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The Wolfhound

February 12, 2011


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There is this amazing Irish Pub in Itaewon called The Wolfhound. Tons of people kept saying to us, “you guys have to review this place called the Wolfhound” but the truth is, we were already fans of this pub before people told us about it. After living in Korea for a little while, you feel like you need to do more than just Eat Your Kimchi (nyuk nyuk); you really start to get hankerings for food from back home and The Wolfhound knows how to fix that urge!

We should begin by explaining that Korean bars are quite different than the pubs we’re used to back home. A Korean bar feels more like a restaurant than a bar, as there are no people standing about chatting up a storm. You sit at a table which is often more like a private booth (sometimes with curtains) and your waiter brings you a menu. You order drinks and you MUST order food (called “ahn-ju” = side dish) and nobody leaves their group of friends to meet new people. It’s more like a private friend experience than a social mingling.

The pubs we’re used to back home are different. There are more people standing than sitting at tables. There’s a bartender behind the bar surrounded by bottles of alcohol, and while you can wait for a waiter, it’s probably best for you to wait at the bar to get your drink quickly. You can order food, but majority of people just order drinks. Most Korean bars don’t have a big selection of mixed drinks and cocktails (although soju cocktails and makgeolle cocktails are on the rise), and the beer selection on tap is mostly Korean beer such as Cass, Hite, or Max.

So, when you’ve lived in Korea for a few months, you start to crave the foods and settings that you’ve missed from back home. Real solid burgers. Proper mashed potatoes and gravy. A thick lamb stew. Light and crispy fish and chips with tarter sauce and handcut fries. Imported beer on tap! A properly made mixed drink (I want my gin and tonic with a LIME not a lemon!) Those are hard to come by in Korea, so when you do find a place that serves them well, you tend to get quite attached to the place, which is how we feel about the Wolfhound. OMG! Did we mention the Toad in the Hole? It has REAL sausages. Oh, and there is a Bacon RANCH Burger (gee, I wonder who orders that…) which is AMAZING. Okay, we’ll have to attach the pictures Martina took to fully express the drool factor.

Wolfhound Toad in the HoldWolfhound - Bacon Ranch Burger

Anyhow, that’s why we like the Wolfhound so much, and although we were lucky enough to be sponsored for this review, that does not change the fact that we normally recommend and love the Wolfhound since we’ve been going to the Wolfhound for a long, long time. Oh and one more thing, you might have noticed that Simon’s hair isn’t red…well, that’s because we made this video but found out they were opening a new location in Busan, so we waited to post it so we could promote both locations. We visited the Busan location last time we went to Haeundae Beach and were equally as impressed. They just launched a new website, www.wolfhoundpub.com so check it out to see the menu, get directions, and more.

One more thing: we’re hosting a Wolfhound giveaway for those viewers living in South Korea! Leave a comment in this thread about the Wolfhound, and next week we’ll pick one lucky winner and give them 50,000 won worth of gift certificates to the Wolfhound, for either the Seoul or Busan location of your choice. Yay for free food and booze! And thanks again, as always, to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*, for adding Korean subs to this video. Hooray!



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