Hells yeah! We did another one of those ishLIST videos. Remember those? We did one on the 7 Craziest Kpop Videos, and another one on the 7 Best Kpop Artists Covering English Songs. Now, we’ve got another list to share with you. Highly debatable, of course. We’re talking about the Seven Best SM Music Videos Ever! Yes, we’re so SM Biased!

We put all of the videos in a playlist above, but if the playlists don’t work for you (like you mobile device users)

BoA “Eat You Up”

This is how we were introduced to BoA, and we were totally blown away. The song was fierce and powerful, and the video, though sometimes campy, was still pretty cool with the badass dancing and explosions everywhere. Haven’t really heard any BoA song since then that we liked as much as this one, though Hurricane Venus was pretty badass as well…just not as great as Eat You Up. Or we could just be biased to the “Eat you” since it’s half of our site’s name :D

f(x)’s 2012 “Electric Shock”

f(x) consistently makes good music. They don’t make it often. Hell: when’s the last time f(x) had a song out? I should probably know this. Amber, I hope you’re not reading this. Err…uhhh.

Point is, this is our favorite f(x) song ever, and one of the best SM songs in our minds.

SNSD “Gee”

Yes, this is probably the biggest SM song ever. And it’s great! And by all means it should be in the number 1 spot, but we’re not objective reviewers. There are songs we like more, and so we’ll talk about them.

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry”


Anyone remember that old video of ours? High five to anyone who knows it! Also, is it just me or does it seem like dances in the past were more…welcoming? New dances are giant performances, and not really catchy and shareable. Except for Psy’s dances. Those still seem fun and doable by everyone. No?

SHINee “Ring Ding Dong”

Quite possibly some of our favorite lines ever. Cola Cola. Fantastic Elastic. Ring Ding Dong. Butterfly. It’s just so random, and so delightful. The song is such roaring fun. The video’s fun as well. Just…awesome.

Sidenote: we disagreed about this a bit, because I liked “Replay” more. It’s not as fun as Ring Ding Dong, but the chorus is really, really beautiful. The video just is…not that great, though, so RDD won.

Exo “What is Love?

This should have been the number one song. I felt like Kanye Westing Martina when she started talking about Mirotic and being like “EXO’S SONG IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.” I’ll just keep pretending that Wolf doesn’t exist…

TVXQ “Mirotic”

There’s something about this song and video that feels so otherworldly and epic. It feels like it’s light years ahead of anything in Kpop, even though it’s rather old now. The impact that it had when it came out stil resonates with us today, and we haven’t really seen anything that lived up to this from SM since.

Finally, yes, we know that this is only from the past 5 years, and I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff from before our time that’s even better, but we can’t comment on those, because we just don’t know about them and don’t feel as impacted, though I’m sure some of you might have different experiences. If so, please share them! We’d love to hear what you think!

  1. Astrini Isfandiari Adisoma

    TVXQ’s mirotic was my first kpop video ever! And it made me interested in kpop too, even though kpop isn’t really my style. I totally agree with you. At that time, the song and video felt so otherworldly and cool for some reason, like there was a magic spell or something on it.

  2. I definitely agree that Mirotic is the best MV SM ever produced! Well, for one is because it single-handedly turned anyone it came into contact with to a fan! Boosting their popularity in the world the way we’ve never imagined.. While I really love the song, the MV and the boys I find some scenes really silly (hint: laser and mirror? huh?)
    Still, it is the most awesome SM MV evaaaaaa! :D

    PS: Martina, are you a JUNSU stan?! hahahah

  3. Eryn Moragin

    I’m sooo happy with this list! Especially DBSK in 1st with Mirotic!


  5. mirotic!!! i agree with everything but ring ding dong & electric shock. i think sherlock is way better than RDD but maybe this was made before sherlock?

  6. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that think this but…
    2009 was like the year for SM, I mean Gee, Sorry Sorry, RIng Ding Dong, Mirotic
    All those songs are here, and they are definitely the most remembered song (in my opinion :D)

  7. i love mirotic untill now i still listen to it

  8. I read SM MOVES and I tought about Sado-Maso… I’m so nasty!
    Anyway, in my opinion:
    7. TVXQ-Hug
    6. TVXQ-Wrong Number
    5. TVXQ-Balloons
    3. TVXQ-Tri-Angle
    1. you’ll never guess…MIROTIC!!!

  9. I have to send a kiss to you for Mirotic, ahh my feels from 2009 coming back ;’((((

  10. its like you’re reading my mind! (except for gee.)
    Mirotic was my first kpop song/video/group!!

  11. Please tell me I’m not the only one who was expecting TVXQ’s Balloon as #1 ._.

  12. Sakura Chan

    im happy
    life is complete XD

  13. To me this list seem more like EYK ‘The Best Seven SM Songs Ever’ rather than ‘The Best Seven SM Music Videos Ever’. EYK didn’t really talked much about what was special about the MVs, but instead they talked about what they like about the songs.

  14. I just want to say… Guise, I totally agree with your list.

    BoA’s Eat You Up totally attracted me to Kpop from Jpop.
    TVXQ’s Mirotic is a classic! You ain’t a legit kpop person if you haven’t heard/watched this~
    f(x)’s Electric Shock is another favorite of mine! The choreo, the lights, the outfits and the girls.. just.. ugh (^o^)/
    Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and SNSD’s Gee are only included in my list because the song and video are catchy.

    SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong is also one of the best SM videos/songs! The way they move together and sing, ohgosh.
    HOWEVER, I agree with you Martina! Replay was better, despite the lacking video~
    Exo’s What Is Love is the one and only song I liked from them ^^ Sorry Exo fans ^_~

  15. Aah I love this. Mirotic was the song that got me into k-pop as well (and your “how to dance k-pop 2008″) so seeing this classinc at the top of your list makes me super happy.

  16. Hhahahaha, MIROTIC also pulled me into K-POP :P

  17. When I think of Super Junior, I think “Neorago”. Simply is the music that represents them. It’s beautiful and addictive.
    Please! Mirotic is ANTHEM.
    And I agree that the MV was ahead of his time. Even today we see many references to Mirotic in current clips.^^

  18. Although I expected MAMA to be on here, I still kicked and screamed when I saw What Is Love make the list. ;A;

  19. TVXQ “Mirotic” is my all time number one SM single as well

  20. Hi ! Question ! How can you put samples of MVs in your vids ? Do you need an agreement (from SM ?!) or something ? Just telling that cause I’m interesting in it and making vids too … hope you’ll understand ! I like what you do guys ! :) Keep on watching. AWC.

