Ok, so this is a rather serious TL;DR we’re talking about. No fun and jokes here. The question asked us to talk about the North Korea situation and what it’s like here in South Korea.

We’re not knowledgeable about the political situation here. We’re just talking about our experiences. If you want more technical/knowledgable info, this isn’t the place for it.

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to go back to our point from the video about how often we hear these threats from North Korea, and about how – to people outside of Korea – the situation seems a lot worse than it actually is. We think this is mostly thanks to the Western Media’s habit of making things seem worse than they actually are, because big, scary headlines sell more newspapers and get more viewers.

The problem with the fear mongering is that, if you’re viewing the situation from the outside, it’s difficult to get an accurate look of what things are like on the inside. From what everyone’s been telling us, things are scary here in South Korea…from an outsider’s perspective. As a result, people are worried about coming to South Korea now. Thoughts like “Should I visit? What happens if the war starts!?” or “maybe I shouldn’t teach in Korea because North Korea’s gonna bust things up.” Thoughts like this totally suck for South Korea, because it’s not necessarily fair. And, really, if we had followed that advice when we first started our careers, our lives would be totally different now, and we wouldn’t have experienced so many awesome things from living in this country. Should our lives have been put on halt until North Korea stopped making so much racket? Should yours? North Korea has been annoying for a long time and probably will continue being annoying for a long time. Our lives can’t just be put on hold until North Korea gets their act together.

And what about people living in South Korea? Should their lives be put on hold as well? From an inside perspective of South Korea, things are no different than they normally are. People are still going to work. People are still going to play. People are still living their lives like they’ve always been. North Korean threats are things that we’re all used to by now. North Korea is just really freaking annoying; they’re like your noisy obnoxious neighbour that you have to learn to live with. You just wish they’d shut the f**k up once and for all and stop embarrassing you when you have friends or family over for dinner.

So, that’s basically it. North Korea is annoying. They make threats all the time. They love talking about destructive water. Should we worry about them? Well, if we want to count a threats-to-action conversion rate, North Korea’s not doing too well. Could they do something, though? That’s not even worth thinking about, in my opinion. Meteors could hit as well. I feel more of an immediate threat driving in taxis than I feel threatened from North Korea (because taxis here are craaaazy). When it comes to how we feel about North Korea, we’re not going to live in doom and gloom and fear because of what seems like a small possibility. We’re going to keep on living our lives, and it seems like the people of South Korea are doing the same as well.

  1. Wow….I knew the media was hyping a little but I had no idea the media was hyping it up that much. I really thought the important stuff I was listening and looking at was mostly reliable. I mean I never believed world war three was coming or that he could even inflict a lot of damage on my country(U.S.) but I had no idea that Kim was just totally full of hot air, guess I am kind of gullible. Stupid lying media, I am not to worried about the south Korean citizens now but the soldiers that will die as a result of useless scrimmages on the border if Kim pulls some shit which apparently is unlikely. I feel really bad for the north Korean citizens. Oppression, starvation, public execution, DEATH CAMPS, they got it bad. Makes me feel even more grateful to be in the united states and makes me remember not to take things for granted.
    P.S. I never believed all the north Korean people were bad, if anything the majority of them are brainwashed victims. It is there government that is bad, not them. I have to say the soldiers are a gray area, some of them do horrible things but only because they have been totally brainwashed by the government. It really is not as simple as some people think.

  2. north korea has shitload of people starving and suffering from diseases and all they do is care about their leader, who resembles a berkshire pig, kim jong-un. i feel bad for the north korean soldiers too because they usually don’t get fed that well either. plus, you know about the ones who are in the marching band? since they have to raise their legs so high, their intestines are damaged from their legs hitting that area so much. if you ever watch 이제 만나러 갑니다 on channel A,
    you will get a better info on it.

  3. Thank god for this post!! Cause my school is holding an exchange program to S. Korea and now that N. Korea is threatening to nuke S. Korea, my parents are feeling apprehensive about it. Hope this convinces them to let me go!! :)

  4. Just want to let everyone know that, as a fact, governments will always keep things from people in their countries. It’s almost better to read foreing news because it doesn’t interest them, nor do they have a political interest, to hide things from people. What people have to understand is that not every tv reporter, news writer and presenter will try to “get more views” especially when it’s something that first: is not about your own country, second: is a serious matter. Turns out there are people that want to tell things as they are, ratings nonwithstanding (and in fewere cases, political interests nonwithstanding, though that’s even rarer). A clear example about clarity from foreing sourcers is my country Mexico. Everyone and their dog outside of Mexico thinks we are swarmed by mafia. If you ask someone if they would go to Mexico people will most likely tell you it’s really dangerous here. I’ve heard security measure taken by foreign governments to tell their people to not come here, “and if you go, be aware of what you are risking”

    Mexicans themselves will tell you it’s not that bad. The average Mexican lives by rutine, goes to work, struggles with the taxes. But it IS that bad. You just have to glance at the news. They find pit full of humans, tortured people hanging from bridges. Young adults addicted to cocaine. Big trucks and bigger houses in the middle of nowhere. Beheaded people lying in a pool of blood with messages carved on them. People in the dangerous zones twitting #shooting in____ to warn people not to go there. Indigenous people buying guns to defend themselves. All this is happening while I’m writing this, and I’m from here and I could very well tell you “it’s not bad. TV news will want to get more viewers”. Hell not even that, people just don’t bother to watch even the news. They are in a bubble of rutine.

    It’s just that the average people, from everywhere, doesn’t look beyond the things that surround them. I can wake up, see the kites flying and the birds chirping, and the world is stll moving, and I will be none the wiser if I don’t look (I won’t, my own cousins live on the province, and there have been two of three times where they write random “there was a shooting outside my school today” on FB).

    So tell me Simon and Martina, is it really not that bad? Or have you bothered to LOOK, really look?

    I for one, am an international affairs student, and like that commentor posts above mine, don’t fancy myself an expert or anything, but I do go to school to be instructed about all this, and I have to read and read and read on the matter. And I can tell you, it’s looking pretty serious. I vote for an update of this video! :D

  5. Stephanie

    The last half of this video: http://youtu.be/P_qMxq_ljg8 may be a little relevant to this TL;DR

  6. I think a better question would be what do south Korean think of the North Korean refugees living in the south?

  7. Well there was alot Tumblr & Facebook posts praying for South Korea. I mean, after I watched your video and read some articles about this whole situation, I have mixed feelings. I want to be worried about SK being attacked but I have to think the Koreans perspective on this… gosh media what are you trying to do to us? ><

  8. Most people anywhere doesn’t give a S*** about politics.Most people in US doesn’t give a S***,most people in Britan doesn’t give a S***,most people in France,Germany doesn’t give a S***.Even most people in communist countries during Cold War didn’t give a S***.So why to expect S.Korea to be different?

    About foreign media-Again all the same everywhere.Whether they report about N.Korea or US election,it’s just their presentation of reality.(Actually that’s what journalism of whatever kind inevitably is.Not only tabloids.)It was very enlightening to watch N.American media report about elections in my country.Great lesson.

    But it’s not only TV,newspapers,websites.It’s the same with “serious” historian publications.
    For example:Recently University of Yale published “definitive political history of Czechoslovakia.”Book with dozens and dozens facts wrong(facts,not talking opinions).Like some dates wrong by 2 days,some by year(like Molotov-Ribbentrop pact-How the hell can HISTORIAN specialised on Europe got THIS wrong???),some by centuries.And you know what?They use exclusively positive reviews on Yale web.And that’s freakin Yale!Respected worldwide.

    Great,great lesson learnt.

  9. As a South Korean in South Korea, I feel like many SKs aren’t as concerned about North Korea as the rest of the world because deep down they still feel connected to them. I mean, the two countries are technically two parts of the same country, and there are people whose families were split up during the Korean War, and so some South Koreans may literally have connections across the border. And it’s like North Korea is the South’s crazy cousin; you know they’re pretty insane and capable of some big-time damage, but at the same time, you kind of feel bound to be on their side because they’re still family. I also imagine that given how Korea’s recent history of being invaded and pushed around has made Koreans on both sides fiercely protective of their country, South Koreans might even prefer being overrun by the North than a completely foreign country. It’s less humiliating, in a funny kind of way.

  10. Simon! I got your Wayne’s World Reference!! Very Nice ^^

  11. Thanks for this video. I’m heading to Seoul on vacation this week, and my family was worried about all the news they are hearing.

  12. I was just talking to one of my friends whose a marine about this a few days ago and with the new threats him and his platoon are getting shipped out to south korea again for the second time, but similar to you guys he’s not worried about it at all.
    He said he actually gets more worried about going to Japan then to S. Korea.

  13. I have a random question I have been thinking about for awhile, how long did it take you guys to get use to the time difference?
    Like day and night sort of thing?

  14. Thank you Simon and martina!!!! i told my parents i want to go to south korea for a foreign exchange program and heres what happened:
    me: so guys i figured out where i want ot go for foreign exchange!
    mom: where might that be?
    me: south korea!
    me: thats just what they say mom
    mom: trust me you dont want to go!!!!
    so thank you for spreading a little light on this subject :D

  15. Some of the latest news from outside BBC – “N Korea says US ‘behind hack attack” (I’m fascinated NK reports that we can do military drills and hack into an isolated nation’s internet! Certainly this multi-tasking will scare Jung-un!!) Times – “Possible North Korean Threat Triggers Beefed-Up US Missile Shield” (This is like a 50% increase in the existing missile shield. WOW! I’m waiting for China to cry again as they didn’t like the first missiles installed to shoot down warheads along the US coast.) The connection seems a race to decide who can feed their people with the most excessive military spending, for items only incredible stupidity would require the use of… Hold it…

  16. I’ll admit… I wanna study in South Korea for a year… my parents were freaking, I showed them this video and now they find it hilarious and are actually considering letting me go!! Thanks Simon and Martina!!!!

