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Three Years in Korea!

May 29, 2011


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Ladies and gentlemen, we have now been here for three years. Holy, holy crap! We did not foresee this at all. We came to Korea back at the end of May 2008 and thought we’d just teach here for a year, and then go to another country and start teaching there. After our first year was up, we decided to stay for another year, because we really liked it. We were sure we’d leave after that year.

By the end of our second year, things started to look a bit different. Our site and videos were keeping us really busy so Simon stopped teaching and decided to focus on making the website better, while Martina signed on with her school for another year. In the year that followed we wanted to see how much further we could go with the site. Would it be just a hobby for us to give up at the end of the year when we left the country, or would we put all of our energy and time into these videos and make it our full-time job? We decided with the latter. And so we bought better gear for our videos, upgraded our movie editing skills, and planned for new segments. We were shocked to see that we went from a few thousands views to over two million video views a month. WOW! AMAZING!!!

The end of our third year in Korea is almost up. This Thursday marks Martina’s last day at her school (she’s an emotional wreck as she loves loves loves her school) and we just moved into a new apartment. We’re both ready to work on making more videos and to add some new weekly segments that we always wanted to do, but never had time for. *Simon and Martina high five*

Eatyourkimchi is our baby and now it’s our only job. We’re not getting funded by the government or getting support from any organization. We’re doing this on our own with the help of whatever ad revenue we make from this site and from our videos, and also from our t-shirt sales. Speaking of which, we just recently sold out of t-shirts, so thanks to all of you who supported us by buying a shirt! We really really appreciate it. We’re looking for a new printer as we speak and can hopefully start rolling out some new designs :D

For those of you who would like to help us out and support us in some way, we have a support page set up. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated…especially by the Spudgy, who receives an extra minute of head-scratches and tummy-touches for every dollar given. More importantly, your contributions help keep the site going, so we can keep coming up with more videos and keep upgrading our gear in hopes of upping our quality, and keep the ramen in our tummies.

And so we come to this video, which is a compilation our memories from this past year. Really everyone, thank you so much for watching our videos and supporting us with your heartwarming emails and comments. What started off as just a hobby, just something we wanted to do to for our families has changed our lives to an unbelievable degree, and we couldn’t have done it if you didn’t like our videos.

Also, a special thanks go out to Mark Rajakovic for letting us use his awesome music. The song in this video is called 1976, and if you like his music check out his album via iTunes.



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