  21. Ring ding dong is super catchy and is probably the most “doable” dance SHINee ever had. I prefer Sherlock though since that’s what got me into KPOP and what made me fell totally in love with SHINee. XD.

    Picking out the top 7 videos from SM is just too hard, I think I’m gonna have a mental break down if I try to do that… It’s just not possible…

  22. TVXQ (Y)

  23. I fell into Kpop because of SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong~! :3 It’s also my regular phone’s ringtone~!!!


  25. IMO, although the other videos is debatable, I totally agree with TVXQ – Mirotic, it’s timeless!

  26. Jennifer Miller

    All 7 videos are staples of my K-Pop playlist!

  27. High five! ahhahahaha


  29. Great list guys, I have to say that I can’t disagree with a single one of these. Though you reminding me that “Gee” only came out in 2009 was a shock. It feels like it was forever ago!

    Also, though I loved EXO’s “What Is Love”, all it does is remind me of how disappointed I was with their recent comeback. :( *sad panda*

  30. I feel the same way you guys do about What is love. I get bored of songs really easily, one day they’re my favorite and the next they just kind of loose their muster. But not What is Love. I still adore it and think I will for a very long time.

  31. LongClawTiger

    BoA’s “Eat You Up” was the first K-Pop song I ever heard, long before I ever heard of K-Pop and saw how big it is. I just remember coming across a random link to it on youtube and thinking how awesome it was. I am so happy to see it on a list like this. :)

  32. Totally agreed on Mirotic

  33. Not even shocked that TVXQ’s #1. I mean.. If they’re not #1 then there must be something wrong with the list lol. Mirotic will forever be one of my favorite KPOP videos, EVER.

  34. SHINee’s Lucifer??

  35. well u were talking about best videos from SM, this list is pretty lacking in my book
    but if u were talking about best songs from SM then u hit the nail in the head with Mirotic..that’s my favourite song also :D

  36. am I the only one who thought the title for this list should have been ‘the seven best sm songs ever’ because if I remember correctly when S&M reviewed Electric Shock, they said the song was awesomem but the video was boring….and I love all these songs XD

  37. When I saw BoA’s Eat You Up on the list I was so happy! That was the first Kpop video I ever watched and remains one of my favorites today :) I actually really agree with you on these choices for the most part. I do prefer Genie over Gee (although I love both), but agree that Gee is definitely the song that is synonymous with SNSD so I completely understand this being on the list instead. As for Exo-K’s What Is Love- I can’t even explain how much I love the fact that this is the song you picked for them! Because even though Mama, History, etc. are awesome songs in their own right I could listen to this song all day long and never get sick of it! Lovely harmonies, silky smooth vocals and a sexy groove that almost forces you to dance makes this song into a classic, which unfortunately was overshadowed when released. As for Mirotic, no one, and I mean no one, can deny the epicness of this song! I found out that TVXQ was originally a 5 member group after I had already fallen for the awesome duo it is now and when I heard this song I understood why people lamented the split of their team. I love both the past of the group and the present through being able to discover this gem :)

  38. what, no Balloons? XP

    all joking aside, it is one of my favorites. it’s a great song with fun dance moves. AND THE PENGUINS!

  39. I swear What is love sounds almost exactly like TVXQ’s before U go… Is is just me?

  40. Best made ones? I’d have to say Super Junior’s “No other”, “Sorry Sorry answer” and “It’s you” (“Neorago”). BoA’s “Disturbance was pretty great ~ Then I have to say SNSD’s http://youtu.be/pDS0QdcVZ9Q (Couldn’t find the official, sorry! It’s so difficult since it’s only in Hangul :C ). Also, “Balloons”, “Before u go” and “Tonight”. These are not my favorite songs (Not all of them any ways), but I like them all. I’m pretty sure there are other nice videos, but these are some I liked. (I agree with your BoA song, DBSK song and the fact that “Replay” should have made the list. I mainly based this list of good videos, though. More so than just good songs though.)

  41. Gemma Deacon

    Can’t argue with this list! There’s so many music videos under SM that it’s hard to choose which ones are my favourites. Gee, Mirotic and Sorry Sorry are the songs that got me into kpop, with dem infectious melodies, and infectious mvs. I also remember the start a fire start a fire vid you did back in the day! :D

  42. Shelley Beh

    D: wahh! i really miss the pre-split DBSK!!

  43. I really like SHINee, but ringdingdong is that one song I don’t like that much. Lucifer is by faaaar my favorite, so eerh, that would be included in my list. :)

  44. Tayebe Izadi

    List agreed!

  45. I too was sucked into the Kpop world through DBSK’s Mirotic. :D

  46. It’s because of you guys and your dramatic reading of RDD all those years ago that got me into SHINee, and now into kpop as a whole :)

  47. Charmz

    I really love the choreography of “Eat You Up” because i thought it was really powerful and cool :) “Mirotic” is still my favourite song from TVXQ ^^ And “Gee” was the song that turned me into a SONE :D

  48. TVXQ NO DOUBT!!! :)

  49. Nicole Parrillo

    Is…is it bad that I was already squealing as soon as they announced Mirotic as #1? >.> I freaking love that song. I love TVXQ!!

  50. I seriously thought it was going to be ‘sexy, free, and single’ when they mentioned SJ. but I have to admit, ‘Sorry’ is one of my favorite songs, and when I was living in Japan with my Korean friends (great combo right there!!) we would totally break out and dance to this around school randomly….we also did the same for DBSK’s Mirotic, since they were released around the same time ahaha
    good times, good times^^

  51. To be honest I loved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXk9Th9gsjM Trax – Oh my goddess music video and song <3

  52. TVXQ-Mirotica the dance ver. was my first Kpop song and Junsu my first Kpop bias!

  53. Maya Hayslett

    Hells yes! So glad “Eat you up” is on there. My absolute favorite SM video ever.

    But dream girl is my favorite Shinee video (not song but video). It is so different and creative.

  54. Love all the selections! These songs were the ones that got me INTO kpop in the beginning. I’m sticking around kpop because I’m a veteran kpop lover, but nothing is as good as the first stuff you know? lol

  55. Wow. Totally didn’t expect you guys to pick some of these songs. I thought you’d pick Sexy Free and Single, and I had no idea you liked Gee xp Also… Luciferrr!! rawr hehe

    For BoA, I liked [b]Disturbance[/b] and Only One (dance version), but Eat You Up is a kick ass dancing video XD

    I’ll agree with Electric Shock since f(x) doesn’t have many good videos. Although Pinocchio, Chocolate Love, and NU ABO were good ^^

    SHINee, hands down should be Lucifer IMO. But the Japanese and Korean versions of Replay are really good too. Ring Ding Dong would definitely be third tho hehe

    For SNSD, it’s difficult for me to choose between I Got a Boy, Genie, and Into the New World. All different, all great XD

    Someone mentioned Super Junior’s It’s You and that is an amazing song a video, especially their one-take drama version!! I also really like No Other and Don’t Don ^^

    For EXO, it has to be Mama. That’s one of SM’s best videos in a long time PERIOD. But I really like the dancing in Wolf too xp What is Love would come next.

