This is probably one of the most practical TL;DRs we’ve answered in a while. Back in the day before the world of these TL;DR videos, we used to have a huge FAQ section on our website that we updated regularly and religiously with tons of helpful info, but we soon discovered that taking the time to update the FAQ page was…a total waste of our time. We still received tons of emails asking us questions for just about everything we had taken the time to write about. Even when we replied to someone’s email with a link to that page, some people still emailed us back asking for a direct response! Grumblecakes!

And so, that was how our TL;DR videos started: to answer commonly asked questions in video format since it seems most people are unwilling to read the answers. Reading’s dead! People want videos instead! But not you guise, since you’re clearly reading this blog post right now. Or maybe you’re not? Maybe we should make a TLDR video about why we made TL;DR videos?

Okay! On to the extra tips and tricks for flying to Korea! If you already watched the video we mentioned briefly about packing and travel on the plane but we didn’t get the chance to talk about what it’s like to arrive at Incheon Airpot.

Just Arriving

First off, if you need to make a phone call, do it at the pay phones while you still can. There aren’t a lot of pay phones in Korea, so you might not get the chance to tell your family that you arrived safely.

Secondly, grab a snack at the local convenience store in the airport. For less than a $2.00 you can get a lovely rice triangle and bottle of water or head to the Paris Croissant for a pretty decent sandwich or some baked good that you can pop in your bag. Trust me, it’s going to take you at least 30 minutes to get to wherever you’re going from here on our.

The Subway

If you’re taking the subway from the airport, you can buy a T-Money card (“tee-cah-duh”) in either plain old regular card format, or as a slightly more expensive cute dangling thingy that hooks onto your cell phone at the local GS25 convenience store inside the airport. You buy the card (just once), then put money on the card and just “beep” it to get on the subway, bus, or even taxi. The advantage of these are that they save you money with every trip and they are rechargeable at convenience store and at the subway themselves but NOT on the buses or in taxis. Plus, you don’t have to know where you are going, you beep to get on the subway, and beep to get off the subway and the machine does all the math for you. If you don’t want to buy a t-money card, head to the subway located under the airport (there are tons of signs) and you’ll have to buy a ticket BUT you’ll have to know the name of the subway stop you are going to in order to buy a ticket. See why t-money card are great? ROBOT TAKE MY MONEY BEEP! We did a video about Korean subways a while ago… a LONG TIME AGO

The subway in Korea is awesome but if you have lots of luggage it will be awful. The airport subway line is pretty empty and spacious but as you transfer lines onto the more populated lines, you’ll have a hard time getting through the crowds and finding an elevator to take you between levels, so I really recommend the bus or a taxi if you have lots of luggage.

The Bus

When you exit the airport, the first ring of roads are for the buses while the second ring is for taxis. There are tons of buses that take you in many directions so I recommend you check out this site to help you with where you are going and how long it will take.

Img busroute01

If you bought a t-money card, you can just beep onto the bus and depending on if it’s a fancy bus (the driver will come down to help you load your luggage under the bus) or if it’s a normal bus (driver stares at you struggling to get your luggage up the stair and onto the bus) it will cost between $2.50 – $15.00. We normally take the bus when we are traveling light and don’t have any animals. Here’s another video we did about using T-Money cards


Once you leave the airport, the taxis are divide according to where they will travel (for example, some go to Seoul, some don’t). There are also English speaking helpers waiting by the taxi stand and help people communicate with the taxi driver. We didn’t have those when we arrived five years ago!

Img 1021

There are three kinds of taxis available. The standard taxis, starting at roughly $2.40, the luxury taxis (it’s just a black taxi with leather seats…oooohhh) starting at $4.50, and the “jumbo” van taxis also at $4.50. If you have two people and four pieces of luggage plus carry-ons, you’ll have to take the jumbo taxi to fit in everything. Advice for using taxis: if you pass by a toll both, which you probably have to, you’ll have to pay an extra $7.00 or so that will be tacked on at the end of your journey so don’t be surprised.

Buuuuut, if you travel between midnight and 4:00am the normal taxi’s meter will start at a higher price (that’s normal anywhere in Korea) HOWEVER if they try to suggest a flat cash rate or refuse to use the meter they are trying to rip you off, so get a different taxi. To give you an idea, going to Seoul in a normal taxi has cost us around $70.00 during crappy slow traffic in the early evening, and around $50.00 for quick moving traffic. Honestly, if you’re really exhausted from both jet lag and a bagillion hours on the plane, then falling asleep in the taxi is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about missing your stop and you can always save money on the way back to the airport by taking the subway and bus once you’re fully awake.

Ok! So those are your options! Let us know if you have any other travel tips. Wow. This blog post feels like a government page or something. Too much information!

Oh, and lastly, if your noodles come undercooked while you’re on the flight, feel free to abuse the flight attendants. HA JOKING! We’re not CEOs

  1. lmao thank you so much martina and Simon im planning to go to korea soon,,, by the way can you tell me some useful phrases when i first arrive … lol

  2. Oh damn it seems so difficult i don’t even know where we (my family and me) are going to go to… and we don’t know the lenguage at all (i know a bit..just a bit..)

  3. My name is Stefan i’m From Geneva Switzerland.
    I made the trip to Korea last Friday, 14 hours flight with a stop in Dubai i got some tricks:

    -1 Buy some chewing gums befor the fly. That for to balance you ear pressure for the landing and Take off by chewing.
    -2 Try to get some sleep during the flight. I didn’t sleep at all for the 14 hours, next day in Seoul i needed about 20 hours of sleep.
    -2 When you arrived in Incheon you will need to fill 3 different Form to enter Korea. 1 quarantine 2 Immigration 3 Custum. The problem you can’t get all 3 at the same time. You find itch Form befor the desk. I lose about 10 to 15 minutes just on that.
    Sometimes the Airlines have this form, you could ask the steward if you can get one. (With a big smile, it’s work ever times :) )
    -3 Print befor your trip, a map of the localisation of your Hotel. I got following problem, I take the train from Incheon to Seoul and I wanna take a taxi and none speaks english and didn’t know where my hotel was. (and GPS can’t find it nether)

    So i hope it’s will help some. I wish you a nice trip to Korea.


  4. I’m going to be travelling to Korea in August with EPIK. I was wondering… can you take a pillow on the plane with you and not have that count as carry-on? Have either of you ever done that?

  5. This is probably kind of relate to this tl;dr, but the immigration in Korea is awesome. Last time I went there it took me 15 minutes altogether from stepping off the plane, through the immigration, and on to the luggage claim. (unlike London Heathrow that I had to wait 2 hours before >:/)

  6. Soo..I don’t know if this has been asked before but I’m going to ask again.

    Who exactly does the art that I’ve been seeing around here? Like the cute pictures of you and Spudgy and Meemers, do you pay for someone to do them or are they fan art?

  7. The luxury taxi aren’t just more expensive for their ‘nice’ seats….

    those drivers get more because they earned their license by driving regular taxi for more than 20 years without tickets or accidents and so. They are also obliged to do community services occasionally (usually traffic control)

  8. I was wondering if it is true that there are Latin Dance Clubs at Seoul. If it is true, you guys should totally do a TLDR. I really want to see you guys and whoever is in the club to dance Latin music (^_^).

