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These Are Really Good Pancakes

April 11, 2018


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Hi everyone,

It seems like we were a bit weird with this video. I’m not sure what came over us, but we were having fun and just couldn’t stop ourselves. And when we did want to stop ourselves, we’d think, hey, what if we took it just a bit further? And then once that was done and we said, ok, that’s enough, something would pop up again and we’d say, hey, we already made it this far. Ain’t no turning back now. Hence the weirdness of this video.

Also, life imitates art, in which, you’re waiting for the pancakes to show up in the video, the way we’re waiting for the pancakes to show up on our plates. We want you to feel what we’re feeling. If you can’t come to Japan with us, we’ll try our hardest to make you feel the authentic Japan experience. Yes. That’s the reason why we totally jumped the shark on this episode.

Hey, enough about weird editing (which I didn’t mention how much fun we had editing this, by the way. It was super fun!) and more about these pancakes. For starters, we’re not mentioning the location itself, because there are many places that sell these kinds of pancakes. Hell, ten meters down the street from this place is another pancake shop like this, and then across the street by the Tokyu Department Store there’s another. They’re quite common now. Not as common as crepes which I see just about everywhere, but you won’t have to look for long if you’re hunting for these pancakes in Tokyo. At least, in Kichijoji they’re everywhere. Maybe it’s because Kichijoji is the pancake capital of Tokyo? In that case, we have yet another reason why Kichijoji is amazing and needs to be loved more.

Ok that’s enough talking about pancakes. Woohoo! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. We’re happy to be sponsored by them because two channels we really respect, Nerdwriter and Kurzagadoogler have introduced us to Skillshare in their videos, so for us to be able to do so with you pleases me. It’s true. Martina was really into photography in high school but she went the route of teaching instead. And now we’re back at food photography again. Funny how that happens. I wonder if that means I’ll go back into basketball later? That’s not the point. Skillshare is the point. Sign up here and get to learning!

Lastly, if you’d like some extra laughs, we’ve got some bloopers below, including more stuff we did while waiting for pancakes!



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Food Adventure


These Are Really Good Pancakes


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  1. Wow i never knew Martina did the sexy food porn voice I always thought it was Simon

    5 days ago
  2. So are these better for breakfast or dessert?

    7 days ago
  3. It was a super fun video! I liked the quirkiness and the colors too (I’m not sure if it was intended, but it looked like there were a lot of bright and cheerful colours). And it was nice to see Dan again! I was having a bit of a rough day and this video definitely made me happy. I hope you recover well from your trip to Otsu~

    1 week ago
  4. Delicious video, thanks for the warning :). It’s great to go eat something special that would take you tons of effort/skill to make at home, then it really is a treat, even with the wait. These types of eateries are underappreciated, it was great to see you exploring another one. Would be nice to know how much the pancakes cost? So super fluffy! I really liked the editing, but I’m a sucker for random 80s dance-offs so…….[breaks into funky dance] ;) LOL! I always knew it was Martina doing the sexy food p0rn voice – so saucy! ;) By the way, when’s that new website comin’? ……and now it’s time to go Day-Drink [runs away] – bwahahahahahaa!

    1 week ago
    • Ah! We’re still working on it. We’ve had a bunch of projects come up that we had to pay attention to, but I’m assuming the new site will be ready soon :D

      6 days ago
    • When Martina holds the menu, the prices range from 1100 to 1350 yen which, according to google, roughly makes 10 to 12 dollars or 8 to 10 euros. And I’m curious about the new website too!

      1 week ago
      • Thanks for catching that for me <3 A decent price for a specialty dessert with a large portion.

        1 week ago
  5. Oh yes!!! did a search on google maps and there are tons here in Kichijoji! Going to go hunting for them in the next few days . . . you two ROCK!! And that cameraman too ;)

    1 week ago