    And of course, you picked the perfect video for TVXQ. Mirotic is, without a doubt, their greatest video EVAR. And this is coming from a HoMin fan. Before U Go (dance and drama versions) come at a close second tho, and Rising Sun a close third ^^

    As for old school SM, I say H.O.T’s We Are the Future and Outside Castle. I also really love Shinhwa’s Yo! XDDD

  56. DB5K FOREVER YAY! thanks Simon n Martina for ranking them the first!! N totally diggin ‘ all seven SM songs of your choice!!!

  57. EXO Mama or SHINee Replay (my first kpop song and MV evarrrr) instead of Electric Shock! I don’t know, f(x) is the only SM group I can’t get really into. I adore everyone else!

  58. Stephanie Dubuque

    I remember that video for Sorry Sorry! I think it might of been one of the first videos I saw that got me subbed to you guys! =)

  59. Angelina Widener

    High Five ! I remember that video on how to dance Kpop style :D
    I pretty much agree with your list ^.^
    Sometimes SM does put out video where artists are allowed out of their boxes XD

  60. But guise! Your channel is EatYourKimchi now and you introduced your channel as SimonandMartina!

  61. KATHyphenTUN

    Good choices guys! Some of my favs not on the list are:
    EXO – MAMA
    SHINee – Lucifer
    Super Junior – It’s you

    and Super Junior M – Super girl / breakdown but I don’t know if the mandarin videos count in this lol

  62. bigbangfosho

    “Anyone remember that old video of ours? High five to anyone who knows it!” heck yes! It was that video that drew me into EYK…Seriously though, when I saw How to dance Kpop, I thought, “man, this is the kind of humor i’ve been looking for all these years without myself knowing”. And…I’ve been a hardcore nasty ever since :D

  63. When i think – ‘best kPop SM music video’ , i automatically think of- TVXQ “Mirotic”. – it IS the Best, my favorite SM video of all time! ( now…- I kind of feel bad for Yunho and Changmin. Without the other three members it’s like ”TVXQ” doesn’t fit quite right. the name is loaded with so much memories and expectations…, it puts way too much pressure on them. I don’t know how the duo can come out from under “Mirotic”-TVXQ s’ Shadow but… Well, FIGHTING :-)! -it would be interesting to see them put out many mini-albums, with different genres musik, and collaborate with other artists, from other companies and maybe even from the indie scene. BACK TO THE BASICS’ so to say. The fans -we are …, i am still waiting to Fall In Love With You – Again!:-)

  64. If I were to make a best of SMEnt list, DBSK would take up all of it, ha ha.

    Favorite songs/videos of my favorite SM artists, and favorite things in them
    1. DBSK – Rising Sun – the percussion in the opening and throughout, but everything about this song is epic, really
    2. Super Junior – Don Don – in the post-apocalyptic world, more than ever, we need hip thrusting (and a violin solo)
    3. SHINee – Lucifer – opening descending line that was just made for Onew’s voice
    4. Shinhwa – Wild Eyes – chair dance that has never been surpassed
    5. BoA – No. 1 – so wholesome yet so powerful, that’s her trademark

    Favorite songs of groups that SM has forgotten, sob!
    The Grace – My Everything
    The TRAX – Tears

  65. Most of the list I liked, but I would have put What is Love at the top. I just fell in love with that song faster than I have for most K-pop songs, so that’s why it would be my #1.

  66. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote :)

    Yes Boa’s ‘Eat You Up’ – still doesn’t find equivalence in her other songs

    *yey* I get a high five :D

    I don’t agree with the Psy part though

    …and about Exo’s “Wolf” video I have to say that the one who invented that “tree” dance part is a genius!! looks so real O.o

    Great work!! :D


  67. “I’ll just keep pretending that Wolf doesn’t exist.” Lmfao. Preach it.

  68. I would recommend checking out any of Liyin’s few videos; I’ve never seen her stuck in a box, she has the most magnificent voice and the story lines to the videos have always been beautiful. She hasn’t released anything since 2009 when she did Timeless which I think probably takes her out of most people’s awareness. It’s heartbreaking and SM really need to pay more attention to her and their other female soloists that aren’t called BoA.

  69. I didn’t know Eat You Up was in English. It was awesome!! I wish Trax or Henry had made it to the list. I personally think Henrys video is one of the best SM has done in a while. Gee is extremely annoying in my opinion (sorry Sones) and I prefer when SuJu does it lol. I like Chu better than Electric Shock but it’s not terrible. Dazzling Girl is the best SHINee video in my opinion but it’s in Japanese so I don’t think it counts so I’d say Dream Girl is the best Korean song for SHINee. I think No Other was better than Sorry Sorry but I understand the popularity of it. In any Kdrama at that time when someone said sorry it was *rubs hands* ‘sorry sorry sorry.’ Mirotic is sheer awesomeness!!! I love that song sooo much!!! The Video is kinda 0.o so I prefer the dance version (But hey, who doesn’t!!) And What Is Love is a gorgeous song. The harmony and blending of the voices is amazing. I had listened to the song for a while and loved it so I looked up who sang it and was shocked to discover it was a debut group and they were young! Their voices have a quality to them that I can appreciate as a singer. I was kinda sad DBSKs Before you Go wasn’t on here it has beautiful harmony and I was surprised the guys who sang Keep Your Head Down did that song too, very multi-talented! lol

  70. You know I think Sorry Sorry would probably be on the top of mine just because of the sheer number of times I’ve listened to the song over the years. It has never left my playlist.

  71. I was like : OMG I Lov MIROTIC they are super HOT xDDD but really? RDD? SHINee has a lot os mv super good >< i dont know xDD Gee is my fav and f(x) i dont know, sorry sorry is Super Junior best mv

  72. Am I the only one who’s absolutely in love with Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry Answer”? I feel like no one talks about it but in my opinion it’s one of SJ’s best songs EVAH.