  17. I love you guys! <3 My husband is in the American Army and it really does seem like most people forget to think about what happens to military members if fighting does break out. Granted, my husband volunteered whereas military service is mandatory for South Korean men… It just makes those sailors' deaths seem that much worse when I think about it. What's the general attitude towards conscription over there, anyway?

  18. The N Korean army has mostly obsolete weapons. The reason for calm is that all males serve in the army and know that N Korea can’t really mount a successful conventional attack. All the saber rattling is really for domestic consumption. If they ever used their nukes, they would be taken out in a number of minutes so they aren’t going there.

  19. I am really glad you have done a post about this. My boyfriend and I are planning to come to Korea within the next 3 months. Here in Florida, NK is all over the news. I was getting worried we would not be able to get a position there. Please keep us up to date!

  20. “… Really the focus should have been on these soldiers that lost their lives.”

    So much respect for this. Amazing, thoughtful people putting a very realistic face on this. Thank you so much.

  21. Anyways, you mentioned the you might do a segment on Korean Dramas,

    What are some of your favorite K-Dramas and movies? Why?

    Also, what drama would you most like to guest star in?

    Please answer this, please!

  22. i know this is still kind of serious, but something I’m really curious about:
    Could you talk about sexism and gender roles in Korea?
    Has Martina experienced any sexism? Has Simon?
    Watching K-Dramas was really strange for me at first because I felt like the female characters were kind of subservient/submissive, and since then I’ve had difficulty introducing my friends to shows because of that. Are those portrayals true to real life in Korea, or are they exaggerated?

    Also, yalls are the best. And your staffs are adorable. :D

  23. I remember the first sea of fire. That threat was made right before we were moving to Seoul. Like my mother said this weekend, “it was nothing speciall that you noticed, except that we the US army would airlift the kids to nearest peaceful country if somthing were to happen” . Sure you were prepared just in case, but you didn’t think about it. For example; we always had planetickets in our safe and there were some plans how we were to act, but just because you have a fire extinguisher it doesn’t mean your afraid of a fire all the time….

  24. PunkyPrincess92

    oh~ very informing!!! i like heraring from your point of view and what you actually experience around than what the media portrays!!
    urgh i absolutely get annoyed when people only think of idols who are in the army or just idols in SK when it comes to war!! they should feel sorry and be worried for everyone!!!

  25. Simon and Martina, I’m really disappointed in you; bashing on NK, actually on anything without some kind of research it’s not the way that a proffesor should act. Don’t you think NKoreans would also like to live peacefully? Provocations also come from SK (having military drill with Americans) and probably you’re not aware of this but a lot of people (not just NKoreans, I’m from Europe) believe that this whole situation is happening because of Americans. Even though this topic is too complicated, like any political topic, for a short video and a forum discussion thank you for posting it (it was an almost good video) :)
    On a brighter side I really enjoy watching your videos and interviews (whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee), and I’m eagerly waiting another video ;)

  26. CNN was reporting that North Korea had broken the Armicies Treaty. Over the perceived threat of the US and South Korean troops practing some drills. In the US the media is consantly reporting on North Korea’s and Iran acuiring nuclear capabilities. Politicians here also like to make larger issues for political gain. So between the media and the politician they keep people scared. My opinion we need to get rid of all nuclear weapons that exist. And the US has more of them then anyone. I don’t think war will ever happen unless North Korea has some natural resource the US wants to get their hands on

  27. Preach!
    I live in Israel and I can relate to everything you said in this video. The media really likes to blow things out of proportions

  28. The truth is, North Korea makes threats of war to scare its own people. At this point, no one takes them seriously, and they themselves know they aren’t being serious because they are acutely aware that they have zero chance of surviving an actual war.

    BUUUT, (cue the evil music) North Korean people don’t know this. So what they do is, North Korean regime constantly reminds their own citizens of enemies (US-led) planning imminent invasions, so therefore they must prepare for war. They must sacrifice in this time of national emergency. They must obey the orders so to fight off the enemy. No time to ponder about the sorry state of their country, war’s coming! We must all stand behind our dear leader to fend off our enemy and prevail!

    This is why North Korea must stir up trouble at least every few years. Because their people must be in a constant state of emergency so as to disallow them any opportunity to build up discontent (and to direct any built-up discontent toward the “enemy”). North Korean regime can never allow their people to have peace or prosperity, because they know their days will be numbered once people truly realize what have been happening to them. But I think and hope that North Korean people realize this farce sooner than later. Imminent invasion that never comes will eventually get people to stop believing their government’s threats.

  29. Thanks guise! From what articles I have been reading, the experts agree with you. I wish the media were more careful about how they report things.

  30. my aunt lives in Paju, few km away from the DMZ (she can literally see the DMZ on top of a hill, and every time she drives to work there’s a river on the right hand side that’s guarded by korean militery)
    and she doesn’t give a damn about north korea and their nuclear weapon.

  31. I was in Seoul in July 2006, when the North fired rockets over the Sea of Japan……Being American, I was eating breakfast while watching the news and freaking out……everyone else watched, but barely reacted…..right in line with what you said haha

  32. I personally the one thing that bugs me the most is how people wanting the north and south to become one whole country again. I am a political science major and my focus is international politics. *this is a little of topic* either way first i’ll say is i am not againist the north and the south becoming one. I am all for the country to become one however, think of this. South Korea as advanced like the rest of the world. Where as North Korea is still stuck in the 50′s. There is so much poverty in North Korea that if the countries became one tomorrow south korea wouldn’t be able to serve. you would see 10′s of thousands of North Korea’s flooding into Seoul and population would double if not triple with in about a weeks time and then there economey would crash.

    So this is actually what i believe and think needs to happen. If North Korea and South Korea sign a peace treaty both the korea’s need to stay as seperate countries. that sounds bad oh why would you want that will the reason being is if millions of people flood to the south then the North will be worth nothing and then the south will also end up going into an economcy down turn. But if you keep them seperate then what you can do is bring troops up from South Korea, United States, Canada to help build the economy. It will take lots of time labour and effort. and then when North Korea isn’t in Poverty that when they talk about becoming one country. Help the North be able to support themselves. I hope for reunifacation only when both countries can be at peace and properally support themselves and each other.

    • This… thank you for giving such a thougth-through answer! I’m just a high school student who has only done a couple of assignment on the topic, so I’m very far from an expert. But I’ve thought about tte conflict in kinda the same way. I just have a feeling that nothing much will happen for a while. I don’t think any of the countries would actually gain anything on going to war, it’d just be a bloody, horrible mess for everyone involved . And your theori (or how should I call it?) really makes sense to me, it seems like the only “good” way for the countries relationships to change would be to slowly get friendlier like during Kim Daejung’s politics. Then hopefully they could finally sign a peace treaty and have more exchanges and stuff, but as two countries, at least for the time being.
      Sorry for rambling about something I don’t know a lot about… :S

  33. Hi Simon and Martina! From all the TL;DRs that you have done, has there been any changes in the info that you have given, as in the info is now outdated? Can you please tell us what they are and how/what has changed? Thanks!

  34. We know they will do nothing as there is always a large gap in the logic of NK between statements and actions. Picking small military targets for instance understands war won’t start because SK would have a huge economic drop. The UN can sanction nearly everything, but China doesn’t full enforce much of it. SO, as long as NK doesn’t do more than small attacks on SK it’s all the same bully game. As the South Koreans commonly do, we can just sit back and listen to the bad fortune cookie propaganda hoping some small meaningless attack doesn’t occur. As the World we should be looking into the humanitarian conditions in North Korea and looking how to stop that more than technology advances over 60 years old.

  35. TL;DR HOW YOU GUISE STARTED TO LIKE K-POP? I dunno if you mentioned before soooo i hope you can answer this on next week tl:dr (again u.u sorry for my english)

  36. Some people on facebook are spreading rumors about a war that it already
    started, i hate that people cause they´re causing panic.Please stop
    spreading those rumors you are scaring, not just fans, but all the
    community.(Sorry for my english….again)

  37. I actually never heard about anything, due to the fact that I never watch TV and I am in a kind of bubble at college. However, my boyfriend (who is Korean) was telling me that he was worried over the situation and worried about his parents who live there. He has always had the ‘meh’ attitude about NK, and so when he told me I wondered if it was anything more serious…

    since he uses my computer to check the news Nate is now one of my top sites~ lol

  38. Well president park and ain’t havin their shit ~ That’s for sure. You know Iran provides weapon for North Korea. They have a good relationship. I say fockin bomb da shit out NK just like they did to Iraq many miles away with Battleship Cruise Missles. Just target Pyeong Yang and the Nuclear sites. Fuck Em~ I’m getting really tired of their threats. Someone needs to just smash them right in da fucking mouth~!

  39. Hey Simon and Martina. What are your interview days like? Like a behind the scenes sort of thing. Anything special you guys do to prepare for the interview or is it like any other day working at the studio?