  9. favorite flavor of bubble tea?

  10. Hey Simon and Martina~,
    Now, I have a pretty serious question. Have you guys ever experienced, or heard of violence against foreigners while you’ve been in Korea? I’m American and I’m enlisting in the Air Force later this year. So, there’s a possibility that I could be stationed in Korea. I was searching for a site that would give me some pretty good priced apartments(I plan on living off base if I’m allowed) and I came across this article about violence against foreigners. I do realize that it’s really dated, but there’s still a chance that it could be going on. So again, have you heard anything? What are your thoughts about it?


    A link to the article I found:

  11. My tip for long flights is to make sure you get up and walk around. This will make you feel less crappy, get your blood flowing, and give your muscles a new position. Or, stand up by the bathrooms/food storage for a bit while you read or with a friend. You’ll feel better in the long run :D.

  12. do u use the site allkpop? if you do what do you think about the new layout

  13. So IDK if you would even consider this question, since you have kinda answered it in two posts (“…fat and ugly foreigner” & “Korean vs … American Beauty” but I still would like to ask your opinion specifically about the plastic surgery craze in Korea, I came across this article http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/05/the-k-pop-plastic-surgery-obsession/276215/ and it struck me as interesting, as they used the phrase “self-racism”. I will warn you that it is a lengthy article but I think it has some interesting insights that I thought you may have an opinion on.

    Also, you know what there used to be for submitting questions, kinda like a kpop chart, but for TL;DR questions? Is there any plans on bringing that back? I know that EYK stopped using the old “question chart” (if you will) because the same questions would keep coming to the top but I’m sure that there is a way to mark it as “answered” just as EYK does with the reviewed kpop videos?

  14. If you’re flying out of the U.S. (at least, with most U.S. carriers), you ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to put pills in a contact lens case! All pill should be brought in their original bottles, or they may confiscate them (OR EVEN DETAIN YOU!). Also, I would suggest making sure any pills you will need in the next few days are taken in your carry-on, in case something were to happen to your luggage. In fact, that pretty much goes for anything you can’t live without…. (i.e. money, tech stuff, medicine/medical supplies, etc.).

  15. Can you talk about the Black Ocean? I recently saw something on Tumblr about T-ARA getting “black ocean”. Do you hear about this often? What are you personal views on black ocean? I personally think it’s wrong, even for a group like T-ARA where they’ve kinda gone to an extreme (bullying…or not bullying, I don’t know the story). I think this is something every kpop fan should know about because it’s honestly heartbreaking and I’m pretty sure these kpop fans (international) will listen to what you guys have to say ^^

  16. Question.. Is it possible to fly directly into Jeju Island’s airport now, or would we still have to fly into Incheon first and then get to Jeju from Kimpo or Busan?

  17. Omigosh do i know the pain! My lil family and I just got back from Taiwan, and holy smokes was the a 14 hour flight of death. Luckily for us we have an awesome baby who slept nearly the whole way. Still didn’t change the fact that it was loud, long, and over all uncomfortable. We do this once a year. YAY!

  18. Other than EatYourKimchi, do you guys know of another useful site that often gives away free Kpop things? :)

  19. here on *OUT sorry typo i just saw!

    ALSO, can you please do a video where you compare korean wealth and american wealth? like why in kdramas do they have rich people living in mansions when im pretty sure most koreans even the wealthy live in the city in spacious apartments. how do koreans perceive American wealth and America in Korea?

  20. What I did was, spend the night before packing and when I boreded the plane at 10am in Germany I slept right through until we arrived “the next morning” in Korea. Not tired at all and could spend the rest of the day exploring the area (shoppiiiiing~~)

    We took a bus and the driver helped us with our luggage and then explained to us that we have to wear seat belts and helped us put them on…I’m not sure if that’s normal or if he simply thought he has to help the poor foreigners that don’t know anything…

    I ended up having to buy another suit case, even though I arrived with only a half full one..but that was fine because I had been eyeing it since I arrived because it was so cute^^

  21. very useful! I actually have a ~13hr layover in Incheon on my way to Beijing in about a month.
    for those of you who have been in Incheon before: which restaurant(s) did you like? I looked on their website and there are soooo many to choose from. I’d really like to eat something super good while I’m there. C: thanks!

  22. Do Korean people believe in one time marriage or are their a lot of divorce cases in Korea? Is there any specific age for a male/female to get married and what is more common, arranged marriage or love marriage?

    • Divorce is quite frowned upon in Korea. If you’re divorced, it would be quite difficult to find someone else who’d want to marry you. There are of course divorces in Korea too, but it’s not at all as common as in the west. And it’s not taken as lightly as here either. You never ever ever get married thinking “well, if it doesn’t work out… there’s divorce!”, which I know some people think here in the west.

      And there are other cultural differences. Like here in Sweden, for example, having a family together without being married is extremely common. In Korea, it’s extremely rare.

      When I told my boyfriend about my family history, he was in absolute shock and he still doesn’t think telling his family about it would be a good idea, because it’s too vastly different. (My mother was married before, then left her husband for my father and had two children -me included- with him without marrying, then broke up. As well as she had two other children with her ex husband, and my father has six children with four women (her included) but was only married once etc)

      Regarding love or arranged… It’s definitely love marriage, not arranged, BUT! there is a Lot of preassure sometimes to marry someone that your family deems “good enough”. You don’t really Have to listen to your family, but many feel preassured when choosing a life partner cause they have to be up to a specific standard.

      Regarding the age, I’m not 100% sure but my guess is standard 18 years+.

  23. hi martina, how much did it cost you to buy that fancy dangling Tmoney on your celphone? Thanks!

  24. 3:54 I believe the word you are looking for is a tote :) You should hire me. I can help you with these things lol

  25. What is it like traveling with Spudgy to and from Canada? My wife and I
    live in Taiwan with our dog and are wondering if we should take her back
    when we go to visit, or if we should find a place for her to stay. Do
    you take Spudgy on short trips, or just the longer ones? What special
    things do you have to do when you travel with a dog?

    when you`re up there in the air for that long, your face gets horribly dry and starts burning, and if you don`t have chapstick you run the risk of not only suffering on the awful flight, but suffering for a few days afterwards
    I made that mistake when I flew to Japan and it was a nightmare T-T

  27. I’m a pretty avid flier, and I follow a lot of the same rules. Korea is the second country outside of Canada that I’ve lived in (I’ve also lived in the high north part of Norway), and with my job it has me on a minimum of two flights every two-three weeks.
    If you’re flying in the winter, don’t pack up your coat! Just throw it above or use it as a second blanket.

    Also, I make sure to always pack antihistamines in my carry-on. I have the same issue on descent where I’m literally in tears from pain. It’s worse if I’ve been waiting in an airport with poorly ventilated smoke rooms (curse you Frankfurt!). Antihistamines work for me, and you never know when you’re going to have an allergic reaction to something.