  73. I totally forgot about all the awkward ‘sexy’ stares in Ring Ding Dong. At one point Onew’s lip rub actually looks like he’s wiping his nose. :D
    I agree with almost every song on the list! My favorite SNSD song is still Genie (Tell me your Wish). And I think Shinee’s Sherlock is a bit more epic too with Taemin (oops I mean TaeMAN!) ‘soy un dorito’ long locks and the Sherlock stamp run. I can’t believe Sherlock is over a year old… Geez I’m getting old.

  74. Well,this is disappointing…why is this all about “best” songs when it supposed to be about the best videos?:/ There is so many much better SM MVs…

    • Yeah, I felt a bit disappointed too because it seemed like they were actually talking about the songs over the mvs… I mean, I can say a mv is great even if I don’t like the song that much…
      I’m not an ELF, but I like a lot “It’s you” mv. The idea is not actually original, but it certainly is so hard to do, and, well, it just please me a lot to watch.
      I also think SHINee’s Dream Girl mv is better than Ring Ding Dong.
      But these choices were probably made aiming people that don’t know kpop, so they chose the more popular songs from the groups (except EXO’s What Is Love), as far as I understand. I can be wrong, tho.

      I’m not actually disappointed with the choices (well, only with a few of them hahaha), I’m with the fact that I was expecting a different approach.
      But it was fun to watch, anyways :D The suspense… hahaha

  75. great hat choice Simon!

  76. Commence squeeling. CHECK! <3

  77. :O Electric shock was produced by Dutch people. And as a Dutch person listening to some of the Dutch singers I can hear it in the song that it’s from a Dutch maker. For example Elize – automatic, Kim lian – not that kinda girl etc. etc.
    But I still love electric shock even if I have almost nothing with Dutch music.

    For super junior, tvxq, shinee and snsd it reminds me of the time that I started to like K-pop. I loved these songs together with bigbang, b2st and such.

    Exo-k with what is love? I found it once by accident and I really loved the song. It’s only the kind of song that listen to for a while and then forget that it exist.

    Boa: Well I never really listened to boa but it sounds really good, Maybe I should try and listen to it. ^_^

  78. I always think K-pop songs are better without dancing or MV. How do you guys thinks about the relationship between MV and music?

  79. And you know what time it is? (No it is not 2pm baby)
    It’s time for best YG MVs!

  80. Mirotic is right

  81. unicornsgalaxy

    I KNOW this is going to sound nitpicky, but if the videos were only from the past 5 years or so, then it’s not really the best EVER is it? It’s the best in the last so many years… Also while I’m being nitpicky it’s the best in your opinion so I guess it should be your favorites but the ‘best’ doesn’t really bother me because it’s implied that it’s the ‘best in your opinion’.

    I like how you picked one song from each of the active SM Groups and Boa ( solo artist).

  82. PunkyPrincess92

    i LOVE all those songs on the list, but Gee a little less!
    that EXO song if my fave from all EXO songs!! i too will keep pretending Wolf doesn’t exist!
    video wise…..i like BoA’s, f(x)’s, SHINee’s and Suju’s from these!!

  83. Hey Simonandmartina can you do seven Best YG Music Videos?

  84. where is 2ne1 and Big Bang?

  85. I like how it went from talking about why you picked the music video to just how much you like the song. No offence, I’m just super curious as to what made you pick the videos over other videos, not just the song. (The list is supposed to be about the video after all. I was hoping you’d say something about boxes vs outside since this is SME.)

  86. I was so sure you were gonna pick balloons as no 1

    but oh well, Mirotic <3

  87. HAHA! I actually learned the Sorry Sorry dance because of you Simon!

  88. Brittainy

    TBH I was fully expecting TVXQ Balloons to be #1….

  89. That ECHO. Gotta fix that leaking roof. FAAST!

  90. I knew that TVXQ’s Mirotic would be in 1st place :P

  91. Solidly agree. And It’s You as well. But otherwise I’d go with your choices too. I have a huge soft spot for Mirotic and Junsu touching himself all over.

  92. When you say ‘ever,’ do you mean ‘in the past 5 years?’ I was expecting some H.O.T, S.E.S, Shinwa, CSJH, Shinvi, M.I.L.K, etc. Also, Gee is not SNSD’s best music video. Into the New World definitely gets that. It’s kind of like SuJu’s Only U and SuJu&SNSD’s S.E.O.U.L, but with no cutesy-ness and aegyo.

  93. I would think they would’ve put EXO – Mama on the list. The video effects were bomb.

    It was my first kpop song too and it was what made liking so much. It still one of my favorites kpop videos and songs.
    But for SNSD I would chose Genie and for BoA I would chose Hurricane Venus.

  95. My favourite SM video is eat your kimchi like a man

  96. I have to agree… I thought this was a best videos list so when I saw Electric Shock I was a little bit put off because the video has nothing special. Besides the epic song, the video is very lackluster like everything that SM has been doing lately. However, if you had named it best songs, I probably wouldn’t have been so surprised. Though I’d probably be more biased. To be honest I thought you guys would be using Balloons but seeing Mirotic on the list makes me super happy ♥. Mirotic took Korea by storm and is still one of the most epic songs to grace KPop. I wouldn’t consider it their best song, however the video was well executed and the dance is sexy as hell and forever imprinted in my mind ♥. Thank you Martina for putting Mirotic first, it makes me oh so happy ♥. If there is one thing I want to see at least once in my life it would be to see the 5 members singing and dancing along to this song again~ Whether it happens sooner or later, I’ll be waiting to see it~ And even though I don’t agree with the Super Junior, SNSD, and BoA selections, I completely agree with Ring Ding Dong being the best SHINee song! It had me hooked onto them for a good month or so. Great job as always! I look forward to other ishLists you guys will be doing! :D

  97. In my heart of hearts, i still think outside castle and we are the future by H.O.T. was the most epic of the sm videos. but then again… i’ve bee n a choti fan since 2004 when i discovered kpop @_@

  98. I liked the MV for Run Devil Run more then Gee to be honest even though Gee has way more views.

  99. Martina!!!! Your reason for getting sucked into K-Pop is the same as mine!!! MIROTIC!!! So glad to see it as No.1! It’s always and will forever be my No.1!!!

  100. And also, is it just me or is 2009 “The Year of The Bestest K-Pop Video Produced By SM?” ^^

  101. You guys should watch BoA’s Energetic Music Video. She looks so cool in there.


  103. yanagiba yusuke22

    i think sj- neorago (it’s you) must be conclude here

  104. they were really going with best sm songs b/c some of the songs they mentioned only had an ok mv but dbsk deserves to be #1 either way.

  105. MY fave SM vid is eat your kimchi like a man

  106. Diana Cristina Munteanu

    except gee i agree with all the songs :D

  107. So… Instead of totally recreating this list, I’m just going to leave the artist in the spot that they’re in, and just replace the video. Confused? I’m not good with listing things, okay?!?!

