So, a while ago, back in November or so, we filmed a shoot with Channel Ten in Australia, which – from what we’ve been told – is one of the biggest networks in Australia, if not THE biggest. Cool! They were shooting a documentary style video on Kpop and Korea, and they asked us to be on the show and give our input. You can see our section of the video starting at the 5:00 mark or so.

Gotta say, it was really weird when that show aired, because so many people were sending us pictures of their TVs, and tweets were rolling in of people excited to see us. It was really cool! We couldn’t actually see ourselves on TV, but we could see people’s TV’s at least:

Eatyourkimchi Channel Ten Australia

Great thing about this also was that some of our closest friends from Korea are now living in Australia, and they just happened to be watching the TV when we came on, and they had a freakout and messaged us, and we were reminded about how much we miss them. THANKS CHANNEL TEN FOR MAKING US SAD! Ha, no, that’s silly. We were really happy to hear from them :D

Anyhow, this video was shot back in November, and it just aired this past Monday. Yay! Someone was nice enough to put it on YouTube, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be taken down instantly, seeing how it’s not an official upload, but it’s still up so I think it’s safe to say that it slipped under their radar? I’m not sure! Hopefully it won’t get taken down. If it does get taken down, you can watch it here on the official channel, though it seems like it’s region blocked. We can’t see it in Korea, and we’re not savvy enough with VPNs to be able to figure it out.

Back to the video itself, it was really well done! We’re total geeks for editing, so the way they used text effects in the video was super cool, with the waving moving away our text and whatnot. The timing was really quite perfect, because we were waving to a Nasty passing by, and the text at the time was of people viewing our blog, so, to us, we had a good laugh.

There’s a lot that got cut out of our section. We went to Times Square for an Epik High fansigning, which is where you see that quick shot of us posing with a fan for a picture. They didn’t include much of what we said for the fansigning event. Understandable. They shoot a ton of footage and then try to cram it all into a 22 minute video. We shot with them for, like, six hours.

Anyhow, let us know what you think! And, on a related media side note, we were also talked about in the Wall Street Journal recently. Double shazaam! It’s a video talking about the Singapore event. Jasper, who ran the whole Music Matters event, was a super awesome guy and just lovely to work with; he talks about developing a following on YouTube and YouTube stardom and whatnot. Odd to hear us talked about in the same sentence. Point is, he talked about the Airport incident at Singapore and how many awesome Nasties were there. Yay! Thanks to all you awesome Singaporean Nasties for helping us make the news!

  1. Kasey Jeston

    when my sister and I were watching this on tv we had no idea that eyk was going to come on. so we started jumping around the room screaming like idiots, we probably looked like idiots too…

  2. Miko Satou

    Not sure what to think of this *lol*

    I will go with ” it was ok ” . Eventhou it was 22 minutes long, it felt really short. The subject of this is just to wide to cover everything or at least something in a short period as 22 minutes. If one would want to make a docu on kpop, to cover most maybe an hour or more would be needed. ( xD )

    Such a theme would need alot more information and an episode or two just based on kpop.

    On a side-note: S&M’s part was soooo short >.< !

  3. Elizabeth D

    That would be so awesome if there were black and white kpop artists soon!

  4. Crystal Eio


  5. fairydust

    A KPOP Factory?
    Please say he meant set… when you refer to it as a factory, it sounds horrible! =/

  6. OMG when I saw you guys on my tv I almost died and went to heaven. The funny thing was that I was just channel surfing that night because nothing was on lol

  7. Harriet Bodkin

    Aww you guys!! Just read this now! Decided I needed to have a re-watch as I was in such a tizzy the first time round haha it honestly made our week!! Ps. I’m afraid that photo is copyright-ed! Ha :p

  8. they did not even mention SM which i think was the true introducer of kpop to the world !! the first time i heard a kpop was DBSK not Psy and even now after Psy’s fame the world most famous kpop idols with the widest fan base are super junior and TVXQ !!

  9. wait was this the time simon and martina said they missed out on the gogostar concert or am wrong?

  10. Nathaniel

    Guys funny thing is, everyone hates channel ten. They are the worst channel out here I’m sorry to say.

    However congrats! Im happy you were on aussie tv, heaven knows we need more quality content! (Esp on 10 :P)

  11. Casmira Damon

    EYK and LunaFly in the same video! :D Double special!!!!

