Hells yeah! We did another one of those ishLIST videos. Remember those? We did one on the 7 Craziest Kpop Videos, and another one on the 7 Best Kpop Artists Covering English Songs. Now, we’ve got another list to share with you. Highly debatable, of course. We’re talking about the Seven Best SM Music Videos Ever! Yes, we’re so SM Biased!

We put all of the videos in a playlist above, but if the playlists don’t work for you (like you mobile device users)

BoA “Eat You Up”

This is how we were introduced to BoA, and we were totally blown away. The song was fierce and powerful, and the video, though sometimes campy, was still pretty cool with the badass dancing and explosions everywhere. Haven’t really heard any BoA song since then that we liked as much as this one, though Hurricane Venus was pretty badass as well…just not as great as Eat You Up. Or we could just be biased to the “Eat you” since it’s half of our site’s name :D

f(x)’s 2012 “Electric Shock”

f(x) consistently makes good music. They don’t make it often. Hell: when’s the last time f(x) had a song out? I should probably know this. Amber, I hope you’re not reading this. Err…uhhh.

Point is, this is our favorite f(x) song ever, and one of the best SM songs in our minds.

SNSD “Gee”

Yes, this is probably the biggest SM song ever. And it’s great! And by all means it should be in the number 1 spot, but we’re not objective reviewers. There are songs we like more, and so we’ll talk about them.

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry”


Anyone remember that old video of ours? High five to anyone who knows it! Also, is it just me or does it seem like dances in the past were more…welcoming? New dances are giant performances, and not really catchy and shareable. Except for Psy’s dances. Those still seem fun and doable by everyone. No?

SHINee “Ring Ding Dong”

Quite possibly some of our favorite lines ever. Cola Cola. Fantastic Elastic. Ring Ding Dong. Butterfly. It’s just so random, and so delightful. The song is such roaring fun. The video’s fun as well. Just…awesome.

Sidenote: we disagreed about this a bit, because I liked “Replay” more. It’s not as fun as Ring Ding Dong, but the chorus is really, really beautiful. The video just is…not that great, though, so RDD won.

Exo “What is Love?

This should have been the number one song. I felt like Kanye Westing Martina when she started talking about Mirotic and being like “EXO’S SONG IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.” I’ll just keep pretending that Wolf doesn’t exist…

TVXQ “Mirotic”

There’s something about this song and video that feels so otherworldly and epic. It feels like it’s light years ahead of anything in Kpop, even though it’s rather old now. The impact that it had when it came out stil resonates with us today, and we haven’t really seen anything that lived up to this from SM since.

Finally, yes, we know that this is only from the past 5 years, and I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff from before our time that’s even better, but we can’t comment on those, because we just don’t know about them and don’t feel as impacted, though I’m sure some of you might have different experiences. If so, please share them! We’d love to hear what you think!

  1. TVXQ’s mirotic was my first kpop video ever! And it made me interested in kpop too, even though kpop isn’t really my style. I totally agree with you. At that time, the song and video felt so otherworldly and cool for some reason, like there was a magic spell or something on it.

  2. I definitely agree that Mirotic is the best MV SM ever produced! Well, for one is because it single-handedly turned anyone it came into contact with to a fan! Boosting their popularity in the world the way we’ve never imagined.. While I really love the song, the MV and the boys I find some scenes really silly (hint: laser and mirror? huh?)
    Still, it is the most awesome SM MV evaaaaaa! :D

    PS: Martina, are you a JUNSU stan?! hahahah

  3. I’m sooo happy with this list! Especially DBSK in 1st with Mirotic!


  5. mirotic!!! i agree with everything but ring ding dong & electric shock. i think sherlock is way better than RDD but maybe this was made before sherlock?

  6. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that think this but…
    2009 was like the year for SM, I mean Gee, Sorry Sorry, RIng Ding Dong, Mirotic
    All those songs are here, and they are definitely the most remembered song (in my opinion :D)

  7. i love mirotic untill now i still listen to it

  8. I read SM MOVES and I tought about Sado-Maso… I’m so nasty!
    Anyway, in my opinion:
    7. TVXQ-Hug
    6. TVXQ-Wrong Number
    5. TVXQ-Balloons
    3. TVXQ-Tri-Angle
    1. you’ll never guess…MIROTIC!!!

  9. I have to send a kiss to you for Mirotic, ahh my feels from 2009 coming back ;'((((

  10. its like you’re reading my mind! (except for gee.)
    Mirotic was my first kpop song/video/group!!

  11. Please tell me I’m not the only one who was expecting TVXQ’s Balloon as #1 ._.

    im happy
    life is complete XD

  13. To me this list seem more like EYK ‘The Best Seven SM Songs Ever’ rather than ‘The Best Seven SM Music Videos Ever’. EYK didn’t really talked much about what was special about the MVs, but instead they talked about what they like about the songs.

  14. I just want to say… Guise, I totally agree with your list.

    BoA’s Eat You Up totally attracted me to Kpop from Jpop.
    TVXQ’s Mirotic is a classic! You ain’t a legit kpop person if you haven’t heard/watched this~
    f(x)’s Electric Shock is another favorite of mine! The choreo, the lights, the outfits and the girls.. just.. ugh (^o^)/
    Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and SNSD’s Gee are only included in my list because the song and video are catchy.

    SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong is also one of the best SM videos/songs! The way they move together and sing, ohgosh.
    HOWEVER, I agree with you Martina! Replay was better, despite the lacking video~
    Exo’s What Is Love is the one and only song I liked from them ^^ Sorry Exo fans ^_~

  15. Aah I love this. Mirotic was the song that got me into k-pop as well (and your “how to dance k-pop 2008″) so seeing this classinc at the top of your list makes me super happy.

  16. Hhahahaha, MIROTIC also pulled me into K-POP :P

  17. When I think of Super Junior, I think “Neorago”. Simply is the music that represents them. It’s beautiful and addictive.
    Please! Mirotic is ANTHEM.
    And I agree that the MV was ahead of his time. Even today we see many references to Mirotic in current clips.^^

  18. Although I expected MAMA to be on here, I still kicked and screamed when I saw What Is Love make the list. ;A;

  19. TVXQ “Mirotic” is my all time number one SM single as well

  20. Hi ! Question ! How can you put samples of MVs in your vids ? Do you need an agreement (from SM ?!) or something ? Just telling that cause I’m interesting in it and making vids too … hope you’ll understand ! I like what you do guys ! :) Keep on watching. AWC.

  21. Ring ding dong is super catchy and is probably the most “doable” dance SHINee ever had. I prefer Sherlock though since that’s what got me into KPOP and what made me fell totally in love with SHINee. XD.

    Picking out the top 7 videos from SM is just too hard, I think I’m gonna have a mental break down if I try to do that… It’s just not possible…

  22. I fell into Kpop because of SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong~! :3 It’s also my regular phone’s ringtone~!!!


  24. IMO, although the other videos is debatable, I totally agree with TVXQ – Mirotic, it’s timeless!

  25. All 7 videos are staples of my K-Pop playlist!


  27. Great list guys, I have to say that I can’t disagree with a single one of these. Though you reminding me that “Gee” only came out in 2009 was a shock. It feels like it was forever ago!

    Also, though I loved EXO’s “What Is Love”, all it does is remind me of how disappointed I was with their recent comeback. :( *sad panda*

  28. I feel the same way you guys do about What is love. I get bored of songs really easily, one day they’re my favorite and the next they just kind of loose their muster. But not What is Love. I still adore it and think I will for a very long time.

  29. BoA’s “Eat You Up” was the first K-Pop song I ever heard, long before I ever heard of K-Pop and saw how big it is. I just remember coming across a random link to it on youtube and thinking how awesome it was. I am so happy to see it on a list like this. :)

  30. Not even shocked that TVXQ’s #1. I mean.. If they’re not #1 then there must be something wrong with the list lol. Mirotic will forever be one of my favorite KPOP videos, EVER.

  31. well u were talking about best videos from SM, this list is pretty lacking in my book
    but if u were talking about best songs from SM then u hit the nail in the head with Mirotic..that’s my favourite song also :D

  32. am I the only one who thought the title for this list should have been ‘the seven best sm songs ever’ because if I remember correctly when S&M reviewed Electric Shock, they said the song was awesomem but the video was boring….and I love all these songs XD

  33. When I saw BoA’s Eat You Up on the list I was so happy! That was the first Kpop video I ever watched and remains one of my favorites today :) I actually really agree with you on these choices for the most part. I do prefer Genie over Gee (although I love both), but agree that Gee is definitely the song that is synonymous with SNSD so I completely understand this being on the list instead. As for Exo-K’s What Is Love- I can’t even explain how much I love the fact that this is the song you picked for them! Because even though Mama, History, etc. are awesome songs in their own right I could listen to this song all day long and never get sick of it! Lovely harmonies, silky smooth vocals and a sexy groove that almost forces you to dance makes this song into a classic, which unfortunately was overshadowed when released. As for Mirotic, no one, and I mean no one, can deny the epicness of this song! I found out that TVXQ was originally a 5 member group after I had already fallen for the awesome duo it is now and when I heard this song I understood why people lamented the split of their team. I love both the past of the group and the present through being able to discover this gem :)

  34. what, no Balloons? XP

    all joking aside, it is one of my favorites. it’s a great song with fun dance moves. AND THE PENGUINS!

  35. I swear What is love sounds almost exactly like TVXQ’s before U go… Is is just me?

  36. Best made ones? I’d have to say Super Junior’s “No other”, “Sorry Sorry answer” and “It’s you” (“Neorago”). BoA’s “Disturbance was pretty great ~ Then I have to say SNSD’s http://youtu.be/pDS0QdcVZ9Q (Couldn’t find the official, sorry! It’s so difficult since it’s only in Hangul :C ). Also, “Balloons”, “Before u go” and “Tonight”. These are not my favorite songs (Not all of them any ways), but I like them all. I’m pretty sure there are other nice videos, but these are some I liked. (I agree with your BoA song, DBSK song and the fact that “Replay” should have made the list. I mainly based this list of good videos, though. More so than just good songs though.)

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