    #7 BoA’s Eat You Up replaced with Only One or Did it For Love

    Okay, I kind of agree with the video you guys picked (I freaking love BoA’s dancing), but I can’t listen to the lyrics of this song without getting PG-13 thoughts. Yeah, they’re pretty darn sexual XD I have to admit that I’m really biased towards the songs I picked, because BoA composed Only One, and she was wearing a top hat in Did it For Love. Yeah, simple things like my love for top hats can influence how much I like a song/video. At least I’m honest about it :P

    #6 f(x)’s Electric Shock replaced by Hot Summer

    So, Electric Shock is incredibly catchy and fun, but I am way more into Hot Summer and Nu ABO. The reason why I’d replace this with Hot Summer though, is because Nu ABO is not as danceable as Hot Summer.

    #5 SNSD’s Gee

    I’m totes leaving this as it is, because this is their biggest hit and it is rightfully so. The song is uber catchy and really fun to dance to.

    #4 Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry

    Once again, leaving this as it is, because the next two promotional tracks they released afterwards (Bonamana and Mr Simple) were straight up clones of this song (it even led some ELFs to label the songs as SJ Funky… Like wtf o.O), and the next three promotional tracks (A-Cha, Sexy Free and Single, and SPY) weren’t as awesome (sorry ELFs, those three songs are great, but they just don’t have as much replay value as Sorry Sorry).

    #3 SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong replaced by Sherlock

    I like Sherlock more. That’s all.

    #2 EXO’s What is Love

    Even though the K and M versions of the song feature only two of the singers from their respective sub-unit, this song truly shows where EXO’s sweet spot is – RnB/Pop tracks. This song is BEAUTIFUL, and everytime I hear it, I must do some kind of sexy dance (which looks painfully unsexy when I do it XD) because it’s one of *those* songs (if you know what I mean ;3). In my honest opinion, SM needs to drop the theatics with EXO and just give them an uptempo RnB track, because everyone and their mother knows that’s what they need to be singing.

    #1 TVXQ’s Mirotic

    I was so totes going to replace this with another TVXQ song that I like more, but then I realized that no other song by them that I know (and ackowledge) comes to my head as much as this. Hell, my love of “Keep Your Head Down” is only because of who I assume to be Yuhno’s awkward rapping XD

  108. RDD is still my default phone ringtone after 2 years. EXO ‘MAMA’ is my ringtone for my mom’s cell. and ‘Oppa, Oppa’ by SuJu Eunhyuk & Donghae is my ringtone for my older brother. i keep my ringtones in the SMtown family.

  109. yayy thank you for putting DB5K in :D

  110. I might have startled my mother when I squeaked “YES!” when I saw that DBSK’s “Mirotic” was number one on your list. I was wondering if anything from them would be on it. This was the first song that really hit me from K-Pop, even after a friend tried to get me listen to some other songs. I saw a dance cover, then the dance version, then the full song… and it went from there.

    You two have helped immensely with my growing like/love of Korean music and culture. You make it so easy to relate to for Westerners (at least to me), and your way of making objective and “fair” videos really resonates with me. So thank you.

    P.S. – Plus you two are just so freaking cute and awesome together. It’s impossible (for me) not to love you!!

  111. i never thought that BoA was the one who sing it… i’ve heard it in radio before when i was in high school and the thing is, i’m not living in korea… maybe it’s because the song is in full english… I now do love her~

  112. i only disagree on electric shock, the rest were just like my favs :D

  113. Llamas mentioned in SM music videos list.. Hmm…-cough- Amber -cough-

  114. Shouldn’t TVXQ’s Balloons included in this list? LOL. Okay, it was probably a pretty cheap made video, but it was worth the fun. XD
    I felt like SM’s (as SM ENtertainment not as Simon & Martina) old videos has this poppy vibes that isn’t showed up nowadays. I wonder why? Is it because their heavy inclination to dubstep or what? And some new videos have this really distracting sound effects that it ruined the video as a whole (and the song too). LOL.

    • One of two things happened – 1) SM’s producers have run out of ideas, and they’re just throwing anything at the wall and hoping that it sticks or 2) they no longer feel that good pop music is what it takes to stay on the charts, so they’re doing whatever they can to give their groups an edge (the schizo nature of SNSD’s IGAB or the weird “hybrid remix” that is SHINee’s Sherlock). I feel like it could either, but I’m leaning towards number 2; it makes more sense seeing as to how groups/soloists are debuting left and right.

  115. exo-k’s what is love reminds me a lot of dbsk’s before you go. anyone else agree? but yes, definitely agree that mirotic is brilliant! (:

  116. most Nasties saw ‘What Is Love’ coming though. lets be honest.

  117. H.O.T’s Candy was not included in this?!? inconceivable!!

  118. BoA’s Eat You Up was the first K-pop song I was exposed to, or rather song by a k-pop artist.
    It wasn’t the one that got me sucked in though.

  119. I think Lucifer is the best SHINee song/era and the best music video just because of the cool lights, the cool dance, and the flashy cars ;)

  120. OMG OMG! I yelled and raised the roof when I got to your #1 pick. I’m so happy you guys picked Mirotic as #1. Perhaps I’m biased but I don’t freakin’ care! There were so perfect when 5. They’re still great now but I really miss them together.

  121. lucifer instead of ring ding dong

  122. Akira Miyashi

    Oh….so this was what the Facebook poll was for. XD Hahahha! I’d actually put TVXQ’s Rising Sun in rather than Mirotic. Rising Sun was the one that really grabbed me into K-pop and started my fangirling journey.

  123. sherlock was better tbh..

  124. Guise. what about.Intoxicashon by xshia juns?

  125. I love you guys!! We´re all Nasties here.

    BTW, ” Eat you up” was the first song that I heard from BoA and is amazing, then of course Sorry Sorry and Mirotic… Have you ever tried to watch Mirotic with subtitles in english???… is imposible to read the lyrics!! and you know why???… Because we´re under their skin.

  126. thisisjustforfunval

    Mirotic, by far my favorite DBSK/TVXQ song. The video solidified my lust….erhm love, yes love, for Junsu. Spawned thousands Jaejoong and Yunho bondage fanfics. It’s such a manly sounding song and video. JUNSU! I’ve got mega Junsu fever with his comeback just a few weeks away!

    • I’m curious; were you the one writing those bondage fanfics or did they just happen to pop up on the netz :3

      • thisisjustforfunval

        HAHAHAHA I wish, I’m not such an imaginative writer.