  12. Okay. TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME THAT EYK WAS ON TV. They’re all famous now and schtuff so proud <3

    Something urks me about the video though. Like others have pointed out already, the stance they took in the video is that the South Korean government is using K-pop as a weapon to show how powerful SK is. I disagree on this point because I think of Hallyu as an East Asian Pop Culture that got spread around the world, over the internet. I find it slightly rude that they think of K-pop as a strategy… It's just like Anime and Manga and any other culture that not native but popular in any place. Yeah. I'm trying to keep calm and not swear and be insane fangirl on Chanel 10 soooooo.. yup.

  13. Ha looks like Hamish McDonald brought home some pants from Korea – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeN2NE2NXXc

  14. omg i love that EVOL got a spot, i really enjoyed Get Up :)
    it feels so weird to hear an aussie guy speak about kpop, maybe cause im aussie myself LOL

  15. OMG ! Channel ten is the biggest network in Australia, its the most watched! You guys are so lucky! I was so happy when i heard from my dad that you will be on channel 10! (My dad works for Channel 10 and asked me about you guys). So happy for you guys!!

  16. Velvetblue Veille

    EYK is really getting bigger and bigger ^^

  17. Gemma Deacon
    Gemma Deacon

    I couldn’t watch the eye surgery bit. Why would someone do that to their eyes?!?! Leave eyes alone! They’re too delicate!
    Anywayz I was defo excited when you were on the show! Also if k-pop is meant to be good for your health then I must be the healthiest person alive lolz jk :D

  18. I watched this!!! my mum was like ‘theres some korean music show on right now, you like that stuff right?’ and then i freaked out when i saw you guys :D

  19. Marzia Matalone
    Marzia Matalone

    Even if I’m a kpop lover, I’ve always been aware that the Hallyu wave is a big sociological and economic phenomenon…it’s obvious, since it is the expression of a culture and a clear effect of globalization and new technology.
    As every human thing, it has good and bad points, and it’s obvious that people will try to understand it using different reasoning tool, often influenced by prejudices…it’s part of the game guys!
    Studying communication for 5 years I’ve learned it: this is inevitable when you try to understand and talk about social phenomena that are not still well known!

  20. Aubrielle Ford

    It’s funny because Korean products sell themselves. They have such super cool & kawaii gadgets that you can’t find made anywhere else. Japanese products are like that too & they don’t use J-pop to try to entice foreigners. It’s hard to find j-pop MV’s. The only thing that’s ever tempted me are the Korean dramas. They have awesome looking phones, unique clothing, & neat gadgets. Well modern ones anyway. The historical ones get you interested in antiques :)

  21. Callie Smith

    Am i the only one that feels…territorial about this? I haven’t been part of the kpop fandom for very long but i still felt i sense of “ehh” about this video. First off, let me say im so proud that the bands and people that i know work so hard, and that sacrifice so much are getting the recognition they so rightly deserve, and that people are getting used to the idea of Asia being like Europe is to north Americans (in the sense that people think its cool, or its okay to move there and stuff). But on the other hand i really like being part of this close knit community of fan-girls and boarder line stalkers (lets face it we are all like that with at least ONE member of a group…i know i am…:D) and i feel like if it was to get too big it would lose the essence of its uniqueness and kind of mold to fit fans of non-Asian countries, and the community of actual fans would turn into a GIANT populace of “sorta-kinda” fans. Not to mention if this is just a fad for some countries, what happens if Korea becomes too dependent on this export and then the novelty wears off… I don’t, know that just my personal opinion; I am still very proud of South Korea and it’s Idols! And don’t get me wrong, i would love to be able to walk into hmv and pick up an ACTUAL HARD COPY CD of a band, or (lord please!) be able to go to a concert that ins’t a five hour flight away from where i live in some major city in the states or on either side of Canada once in a blue moon.

    Sorry for the super long post, it just this is something that has always been lurking in the back of my mind!
    im really happy that u guys got to be on this show (just rakin’ in the invites to broadcasting events ;P)!

    • Whats wrong with being a fan from a non asian country?

    • Clover ZiHui Ooi
      Clover ZiHui Ooi

      i totally agree. its a freaking dilemma. like you want them to get recognized but u feel a bit weird when they get too famous n everybody likes them (kinda). I kinda have this feeling toward S&M too. but im still very very glad they are so loved by many nasties.

  22. Genesis Barrera

    OMG HOW COOL WAS THAT?! I was lie to my mum “thats the music I like. That’s Simon and Martina. I watch their video and read their blogs” and mum’s like “i didn’t know that there were canadians living in Korea!” she learnt a new thing that day

  23. After watching this, there seems to be a hint of xenophobia towards Asians in Australia (possibly because of Chinese socio-economic emergence this decade).