  40. Hi
    Simon + Martina,

    I know you guys have always wanted to talk about your antis and haters and I
    have always wanted to hear what you two have to say about them. Who are worse
    haters: Koreans or other countries? Netizens or people on the street? Have you
    ever received any death threats or really awful comments that made you super
    angry or sad enough to cry? Have there been any Korean people on the street who
    were mean because they recognized you? I really hope not, but if so, how do you
    guys deal with the situation? Personally, I’m surprised both of you haven’t
    hired a full-time bodyguard or something. I’m always so worried about your
    safety, especially because the things you do are so public.

    Stay safe,

    Sarah <3

    (PS- I've always been an avid Nasty— lurking since 2009; I found you guys while
    I was doing research on Korean culture. You guys were by far the most
    informative! Keep improving and doing what you love to do. I'll always be

    • the have talked about the fact that they have haters and there thoughts on them. there have had interviews and brought stuff up in there TL;DR’s and etc

    • Sarah, as big as Simon and Martina are in our lives, they aren’t household names by any stretch of the imagination here in Korea. I teach at a university in Seoul, and brought up Eatyourkimchi in class last week. My students didn’t know what I was talking about so I think I’ll introduce the site to them as a tool for talking about Korean culture in English class. Also in this week’s WANK, the people on the street simply walked passed them, not really noticing them, and this was near Ewha Women’s University – a very popular part of Seoul. Sure they get noticed from time to time (I’d personally love to run into them!) but I’m guessing most of the time they’re not recognized, and when they are, I’m sure most people (both Koreans and foreigners) are very friendly and positive.

      Actually, that’s a good question… Simon and Martina, what percentage of the times that you go out are you recognized on the streets? And when you are recognized, what percentage of the people are Korean and what percentage are foreign?

      Also South Korea is also a very safe country. Most foreigners say that they’ve never felt safer in their lives, and just so long as you don’t go looking for trouble, trouble will most likely never find you. I’ve only lived in the States, Japan and Korea and think Korea is very similar to Japan in terms of saftey, and both countries are much safter than Japan. There’s very low violent crime, and really, no reason to attack foreigners, even Youtube famous ones. Unless they reach Kpop star status I don’t think they will need a bodyguard, ever.

  41. QUESTION *imitating Block B* Uh…How exactly did you guys find out about kpop and become interested in Korean culture? OK BYE NAAAASSSTTTIIIIEEESSSS

  42. My husband is in the US Army and we are stationed here in Seoul. I’ve been wondering what S. Korean’s are thinking and feeling when it comes to the North’s temper tantrum. I have a biased look from the Army perspective and only know what the army tells us (I’ve pretty much refused to watch CNN because they seem to be making it worse and making me worry).

  43. Don’t forget though, another important aspect of this conflict is the suffering of the people of North Korea. Those that are not in the upper class are living in horrible conditions. Money is spent on the military and the rich and the average North Korean suffers as a result of it. They are starving, living in horrible conditions and many know next to nothing about the outside world. Those that try to escape often get caught and sent back to North Korea where they get sent to modern-day concentration camps- yes concentration camps where they are tortured and often killed and where, if a child is born there, they have no citizen ship and it’s like they don’t exist in the eyes of the government- meaning they can do what they want with these people. If you do succeed in escaping then you live in constant fear of being caught since they are not treated as refugees (though they should be according to the laws China is supposed to abide by). If you’re a woman you’re often sold into prostitution or sold as a wife and, often, treated horribly- also children born of such marriages will not be recognized by China and cannot attend school and basically have to hide like their mothers. Just…everyone focuses on the bombs and the military, but it’s probably the North Korean people that suffer the most. Just putting that out there. If anyone finds this interesting please check out LiNK (Liberty in North Korea): http://libertyinnorthkorea.org

    • I totally agree! Thank you for bringing this up! I know that I’m late to the party, I feel most of the comments here are more about the regime and government of North Korea instead of the everyday citizens who are probably going through things that we can’t imagine.

      And LiNK is awesome, always amazing the work they do =D

  44. the media has trends, and recently its been all bad news about gun control and this kind of stuff. people dont really pay attention to that but if you look back at all the news throughout the past decade or more, you’ll see something like seasonal trends in the news and media.

  45. Yeah, I figured that they were doing that once they started saying that NK had the biggest army in the world and I was like BITCH PLEASE! US and China together and NK has the biggest army….BITCH PLEASE!!! I don’t think so.

  46. I don’t intend to be disrespectful but you guys cannot generalise the whole of “western” media to that of the”North American” one. Not even all of the North American one. No every TV program is out there so “get more viewers” and “get more money”. The Guardian, CNN, El País, BBC, Al Jazeera, La Jornada, Proceso.

    I study International Affairs, and have known about those North Korean “threats” for a very long time. The difference now is, experts, as you guys put it in the video, are certainly “not flying kites”. Takes this from a person that must know this stuff to get a living (in the nearer future). I might not live in Korea, but I do read a lot about the current international ambiance, and people are not laughing about North Korea’s threats anymore. China is thinking about International Sanctions and they had never done that before.

    Also, just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Especially in the capital. Nobody ever feels something is wrong when they live in capitals of every country. My country is, unfortunately, neck deep in mafia. People advice other people via Twitter (hashtag something along the lines of #shooting) to avoid certain places all over the country because of the kidnappings the killings, the shootings. I wouldn’t ever know about that if I don’t search. If I open the window of my apartment I’ll literally hear traditional music playing and the birds chirping because I live in the capital, where everything is high and dandy, I have never even been robbed in my life, but the death toll in my country is alarming, and the reporters that try to say something are falling down like flies. My cousins have told me twice about an emergency drill because there were mafia shooting police man outside their school.

    I’m not saying there will be war or something, or that you should start building safe houses and buy vests or that South Korea really will be drowned under a sea of fire, but experts are not saying “yeah they’ve done that all the time pffffahahaha” anymore. One of my friends checked the airlines to go to Korea from my country and the tickets are practically free now. Even something as innocuous and vague as that reveals a lot of stuff.


      We’re not knowledgeable about the political situation here. We’re just
      talking about our experiences. If you want more technical/knowledgable
      info, this isn’t the place for it.

      /DISCLAIMER:” – Source: The above blog post

  47. Thank you so much for addressing this. I’m hoping to teach in South Korea and my family and friends have been freaking out about it. I recently saw my grade 5 teacher for the first time in 10+ years and he was very worried and tried to talk me out of it. I keep telling people that it’s not that bad, my life in South Korea will not be overshadowed by North Korean threats but most people won’t listen since I’ve never lived/visited there myself. With this video, I can tell my family that I have confirmation from two people who live there that it’s fine.

  48. Amyaco

    Guys, without North Korea……there might have never been an Eat Your Kimchi. O.o

  49. Thank you so much for making this video. As I become more aware of the news, it scares me more and more and I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about North Korea. It all sounded so serious and end-of-the-world-ish, you know? I’m relieved to hear that it’s being distorted. When I first started introducing my family to Kpop, all they could talk about in response was North Korea and the things they heard in the news about it. I’m looking forward to sharing this video with them so they know that South Korea isn’t actually living in fear. It’s just really, really nice to hear :)

    But, you’re right, soldiers will inevitably be killed on all sides. I’ve got an uncle who’s almost done serving as a firefighter in the Middle East, so I’ve gotten a small taste of being scared for people near the front lines. I hope and pray that the fighting will end and for the soldiers caught in the middle of all of this.

  50. Thank you so much for updating this video! I’m Korean living in Europe. I’m going to get marry in May and invited many guests from here. Since media here talks so much about North Korea , people are really worried. I will share this video with the guests. Hopefully, they can get relaxed a little bit. Thanks again for the great video, love you guys! :D

  51. kpopfan123

    I know you’ve talked about this in a live broadcast… Stay safe!!

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  52. The north is pretty much the equivalent of a 5th grader hiding behind a tree swearing hes going to throw a truck at you…

  53. i love your lighthearted question and answers, but, i honestly wish you would do more serious ones like this. theres nothing wrong with serious timez. :P

  54. thank you for posting this! I was getting worried because I have some friends who live in south korea, even though they did try to reassure me I still couldn’t help worrying XD
    so thanks again! :)

  55. i heard simon say world war 3 and i dont really know but i just that it would be funny if world war 3 was kpop fans fighting each other hahahahahah ……like…… ohhh big bang its the best ohhh nooo wtf super junior id the best….. and then they start acting all crazy and they start pulling each others hair…….lololol…… this is like the kdrama answer me 1997 ……… bad ass

  56. They should try to get along…aren’t them all Koreans people? I mean, even here in Italy North and South have some contrasts, but it’s not like we’re going to bomb each other…We came out from foreign dominations just 150 years ago and with great sacrifice…I wish they’ll come to undestand how important is to be united as a nation…

  57. Hey guys, I was curious to whether or not you deal with hate, like full on anti-nasties. How do you deal with them? Has it ever held you guys back? Are there alot of haters? If you could say something to all the haters what would it be?
    ~Courtney (Maryland, USA)

  58. Can I ask a TLDR question?

    Well I will anyways:
    You know how Koreans have maknaes and hyungs and noona and oppas? I was wondering what are some of the roles that go along with them like I heard that instead of the guy paying on dates (like it is where I live), the eldest person pays?
    I’m so curious yeah~

  59. I feel like the whole North Korea – South Korea conflict is very similar to the United States – Soviet Union conflict during the Cold War.
    It was really just a big he-said-she-said of “Oh if you nuke us, we’ll nuke you” so nobody actually had the audacity to nuke the other country but there were plenty of threats. The fact of the matter is, if North Korea were to bomb South Korea, China and America would be on them so fast, they wouldn’t even know what hit them. So no worries ^_^

  60. For me personally, the reason I worry about people in Seoul (or used to worry, I’ve realized for a while that NK is full of shit when they make these threats) is because I heard they have things like missiles pointed directly at Seoul and they only have to push a button and Seoul could be destroyed or whatever. Not sure how true that is tbh but I think one of the worst things a country can do is purposefully kill innocent civilians. The people in the army, although it’s awful if they die, chose that profession (well in South Korea there’s the mandatory 2 years, but still). Civilian deaths matter a lot more because they had absolutely no choice in whether or not they wanted to participate and it’s a lot easier for the average citizen to relate. We can imagine sitting in our own home one second and without warning we are dead from a missile, or something like that.