        • Josh Chinnery

          This is how I know I’m a K-Pop fan for more than six months; I’m no longer weirded out by the concept of shipping or the rather explicit fruits of said labor XD

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Ditto, now I see it as cute. I’m still not big on shipping but the day I found that I approved of a few ships I knew there was no kpop turning back. ToDae, and ElVin are my top approved ships.. However I know this will sound odd, but 95% of the time I don’t see it as a romantic ship. More like brotherly bromancery.

          Today I was just thinking I know I’ve been into kpop for more than two years when idols I saw go into the military are being discharged from it. 2.5 years of kpop and still loving it hehehe

  127. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    Damn, it’s good to see Teukie, Yesung, Heechul!!! As well as TVXQ as they should be :/

  128. Lurve the choices!!! I am also biased towards SHINee’s “Replay”, it’s just so addictive! I do love “Ring Ding Dong” though as well. I’ve seen some comments about SuJu’s “It’s You”, and that really is their best song ever. I am sooooooooo glad that “Mirotic” is number one on your list!!! Still one of my all time favourite K-pop songs ever. It’s also one of the first songs I ever bought/watched/listened to endlessly on repeat. It has also made me eternally DBSK (all five of them) biased. *sigh* seriously the most perfect boy bad ever! And I just used “ever” waaaaaay too many times in this comment ^^

  129. That’s it. I would never want to be a K-pop idol. But if I had to, goddamn I would be BoA. I loved her before I even heard about Kpop. I didn’t even know she was Korean for 5 years (Japanese student, heard only her Japanese songs). Her dances are the only female idol dances that I think are baddass and awesome. BoA, you rock.

  130. I’m mostly in agreement, but I think Zhang Liyin’s Timeless ft. Junsu could have been mentioned. Seriously. That video kills me every time I watch it. Not only does the video have an actual plot line, as devastating as it is, it’s also cohesive and works well with the song. The added star power of Siwon and Hangeng only furthers the amazingness. It’s too bad SM doesn’t really promote her anymore.

  131. I actually agree in everyone of the videos… the difference is: I’d put EXO’s video last and make all other videos one stop higher. Nothing wrong with the song… I love that song!! It’s more about the video, the concept of it.

    And yeah, I absolutely agree on Mirotic as SM’s number one video. Not because I’m a Cassie, but because of what it meant to the k-pop industry (at least here in Chile). It was because of this video that k-pop started to spread, so I think it kind of deserves that spot – I believe there are better DBSK videos, but none of them had suck an impact.

    That’s my opinion :}

  132. I kind of totally expected TVXQ’s “Balloons” on this list lol but Mirotic was amazing as well so I’ll accept it.

  133. I must be one of the only people out there who cringes every time “Gee” is mentioned for anything.

  134. Ummm…What is Love (Korean version, sorry EXO-M) is not a shocker. That song really might be the best K-pop song of the decade. Im serious. D.O. and Baekhyun’s voices go together so well.

    In my opinion EXO still needs to do better than that song or show more Tao. Yes. More Tao will make me an Exotic stat.


  136. TVXQ’s Mirotic is SO catchy!!! you just like, keep listening to it!

  137. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    I wish Mirotic and Eat You Up were new videos, so they could get reviewed! I don’t remember if they ever reviewed Gee either… And I remember them disliking Electric Shock back when they first reviewed it…could be wrong though, that was over a year ago!

  138. Definitely agree with Mirotic- it’s still the best selling album of the decade! Changed the face of kpop~

  139. I agree with most of these, since I feel that the best SM mvs were most of the old ones. (now everyone’s dancing in flashy boxes :P) but I don’t agree with What is Love. I love the song for sure (can sing most of it) but in terms of MV, I don’t think so… Sorry, Exo.

  140. Sad they left out Zhang Liyin’s videos! Her videos made me tear up tbh

  141. Well I’m glad balloons by dbsk is not there. It was cute, but I kinda felt second hand embarrassment.

  142. i was getting worried that u guys not talking about tvxq, but them being no1 has made my day! tvxq for the win!!

  143. I thought this was supposed to be about the best SM videos, not the best SM songs…

  144. I loved Don’t Don by Super Junior more than Sorry Sorry. Mirotic was definitely a good choice though (DBSK will always be #1 in my book :D)
    I thought ‘Oh’ was more catchier and less annoying than ‘Gee’, but again, that’s just me.

  145. A little confused on whether this was best songs or best videos, but I agree on most of the MV listed. I would replace Electric Shock with Hot Summer for an f(x) song.
    For a SHINee video, I love them all LOL. Dream Girl is my favorite video though because the boxy SM feel fit so well, which was a first for me. But there are so many SM videos, that it is really hard to pick just seven. And I can’t go much further back than you guys, so yeah.

  146. Somehow I thought Sherlock would be number 1!

    • Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
      Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

      I’m pretty sure they thought the video was ridiculous, the review was basically them ragging on it for 8 minutes straight, except for the dance of course.

  147. EXO What is Love is if not the BEST one of the BEST, Pshhhhh what am I
    saying?!? it is the best…….. the second best for me is
    EXO-K&M’s MAMA, the video’s are probably the most visually stunning
    when it comes to an SM or KPOP video out there. GO EXO! Who could go
    wrong with GEE also? GO GIRLS GENERATION! GO EYK! You guys are AWESOME!

  148. Ok I’ll Admit it the whole time I was going “Where is SNSD and Suju and TVXQ :0 They must be on the list right…..”And yay they where!!!!! It is a good list overall but honestly I am going to be the person that admits that in my top mv list TVXQ’s “Balloon” is on it…. yesh it is true ^_^

  149. Nice list – I especially like BoA and f(x), but I thought Abracadabra was a bit of a favourite for Simon?

  150. My students STILL do the sorry sorry dance when they apologize to me. Also soooo agree about What is Love. Too bad Baby don’t cry wasn’t a single.

  151. As the list kept going down I kept thinking if mirotic isn’t on here I’m going to flip some tables haha. So happy that mirotic is #1! I feel like when it came out it sort of changed kpop as we know it.
    And I was actually very surprised that BoA was on the list. I feel like she is often ignored but yaay here she isn’t! Wish Eat You Up had caught on more in north america :( its so awesome!

    • KATHyphenTUN

      SHANNON! I found you!!! hahaha. Of course you’d be hoping for DBSK/TVXQ, but i agree Mirotic deserved it!!! I still listen to that song all the time!!

      • omg haha HEY!! Took me awhile to figure out who you were xDD ugh faaail.

