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The Threat of North Korea

March 14, 2013


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Ok, so this is a rather serious TL;DR we’re talking about. No fun and jokes here. The question asked us to talk about the North Korea situation and what it’s like here in South Korea.

We’re not knowledgeable about the political situation here. We’re just talking about our experiences. If you want more technical/knowledgable info, this isn’t the place for it.

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to go back to our point from the video about how often we hear these threats from North Korea, and about how – to people outside of Korea – the situation seems a lot worse than it actually is. We think this is mostly thanks to the Western Media’s habit of making things seem worse than they actually are, because big, scary headlines sell more newspapers and get more viewers.

The problem with the fear mongering is that, if you’re viewing the situation from the outside, it’s difficult to get an accurate look of what things are like on the inside. From what everyone’s been telling us, things are scary here in South Korea…from an outsider’s perspective. As a result, people are worried about coming to South Korea now. Thoughts like “Should I visit? What happens if the war starts!?” or “maybe I shouldn’t teach in Korea because North Korea’s gonna bust things up.” Thoughts like this totally suck for South Korea, because it’s not necessarily fair. And, really, if we had followed that advice when we first started our careers, our lives would be totally different now, and we wouldn’t have experienced so many awesome things from living in this country. Should our lives have been put on halt until North Korea stopped making so much racket? Should yours? North Korea has been annoying for a long time and probably will continue being annoying for a long time. Our lives can’t just be put on hold until North Korea gets their act together.

And what about people living in South Korea? Should their lives be put on hold as well? From an inside perspective of South Korea, things are no different than they normally are. People are still going to work. People are still going to play. People are still living their lives like they’ve always been. North Korean threats are things that we’re all used to by now. North Korea is just really freaking annoying; they’re like your noisy obnoxious neighbour that you have to learn to live with. You just wish they’d shut the f**k up once and for all and stop embarrassing you when you have friends or family over for dinner.

So, that’s basically it. North Korea is annoying. They make threats all the time. They love talking about destructive water. Should we worry about them? Well, if we want to count a threats-to-action conversion rate, North Korea’s not doing too well. Could they do something, though? That’s not even worth thinking about, in my opinion. Meteors could hit as well. I feel more of an immediate threat driving in taxis than I feel threatened from North Korea (because taxis here are craaaazy). When it comes to how we feel about North Korea, we’re not going to live in doom and gloom and fear because of what seems like a small possibility. We’re going to keep on living our lives, and it seems like the people of South Korea are doing the same as well.



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