    I also like to pack a toothbrush/toothpaste for use after the meal. Nothing worse than sitting on a flight for 12 hours and having the taste of airplane food the whole time. Individual-use face cleanser wipes are a must for me. Once I get off the flight I never feel like I’m myself until I’ve cleaned myself up a bit. They’re great especially is you have a long layover!

  28. Actually last year when I arrived at Incheon and went to buy a T money card, I got a tourist version that saved us a lot of cash apparently, so I recommend asking for the tourist card instead of a dingely thingy :D

  29. Super helpful :D
    Thanks for all the information/tips – this will surely be of great help for my trip to Seoul :D

  30. Thank you guys for doing this week’s TLDR on this topic. I’m leaving in August to study in Korea for a year so these tips will be very helpful!

  31. This was a very informative TLDR. ^^ A lot of the things you said I already do though, hah hah, so no new information for Sara.
    I will say this though! A lot of places sell little pill boxes–yes they’re more expensive-blahblahblah– but I got mine in Korea and I absolutely love it. I think it was a dollar at Daiso and it’s one of the best things I bought over there.

    Oh, I want to add this too. Wear your coat onto the plane :) They take up tons of room in the suitcase and even if it’s really hot out you can take the coat off and use it as a blanket on the plane. That’s what my plane is to do this fall… wear my hoodie and my jacket.

    the double suitcase thing is really awesome. You can save tons of space by getting a giant duffel bag to pack inside of the other one. It weighs next to nothing (mine weighs less than 3 pounds empty?).

    Oh! A good purchase would be a luggage scale. Most flights have weight restrictions so it’s good to abide by that… I brought one with me to my study abroad trip to Korea and every one else on the trip thanked me for it when it was time to leave lol.

    Thank you both for giving us nasties a great informative TLDR! Makes me happy and reminds me that it won’t be long until I’m in Korea as well!! :)

  32. I personally agree with basically everything you said (and wrote). Honestly it is much better to take the subway (if your traveling somewhere in Incheon / Northern Seoul) or a bus. I would only take a taxi if you arrive between 12.30am and 5am (limited service) or if your part of a large group 3-4 people. Splitting the cost between you will make it only a little more than a bus.

  33. Cyber_3

    Those are great tips for any long flight! :) I definitely could have used those on my long flight 7 years ago. It’s killer Toronto-Shanghai = 19 hours….even with a stopover in Vancouver, our stopover was only 20 minutes long and you weren’t even allowed out of a corral because you have already passed security :P. Since we were flying west, even if I had been on a plane since 5am, it was still only 7am by time I got to Vancouver and there wasn’t any good lunch food out yet at the vendors (sushi store = moldy from days before – ewwwww) For some reason they also played every single movie/tv show about being trapped, which didn’t help – “The Island”, “The Prisoner”, even the chinese movie was similar but I don’t remember what it was called. I will add a couple of extra tips for a long flight since my husband also had to fly to Beijing for work several times:

    1) If you stay up late the night before stressing and packing for your trip, don’t think “well, it will only be a couple of hours, I may as well just stay up until I go” – get what sweet sweet sleep you can get in your bed, if you don’t do this flight regularly, you will NOT sleep on the plane.
    2) Getting to the airport 3-5 hours early is for suckers, especially for early morning flights. If your flight is before 7am, 2 hours at the most is all you’ll need, (really probably only 1 hour, but better safe than miss your flight) there are very few flights before that and they are mostly arriving, you will breeze through security.
    3) Those pillows for babies to sleep in a car that look like “U” , get one – so awesome because you may not have room to sleep on your side.
    4) Noise cancelling earphones. Even if they give you a headache, they will give you LESS of a headache than the plane noise and you can actually hear the in flight movie with them. Go for earbuds because you can’t lean on big headphones.
    5) Bring your own movies and/or music on your device, let the on-flight line-up be a bonus because it may suck or be the same on your way back if you’re not staying long.

    6) Bring aspirin or blue gel advil and maybe even Gravol (anti-nausea). There is nothing worse than a headache on the plane and nothing you can do about it for over half a day.
    7) Don’t bring fruit on the plane for a snack, either there or on the way back – if you buy it last minute, it may not be as tasty as you think and then you will be forced to eat it or declare it.
    8) On your way back, if customs confiscates something that should have been in checked luggage, don’t give up. Take it back to check in and check it in your carry-on bag, put your essentials in your pockets or a plastic bag. Unless you were already late for your flight, you will have time.
    9) No matter how tired you are, shower after a long flight before you collapse into a bed, you are stinkier than you think.
    10) Hard candies (or gum in a pinch). Helps with the air pressure in the ears/sinuses. They used to offer them on flights, but not any more. I think you can even find sugar-free ones these days.
    11) If you can afford an upgrade to first class – DO IT! It makes a big difference compared to “coach”.

    12) People will also try to trade seats with you to be with “their friend” – they secretly want your aisle seat/window – don’t do it unless they are offering an aisle/window seat in return. You can’t really see anything out of the windows from the aisle. There is only ocean most of the time from North America to Asia but the coasts are cool, even at night.

  34. I’m really glad you did this TL;DR. I was seriously foolish when coming to Korea. I ended up falling for the taxi driver shpeel and paid 40,000 for a 6,000 won ride. Also, I had a momentary lack of insanity and took a taxi from Busan to Gwangju because I was exhausted and didn’t know how to do the bus thing yet.

    Taxi ride from airport to hotel fifteen minutes away: 40,000 won
    Taxi ride from Busan to Gwangju: 300,000 won.
    My parents and friends and pretty much every person I’ve ever met never letting me live that down? Priceless.

    I still cringe about it. I’m cringing now.

  35. from here on our.

    OUT! is what you’re looking for.

  36. ☆pallavi☆

    I actually prefer direct flights because I can take the 14 hours and honestly, how many of us are on the computer for that long (i see you internally raise them hands!) :p

  37. kawaii_candie

    really good TLDR!

    one thing i can add… i’ve done a similar route several times, living in Japan and being from Canada, and whenever i’m on these long flights, i used to always get a “fake cold” because of the recycled dry air in the plane. (does that happen to you?) like allergies where i’d just start sneezing like crazy or get a runny nose, and then, it doesn’t leave you for 2 days even though you’re off the plane!!! well, i found that the way to remedy that is to wear a face mask! here in Japan, they even sell some special ones at the convenience stores in the airport, that have little “moisture” packs in them so your nose doesn’t get dry… so pretty sure they’d have them as well in korea! but for people back home, a normal mask would be fine, i think…

    anyways, my 2-cents! lol.