  61. Simon and Martina!!!!!Have you seen the latest kpop news? more and more idols are getting caught either selling or taking marijuana …what are the laws or how does south Koreans feel about drugs such as marijuana?

  62. Martina!! I was just wondering, have you ever considered starting a segment on K-dramas? I mean, I know its not Simon’s thing, but it could still be pretty good! There are some really good ones out there that are worth conversation, and since I live in a tiny town full of white, one cultured people I don’t have really anyone to geek out about different shows with! It would be so awesome to be able to see what you think too! Its just an idea I had.

    Love your videos! You’re an inspiration! <3

    • I love K dramas too. And I also have no one to talk to about them living were Ilive. I love to make top ten list’s of my favorite dramas, actors and actresses with other Kdrama fans. And talk about bad and good endings. it would be great if Martina could set up something for us to be able to dis about our favorites.

  63. Since St.Patricks Day is coming up, I was wondering how Korean’s celebrate it? Is it a big festival, like it is in New York and Ireland, or do they even notice it?

    • It’s an Irish holiday.

      • I know that. I meant whether or not they celebrated it, like people in New York and Ireland do. As in there is a parade or not.

        • Why would Koreans celebrate an Irish holiday??? It’s celebrated by the Irish in Ireland, Northern Ireland and elsewhere where there is a large Irish population such as in the US. It is celebrated by non-Irish people that have Irish friends, that have a friend of a friend that’s Irish, or just want an excuse to get drunk on March 17th. So.. yes, some (a minute few) in Korea celebrate it. But they are mostly Irish, other foreigners or Koreans with foreign friends. And no there is no festival since Korea does not have a large Irish population.

  64. Just wanted to say thanks a ton guys. You have given me the courage and excitement to leave my small PA town to go teach in Korea. I never would have been able to gain this much passion and love for the country had I never come across your videos. I am so excited to go and even though I’m a little bit nervous, you have made Korea seem so much more real and less like another “foreign country.”
    Thanks guys, you mean so much to me. You have affected my life without even knowing it. Love you <3

  65. I should show my parents this… I told them that I want to go to S. Korea buuuut they are worried about N. Korea, how the people in S. Korea are, where i’m going to be at, if i’ll get lost, ect… ect… blah blah blahhhhh even though I told them everythings allright and not all people are mean and weirdos, they are still skepitcal about some stuff (they get that not all people are bad though). So if I show them this maayyybeee they will be less worried ^^ [I hope]

  66. Wait. Simon, you’re a grown man in SK, don’t you need to have military training for 2 years? Or are you past that age, or is it because you are a foreigner? Love EYK! Say hi to the whole team for me! (Yes the includes Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth too!)

  67. Reminds me of people’s worry on Japan and radiation. I’ve met many Japanese exchange students. They never mention it as a worry and I’ve told them I will be studying abroad there. These include people from the northern part of the main island and the university I will be going to is on the other narrow side of where the accident occurred, only a couple hours away. I read up on reports, scientific reports that stated that the radiation levels are low in the ground and water, low enough to not be much of an issue (some even claimed spending an hour in sunlight exposed you to more radiation). Yet when I talk about it with foreigners, especially, I’ve noted, my South Korean friends, they all ask me if I’m worried about radiation. The media made it such a big deal, but in reality the threat is a lot smaller. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna go to the reactor site and roll around in the ground. I wouldn’t go up to the DMZ and hurl insults at North Korea either. But both problems aren’t as big as others make it seem. :/

  68. maybe it’s their plan to get us lax about it? then one day they threaten again and actually do it; then people aren’t prepared for it because they keep thinking the north wouldn’t actually do it. and they’ll be all like, “hah!! think i wouldn’t do it? take that!” lol/ then what would we do?

  69. Hi, my question for TLDR is:
    Why did you go to Korea in the first place? I know you both were teachers, but was it always your plan to become teacher in another country, so you searched for a job there? Or did you even got hired from Korea? and why Korea? Martina likes manga/anime, drama and music from Japan and Korea since teenageyears, so it could have been Japan instead.. *I’m so curious yeeaaaaah!!!*

  70. N. Korea is like a Chiuaua. A mean, yappy little dog with a lot of bark and not much in the way of bite.

  71. …you may be safe but apparently here in NZ we’re screwed :)

  72. Hey Simon and Martina, what do Koreans think of foreign musicians promoting in Korea?
    Do Koreans really look down on non-Asians in the KPOP music scene, and is it true that Korean entertainment companies won’t take a non-Asian?

    • I don’t know about the K-Pop music scenes, but there are a couple of caucasian actors who has been receiving positive feeds. I think it’ll be interesting to find non-Asians working in Korea.

      • they are not EXACTLY caucasian. they are mixed so technically they are korean…?
        only sam hammington is the 100% foreigner who does well in korea

  73. i am not exposed to anything other than western media really living in california so usually when i watch the news i do it for entertainment! LOL i really do laugh at it sometimes from watching maybe 3 different channels i can get the actual truth about 1 story lol

  74. Hi S&M.What are your feelings on Sasaeng fans ? And what happens to them ? Cause I heard the police do nothing because they dont wanna ruin those kids future. Plus How major is the problem ?

  75. Thanks for this TL;DR regarding insider’s perspective on North Korea’s threat. YES, as an outsider w/ family in South Korea, it has been pretty scary.

  76. This reminds me of when I was living in Japan when the earthquake & tsunami hit. There were so many people outside of Japan freaking out about me. But I was perfectly fine & safe because I was on a different island over a 1,000 miles away Tokyo (and Tokyo was pretty far from the epicenter but still felt it.) People look at Japan & think it’s such a small country but in reality it’s about the same size of California (where my friends & family are from that were worrying about me.)
    There of course was a lot going on in Japan due to all of the destruction & death. It certainly had an incredibly profound impact on the nation. But Fukuoka was so far removed from it all that most people just went about their lives as usual. There were people that had reasons to worry because of friends & family in that area though.
    I had people worrying about aftershocks hitting my area but there wasn’t an earthquake in Fukuoka until seven or eight weeks after the fact & it was pretty small.
    Because I was so far removed, it kind of had the same feeling as 9/11 in a sense. Being from California, I didn’t know anyone that was killed in the attacks. Of course we watched the news & were aware of what was happening but we were so far away that it didn’t really have a direct impact on us.

    • I was in Nagano Prefecture during the earthquake/tsunami. Far enough from Tokyo/northeastern Japan to not worry too much, but close enough to feel the quake and aftershocks. I remember being on facebook and twitter more in the weeks following the earthquake than any other time in my life – to reassure family and friends that I was fine, that the destruction seen in the Northeast is isolated, and that Japan was not helpless and the unaffected areas were doing their part to help out. A lot of military and supply trucks came through Nagano to get to the northeast, and some refugees from a sister city came to live. Certain food items were sold out in stores, others stopped getting shipped for some time. The most humbling thing to me through the whole experience was that there was virtually no looting, no fighting over scarce goods; those thoughts didn’t seem enter anyone’s mind.

  77. I feel you guys, I’ve been living in Israel for the past 5 years and my family outside of it was freaking out because the media was shouting about all those wars and bombing happening all over the place where, in reality, Israel is one of the calmest/safest countries. Ughhh why can’t the media just stop spreading unnecessary propaganda? Would save us all some nerves….. :/

  78. You know North Korea also have posed threats to the United States, but Im not really worry about it because before watching this video. I already knew about their previous false threats to the US and SK. The first time i heard it i was like unsure and worried, but after so many times. Its like blah to me. If anything happens, we have lots of allies on our side and a strong military.

  79. If you read from non main stream news you usually get better results and get to laugh at North Korea’s crazyness
    “it’s worth understanding the threat. North Korea doesn’t have a great record with missile launches, and while their technology has improved, it’s unrealistic to assume it has improved enough to carry the extremely heavy atomic bomb they’ve built. (North Korea right now cannot make a nuclear weapon small enough to fit onto a missile.) Also, North Korea has an almost sixty year history of provocations that haven’t resulted in renewed war.”

  80. I’m so glad you addressed this~in America we are really being sold on the story! My husband and I have been talking about it all week, and just can’t get around the fact that, once again, it will be the citizens of the North who suffer. If anything were to start, South Korea and allies would be able to put out the fire very quickly, but it’s the retaliation or descent on North Korea that will hurt. You make the very valid point, too, that the people most affected will be servicemembers. Thanks for the reassurance, though, that, for the most part, everyone there is safe. :)

  81. My dad was worrying about this since I’m studying abroad in South Korea this fall and I told him I’ll be safer in South Korea than I would the US xD Quite frankly I think they’d do something to the US before they would South Korea.

