Ladies and gentlemen, we have now been here for three years. Holy, holy crap! We did not foresee this at all. We came to Korea back at the end of May 2008 and thought we’d just teach here for a year, and then go to another country and start teaching there. After our first year was up, we decided to stay for another year, because we really liked it. We were sure we’d leave after that year.

By the end of our second year, things started to look a bit different. Our site and videos were keeping us really busy so Simon stopped teaching and decided to focus on making the website better, while Martina signed on with her school for another year. In the year that followed we wanted to see how much further we could go with the site. Would it be just a hobby for us to give up at the end of the year when we left the country, or would we put all of our energy and time into these videos and make it our full-time job? We decided with the latter. And so we bought better gear for our videos, upgraded our movie editing skills, and planned for new segments. We were shocked to see that we went from a few thousands views to over two million video views a month. WOW! AMAZING!!!

The end of our third year in Korea is almost up. This Thursday marks Martina’s last day at her school (she’s an emotional wreck as she loves loves loves her school) and we just moved into a new apartment. We’re both ready to work on making more videos and to add some new weekly segments that we always wanted to do, but never had time for. *Simon and Martina high five*

Eatyourkimchi is our baby and now it’s our only job. We’re not getting funded by the government or getting support from any organization. We’re doing this on our own with the help of whatever ad revenue we make from this site and from our videos, and also from our t-shirt sales. Speaking of which, we just recently sold out of t-shirts, so thanks to all of you who supported us by buying a shirt! We really really appreciate it. We’re looking for a new printer as we speak and can hopefully start rolling out some new designs :D

For those of you who would like to help us out and support us in some way, we have a support page set up. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated…especially by the Spudgy, who receives an extra minute of head-scratches and tummy-touches for every dollar given. More importantly, your contributions help keep the site going, so we can keep coming up with more videos and keep upgrading our gear in hopes of upping our quality, and keep the ramen in our tummies.

And so we come to this video, which is a compilation our memories from this past year. Really everyone, thank you so much for watching our videos and supporting us with your heartwarming emails and comments. What started off as just a hobby, just something we wanted to do to for our families has changed our lives to an unbelievable degree, and we couldn’t have done it if you didn’t like our videos.

Also, a special thanks go out to Mark Rajakovic for letting us use his awesome music. The song in this video is called 1976, and if you like his music check out his album via iTunes.

  1. You need to make a fourth year Anniversary Video :( Oh well… maybe we can wait until next year!

  2. Hi Martina & Simon –
    Just wanted to let you know that I sent in a donation as a thanks for providing me with good laughs and smiles for the last year or so. Hope things are going awesome for the three of you. Best of luck to you all.

  3. yu guys, really, I’m kinda jealous now :)

    Martina, you must know that how lucky you are to get a guy like Simon. And yeah, Simon, remember everyday to treasure Martina bcuz maybe you can never meet another girl like her :)

    I kinda lost my faith in love (guys are stupid!!! except yu Simon lol), but watching ur videos makes me think this life is way too beautiful :) And I chose to laugh off everything and move on ! :) 

    I believe in the future, even how crappy this life may go, as long as yu guys are together, there is nothing that yu guys can’t do :)

    And I would love to know when yu guys plan to have lil’ Simon or lil’ Martina lol

    Much love,

    Thu Bi <3

  4. I absolutely love you guys!  I’m glad that you guys are actually able to make a living off of doing what you love most, making awesome videos.  Hope you guys can stay in Korea for many more years, joyful and excited for each new day! <3 Best of Wishes!

  5. I’ve been to that Morning Glory store on Bloor St. The lady in there is a real bitch. Not exaggerating. She’ll watch you like a hawk cause she’s paranoid. Just a warning. No offense.

  6. Oooooh i’m so moved TT-TT this is really great, I love you!!!

  7. so nice videos~~ i’m impressed many things .. thanks a lot~~    :)

  8. Your videos really are amazing. My partner and I hope to move to Korea in Feb to teach and when I started doing research on S. Korea I came across your blog. I have become obsessed!! I started from the beginning and am working my way through ALL your videos (I am at this point in about 1.5 weeks). You have such great humour and spirit! You always make me laugh! But also have tons of knowledge!
    What I like best, however, is that you have always been positive in your videos about your experiences in Korea. In a lot of other blogs I’ve found they may count down the days until they leave the country and I dont think that is the way to experience a country. You only get out of an experience what you put in!

    Keep on keepin’ on.


    ps. I am secretly hoping to get a job in your city so we can go to all those sweet little coffee shops you’ve posted about!

  9. I want to make donations for yall but since I’m a student (oh I live in SG ^^) I can’t… :(
    I’ll continue to support you guys by watching your videos and visiting your site. :))
    Good luck in your future endeavours :))

  10. I just wanted to leave a comment because I always enjoy your videos!!!

  11. you two are AMAZING! first web that I enter this few days every morning is eatyourkimchi.com :)

  12. I searched the site looking for any confirmation that you guys were staying in Korea and I was SO relieved when I found that you were. I hope you guys have many more wonderful and exciting years there! Your work is absolutely amazing! Fighting!

  13. Aw, that’s too bad for Martina. I hope you two get to live in Korean for many more years, enjoying to do what you love! I’ll always support you however I can! ^-^

  14. both of u are foreigner in s.korea….. and after watch your videos i juz wandering if there are another people who are making videos like this in and for another country…such as both of u doing rite now… keep the good job…. <3

  15. Congrats on 3 years in Korea! <3 And when you guys start selling more tshirts again, I'll be all over getting one, and proudly wear it!