  38. Just to make everyone jealous, I can sleep in any flight, even if it’s only the 3h London-Romania flight. :p

  39. I would say even flying in and out of Incheon is probably one of the best airport experiences I had so far. I just recently took a trip from the Eastern US back to my home country of Laos with stops in Atlanta, Seoul, and Bangkok. The 15 hr flight from Atlanta to Seoul really drains the life out of you. Lucky, the travel agent booked us on Korean Air from ATL all the way to Bangkok and I must say if you can shell out the money, fly with them. Either them or Asiana Airlines, which also uses Seoul Incheon as a hub if you are flying in and out of Asia. The flight staff are extremely attractive, super friendly, and very professional. (Here’s a tangent, have you ever noticed that flight crews from other countries only hire the most attractive people?) The standard meals are great too, with a choice of either a Korean or Western dish. Take the Korean dish people, specially if they are serving Bimipap. For the love of Pete, do not fly a US domestic airliner to Korea. PROTIP: Delta codeshares with Korean Air, United codeshares with Asiana Airlines. Research the flights to see if the codeshare flights are operated by Korean or Asiana, you will be much happier.

    If you are doing a layover in Incheon, you will need to go thru a security checkpoint before you go back into the terminal so don’t freakout. If I had one complaint about the airport there is that there is just one big blue board for all flight information (or maybe i was just stupid and tired when i got there, i arrived there in the early mornings for my layovers) so just remember to look up if your trying to find your gate. Now the good things about the airport. First off is that it’s probably one of the most cleanest and nicest looking airports I’ve ever been in, they really take good care of the place. There is free wi-fi blanketed all over the airport, but there are so many open wi-fi hotspots so I just tend to use the ones labeled like KT or SK (usually named after the cellphone providers). There are charging stations between each gate (which are not hard to find, they are sponsored by Samsung, go figure) but I don’t know if they have regular 120v outlets since I didn’t use one when I was there. More than likely they probably do since they clearly mark the outlets on the walls as 220v and a big red plate that’s says not compatible with 120v devices. Otherwise, the food choices are excellent, there’s TV’s everywhere so you maybe able to catch some K-drama or variety show (I was lucky enough to catch a Super Junior concert on MBC on one of the food court TV’s.) Hell if your even lucky, you may even bump into your favorite idol since everybody flies out of Incheon.

    If, even by a planning “mistake”, you happen to be doing a ridiculously long layover in Seoul, get the heck out of there. I know US passport holders don’t need a Korean Visa to get out of the airport, but I didn’t get to do it :( (for more info on this and a list of countries that support the no visa entry – http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/GK/GK_EN_2_1_1.jsp)

    Hope this helps :)

  40. Oh my god I can never sleep on airplanes either! I have to fly 2 times a year on an 8 hour flight home and back and I never sleep…not one bit. My family once took a trip to Singapore from Montreal, which was a total of 24 hours flying and I did not sleep at all….O.O What really helps me during take-off and landing is eating those giant bubblicious gums (oh childhood ^^) because they really help with the relaxing of jaw muscles or something that makes your ears hurt less. Also, the extra pillow thing is awesome *props*

  41. What about travelling into Seoul from Incheon Intl Airport using the Airport Railroad (or metro system, I’m not sure of the name)? Especially if you’re getting to Hongdae, is that more convenient?

    • You can use the Metro (subway) to get to Hongdae, but you have to switch lines once or twice, but it’s not difficult at all and I can recommend it as it is cheaper than bus or taxi

  42. Do you guise mind some more tips? For long flights, I take an aspirin before I board the plane. If I’m going to be sitting in one place for a long time, I want to keep the circulation going in my legs. I also try to cross my legs, stretch my legs . . . anything to avoid having them be in one place the whole time. I’m 5’8.5″, so when I book my seat, I’ll make it a point to get one on the aisle. That makes stretching a lot easier. Plus, I’m more comfortable.

    I try to leave enough room in my purse for my pashmina (if you don’t have a pashmina, a big shawl will work, too). That way, if I need a blanket, I have my own. (Sometimes, planes charge you for blankets.) And I don’t like the pillows (even if the airlines didn’t sometimes charge for those, too). They’re too dinky. If I’m by the window, I’ll lean on the wall. If I’m not, I’ll use the head rest. And if I don’t need the blanket, I can ball it up and use it as a pillow.

    I try to stay comfy when I fly. I also try to wear something with pockets, so my phone and iPod can go in there and everything else can go under the seat.

    The flights that I’ve been on have had meals and frequent snacks, so I didn’t have to worry about being hungry. And they had the personal entertainment systems, so I wasn’t bored.

  43. ROBOT TAKE MY MONEY! BEEP!!!! First thing I’m doing if I go there.

  44. I still wanna see Leigh, Soozee, and Meemers draw my life……

  45. You can swipe a T-Money card even on the express bus? o_0 I live in Gwangju, waaaay down at the south end of the country, and I bought a ticket to get me and my luggage there. It’s like 40$ for the limo bus to GJ from Incheon.

    csb, but after I got back in 광주 with all my heavy luggages, after being awake for 30+hours (I can’t sleep in airplanes. ><), a totally random dude saw me struggling with my bags, and helped me to the taxi stop and helped me load my bags. The taxi driver was like "Who was that?" and I'm all idk dude! And we conversed in my crappy Korean and he was like "You need a boyfrien. because you hav a lot of bags." XD /csb, but it warmed the cockles of my heart and made me feel welcomed back into korea o/

  46. There are quite a few useful apps for your phone (Android or iPhone) that can help out with transport (subway etc) in Korea and also Google Translate is AWESOMELY helpful for places where they speak no English at all. You can either get local SIM cards for your phones, or a pocket WiFi that will enable you to use internet on your phone/laptop/tablet where ever you go. These are easily picked up at the airport but I suggest you book in advance as they only have limited amounts.

  47. Ha! Ha, ha, ha! I read the article that Simon and Martina linked in the blog, and I am flabbergasted.

    “For his part, the board member reportedly said that he did not hit the female attendant with a magazine but that she came nearby and accidently ran into a magazine he was holding.”

  48. This was awesome! Thanks guys!!

  49. I had a mini spaz attack when I realized you guys chose my TL;DR question! Lol, but thank you so much! I won’t be flying to Korea however, my flight just so happens to be over 14 hours long T . T You can imagine my joy…. I’ve written all your tricks and tips down and believe me, I plan on using them! I also plan on taking a mini massage, erm, ‘thingy’ in case I do get jet lag :D. Again thank you!

  50. Hello! I’ll be traveling in Korea alone for the last few weeks of August/first week of September. Anyone interested in an EYK meet-up? Or is there anyone else who is traveling alone (or with groups) who is interested in coordinating some of the journey? I’m always looking to make some new friends on the road (I’m a lady traveler in her late 20′s).

  51. what do you guise do with Spudgy when you take him with you to and from Canada? I really want to bring my dog there when I start teaching but i’m not sure how to take him.

    • I think it depends on the airline. If it’s a small dog, it’s sometimes allowed to travel with it on your lap, but otherwise I think the more common option is in a dog-cage in a separate space like a cargo hold or something like that…. I think the best option is to read on specific airlines’ websites and find the information there =)

  52. Great TL;DR, thanks guys! For us touristas, do you think one time of year is better than another to visit Korea? Saw your WANK about the cherry blossom season and that looked beautiful – any plusses/minuses to other times of the year?