  82. Isabel Ruby

    could you guise do a TL;DR on your favorite games? cuz….. that would be super cool :P

  83. You guys made a good point about how the media only covers the sensational side of North Korea and completely ignores the people seriously at risk, like the soldiers. The thing that bothers me the most is that while I constantly hear about NK’s nuclear weapons in the news (I’m American, we eat that sh*t up), I NEVER hear about the whole um… CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY thing that they do over there: concentration/re-education/work camps, punishing “traitors” and three generations of their families, mass starvation to the point of cannibalism, etc.. All we ever see is footage of the North Koreans going apeshit over their dear leader and marching in robotic precision with flags and what not. I am supposed to fear/hate North Korea because I’m an American, but since I’ve actually looked further than what the media feeds the general public, I feel very sad for the citizens.

    • I agree with you on this. Thought i am Canadian. But really the media blows sh*t up so often. How i see it is a south korean is seoul is probably more likely to lose there life crossing the street because drivers don’t look when they drive then north korea booming them sometime soon.

  84. Meanwhile the new Korean president is enacting a new “exposure” policy fining people for wearing clothes that are “indecent”

  85. Non- Serious Question;
    What are your favorite animals? And why?
    How about everyone asks what you think of animalX. =D I can be so, ridicilous&fun ~~

    I for example would really like to know what you think of a giraffe.

    (I might be the only one that thinks that way though >.<)

  86. I knew things would be like this XD my plans on going to study to Korea hasn’t changed…yet all the people around me were asking me “OMG what’s happening in Korea? Do you still want to go there? O:” and I’m like “duh, yeah”…I have friends in Korea and they don’t even mention ANYTHING about the threats and such, so I was like “I’m sure the mood is pretty normal in Korea and media around the world are just making a big deal about it”. So yeah, I still will go to Korea :P

  87. I was living in Korea when North Korea launched those rockets over Japan. I had no clue about it until my mom emailed me. I was stationed in the Army in Seoul and even we weren’t that concerned about it.

  88. I am more worried about Spudgy. Why was he not in KMM this week????

  89. So I’m going to teach in Korea next year and my dad called me yesterday and was like “did you hear about the situation with North Korea?” and explained the threat thing and was getting all concerned and I was like “Dad, chill.” And then I saw this video and promptly e-mailed it to my dad. Thanks for making this, Simon and Martina!

    • how did you get into teaching there???
      also, what will you be teaching?
      because i’m interested in teaching English there but i’m not entirely sure how to go about it

        • kieratownsend

          so what about a teaching qualification? what sort of teaching level would you need to have?

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Well, I’m doing a slightly different program that’s associated with EPIK but run by my university, so you’d have to double-check, but the prerequisites for the program I’m doing are native speaker of English or high enough TOEFL score combined with a certain amount of time living in an English speaking country (I’m a native speaker of English, so I’m not sure about the non-native speaker requirements), and then an English major or TESOL certificate. If your university does not have a TESOL program there are a lot of great online programs you could look into.

        • If you want to teach in the public school system there are only two major requirements. 1) You need to be a citizen of Canada, the US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland or the UK. 2) You need a B.A. from a 4 year english speaking university (e.g. Université de Montréal although in Canada is a French speaking university and therefore does not qualify). Other helpful requirements, although not necessary, are an English Major, a Teaching Major, TOEFL, a Master’s degree and some teaching experience. The more qualified the better the position and pay.

        • kieratownsend

          really?? :O
          that’s awesome! thank you very much!!! ^^

    • funny I emailed this video to my friend , thinking HERE’S YOUR PROOF!. So lets see tomorrow what the story is

  90. this is the first TL;DR wherein i read each and every comment. I’m really learning a lot!! Thanks guise!! :)

  91. exactly what’s going on in Iran,People think we’re in war or something!
    everything is NORMAL!!!xD

  92. I’ll be going to study abroad in korea soon and you should hear my mom go on about north korea smh. She calls me randomly sometimes to tell me that I can’t go anymore because she just saw on the news that north korea was gonna attack everyone. I’m like mom North Korea has been saying they’re gonna attack South Korea for years, relax.

  93. Simon and Martina, what made you decide to go to Korea in the first place? I have been following you guys for a while, so I’m not sure if I missed that. But, why did you pick Korea?

  94. oh my goodness, my mom was just talking to me about this yesterday. she was all in a panic saying that N.Korea was going to destroy S.Korea and that America needed to do something to save them all, and I literally just sat there and stared at her. S.Korea does have an army… it’s not like they aren’t prepared for something like that to happen… and I’m pretty sure nothing will happen… and America has no place to step in and “save them all.” Pretty sure they got this one mom. /facepalm

    • I agree. Why does America always feel like they have to “save” everyone else? That’s why the others places have armies. We need to start thinking about saving ourselves and stop worrying so much about other countries.

      • irritablevowel

        Actually the US is obligated to help South Korea under the “Mutual Defense Treaty”. That’s why there is a base there and a standing contingent. In turn they are also supposed to help the U.S. in case of war, and in fact South Korea did send troops to Vietnam. The U.S. has similar treaties with Japan and the Phillipines. I’d like to know what happens if two countries that we have mutual defense treaties with go to war with each other?

    • Thank You , my friend/frenemies tell me all South Korea all is going to do is “Dance and sing” which makes me mad and I tell them one of two things. 1. South Korea has an army like everything else. 2.There are more SONGS other than Gangnam Style.

      • Yeah those people sound really ignorant. South Korea has a very strong army AND all South Korean men have to do military service.

        • Magicimpact

          And now my one true friend watched this video and changed his mind. (They also forgot about the topic fast, TYPICAL)

      • another thing i don’t think a lot of people realize is that S.Korea’s economy is a lot more stable than America’s. I hate it when people over-generalize other countries. Just because you only know one part about a country doesn’t mean you know all of it. They’re not seeing the whole picture.

  95. You know, there are two incredibly foolish mindsets to have when thinking of travelling to a new place. One, to not be conscientious of the dangers of the place you are visiting. You should always at least be aware of any threat to your well being. Two, to let the fear of those low possibility dangers make the decision for you. You are more likely to meet your untimely demise by crossing the street for your mail. HOWEVER, this is why we are taught to look both ways before crossing the street. We are conscientious about the dangers of getting hit by a vehicle.

    Also, the news is always full of bullsh*t. Since young my mother always warned us not to be ignorant and take what is being reported too seriously. Though there may be truths being reported, there is also lies and propaganda intentionally to mislead you and grab your attention. After all, it’s still business.

    I think that people who are interested in following current events through the news should change their practices. There is no reason not to with the internet at our fingertips. I frequently am reading the news online because I do care about what is happening locally, nationally, and globally. The difference is that I don’t just read from one or two outlets. If I read about something that seems interesting or important in some random city Texas, I will go to their local news stations and papers websites. Same thing with global news. There are hundreds of thousands of news papers from other countries online that are translated. READ THEM and read the comments from the people who live there. Use your own common sense to build comparisons so that you can weed out that bullsh*t. Most importantly, as a general rule for those living in the US, you should NEVER WATCH FOX NEWS. Literally. Talk about being conscientious of the things that can hurt you. Maybe not physically, but enough of that crap will definitely hurt you mentally.

    • Here here.

      As a side, you ever seen Charlie Brooker’s analysis of the news format? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHun58mz3vI It’s sad how true it is.

      • I actually haven’t seen that before just now, so thank you, it’s brilliant. And yes, it’s definitely sad. The routine does absolutely nothing for your brain. So at what point do you stop actually absorbing the information if the format is always the same?

        I swear they are just trying to make people dumber by doing crap like this. Just like USA Today uses a color coded graphics system for news, weather, sports, etc… to make it easier on the reader to find the articles or sections most important to them. Seriously? We have to make the news color coded for people? There are bold printed headlines and a table of contents in every newspaper I have ever picked up in my life. It might seem convenient, but it makes you lazier and makes people stupid.

  96. This is my new favorite Eat Your Kimchi video ever! (Yes, it’s even better than the one in which you dressed in animal costumes and danced around the city…a tough one to beat!) I’m a Ph.D. candidate who studies the complicated mediated relationships between the divided Koreas and the United States, and I appreciate your perspectives on this North Korea “issue.” Thanks for spreading the word, Simon & Martina!

  97. Always good to get an insiders perspective. It’s hard to see what is really happening and what is made up for more views in the media so I like getting the view of people who live there.

    I have been thinking of visiting South Korea this year and of course when stuff like this happens it does crawl into your mind planting doubts. When the whole nuclear stuff was going on I was debating on whether or not I was better off going to another Asian country that didn’t have a neighbour like that. So I can imagine that family can freak out over it.

    Now if only I had a skill that I could use so I could actually move there it would be even better lol

  98. Oh, I wondered. My friend in Tokyo mentioned that they were able to feel the eruptions from the nuke test. Did you notice anything? Probably not, since you haven’t said anything about it.^^

  99. I guess people in South Korea are used to North Korea handing out threads like people hand out candy on Halloween, but what I think most people outside of Korea are afraid of are the atombombs.. Because those would affect not only the USA and North Korea but would be a global problem. I guess that’s why media is “blowing it out of proportion”, we have no idea if Jong Un would be so stupid to use “the bomb”, but we all just hope he isn’t. But I think it’s normal that media inside a country tries to keep it on low.

    I have a friend who’s in Japan right now, and she says, that everyone lives their lives normally after the Fukushima incident. They just don’t really talk about it in the media, or give wrong information. Or our media blows it out of proportion again. What we hear here is “They store the waste across all of Japan, so everyone has a little bit of it!” or that they want to just throw the contaminated water back into the sea, but it actually still take 40years for the water to be “okay” again. So our media makes it look like Japanese media tries to “cap” the truth.

