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The Truth Is: Eatyourkimchi on Australian TV!

June 13, 2013


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So, a while ago, back in November or so, we filmed a shoot with Channel Ten in Australia, which – from what we’ve been told – is one of the biggest networks in Australia, if not THE biggest. Cool! They were shooting a documentary style video on Kpop and Korea, and they asked us to be on the show and give our input. You can see our section of the video starting at the 5:00 mark or so.

Gotta say, it was really weird when that show aired, because so many people were sending us pictures of their TVs, and tweets were rolling in of people excited to see us. It was really cool! We couldn’t actually see ourselves on TV, but we could see people’s TV’s at least:

Eatyourkimchi Channel Ten Australia

Great thing about this also was that some of our closest friends from Korea are now living in Australia, and they just happened to be watching the TV when we came on, and they had a freakout and messaged us, and we were reminded about how much we miss them. THANKS CHANNEL TEN FOR MAKING US SAD! Ha, no, that’s silly. We were really happy to hear from them :D

Anyhow, this video was shot back in November, and it just aired this past Monday. Yay! Someone was nice enough to put it on YouTube, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be taken down instantly, seeing how it’s not an official upload, but it’s still up so I think it’s safe to say that it slipped under their radar? I’m not sure! Hopefully it won’t get taken down. If it does get taken down, you can watch it here on the official channel, though it seems like it’s region blocked. We can’t see it in Korea, and we’re not savvy enough with VPNs to be able to figure it out.

Back to the video itself, it was really well done! We’re total geeks for editing, so the way they used text effects in the video was super cool, with the waving moving away our text and whatnot. The timing was really quite perfect, because we were waving to a Nasty passing by, and the text at the time was of people viewing our blog, so, to us, we had a good laugh.

There’s a lot that got cut out of our section. We went to Times Square for an Epik High fansigning, which is where you see that quick shot of us posing with a fan for a picture. They didn’t include much of what we said for the fansigning event. Understandable. They shoot a ton of footage and then try to cram it all into a 22 minute video. We shot with them for, like, six hours.

Anyhow, let us know what you think! And, on a related media side note, we were also talked about in the Wall Street Journal recently. Double shazaam! It’s a video talking about the Singapore event. Jasper, who ran the whole Music Matters event, was a super awesome guy and just lovely to work with; he talks about developing a following on YouTube and YouTube stardom and whatnot. Odd to hear us talked about in the same sentence. Point is, he talked about the Airport incident at Singapore and how many awesome Nasties were there. Yay! Thanks to all you awesome Singaporean Nasties for helping us make the news!



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