        • KATHyphenTUN

          Lol do you know anyone else who likes KAT-TUN!? hahaha well done :P

        • I don’t know either of you, but I like KAT-TUN. :D I don’t know much about them unfortunately. OTL I’ve seen almost all of Kame’s dramas, too, if that counts for anything….


        • KATHyphenTUN

          Lol yes, we are friends/neighbors and I am the only one who loves KAT-TUN in our friends, which is why i said “do you know anyone else who likes KAT-TUN!?” :P But YAY~ you’re a fan!!! I always love to meet new hyphens! I am koki biased ^.^ Kame’s dramas are awesome, but they always make me cry T.T My fav is “Tatta Hitotsu No Koi” (but…. I am Koki biased… so that’s probably why it’s my fav :P )

  152. Good list! Especially for Mirotic being first ;D

    I agree that kpop dances now don’t seem as easy to imitate as they were before.The past 3 Super Junior title tracks (Breakdown, SPY, and SFS) don’t really have any fun parts to imitate, especially compared to Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple, and ACHA. But I guess their even older songs don’t either.

  153. OMG!!!! Ring Ding Dong sealed my fate for all eternity as a FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER SHINee fan!!! (I’m 50 years old and OBSESSED with SHINee—there, I said it.) And Mirotic is my 16yo daughter’s FAVORITE VIDEO OF ALL TIME!! As a matter of fact, she sent it to me for MY birthday last year when I was away visiting a friend!! “Here, Mom, I love you almost as much as I love TVXQ and Mirotic! Happy Birthday!” Great list and I’m super super jazzed to know you’re SM-biased, cuz we TOTALLY are too in this house! :-D

    • Thank you forever! Now I know I’m not the only “older” Kpop fan out there (43). I love enjoying Kpop with my daughters. <3

      • Glad to see other “older” Kpop fans (52 here). I just found Kpop last year and haven’t listened to anything else since. (First video I saw was Exo’s Mama – BLEW me away). My daughters (20 & 22) just roll their eyes at my liking “pop”. I tell them its not “pop” – its KPOP – world of difference! Love love Mirotic – actually all of the songs listed in this video. (And I’m liking a lot of indie groups – especially Kim Ba Da). Well seasoned Kpop fans – Fighting!

        • paulpederson

          Hey all! Just another reason I love Kpop is its wide appeal to all ages. I’m 59 (going on 16) :D Last year I attended Korean Music Wave in Google. Awesome! They need to have more live concerts here in SF Bay Area.

        • One of my BFFs won’t even listen to Kpop because she says she can’t stand “pop” and I about come unhinged every time she says it—it’s not the same, there’s ZERO comparison!!! And I LOVE “Well-seasoned Kpop fans”!! WORD!!! :-D

        • harleewings

          DUDE – YOU ROCK!

      • There’s LOTS of us out there!! :-D I have a whole passel of besties who are all DEEP into Kpop and all mid- to late-40s!! One of them is 55!! And I guarantee our devotion is only getting deeper, so know you’ll ALWAYS have company!! :-)

    • Hi Michelle! My fellow Minho-biased Noona friend! ^^
      LOVE seeing all the comments here from other ‘KPOP moms’ …we have our daughters to thank! ;)

      • I’m glad to see all us moms coming out of the woodwork – lets all admit it – we’re older and LOVE KPOP (and for me – Kdrama) – I’m the one to introduce my daughters to Kpop – but they aren’t completely converted yet – I’m working on them – my kids are the ones telling me to turn the music down (As a youth I was always stuck in orchestra – parents banded rock and roll at home). After a long day at work I LOVE to go for drives with my windows rolled down, wind blowing through my hair and kpop blaring loud. I’m the one to tell my kids: “why so serious? Get your cray on.” Ha!

        • Noona's for BB!

          LOL….love your GD reference above! ^^

        • Get your cray on, indeed!!!! :-) I never feel quite so ALIVE and energetic as when I’m cranking my Kpop—and I mean CRANKING IT!! It’s fuel for the soul!! I look at it this way: We’re all old enough to have listened to a LOT of music and by now we know what we like, what moves us. So when we fall in love with Kpop, it’s a deeeep love affair and probably lifelong!!

        • IdilParkJiHee_Swifty

          I wish my parents were in love with kpop too :( Loool you’re so cool <3

      • Noona my dear!!!! :-) We definitely have our daughters to thank!!! There’s really nothing quite as fun as squeeing about magnificent Kpop idols and their music with your daughter!!

        • Noona's for BB!

          Are you enjoying all the EXO comeback craze? We are IMpatiently awaiting the arrival of our Kiss & Hug CD’s to come in the mail! (EXO-K for my daughter, EXO-M for me!) ^^

        • We’re familiar with EXO but don’t listen to them. We funnel all of our Kpop love (obsession?) into SHINee, BIGBANG, TVXQ and Super Junior—but they all give us a LOT to love!!! :-) Oh, and Rain and SE7EN get quite a bit o’ love too. ;-) Rain’s comeback is going to be AMAZING!!!!

        • UtahanLovingKorean

          Ahhhhhhhhhh – Rain Bi (give me a minute while I close my eyes – sigh – ok I’m good – got my Rain fix for the day) – My daughter’s fiance wouldn’t let her watch Rain’s music videos – can you say jellin. I just laughed – its eye candy. Agreed – Rain’s comeback will be Fantastic. Hope he will be in some kdramas eventually. (I’m all over the board for liking kpop – give me a good hard dance beat and I’m hooked).

        • Now that I’ve experienced it, I’ve learned that life without a good Rain video is a life only half-lived!!! :-D

        • UtahanLovingKorean

          Ahmen to that. Rain Rain Rain Rain – the many faces of Rain – he can look and act like a young innocent (I’m a Cyborg) and then just switch to hunk (Ninja Assassin), love interest (Full House) and then his dancing (Love Song music video my daughter and I love – can I say I want Rain’s hat and t-shirt).

  154. No “Rokkugo” by SuJu? Or that happy food MV with Sunny in it also by SuJu? I thought those would be in here because they were funny. :P

  155. I like the video of Sorry Sorry Answer more than sorry sorry xD And Neorago (its you) is in my opinion the best video of suju :D

  156. Awesome List!!!!! Oh man I so called Mirotic being number 1! It was the song that got me obsessed with K-pop so I completely agree!

  157. Kind of wish “Lucifer” was in there though lol

    • Yeah, I was surprised that RingDingDong made it instead of Lucifer.

    • Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
      Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

      Agreed! Since it seemed like they were going more for best song rather than video…then they said the most badass Shinee song, and for me that’s Lucifer hands down!