  100. I feel bad for the soldiers who are on the frontlines, but I AM happy that you guys cleared this up. From over here in the US it looked like we would wake up one morning and there would just be NO MORE South Korea, so this really does help a lot, thank you!

  101. North Korea should know, im pretty sure they do, that if they are ever to launch an attack on anybody it would be a suicide mission!!. Even though South Koreans have had to deal with this before, arent you in the smallest way apprehensive? I feel like they are taking matters too lightly. I agree, the best way to go about it it just to ignore Chinas rebel child, but are there no thoughts of ‘Just in case?’ ….at all? O_o Maybe I am being paranoid, but still, no threat, however inoffensive can be taken lightly because if they do threaten, is because they might have the means even f they dont realize they will only be killing their own.

    I know its NK and they have done that before, but who is to say that the sanctions will really do anything? There is always a corruption going on somewhere, and it seems to be rampant over in the north so they could just as easily assemble another rocket or something. Thats just my 2+2 ;)

  102. Well that’s true but it was bla-bla thing with the NK past leader… The current one does what he says so far…
    so I’m still worried -__-

  103. Jordan

    I talked to one of my close Korean friends on Sunday, we spoke for more than 3 hours, North Korea was mentioned a total of 0 times. She was more concerned with the upcoming White Day!

  104. Well…all this situation in Korea kinda reminds me of the country I live in- Israel…because I have relatives outside of israel and they hear such horrible news about the country that is sometimes untrue…
    Anyway it is still good to know that nothing bad happened yet in Korea and i wish it will never happen~

    Make peace not war! <3

  105. tbh the only thing I’ve heard from Koreans about the North is “I hope we don’t go to war, when we win it would be a pain in the ass to have to feed and clothe and educate and debrainwash all those poor bastards.” not particularly fearful lol

    • I’ve heard this as well. I’ve heard that some South Korean fear that a collapse in North Korean could seriously strain their economy like East Germany and West Germany reuniting.

      • irritablevowel

        This is why China fears a war as well. They don’t want millions of starving refugees making a mad dash over their borders, and they don’t want to have to help with any rebuilding as that will be super expensive. It always comes down to money in the end.

  106. And this is why I avoid the news. Western Media really ticks me off for that exact reason; too much sensationalism and exaggeration, not enough news -_-

  107. I’m home visiting my parents in America and after the north korean threat a few days ago my family and friends are all like “OMG you can’t go back! you’re gonna die! noooooo!” And i’m just like “guys…it’s nothing, seriously, north korea pulls this crap all the time.” but they won’t listen to me. The media has brain washed them.

    My husband and I just roll our eyes when we see threats, because we know they’re in no real position to do much of anything. They can’t even afford to feed their people, as sad as it is.

  108. you stupid fucking ignorant American assholes

  109. To be honest its not just N-S Korea. Its almost all over the world. We are moving towards war ourselves by giving our media an undeserved importance. The situation in my country is worse. God help us all and keep us safe. Amen

  110. This is what I thought before my 15 yo S. Korean friend phoned me basically in hysterics telling me he was going to die. I had fun trying to calm the poor boy down. Even though NK may never touch a hair on another county’s head they are certainly.doing damage. (I am 17 and met him through language exchange if you’re wondering lol) -From a Brit.

  111. Even if that Jong Un launch a nuke.. I don’t think it’s gonna be a big deal to S.K and USA LOL

  112. To be honest its not just N-S Korea. Its almost all over the world. We are moving towards war ourselves by giving our media an undeserved importance. The situation in my country is worse. God help us all. Amen.

  113. Hey guise!! I have a topic for a less serious TL:DR >> Is there a age range in South Korea which people are expected to get married? Many idols/celebs don’t seem to get married until they’re really old but what about the average Korean? Thanks guise~~ Keep up the (wow) FANTASTIC (baby) work!! :D

    • Cyber_3

      Yeah, good question. I also remember one of the members of….was it U-KISS? in an interview with Simon and Martina that mentioned that he wanted to be a “young daddy” and I wondered if getting married in your teens was common at all.

  114. Here (Vietnam) newspapers keep reporting North Korea’s threats as if a war was actually coming real soon. I’d been worried until I saw this TLDR.

  115. I’m going to Seoul at the end of the month for almost a week and my mom is really worried about North Korea. Like she keeps telling me not to go to the DMZ (not that that was on my plan) and to not leave Seoul (but what about Busan?) and to never go out alone, etc. Maybe if I show her this video, it will help to allay her fears?

  116. Thank you for this video. Your last point was actually what rang through my mind thinking about any possible conflicts. I have several friends whose husbands or brothers are in the US army, and they talk often about missing them and fearing for them during deployments, etc. IF anything should happen I would worry for individuals in the army more.

  117. Thanks for this TL;DR guise. When I read the media here in the US I get kinda worried about my son in Seoul (adopting, waiting for him to be approved to come here). They really do sensationalize EVERYTHING. This made me feel a lot better… thinking that my son could get bombed at any second is really silly actually. I might as well stay in the house for fear that I’ll get run over by a car. You guys rock!

  118. I lived in Korea for a year and North Korea wasn’t even a factor in my life until I visited the DMZ and only then when we were right at panmunjeom where the guards from both sides stand face to face. Then I wasn’t too excited about the potential of getting my face sniped if I turned the wrong way (It was a class trip and they’re quite strict about where you can and can’t look so I basically just stayed forward facing). After that, I just went about my daily business as normal. All the Koreans I met don’t really care much about North Korea at all. That’s not to say that they think that NK is a joke. It’s just that there are more pressing matters to worry about, such as not being run over by a taxi which was mentioned in the post, or getting a good grade/good job placement. The only scorching/”sea of flames” I had to deal with was from the summer heat. Pretty sure I was about ready to melt/burst into flames/overall perish.

  119. Martina looks soooooo prettyyy

  120. So in South Korea, no f**s are given no matter what North Korea says. Sounds like a meme.

  121. I lived in Korea when the Yeonpyeong island bombing happened. I was a bit freaked, but everyone assured me that it was okay and were so blase about it.
    However, my parents back in the UK were going nuts, and when I looked at the BBC news coverage of the events – I could see why. It really was a dramatically different account of what was happening. I take everything with a healthy pinch of salt these days…

  122. Thanks for clearing this up because I think at least once a day on my twitter news feed BBC News tweets something about some threat for the last past month.
    Just before the 2010 FIFA World Cup the International media exaggerated crime in South Africa and the year before the London Olympics 2012 the International media exaggerated safety in London because of the 2011 London/England Riots.

  123. Thank you for some peace of mind. My dad is in the army and my brother the marines, so the news has has me worried. Now I can breathe a little easier. Lol

  124. I love Conan O’Brien’s take on this: “North Korea is the Chris Brown of countries”.

  125. KATHyphenTUN

    Something my friend showed me (that we found kind of amusing) and totally fits with your vibe on the situation. It even has the “sea of flames” bit in there XP. Thanks for managing to keep a light heart on this more serious TL;DR!

  126. Why do north korea do this ? WHYYYYY ???
    I HATE THEM. Because I end up thinking about 2ne1 and their comeback.
    And my teachers her in norway where all like ” as you now what is happening
    In shout and north korea if I were you I wouldnt go to korea
    Right now” and when I got home and read the news paper I got really
    Scared because I have relatives in Busan and Seoul.

    • did you even watch the video???

    • 2ne1 comeback hahaha.. omg, you did watch the video right? and the message Martina and Simon were trying to get across? >.>”!!

    • It’s simple: MONEYYYY!!!

      The country really has no way to support itself so from time to time they make this threats, like testing ridiculously low power nuclear weapons, so the International community negotiate with them for more money. In exchange NK has to agree with some conditions, like stopping their nuclear and ballistic missile program and if they violate those agreements there are repercussions, i. e., sanctions.

      They piiiiiiissed because this time sanctions were made on luxury goods, like cars, yachts, jewelry, etc. Every nation has to comply to those sanctions including their old pals in China where they usually get this things from. They seem more angry this time because it’s not gonna affect the people but the core of the regime, which are the one with the money.

      And this goes on, and on, and on for years, it’s like a dog chasing its tail, and no one really knows how to stop it.

  127. Thank you for this video!!

    I’ve been living in S.Korea for almost 3 weeks (almost nothing), but every time I talk with my family and friends they’re so worry, and honestly here everybody acts normal, no one seems to care a lot about it, sometimes even I forget it until someone ask me about it again.

    I still hope everything turns out fine for everyone here tho, I’m pretty sure everything will be great :)

  128. When we were preparing for our trip to Korea two years ago, another NK threat went out. Since this was the first time in a LONG time I would be traveling there, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Both my dad, who was in the Army and twice stationed in Korea, and my mom, who lives in Seoul, told us that it was nothing for us to be concerned about because it wasn’t anything new to them. They were passive about it like they were waving away a bad scent.
    As we’re preparing for our upcoming trip, I find myself more irritated than worried from the more recent threats. My friend’s mom is going to be SO nervous for us until we actually come back from our trip, just like last time. xD;;

  129. Exactly when I was living in Seoul, Kim Jong Il died, that they we went to the airport to fetch a friend and we arrive later to Seoul Station, there we saw a lot of Ajjusshis sitting on chairs infront of the TV at the station and watching very focused about the News… That’s the only thing I saw that was a little bit different.

  130. It’s really interesting that the news that is most hype about the situation is not even in South Korea. I know some people here in the US who have the idea of two crazy countries about to go to war. My boyfriend who is half Korean was the only person I know who described things like Simon and Martina did, so hearing this from you guys who live there was interesting!
    ~ Hope you guys can go fly your kites later :3 ~

  131. So North Korea is just acting like those kids that are threating to tell your parents on you to get you into trouble but dont really?