  53. irritablevowel

    Totally distracted during this video. I don’t know why I couldn’t focus on the topic. I kept thinking about werewolves, lawn mowers, Sasquatch…have no idea why. ;-)

  54. thisisjustforfunval

    The day I get to go to Korea I will use many of these tips. I will also get tips from my friend who travels to Korea yearly to visit her family. May be I will just make her go with me to make things that much more simple lol

    PS I’ve been zip locking for years. I had shampoo and body spray (same trip) explode in my luggage on a four hour flight. Can’t imagine what would happen on a 14 hr flight.

  55. YES! this is perfect timing for me because I am having my first overseas trip to china (not the same, but close enough) and I had no idea what I should bring or how I was going to prevent babies from annoying mid-air tantrums. I guarantee that I will now not look like a wide eyed baby doe when I get on the plane. Maybe more along the lines of a frightened middle schooler in the big kids class.

  56. I would bring my pillow pet ^_^ When my family goes on vacation this summer my pillow pet is coming with me on the plane, i can’t last a 4 hour flight without a pillow, i will die when i visit Korea lol

  57. XD My dad wears a size 14

  58. awww poor simon and his size problems lol >.< it seems korea is the place for tiny people like me lol sometimes i cant even fit in a size 5 women shoes lol do you think if i went to korea id be able to find something smaller that would fit better? do clothes and shoes in korea tend to be smaller than american sizes?

  59. You can also use your contact lens case to carry moisturizer, foundation, etc. Very helpful for flying!

  60. Uh, at the end of the ‘Just Arriving’ section … G for grammar you guys

    ‘Trust me, it’s going to take you at least 30 minutes to get to wherever you’re going from here on our.’ …ain’t it ‘out’?

    Still, very helpful if I ever plan on going to Korea :)

  61. KATHyphenTUN

    Oh another tip! Print out the names of streets, landmarks, hotels, ect on paper that way if nobody understands your korean you can atleast show them the paper to get directions. Its useful to show taxi drivers too!

  62. OMG! you stop by vancouver?? let us vancouverites know when you’re stopping by!! ^^

  63. KATHyphenTUN

    I love how your clothes were backwards in colors from this tl;dr and last weeks! So cute!!!

  64. I have traveled a few times to Asia and to places inside Europe.
    In the flights to Asia I could just ask for playing cards in case I were bored and wanted to play some cards. You can even keep them and ask for more then one desk of playing cards. (For some games two sets of cards are needed)

    If you fly in Europe to European countries always eat in beforehand and take food with you. They or won’t give you any food or you need to buy it in the airplane. There might be some exceptions.

    Never say things like I have a bomb or drugs on an airport also when it’s a joke. Security will stand next to you in just seconds.
    (This happened with a school trip someone said he had a bomb as a joke and really they stood next to him in seconds)

    One lesson I learned from Asia. Never take anything sharp with your handbags so make sure with packing that everything that’s sharp goes in the suitcase. Even things that are pointy can be seen as a danger.
    From small scissors, knifes to needles to anything like that. (In Europe they are a bid easier about it but in Asia it’s different)

    You are allowed to take small tubes with shampoo, soap toothpaste inside your handbag or anything like that and as many as you want as long as the tubes has 100 ml or less.

    Some airplanes have personal TV’s others don’t. If you don’t have a personal TV then the TV at the front or on the small televisions above you are mostly on the wrong place or really difficult to watch so don’t expect a television.

  65. Wow, reading all these comments.. seems like 2013 is the year for travelling to Korea eh? XD
    If there will be this many more tourists and what not in Korea this year, maybe the natives won’t stare as much as they did last year <(^o^<)

  66. How can someone do a foreign exchange student or internship program in Korea? (Maybe intern Leigh can tell us!)

    • If you’re a university student, just go to your school’s Office of International Programs. They’ll usually do everything in their power to help you get an exchange, and they’ll probably know some stuff about internships. If you’re not, it’ll definitely be a lot trickier.

  67. Is it way more expensive if you take the bus insadong and don’t get a t-money card?

    • Depends on your definition…. all transport is really really cheap in Korea, I think. It’s just a difference in How cheap <.<
      But I'm from Sweden, so I'm comparing to our prices.. The taxis in Korea are cheaper than our busses…

    • If you will be using public transportation to get around Seoul, Busan, Jeju or Daejeon I recommend that you get a t-money card. It’s pretty cheap and you’ll also save money on transfers.

  68. Martina, giiiiiirl your nails are fabulous!

  69. Are you mind readers? O.O I thought about writing you, and ask you for some travel tips to South Korea, recommended airlines or hotels, transportation and a few places to visit. I’m planning to go there but I’m a bit scared to get lost or something XD I feel like such a little kid but I’m 26 DX. Anyways thanks for the tips guys ^^ Can I bother you with a few more questions? -feeling like the bad policeman at a suspect interrogation-

  70. Hey Simon!! Reading ISN’T dead because well, I read a lot of your blog posts, and I wanted to point out a spelling mistake in this one, lol.

    In the section right above from “Just Arriving”, you wrote ‘Incheon Airpot’ instead of ‘Incheon Airport’, LOL. <3

    But it's okay, because well, Air pot. xD

  71. If you’re traveling outside of Seoul, you have some options as well. I really recommend getting the limousine bus. It has great recliner-like seats and is really comfortable – but be forewarned – there is no bathroom, and sometimes it doesn’t stop until you get to your destination.

    Another option is to take the subway line (or a taxi) to Seoul Station and take a train to where you need to go. But trying to get a bunch of suitcases onto the subway, and then onto the train, is a pain, which is one reason I recommend the limousine bus.

    If you’re going far enough south, you can always fly into Busan airport or Daegu airport. Sometimes the flights are a bit more expensive, but if you figure in the cost of traveling from Incheon to, say, Daegu plus all the time it takes (about 3-4 more hours of traveling) and it is completely worth it. Plus both Daegu and Busan have smaller airports that are really easy to navigate.

    A word about packing – if you’re coming from the States, you can take two checked suitcases of 50# each and one carry-on. Pack at least one change of clothes in the carry-on – I’ve gotten stuck in an airport on my way to or from Korea about 60% of the time. (Excessive wind in Japan and San Fran, No air conditioner on the plane in Japan, Late flight in Amsterdam, Control tower on fire in New Jersey). Try to find a large backpack, one rolling bag, and one that you can sling on your shoulder. Trying to roll three suitcases is ridiculous. Also – it is very cheap to ship things from Korea to the US, so if you have a lot of things on the way back (and you don’t have time restrictions, mail them. The reverse is not true, however. You may as well buy new things in Korea, it’s so expensive to ship from the US).

  72. Angelina Widener

    What a coincidence, I was just looking at information on the airport today as I’m coming to Korea this summer. Thanks you so much for the blog post and video they are both saved as favorites for this summer >.<

  73. LOOOL
    Dorthaki Man Warrior!
    Love Game of Thrones!

  74. Isabel Ruby

    i actually have bought something from the inflight magazine. it was on a flight to japan, and i’d forgotten my watch, so my mom told me to pick one out of the catalogue. the flight attendants brought me the watch a few minutes later, and let me tell you, it was a great watch!!