    • agree! Ring Ding Dong is a really a good song but the video was toooo Sm-ish for me. It was in steroetypical in a sense that it had too many symbolistic shiz and irrelevant parts. The angel thing didn’t do it for me, sorry. However, LUCIFER was just tooooo awesoooooooome!!!!

  158. “Mirotic” is definitely number 1 and I am not even a huge TVXQ fan. It’s so damn epic and amazing; completely on another level. Good choice :D

  159. I so agree with every one of them. :D so glad mirotic is number one

  160. MIROTIC – DBSK <3

  161. EXO What is Love, is my favorite “bad singing in the car song” or it will be when i get my drivers license at the end of the summer!!!!

  162. I don’t love Ring Ding Dong as much as I do Lucifer, but that’s probably my inability to stand repetitive words. xD
    But! Martina I am totally with you! Mirotic was the song that got me into Kpop too! I was really into J-Pop and I stumbled upon this song by the recommended videos and it sounded so much like a Japanese song I was shocked that it was Korean! But I fell in love with it and found SM artists and the rest of Kpop as a result :D

    And that was right before the split ;~;, I couldn’t believe they split just a month after I found them… I was heart broken

  163. I love “Sorry Sorry”, but I feel like SuJu has much better songs that no one talks about as much ~o~ oh well…

  164. you should watch o jung ban hap and rising sun mv by tvxq. Both of mvs are as epic as mirotic ^^

  165. Definitely check out It’s You (Neorago) by Super Junior. Any of the versions — official, drama, and dance. It’s their follow up track for their repackage album after Sorry Sorry.
    Kinda got overshadowed because it’s not as addicting/upbeat as Sorry Sorry. But it’s medium tempo, but still has a subtle sexiness/manliness that they aren’t trying to push so obviously. I love it because they group hasn’t done an MV like that in a long time. And maybe it’s just ,e being SJ-biased, but I always love their choreo. And this one really is complex as heck, but I think it’s just so nice. It’s not hard moves, but because everyone is doing something different, it just looks lovely. You can really see it in the dance version. And in the drama version it was all filmed in one connecting shot, so if one person messed up they had to reshoot the whole thing again. It’s a really beautiful song and MV. My most played SJ song ever :)

    • It’s You is my favorite SuJu song, and I liked it before I even got into Kpop. I had the dance version on repeat forever. I love the song, even more than Sorry Sorry (though that’s great too). Just love the feel of It’s You <3

    • That is legit the best SJ song EVAR!

      I swear if you read the lyrics and put the song on repeat…by the sixth time around you will be belting out Yesung’s ads in the last 40sec of the song.

      Warning: If you did not like Yesung before this…he would probably become your Suju bias.

    • Ahh also my fav SUJU song ever.

    • Neorago is probably my favourite Kpop song ever. It’s like a ballad and a dance song mixed into one perfect mv. Every single person, all 13 of them, hit each note with just the right amount of emotion. The chest-popping for the heartbeats is really well done. The dance is energetic but not over the top. The lyrics sound perfect. No awkwardness anywhere. Incredible.

    • Tam

      That has to be my most favorite SuJu video as well…it actually made me cry several times. Especially right after Yesung departed.

    • For sure it has to be It’s You by Super Junior. The video is beautifully shot and if you watch the drama version it just hits you right. there. Plus they all sing their lines and it’s sheer perfection.

      It’s You is one of those rare songs that makes me feel happy, sad and mushy at the same time.

    • I Soooooo agree!!!! Super Junior’s It’s you should have been in the list!!!!!!!!!! It’s my favorite SM Music Video ever!!! Its drama version was superb! Plus, the dance parts and the zooming ins were awesome too!!!

    • I totally agree! My favorite SJ song, MV, and choreo, hands down. (And I think it’s the last MV with all 13 members)

    • I LOVE this video, song, all of it. It’s amazing and probably my favorite SJ song. Okay I don’t know a lot of their songs, but this one is fantastic.

    • I do agree. I really love the music video and the song itself. The dance flow is really nice for a big group like SuJu. My most favorite of SuJu too.

    • Tayebe Izadi

      Exactly! Even though my most played SJ song ever is Daydream ( and after that Bonamana ), this song is my second favorite SJ song. Lyrics are just amazing, this is the song I always want to sing out loud!! It has a great feeling in it. And yes, the music video is really great. SJ has to have more videos like this!

    • Mystification

      I was hoping this video would have made the list! It’s an amazing song and one of SJ’s best videos ever

    • COULDN’T AGREE MOAR. It’s You is the first song that got me into kpop. I knew Suju since “U” but that was too “meh” for me. But this song is speshur and hands down, the best Suju song AND video evarr, because:
      1. All 13 members are theree!!
      2. All looked great, SIMPLY CASUAL, and manly in the video (not digging kibum’s long hair though, miss him to the bones!)
      3. The set is awesome
      4. The walking sequence are so neat, love the idea of the video
      5. A song that is upbeat and make you feel sad and mushy at the same time.
      So, the song is beyond good heaven. Perfect for first impression to kpop, at least for me :D

    • ikr! i mean i’m not really suju biased but when it comes to them IT’s you is my favorite!! there is just somethiing about that song that’s just…lovely!! very super awesome song!

    • that was my first suju song!! classic!

    • still the best mix of song+dance+costume (with the exception of Yesung’s flour top hair cough)! Neorago is still in the top of my fave SJ songs (right after The Girl is Mine though that song is gold)

  166. i would have replaced ring ding dong by lucifer but it’s alright ^W^

  167. Of course TVXQ’s Mirotic is first place!! :D

  168. Welp, I agree with all of the above.
    Sometimes Ring Ding Dong kind of gets me with it’s randomness but it’s still pretty enjoyable.
    I’m with you, Simon, I love What is Love – it should’ve been the first single and not the… prelude? Pre-… the…
    Whatever it was they were calling it!
    Are y’all going to go through other companies and name their best songs??

  169. Michael Tuấn Trần


    • Exactly what I was thinking! :D

      • It would be interesting to see what everyone’s favorite EYK video is. (Possibly a fan vote like the KPop Charts.) My favorite is the KMM – SPY. (“-37 out of 5″)

        Although, I’m sure the Dr. Meemers videos would get a lot of votes from others….the internet loves cat videos.

  170. I think Outside Castle by H.O.T is an amazing video or maybe Warrior’s Descendant since they were before S.M started putting people in boxes.

    • The dance intro of Out Side Castle it’s the main reason why Yunho and HyukJae were obsessed with the wrist-shaky-move (see performances of dance battles in 2008). Moon HeeJun and Jang WooHyuk are the real heroes of SM dance academy.

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