  132. When I lived in Korea, I lived in the city with the headquarters of the military. We always saw military men, helicopters, fighter jets and army vehicles driving around. I first arrived just as the naval ship was attacked, so like you guys, my family was freaking out. Then within my first week of teaching, the air raid siren went off. I looked out the window and people were ignoring it and my co-teachers didn’t seem concerned either. I was freaking out but of course, no one had warned me that it was just a drill. Over the two years I lived there, the most tense time was actually when the North attacked those South Korean islands. I even got an email from the Canadian Consulate of what to pack in case we needed to be evacuated from the country. That was scary! However, a lot of my students were from military families and even my co-teacher’s husband was a colonel in the air force. I was calmed by knowing that I only had to worry if parents started showing up for their kids in army fatigues… which never happened. And my co-teacher always had the inside information! I eventually came to learn that living in city with the headquarters of the military was probably the safest place I could live! (And watching fighter jets pull stunts right over my apartment building wasn’t so bad either!)
    But like you guys said, despite the North’s promises of total destruction, every day life in Korea is normal and typical South Koreans don’t really worry about it. It’s really the media that hypes things up. I mean, CNN international is the WORST for that – especially during that island attack. They were constantly giving “updates” on the situation that were just not true, yet saying that “any little miscommunication could lead to war on the Korean peninsula”. Really guyz? Anyhoo, that’s my experience with “war” in Korea!

  133. Oh thank you for this! i may show this to my mom. Ugh. I’m going to be visiting SK in Sept by myself and she keeps telling me “all the bad things NK is doing”…sigh… (you’d think i would know before her as i follow people living in SK on twitter and SK news as well…) Hopefully if i get a job teaching over there in a year or so, this will have blown over a bit…
    Thanks. :)

  134. I was in Seoul the day the “attack” was supposed to happen… man… I bought so many nice clothes. hehe.

  135. Thank you so much for addressing this question, as it has been on my mind for the past two weeks. I applied for a term at Korea University this fall, turning down several other options I had that I won’t get back now, and when even Swedish news reports talked about the looming threat of North Korea, it made me both scared and incredibly frustrated.
    I have never really heard much on the news about the North/South Korea issue (possibly though because I’ve been quite young and not really been caring too much) so now when I did, I couldn’t help thinking it was a real threat this time. Hopefully, as you guys say, it’s just another one out of many.
    Let’s hope this noisy neighbour of yours sooner rather than later will understand that no one will hate him, would he simply calm down.

  136. Great TL;DR guys – I’ve been reading/watching/hearing all over the place in America about the NK threat. It’s been a little disconcerting to then see how little it seems to be impacting SK. Thanks for the reminder that the media is a commercial venture, and reality is something else altogether. Also, thank you for giving a shout out to the SK, NK, and US troops that will actually be involved up close. Very thoughtful video all around.

  137. I really hate how the Western media portrays things. I got really angry a few weeks ago because of the way they talked about an upcoming story on the news. This was the world news on a station that is seen to be more serious. The news announcer said, “And coming up, South Korea prepares for war.”
    To me, that sounded like really preparing for war because of the likelihood of an invasion. I start looking on news sites but couldn’t find anything definite, I text my (Korean husband) at work to see if he has heard anything, which then caused him alarm because of course his family is in Korea and he’d be obligated to go back and help if there is a war. Finally the news showed that segment and it was just some journalist going to have a look at the STANDARD drills the South Korean army does near the border, and interviewing some of the soldiers. I just felt it was so irresponsible to talk about the news segment like that, when there is the threat of North Korea in peoples’ minds, just to make people not turn off the TV. Although technically you could say South Korea is preparing for war- they always are. It was not a knew thing and to have a misleading headline caused fear in people’s hearts.

    If I’m reading the news these days I try to just try to read opinion pieces from knowledgeable people. Instead of the way the general media hypes things up, it’s better to read what an expert is saying, also because it puts it much more into perspective.

    • Agreed.
      I stopped watching TV altogether when I was in college and that hasn’t changed once I was out. One, I just got used to not watching TV and didn’t feel the need to keep up with any particular shows. Thanks to the interwebz, I can always find something to watch if I wish. Two, the news is too jumbled between truth and wanna-be truth. I find that I still hear about the important things through the grape vine, once it’s been, um, filtered in the good way.
      Great video all around as per usual. =)

    • I’ve learned long ago to never trust the media 100% I take evrything the media reports with a grain of salt and search for more information myself if I’m really interested. To me I think the media is one of the most powerful thing in the world because it can be so manipulative and brainwashing on a massive scale, and really it forms the way people grow up and where everyone’s opinions stem from. It’s funny because I’m only 15 and I already hate the media XD

    • Although it’s a trivial comparison, that reminds me of something you’d see on a gossip magazine. “[Insert celebrity here] is pregnant!” go to the article inside and all it talks about is how her stomach looks a little bloated or she put her hand on her stomach, or even that she mentioned wanting a kid, not that she’s pregnant. They put a really insane heading, stretching the truth really far, just so people will watch/buy their product. It’s really dishonest for them to do something like that, especially when it’s a serious matter like war.

    • Isn’t Seoul in south korea because the news here in America was talking about North Korea but South Korea was located. (Off topic) My mom doesn’t really want to go to South Korea with me because I want to go but once I know the language more but she says no, kids get sexually harassed and they get punshied badly, but when I hear her say this I just get mad and watch EYK but isn’t my mom thinking about the wrong Korea. Some One ANSWER ME

      • What is your question exactly? Your mother confuses North and South Korea?

        • Magicimpact

          I think so. Any ways she sometimes says (well not anymore since the reports haven’t come up here in the USA in a while) that kids get punished badly. But I Know that this isn’t true for the most part thanks for replying.

        • Yeah children may be punished in a different way to the US, it all depends, but to say a big statement like “kids get sexually harassed” is just wrong and offensive. It also has nothing to do with visiting Korea either, so sounds like your mother may just be trying to find any reason to not visit Korea. For younger generations, the world is now more international place and more of us want to travel, but for your mother, perhaps because of how she grew up, travelling to another country may be a frightening idea for her. Particularly if she doesn’t have a clear idea of what the difference between North and South Korea is.

          Maybe you could get her to read some travel sites about South Korea or, if she doesn’t use the internet much, getting some brochures from a travel agency about Korea that present South Korea in an exciting and beautiful way. That may help her realise that a lot of her ideas about South Korea are wrong. http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto

        • Magicimpact

          Thanks but I think it might just be because I don’t like traveling that much but for South Korea I’ll make an exception. :p Silly me. Sorry if I put you into toomuch trouble

  138. I’ve been thinking the news media here in the US has been controlling people through fear for ages now. it’s one of the reasons I’d rather not live here much longer. lol As far as NK is concerned, let them launch rockets, we don’t own space! lol

  139. Thank you Simon and Martina for posting this video!

    I’m not born in Korea and I do worry about the issue between North and South Korea, and this video really helped me to understand the situation better.

    By the way, I absolutely love all your videos, and I look forward to every single TL:DR and Music Monday! That feeling of excitement when my front youtube page has a new video, I simply can’t describe it :D
    The line, “OH YOU SO NASTYYYYYYY” and Simon doing his thing with AYYYYYY GURL simply makes my day like ALL THE TIME HAHA.

  140. the effect of globalization.This thing with the war and North Korea are presented way too dramatically at Tv.

  141. Just stop being annoying North Korea!!!

  142. I would agree with you on this topic as a general impression living in Korea. However the recent political actions of North Korea seems to be a little bit more of a concern here it seems I’ve been asking around to my Korean coworkers and there seems to be more alarm/concern with the most recent events. Even my students brought it up in class about how worried they were. So although no one is panicking just yet, it seems like Korea has heightened its concern for this recent move from N. Korea compared to the reactions from the past.

  143. North Korea is just like the boy who cried wolf…does make me worried about the day that they are actually serious about their threats :/

  144. We were there a few years with the U.S. army. Our families freaked out when they heard about us having gas masks in our closet. They issue them to every family member as soon as you get here. We never even thought about it. Never once did I feel unsafe. Korea was actually the safest place we have ever been. Coming back to America with out children was actually much scarier for us. We always got a good laugh when people asked if we were scared. My mother came to visit right around the time a new threat was released. Once she saw how people responded she understood why we never paid any attention to the news trying to freak people out. My husband was there when the ship got hit. He said the military members freaked out a lot. But the Korean soldiers only seemed upset about the loss of lives. None of them thought it would lead to more fighting.

  145. My friends friend…. was going to SK for 2years…but cancelled everything because of the “WAR” :/

  146. I so totally agree. I’m currently a student studying in South Korea and I was also here last semester. My friend from Croatia that was here last semester messaged me asking if everything was okay, and I’m like of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be? She said the news was making a big deal out of it, I was actually really surprised. Even in Croatia the news is harping on about it. When North Korea can actually successfully shoot off a missile then we should start worrying, until then don’t bother.

  147. Thank u so much for this <3 Im so much calmer now

  148. yes.I want to go and study in Seoul but all my friends and family tell me the same thing”there is a war,you can get killed,look how many things are presented at Tv”. In fact,the whole world is in a war,all the countries are in possible danger.If you’re about to die,you die,no matter where you are…

  149. The North is like my ex-boyfriend. Talk a lot and do nothing. :D

    • This comment is pure gold! Lmao xD

    • Hitler also talked a lot about war,destroying whole nations,Nordic race etc. for decade before WW2…and not even year before WW2 Britain and France signed Munich agreement with Hitler and Mussolini and thought peace is guaranteed.