  75. OMG thank you! I might be moving to S. Korea within the month or early next month.

  76. This is perfect timing since there is a 99.98% chance of my hubby and I flying to Thailand in June. =D
    I’ve yet to visit there and it’s been almost 6 years since the husband has been back home. He’s more excited for me to visit than himself. He grew up there, but he hates the heat. Irony has a funny humor.

    Hopefully I can contribute more tips here once I come back. Woot!

    Oh, and don’t worry about your dying English, you’re not alone. I still live in the states, but with the constant influence of my wonderful wonderful hubby, my English is becoming Thaiglish. I feel ya bro.
    (EYK <3)

    • Congrats on the possible trip to Thailand, never been a better time to go. I just recently took a trip and had a long layover in Bangkok so I think I can give a few pointers. I was there about 6 months ago so I don’t know if much things have changed but here is what I observed. The Airport there is fairly new, but the AC is hit or miss and because you’re potentially going in June, it’s going to be a sweat box there. Heck, It was already sweat box in November with highs in the 90′s, just look for seating near the big ac units (they stick out like a sore thumb) for relief. The public wi-fi there is horrible, and I mean horrible and it’s not free. I would highly recommend getting a Thai sim card for your smartphone and use that to browse the web. Depending on whom you choose (I used a company called True-Move H) they usually offer a free hour of wi-fi hotspot access plus it will use any credit that comes with the sim card. It’s alot cheaper and more reliable than the public wi-fi they offer at the airport. Other than that, there is a variety of food choices, some very nice duty free shops, and seating everywhere to the point where you can find a place to seep and not be bothered (they even have leather recliners lol. I hope this helps :)

      • Well thank you sir. =)
        We’ll be in Thailand for 3 months! I could explode in all caps here, but I shall refrain… But once we know when we’re going, I’m for sure making those paper chains, like what kids make to count down to Christmas.
        Now that’s ironic, my husband says that November is the “cooler” months for Thailand. Still, only on super lucky good days will it be anywhere in the 70s for Thailand’s version of winter, otherwise yes it’s just hot, hotter and darn hot.
        That’s a great tip for anyone with a long layover, for the wi-fi. Thankfully the Bangkok airport will be our last stop, no need for us to wait there. And indeed, the airport is a newer one, I think only 10 years old at the most.

  77. I was really into all the information but… Martina’s nails distracted me so… I had to watch it all over again… Oh, poor me (?)

    Srsly, Martina, those are such beautiful nails *o*

    Ahahahahaha Simon, I understand… my size shoes is 12 :( and I’m a girl… or a dothraki female warrior? Anyways, I roll my t-shirts too just so have more space.

    And I know that when I go to Korea… I’ll need probable 2 to 5 suitcases for all the junk I’m gonna buy there :D
    Aahahahahahhaa the baby joke XD

    That was an awesome TLDR, guys! Really usefull *-* Thank you!

  78. Wow, this post is perfectly timed! I just recently purchased my plane tickets for October and I have been doing mad massive research to prepare myself, especially since I am traveling alone for the first time EVAR. I am super excited, though slightly worried about the subway system. I’m from Washington State and have never actually used any kind of mass transit system like a subway, so I’ve been watching all kinds of videos (including the old EYK one) on how to ride it.

    On a side note, I’m also stoked because I managed to snag a hostel in Hongdae. Recommend any good clubs for the indie music scene? I’m not into the dance club scene, but I would love to catch a few shows while I’m in SK!

  79. thx for the help :D and … Martina i really like your nails!!!

  80. Guys, this was really cool… but there’s a small mistake ;) it’s a toll booth, not a toll both…. I didn’t know what it was and had to check it ;)
    Thank, you guys are amazing

  81. My sister and I both plan to move to Korea together after we have finished our degrees and these are some really good tips. I’ve flown a lot (the trip I’ve done most often was from the UK to Aus… 26 hours T_T) but some of these are things I hadn’t thought to do, like the bottles in little bags to contain explosions *shakes head* genius!

    I have to say one of the most daunting things about moving overseas for me is using public transport. Oh dear lord! Korea has the same kind of ticket system as here in Australia (ours is called Myki) *face palm* I have absolutely no faith in those things. (Just today I got a $207 fine because a Myki machine decided not to tap on properly when I got on a train)

    • Don’t worry. The Seoul Metro heaven compared to the horrible Australian system! On the plus side you will never wait for than 7 minutes for a subway unlike Australia when 30 minutes between train service is normal plus you have the honour of paying $15 for a ticket.

  82. Simon and Martina, your blog posts are starting to sound a bit Engrish-y lol.

  83. It takes around 26 hours when we travel from Brazil to asia. And you guys said travelling 15 hours is already a pain… imagine how awesome those extra 10h would be! : (

  84. It takes around 26h when we travel from Brazil to asia. And you guys said 15 hours it’s already a pain… imagine how awesome those extra 10h would be! : (

  85. This TLDR is so useful!!! Me and my friend will be flying from Toronto to Seoul with Air Canada in a few weeks!!! We will be studying Korean at Ewha for 3 months and will be staying at a goshiwon near the Ewha campus.

    Can you do a TLDR about how to open a bank account & phone plan (e.g prepaid phone cards) for foreigners staying in Korea for like more than a month? I’m so confused cuz some people said foreigner can open a bank account with only a passport, but others said will need both a passport and an Alien Registration Card. Since I have the Canadian passport, so I can stay in Korea for up to 6 months without a VISA, therefore, I’m not planning to get a VISA (which is needed to get the Alien Registration Card). So I’m kinda worried that I won’t be able to open a bank account with just my passport =(

    Or do a TLDR about goshiwon =)

    • The uni’s ID card IS your bank account PLUS your T card!…as well as the library card and Clubbing ID. O-week the uni makes you fill out a heap of forms but you get a bank account from it. Alien Registration might be compulsory for you anyway as the uni wants a copy of your card (yes 6 hour of waiting in a room with 100′s of other foreigners)

  86. Oh! I also Very Very much recommend hand-disinfection!! A small travel-size bottle would be perfect. The planes can be icky, and the countries you go to might have new germs etc. I use my hand-disinfection constantly while travelling.
    It might also be a good idea to bring a face mask, depending on where you land. When I travelled via Qatar, there was a bug going around there so I wore a face mask (on my return trip).
    Probably not necessary, but if you’re like me and can’t really be near too much germs/dirt etc.. (if my hands are dirty, and I touch my face, it burns because my skin is so sensitive…)

  87. I suggest Actually reading through all the do’s and don’ts of the airlines you’re travelling with. Especially regarding what you’re allowed to have in your carry on and what’s not allowed. Otherwise, you might have to throw things out at the airport, or pay a fine if you land in a country without declaring things you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to bring etc~

    I read through all the terms and conditions before flying~

  88. THis is so killing…. I’ll have to wait at least 2-3 years before I can go to South-Korea TT_TT

  89. Your nails are awesome, Martina!!

  90. I loooooooove your nails, Martina!

  91. We have extremely different travelling experiences!!! I got fed Two times per Short flight, and THREE times on the second plane. I travel via Doha in Qatar, from Stockholm in Sweden and to Incheon… with Qatar airlines, and Korean air.
    I packed snacks cause I figured I’d be so hungry but they like litterally fed me every time on the plane, I was sooo stuffed by the time we landed. Rly.. two meals from Stockholm to Doha, and Three more meals from Doha to Seoul!