    • Nicoll Paatan

      I understand what you mean, but most Australians are friendly and approachable to people of different cultures and races. In the 10 years that I’ve been living in Australia, it’s very evident that there are a lot of people from Asia, India, Africa, and the Pacific Islands emigrating over here to start a new life. The bad eggs (some older Australians, or those of lower socio-economic status) ‘fear’ that the ‘White Australia’ they had lived in is being ‘diluted’ or ‘supplanted’ by persons of colour, which is why they say, “Go back to where you came from”. It’s sad to see that the reputation of Australians is in a poor light, but for the most part, Aussies are good people.

      I think the doco attempted to show Kpop in a balanced light (albeit editing can sometimes spin things one way or another), and to non-Kpoppers, it shows the sometimes not so glamorous things we tend to put aside. Having Simon and Martina on the show at least showed some insight into what we live about Kpop.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think Aussies are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I agree with you about “Bad eggs.” They are not unique to Australia. I was not implying that all Australians are xenophobic, just that there seems to be a growing trend in the media these days of promoting fear of Asia’s emergence. Again, not unique to Australia.

        I just find it interesting, when the show starts off with “Tonight on the Truth is – into the murky and dangerous world of private security contracting..but first up we look at Asia’s latest weapon…for global domination…Pop Music” Yeah, hide your women and children! Psy’s coming to get you! Oh wait, he’s finally gone. Thank G0d!

        Disclosure: I’m Korean, but I have never been a fan of K-Pop from its infancy, and still not to this day (Don’t shoot me!)

    • Vanessa jennings

      there’s hardly any xenophobia in australia considering a lot of Australia’s major cities are predominantly heavily populated with all different sort of Asians. Like in Melbourne and Sydney we have Korea Town, China Town, and a suburb called Springvale which is heavily populated of Vietnamese and Chinese inhabitants. Trust me, Its a small portion of australians who are xenophobic such as a stupid politician called Pauline Hansen and low budget shows like the The Truth is, that portray us Australians in that way :).

    • There is no Xenophobia towards asians in Australia considering Melbourne and Sydney are heavily populated with all types of Asian cultures. And melbourne has the biggest chinese-vietnamese culture town called “springvale”. it’s channel 10 who portray us that way but please dont put the whole of australia in that catergory :). But i agree somewhat. From; A fellow Australian. :)

      • To the above two posters as they were very similar –

        Not to be argumentative, but because a certain race lives there, does not imply there is no racism towards them (in whatever form). Case in point, South Africa and Apartheid, albeit an extreme example. A vast majority were Africans, nearly 90% if I’m not mistaken…

        I’ve never heard of Hamish or this show before, but it seems like typical fear-mongering for ratings. I could be wrong of course.

        Good job to Marina and Simon, by the way.

  24. kwon_sarang

    They’re making EVOL look like a big, famous group, and in the end they admit that they will probably not last long. This has been one of the weirdest k-pop documentary I’ve ever watched…

  25. philkuhns93

    NIce! this was super interesting and the host brought up some really good points! I think that some of the commenters here who felt uncomfortable with this show and were defensive are responding that way because the video presented a real side of Kpop that most infatuated fans wouldn’t see -which is probably why it is so successful as a business. Just throwin that out there.. not hating :)

  26. It was great that Channel Ten did a segment on Kpop, but I felt kinda defensive while watching this video because it seemed like Hamish was treating it with skepticism and judgement. It happens alot when my friends dismiss Kpop just from surface knowledge and first impressions, and even though Hamish said “don’t dimiss Kpop”, I feel like he did based off his reactions and questions to the EvoL girls, etc.
    The segment was definitely done from an outsider perspective, viewing Kpop as a machine without bothering to find the humanness behind it. And while Kpop, in some sense, is a machine, it is a business, but the groups/music/people should not be generalized under one term “Kpop” or treated as such.

  27. JinTheTulip


  28. millie102685

    Things I hate hearing foreign reporters say when they talk about Kpop:
    -factory. I don’t know if the place was actually called The Kpop Factory but that implication that idols are just duplicates of each other without thoughts or individuality, bothers me. Do doctors and lawyers and teachers go to “factories” to be trained in their field? No.
    -in order to look like a kpop idol plastic surgery must be done. Meaning that the idol you see on TV may have had surgery. Which isn’t a problem if they did but to imply as much is bothersome. Let’s not forget that a lot of South Korea’s plastic surgery industry is by foreigners that go there on vacation. Let’s also not forget that South Korea isn’t the only country in the world that has plastic surgery.

    -being generally condescending about kpop. Why are you even reporting on this if you are planning on staying close minded? After hearing Lunafly perform and say “that was really good” as though he expected it to be bad.

    This just really irks me to no end.