      • As a Political Science student (which by no means makes me an authority… but an authority over those that just look at headlines) and someone who is a bit of an enthusiast for east asian politics, here is my perspective.

        First, connecting it with Hitler and WW2 is flawed. There are more wars that have been avoided despite harsh rhetoric than entered because of it (USA and USSR the biggest example of harsh rhetoric and no war, proxy wars naturally being excluded). Also, North Korea is a satellite state, and almost always has been in one form or another for one nation or another. Germany was a super power coming into WW1 (before you think im referring to the wrong war, hang on), and then was in a few short years forced to be Europes weakling… with strong pride, strong intellectuals, a once strong economy and mighty military… WW2 it has been argued was guaranteed once the Treaty of Versailles was established. And in all seriousness, it was poor international policy to set up that horribly lop-sided treaty, especially when it was a war in shades of grey.

        Second, the chinese factor. China is in a delicate situation at the moment, and has been building up a strong economy with a burgeoning and demanding middle class coming out as a result. Last thing it wants is to divert economic resources, time, and political strain (disrupting the balance they’re maintaining) by feeling obligated to back up a small ally whose only real purpose is to serve as a buffer zone between US/SK and China. In the coldwar the Korean peninsula was seen by Mao as a driveway into China, and needed some control over it. When the US general (name escapes me atm, google it), decided to go against UN orders and keep pushing up to the Chinese border, China acted in a pre-emptive defence and saved North Koreas ass.

        North korea is by no means a necessary ally for China, and China would pull all the stops behind the scenes to make sure this war does not escalate. That being said, nothing is guaranteed, and if you have a crazy person in lead then there is 0 predictability.

        The thing is, Kim jr. is probably not crazy, this is a strategic move on his part to show a strong front to his people in reaction to international pressures applied to his country. He needs to appear strong, but he wont cross the line into war because that would only lead to North Korea either becoming rubble, or even more dependant on China… with Kim probably dead/prosecuted in its wake (doubt China would allow that bloodline/leadership to live on if he forced them to defend NK). This rhetoric is meant to be heard by domestic crowds rather than international ones, he is consolidating power at his first chance with this tough headbutting on the international stage. He will take it to a point, then a behind the scene deal will be struck, and you will see rhetoric appear less.

        This is all working in the frame of a rational world…. shit happens as they say, but chances are it wont, and in the rhetoric it is always shy of saying it will make a clear attack on SK, it has been more focused on saying things like ‘we will blah blah blah IF we are provoked’, that ‘if’ is a big deal in the world of rhetoric.

        Another sign of all this being bullshit (but certainly not the sole sign), the factory in North Korea, but along the border, that hosts South Korean employees is still active. The economy in that area relies heavily on the companies situated there, and would have economic problems if those factories were forced to close.

        • And then.. they were closed… (the factories)

        • Nope, Kaesong industrial park is still operational

        • Too lazy to sign in

          Noooowwww its shut down.


          Still, dont see anything happening, but I’ll concede and say its probably more concerning depending on how long they keep it going or if its just a temporary thing.

          I have a feeling UN will eventually mediate something now that Ban Ki Moon has spoken up about it, If not it could get out of hand depending on domestic pressures amongst elite in North Korea (and what they expect of the new leader) and how far NK really does intend to push the rhetoric (there comes a point when rhetoric does need to be backed up or you completely ruin your image in the future. Cry wolf kind of thing…. then again as Simon and Martina have pointed out, that’s kind of already happened).

          However, rhetoric part can be saved by UN granted that they give NK something to chew on, which could be a hard sell for US.

          P.S. Someone debate with me :( Im bored and need to procrastinate things

  150. I moved to Seoul 2 weeks ago and the “danger of living here” is mentioned in every Skype date I have. I’m so glad you posted this! Thank you!


  152. Yeah, I have North Korean and South Korean classmates in my class and it’s not like they openly hate or fear each other, I’ve seen them talk occasionally too… When I asked, the South Koreans basically just told me “It’s kinda awkward, but we can see they’re good people so ~meh~”

  153. My parents are coming to visit next week and I had to have this exact talk with them this morning.

  154. I approve this message. I’ll be moving to South Korea in August and my whole family is freaking out about it. I may show them this post and be like “see? it’s not just me, they think the same thing.”

    • Seriously: we’ve been here for almost five years now. Our family has freaked out a few times when North Korea made it to the news, but now they’re getting used to it all. Just spoke with my parents today, and they didn’t mention North Korea once.

      • My mother is the same. The first time I was going to go to Korea, it got cancelled because I was just about to book my tickets when NK shelled the SK island and my mother was so worried about war that I ended up not going.

        And now, I have another trip planned to South Korea in the end of June, since my boyfriend (who is in the SK army) will have 1.5 weeks free then and it’ll be a rare time for us to have that much time together during his time in the army. But mom is sort of starting to warn me that maybe I can’t go etc, while in my mind I am Definitely going this time.
        And even if there was a war coming, that’d just be even more of a reason for me to go; to see him before he’d have to potentially get called to battle right?

        • Ah! First time I went to the US (not same situation, I know) , it was December… 2011. Yeah. I had booked my tickets just after September, I think. Even then my family didn’t want me to go. Pfft, I went anyway and had an awesome time.

      • I’m hoping once I’ve been there for a while my family will be like that too. Especially once they visit and can see what it’s like for themselves.

    • I actually don’t know anyone who freaks out about South Korea/North Korea conflicts, with many friends and peers who study/travel there o.o Perhaps it’s just where I live/the types of people I know (mostly Asian American)? I also feel like N. Korea threatens the US often enough that a lot of us are just like “Here they go again…”

    • The first time i went to Korea my parents were rather cool, maybe because it was kinda quit during that time but my grandparents panicked Now I’ll be going to Korea in summer, staying there a week and prepare myself mentally to listen to all the concerns my family will shower me with just to tell them, that i’ll be going anyway ;)

  155. Makes me wonder how much of the news is sensationalized, how much is propaganda, and how much of it is real?

    • I sometimes think that myself. There seem to be some things that just don’t add up for me

      1) North Korea detonates nuke
      2) World sanctions North Korea to prevent making more nukes
      3) North Korea threatens to nuke people as a result.

      How does that make sense? It’s like saying “give me money so I can buy a gun to shoot you. No? Well then I’ll shoot you” Or am I missing something here? That just seems too illogical a conclusion to make. Maybe I’m missing out on the point of the sanctions here…

      • Haha lol I wonder what they will say next…

      • I think it’s more like “Give me money so I can buy more bullets for this gun I already have. No? Well then I’ll shoot you with one of the only bullets I have.”

      • irritablevowel

        Someone needs to call Dennis Rodman. I’m sure he can explain everything.

      • The sanctions are like paying a mobster to let you run your bar without his people trashing it…. The thing is that all the DPRK talk is more of a power play inside DPRK it self. Kim Jong Un needs this threats and episodes to reinforce his dictatorship. Think of Napoleon in Animal Farm, he did not do much to aid the revolution but sailed along and manage to maintain power mostly thanks to his attack dogs and his propaganda spinner Squealer. All this threats are Kim Jong Un’s attack dogs, there to legitimize a power he inherited, not work for.

        That being said/ written, dictators are not driven by any other reason but maintaining power, that makes them all unpredictable, and in Kim Jong Un’s case his relative youth it a worrisome factor. However, for something to happen is extremely unlikely, North Korea need its allies to do anything (mainly China) which would rather avoid complications.

      • True, plus they only have that nuke. All they do is make one nuke,test it out, make another one, and do the same thing over and over again. To me it seems like they are going to spend all their time making a nuke and testing it out since it seems like they are never going to make more than one nuke. Their threats are empty to me, kinda like Draco yelling “WAIT UNTIL MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS!” Empty. Just empty to me.

        Kim Jong Un just wants to seem powerful when he is not powerful at all. I also hate it when people say that everyone from North Korea is horrible. When they are starving and going through a lot, and it is not like they could leave. They probably can not leave at all. I am 25% North Korean and 25% South Korean, that does not make me a horrible person.

        Anyways I am bleeping mad, many people say that they know all about this situation to make an inference that everyone from North Korea is horrible and monsters. One, you probably know nothing about the current situation and two, just because the dictator is bad does not mean that North Koreans are.

        Sorry, people keep asking me to tell North Korea to stop. And keep saying everyonne from Korea just create trouble. But hun if you knew the history between the two you would know why. And North Korea’s dictator is the one creating trouble, not the people he “rules”.

    • Well this time is a bit more serious than in the past because the North Korean government has actually pulled out of some agreements and treaties as well as proving they have functional nuclear weapons plus a new leader that needs to assert himself militarily. It could lead to something but likely it’ll be another small scale skirmish not a full out war.
      Also there have been people who have called in the government in South Korea worrying about what might happen so there is at least a bit more concern than in the past. Let’s not forget that the North has committed acts of terror such as bombing a South Korean plane and killing everyone on board so it is possible that something like that could happen again. As for an all out war, its an unlikely scenario.

      • South Korea has always taken North Korea’s threats as serious and I agree they should. However, I still think a big portion of how it’s portrayed, by the media, is sensationalized and propaganda. There is a very us vs them mentality. Where they’re the evil enemy that must be fought and conquered and we’re the good guys that are saving everyone from the evil commies.

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