  16. These masks really are everywhere. I got a bunch as a free gift when I opened a new account at KEBank! ^^

  17. Thanks for mentioning your support page… i’ve never noticed that link :-/ Made up for it a little bit today ;) Keep up all the hard work and enjoy Korea for those that can’t right now!

  18. Hi my best of best native speaker Martina teacher!♥I’m your student 206 called Minji Kim.Do you remember the video made 206 students ?! heheYou were a excellent teacher for Bucheon Girls High school student including me.On second thought, I’m a lucky student. Because I’m your last student in Bucheon girls high school. I appreciate it. ^^But Unfortunately, I cant meet you in school untill I graduated from high school.. when you leaved our high school, I was really really really sad. Even though you don’t teach English in school now, you are my best native speak teacher now!I know the reason you cant teach any more.but I respect your choice. :)If your video makes people all over the world happy and interested in south korea, I’m also happy and very satisfied. :)마티나 쌤, I’ll never forget you. Keep in touch!ps: congratulaions on 3 years in Korea!
         I sent you email through Contact. please check inbox.

  19. i love your videos !!! keep going Simon and Martina!!!! you’re awesome guys!!! i sent you a lot of love from a very little country in central america call El Salvador!!! take care <3

  20. I really love u two. so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  and deeply thankful for loving Korea ;)
    I enjoy watching ur videos and i want take up with u two. ;)

  21. Congratulations on three years. I truly wish you all the best in the future! I love your videos & I appreciate all the work you put into each one. They’re so entertaining and just.. wonderful. :)


  23. My heart goes out to those students who will be deprived of an awesome teacher! I’m glad you guys are continuing to make more shirts, I’m desperate for a viva la spudgy shirt, and would seriously appreciate some new designs. I love your videos! FIGHTING!!

  24. Aww, that was so sweet – it almost made me tear up, even though it wasn’t sad at all. You guys are so awesome, thanks for all the laughs and info! Some of my girlfriends and I have decided to take a trip to Seoul next year, and it’s partially thanks to how great you two make it look! I hope the next year is an incredible one for you both!


  26. I got my son to give a shout-out to Simon and Martina, after catching him watching EatYourKimchi on Youtube.  This was NOT staged. XD



  27. CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS…. i’ll alwaz support u guys coz u guys are great..and loply…hehe all the best in the comin years as well…

  28. Aww. I’ll try to support you guys… But I’ve to earn some money by myself before. Because I really really love you two so much.
    Maybe If you redo some T-shirt I’ll buy them >3<. Or can I send some spaghetti? LOL. I wish one day I can see you two (I want your autographe *o*), well if this jully you heard a guy one day when you are in seoul shout in french "OMG ITS SIMON AND MARTINA". Just know that it's me, don't run away! xD

  29. Happy birthday to eatyourkimchi.com!Thank you so much for bringing me happiness.( I am unable to my comment on the 3rd anniversary vid and I don’t know why. However it cannot deter me to do so.)

  30. Happy birthday to eatyourkimchi.com!Thank you so much for bringing me happiness.( I am unable to my comment on the 3rd anniversary vid and I don’t know why. However it cannot deter me to do so.)

  31. seriously Martina stopped teaching? nooooo please dont >< If I were your student I must be so sad right now:/ So tomorrow is your last day? Gosh I hope you can pick your last memory with them. And yeah, I hope you two can carry on with yr websites:) Go Martina and Simon!:)

  32.  i really like the song…congratx…^_^

  33. Congratulations on being full-time bloggers finally! Looking forward to watching more. I have become (a little bit more) proud of being a Korean thanks to your 3 years spent here.

  34. NOOO You stopped teaching? XD Awwww no more funny student storiess!! I used to love your videos of you guys going (or rather Martina) going to the school field trips and what not. Hope you go back to teaching one day XD cuz I think it’s a real treat korean kids get to have teachers like you! ANd Good luck on your official professional career in youtube and hope you guys will do great!!!

  35. THREE YEARS?! Uwaaaa! Congratulations!
    I’m so jealous of you guys! I wish I lived in South Korea…
    When I saw “Here’s to another year!” I teared up…I don’t know why and I kinda feel pathetic.. hehe :) Spudgey Dances, Sexy Window Rolling, Mordney’s Present…good times…
    I wish I had the chance to do so much with K-Pop and Korean culture like you guys! I want to apply to be a foreign exchange student in South Korea sometime :)
    Anyway, congratulations again! Fighting~! ♥

  36. Congratulations on the three years and thank you for making videos for us you guys are amazing!

  37. Aww I loved this video:)
    Smiled through the whole thing.
    You guys are totally awesome on a whole
    new level and I hope you guys keep it up
    and hope to see more.

    I want a t-shirt now:)

    P.S. Thank you for bringing meaning to my Mondays.. and Wednesdays.. and Thursdays!

  38. OMG This video is so beautiful..!! A lot of my favorite moments were there… :) Thank you so much for all your wonderfull videos, somehow after I see them I feel better and happier.. :D

    I wish you all the best in this new stage of your life..! FIGHTING..!! 

    ohhh and I also wish that Martina finally meets TOP.! 

  39. but don’t stop working. working is important. and you can work with your pretty pupils martina and simon. or at least tutorials. don’t stop working

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