    • SWalkerTTU

      There are places known as “factories” when it comes to other occupations like teaching. Texas State in San Marcos is known for cranking them out by the carload. (It started out as Southwest Texas Normal School, so it’s been training educators for decades, and was LBJ’s alma mater). We in the West are not necessarily reconciled to the concept of having musical groups put together by management companies; we apparently like to hold onto the notion of musical groups being “organic”, never mind that apart from how the groups are put together there’s not a lot of qualitative difference in how the Korean industry operates versus the Western industry. The main difference is that the management in Korea also does all the A&R work and the record label as such is merely there to distribute the product. There is a quantitative difference in the amount of time and money put into developing groups and artists in Korea versus the West, however, and that effort leads to an amount of polish and sheen that some Westerners would think makes the music less “authentic” — as though authenticity was the only goal of making music. I think we should all know better than that. Music is intended to be an entertainment and a temporary distraction, a leisure activity or a pastime.

      Plastic surgery is one of those facts of life in K-pop that most people in the business accept but try not to publicize. Not every idol has stuff done, and not always major work when they do, but it’s quite common. Even members of Brown-Eyed Girls (well known as an “artistic” group) have had Botox injections (Narsha has said as much) or braces (as Miryo did, and which are not always fitted merely for purposes of better dental function, even in the West). When the entire industry is built up around the idea of putting out as finely-crafted pieces of musical entertainment as possible, one has to expect that the appearance of the performers will be a significant part of that craft. Again, this is not something we’re fully reconciled to in the US, but then most people in the US are not cognizant of aesthetics and creativity and show very little concern for things being put together just so.

  29. bigbangfosho

    Wow, the video has a good point: I’ve never thought of kpop as a way for the government to make money. But now that I think of it, I’m more enticed into buying Korean goods, as with music comes culture.

  30. Barbara Groves

    kpop has health benefits! i knew there was an underlying reason as to why i love it so much!

  31. That was a cool theme song!

  32. Marzia Matalone
    Marzia Matalone

    Even to look as a Kpop idol…that thing about cutting eyes it’s just too much…crazy, creepy and scary!!!! Putting that aside, I loved to see you here guys…now I even know why I’m so addicted to kpop…It was so interesting! ^_______^

  33. jackfowler.

    so proud of you guys!

  34. Exciting !! next time EYK can come to Australia and talk to Hamish. I really feel sorry for kpop stars because after they sign the contract they cant get out of it :'( its hard for kpop stars to live their life. just come to Australia were a chilled country :D AND WE LOVE ALL KPOP. thank god channel ten did that story. i love how they did the cute texts on top of building as well as kpop stars names. i think everyone needs to practice G’DAY MATE before coming to Australia :D I LOVE EYK

  35. i totally love the way they do the text effects as well. the text is in 3d, however it can be done in after effects. i bet leigh would know how its done. if not, you guise might want to check out a plug-in called element 3d by video copilot (i’m not working for that company nor am i earning commission from them) i bought the plugin myself and i really love it, makes my work alot easier when working on 3d text for motion graphics. as for how the text appears and disappears on screen, it can be achieved by masking/rotoscoping with after effects. should tell leigh to make such effects for your videos in future, it’s gonna be awesome (and nasty~)

  36. LUNAFLY!!! S&M should try reviewing them once…I love them!

  37. Jazmin Borda

    I am going to have nightmares!! That cutting the eye part..aaahhhhh use tape use tape instead

  38. LongClawTiger

    I love seeing stories like this! Not only does it make me feel good to be part of such a big movement, but it is also something I can show to others who don’t understand why I am so into kpop. If I just tell someone locally that I am into kpop, I usually get a lot of funny looks, like I am into some obscure cult or something. Then I show them things like this and they are like O.O “Oh wow! This is HUGE!”

  39. diannetopf

    Ok so I started watching this video from the beginning and somehow forgot that I was watching it in order to see you guys on it! LOL So when you appeared I was surprised/happy and then I realized what an idiot I am…As a Canadian I am so proud of you guys and so happy that you are out there as a representative for us! On a side note…Martina your boots are BADASS!

  40. ashtenmorgan

    You should tried downloading “hot shield” (http://download.cnet.com/hotspot-shield/) which works great!

    Wow, from Nov-Jun to broadcast it up on TV *whistle*

    Simon and Martina eating + simon’s red mohawk while on TV too ;)

    The plastic surgery of the girl was interesting; they just lifted her eyes and it makes such a different. I don’t know if i want to do that. I get if people want liposuction but under the knife is scary to me.*

    *side note: so many smiley eyes, cute. hehe*

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