’s the last time f(x) had a song out? I should probably know this. Amber, I hope you’re not reading this. Err…uhhh.

Point is, this is our favorite f(x) song ever, and one of the best SM songs in our minds.

SNSD “Gee”

Yes, this is probably the biggest SM song ever. And it’s great! And by all means it should be in the number 1 spot, but we’re not objective reviewers. There are songs we like more, and so we’ll talk about them.

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry”


Anyone remember that old video of ours? High five to anyone who knows it! Also, is it just me or does it seem like dances in the past were more…welcoming? New dances are giant performances, and not really catchy and shareable. Except for Psy’s dances. Those still seem fun and doable by everyone. No?

SHINee “Ring Ding Dong”

Quite possibly some of our favorite lines ever. Cola Cola. Fantastic Elastic. Ring Ding Dong. Butterfly. It’s just so random, and so delightful. The song is such roaring fun. The video’s fun as well. Just…awesome.

Sidenote: we disagreed about this a bit, because I liked “Replay” more. It’s not as fun as Ring Ding Dong, but the chorus is really, really beautiful. The video just is…not that great, though, so RDD won.

Exo “What is Love?

This should have been the number one song. I felt like Kanye Westing Martina when she started talking about Mirotic and being like “EXO’S SONG IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.” I’ll just keep pretending that Wolf doesn’t exist…

TVXQ “Mirotic”

There’s something about this song and video that feels so otherworldly and epic. It feels like it’s light years ahead of anything in Kpop, even though it’s rather old now. The impact that it had when it came out stil resonates with us today, and we haven’t really seen anything that lived up to this from SM since.

Finally, yes, we know that this is only from the past 5 years, and I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff from before our time that’s even better, but we can’t comment on those, because we just don’t know about them and don’t feel as impacted, though I’m sure some of you might have different experiences. If so, please share them! We’d love to hear what you think!



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