    I agree on the wetwipes. The flights I’ve been on have given some out, but not enough.. noot enough…

    I don’t have as many flight experiences as you though… I’ve flown about… two round trips, one one-way trip. so five times total~ this summer will be my sixth and seventh time ^^ Also via Doha~

    The route is of course different from Canada compared to from Sweden =) You fly west while I fly east~

  92. Some places that you guys might travel to won’t be having those zip lock bags. They do, however, always have tape. Those huge roll of clear polyester tape are a huge help. We usually tighten the cap real tight on and wrap up the top like crazy. So no matter the pressure (most of the time), they won’t ooze out.

    The packing of a suitcase inside of another suitcase is a really good idea. We usually pack it to the full. Bringing your own pillow is a great thing too. I usually stay up all throughout the flight. So when it comes time for me to sleep in a different time zone, I konk out when my head hits the bed. The duty free magazines too. I should do that next time.

  93. Does anyone else have a problem with their blood pressure rising while flying? I don’t think I have high blood pressure normally or anything but something about flying seems to stress me. I’m not that scared of flying so I don’t know what it is. But I usually have to take some pills for headaches and I seem to calm down again once I’ve landed.

  94. Guys – one thing puzzles me – Is American/ European smartphone ( Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry etc.) will work in Korean mobile network? Is there a chance to buy prepaid mobile card, anywhere? What about internet connection outside Seoul – are there any Mobile/ 3G internet prepaid cards available? Thanks! :)

    • it depends on how your carrier works. in the united states, the carriers lock down phones so that they only work on the network (for example, att phones only work on att’s network). i don’t know how it is in europe. it is possible to get your carrier to unlock the phone but it can be a pain. the best thing to do is to buy an unlocked phone (if it’s only for use in the country you’re going to, i suggest buying something really cheap) and then you can buy a sim card at destination and put it in.

      the other thing to consider is the frequency bands the phone supports. different cell service providers use different frequencies, so it’s important to find a phone that supports the frequencies of the companies in the country you’re going to. pretty much all smartphones now support all frequency bands, but this is not always true so it’s important to do your research!

      hope this helped :)

  95. I am teaching in rural Korea for a year starting in August. I would be super fantastically appreciative if you guys could do a TL;DR on what it is like living/teaching in particularly rural areas, what you’ve learned from friends about this experience, what resources are available compared to larger towns or cities, how much more difficult it is to meet people, etc. !! :)

    • I’m note sure about experiences there, but I do know if you’re teaching with GEPIK, you get a 100,000W bonus each month xD lol
      I also know the farther you get from Seoul, the less they speak English ><

  96. If you plan on getting a prepaid sim card in Korea during your stay there, make sure your phone is GSM unlocked. Always flying to Korea and staying for 3 months every time tells you the importance of having a local number since there are not many payphones around T.T

  97. Guys – one thing puzzles me – Is American/ European smartphone ( Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry etc.) will work in Korean mobile network? Is there a chance to buy prepaid mobile card, anywhere?

  98. Guys – one thing puzzles me – Is american/ European smartphone ( Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry etc.) will work in Korean mobile network? Is there a chance to buy prepaid mobile card, anywhere?

  99. Can you guys please do a TL;DR on how the weather differs to the U.S.A/North America, I notice in most of your videos you guise are dressed differently then I would for that time of year, is it a big difference? Did it take getting used to (the weather difference, if any?)

  100. Wow! I am not going to Korea any time soon but thank you guise so much for this TL;DR! The details and all the tricks! So very…well, informative! As much as I agree how tiny and almost useless those plane pillows are, I’ll never bring my own. Lovely thing needs to stay clean and lovely and safe on the bed at home >.<

    Plane tips:

    - If traveling with someone and there is 2 pieces of check in luggage or more, split each person's clothes into different bags. Hopefully they don't lose your baggage but you know you'll still have something to wear if shit happens

    - Request for 'special' meals! Vegan, Kosher..etc. When you make a re quest, they'll have to make it specially for you and so maybe, hopefully, you'll get something that tastes better than the mass-cooked ones you'd get during meal times?

    - Tear open the barf bag the moment you sit down. WHO HAS TIME WHEN ONE NEEDS TO BARF

    - And this last one that Martina once mentioned. Try to make the effort to look nice; wear something that is not sweatpants and sweaters and put some colour on that face before touchdown and you'll feel better for looking nicer! (this one, i have not tried before… SWEATPANTS4EVA!)

    I want to be flying off to somewhere now T____T

    • OMG yes so much yes on the special category meals. I typically get the strangest type I can and they are usually pretty yummy. My favorite is the Asian Vegetarian.

  101. Damn I wish youd posted this a month ago, I flew from Scotland to Japan and it is a 14hr flight >_< Although I did do a couple of your tips (wear your boots n take em off straight away n into the locker, take snacks and have a baggie in your bag) But you have given me some great tips for next time I fly…. next time its to Seoul :)

  102. What about traveling with Meemers and Spudgy?

  103. I did the broken up flight last year when i traveled with a friend to SK. This year i am trying out the direct flight. Unfortunately i live no where near the airports AND have a horse farm, so those super early flights (the broken flights) were all not doable unless i wanted to spend $200 on a car service. :-( But the direct ones were at better times (after the chores are done! lol) and as i am traveling alone this time, i thought to try them out. :)

    Anyone going to be in Seoul the last 2 weeks of September? Would be fun to have a Nasty meet up (and i want to go to Lotte World and do Norabang! lol. It’s kinda sad to do them alone….:-(

    Thank you S&M for all the tips!

  104. I fly to Korea from the U.S. quite often now and now know better. But in the beginning, I had to literally buy new clothes every time I came to Korea. Except for summer, all the other seasons are way colder than people can imagine (unless you are from Siberia?) I always ended up not wearing any of the clothes I packed and having to buy heavy duty jackets, earmuffs, scarfs, etc. I came back in the beginning of April from a 3 week trip to Korea. My family kept saying I must be crazy since I packed all winter clothes even though it was spring time. Simon and Martina are you used to the cold weather now? I still can’t get used to it.

    • Posts like this terrify me. I am moving to Korea November(ish), and I am so, so, so horribly bad with cold. I didn’t really know how much colder it was going to be at first– and then I just got this horrible premonition in the middle of a Dream High episode when I could see the actors’ breath in a classroom. In a classroom! On a flim set! Why? Some research, and… yep, I’m going to die.

      • If you layer well and make hand warmers and electric heaters your best friend you will be okay. I’ve been here for four years and I HATE COLD SO MUCH OMG. But I’ve found if you bring long underwear or buy it here (Uniqlo Heattech FTW) and wear arm warmers, gloves, etc. you can get by.

        • Thank you! Wow, I wonder who went through and down-voted this whole thread. I sense warm people against cold people racism!

        • LOL it looks like most posts on this entire post got down-voted, even comments just saying “Thanks S&M”. Strange. xD

          You will survive! I did in Japan while teaching and we had no heat for a good month of freezing weather after lunchtime besides a gas heater we huddled around.

      • Where I’m from is actually a bit colder than Seoul and even I had trouble with the cold in Korea. There is little to no insulation, school windows and doors are regularly left open year round, and each individual classroom is heated up- thus the hallways are very very cold.

  105. After flying to Japan several times (takes about 10-12 hours) I’ve learned some beauty-things.

    1. Take a small travel-bottle and fill it with some make-up-remover that don’t need to be washed off (or just bring a water-bottle), and some cotton-pads. Then you can easily remove your make-up in your seat.
    Remove your old make-up right away, it will only dry out your skin even more when you’re up in the air..
    2. Braid you hair, and take it out just before landing. Then you will have wavy beautiful hair.
    3. Bring one of those facial mask (sheet-style) and leave it on while you sleep (if you are able to..) or just during the trip. And then massage it in. ppssst.. No one will care about the facial mask, just put it on when they turn of the lights. Most people will sleep or watch movies and so on, and won’t notice it.
    4. Drink water–.
    5. Bring a small make-up-bag with necessary make-up, like BBcream, mascara, eyebrown-pencil, black eyeshadow/or eyeliner and do on. Put it on before landing.

    And don’t forget to bring a sleeping mask. Much easier to relax in complete darkness, even if you are like me and can’t sleep in airplanes… I also like bringing earplugs, they won’t take away all noises, but it will make them softer and more bareable..

  106. I can totally sleep on a plane……if I have the window seat…….I hate the middle seat because you don’t have anywhere to lean and you could end up drooling on a stranger!

  107. ooh this be really good advice. Friends and I are heading out to Yonsei for their summer programme in June! I’m wondering how much clothes to bring because we’ll probably be buying lots of stuff there. What do university students in Seoul wear anyway? Are they like really fashionable? Cos here in hot Singapore I’d opt for a tank and shorts any day.

  108. These are really good tips, and a few advices that I’ve come across from traveling so much.

    1) Dress professionally. I kid you not. Sometime when flight attendants or captains see how you dress, they will upgrade you. I’ve been upgraded so much that I now bring 2 set of clothes. And you can change into your comfortable clothing when you get into the plane.

    2) Bring an empty trash bag, earphone, comb, and toothbrush/paste with you. You will need it later on when incident happen.

    3) Print out/ copy everything *hard copy* including passport, ticket, ID, hotel, school address, apartment, who you’re meeting, and etc.. in Korean and English.

    4) Always pre-select your seat online before your flight on the aisle or arrive at the airport early and ask flight attendant for an aisle seat. You will need to get up and walk or bathroom or no bumping. You do not want to wake someone up or tried to go over them.

    5) If you’re from the USA, sign up for STEP before you leave, so if anything happen, you are guaranteed safety. https://step.state.gov/step/ If you’re not from the USA, tried to find out about your country safety.

    6) People sometime don’t think about flight insurance, but please do get it. It’s only like $25 USD-$30 versus people losing thing all the time and no money back for it. Many of my friends didn’t get this and … So now they know to get it.

    7) Lastly, if you’re into Mileage or points, sign up for it. You can accumulated later on and there are always free stuff too. My favorite is Chase and American Airline :)

    *That is all i can think of* Have a safe gliding ^^

  109. Ah, this is useful :3 I have a question. Do you guys have any plans on going to India soon, or have you ever wanted to? I’m just curious, because during the tourist season, quite a lot of foreigners come to Kerala (where I live) so I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of Kerala or ever had a desire to go to India :D

    P.S. You can come stay with me if you come to Kerala, I’ll take good care of you lol ^^

  110. Thanks for the tips guise! I’m going on an international trip in September, unfortunately it isnt Korea /(ToT) , but I will definitely be using your suggestions!

    Anyone know the best place to buy the iPad chargers?

  111. airport taxis…ripped us of 130.000 Won when we, a friend and i, first came to Korea 2 years ago (but we couldn’t even argue because our Korean during that time was pretty much nonexistent plus we were seriously jet-legged) so i personally don’t recommend them.

    The easiest thing in my opinion is to take the subway line and exist either near hongdae or seoul main station, depending on where you going and take a taxi from there

  112. ohh I am so glad that I am not that far away from Korea…I couldn’t handle a 14 hour flight let alone a 10hour flight. I am not the best flier..flyer?? lol but I can handle anything under 6 hours before I start losing my marbles. Thanks for the advice and I know how you feel simon….Im a size 14 in Aussie men’s shoes…I buy all my shoes online T.T

  113. Now what about currency? How do we change dollars to wins etc ?

  114. Two things – OH MY GOSH SIMON, YOU LOOK SO HIPSTERLICIOUS TODAY (you two usually look very hipsterlicious and I’m so jealous because I cannot look that good, but today… Just so hipstery XD) *AND* MARTINA IS WEARING ALMOST THE SAME SHADE OF GREEN THAT SIMON WAS WEARING LAST WEEK!!! THE INCEPTIONS MAKE MEIN BRAIN APLODES!!!

    … Yes, I have the crazies from lack of sleep. Don’t judge me!! *cries from Spudgy’s “judging you” meme*

    *ahem* Today was a very cool TL;DR :D I have never been on a plane, so the thought of taking one anywhere scares me. AND!!! I always though the direct flights were the best, but I guess not XD My dad always says to take one with lay overs for the very same reason you guys mentioned (plus he says the direct ones are more expensive :3). One thing riddles me curious, though; why exactly are being adjusted to time zones? I know the time diffie is gonna make you cray (it made me cray when I went to the time zone adjacent to the one I live in XD), but… I confuzzled at that part :3

  115. guuuuuyyys PLZ help!!! i’m soooo curious about the ear pain thing! i’m an anti-pain of anything! i’m so afraid of that!!! any ather tips to deal with it!! my mom been on planes before as she talked abt it it’s not fun AL ALLLL

  116. Thanks a lot for the info!!!! Also, instead of a small purse or whatever, I use a small backpack and put it below my seat and it doesn’t bother me at all (maybe because I’m a midget XD). I only hope I will be wide awake (likely to happen because it’s the first time going to Korea), because I have to take the bus to Suwon.

  117. ur telling me about big feet. my boyfriends shoe size is a 16

  118. What about flying with pets? Any tips?

  119. I personally would love a tl;dr about how to plan trips within Korea and also vacations from Korea, how to get the best deals, where the best spots unknown to most foreigners are, the ten best hidden treasures of Korea, things like that. :)

    • I feel like sharing awesome unknown spots are part of what the WANKs accomplish- it’s a lot of non-touristy places to experience in Korea that seem like a total blast, stuff that isn’t in a guidebook.
      But the best deals stuff does seem like it would be useful! They are such travelling pros, I want to absorb all of their knowledge.

      • Yes, the best deals would be my favorite part! They travel a lot so I bet they have amazing insight on how to get the bang for your buck :)

    • the last two things would be great wanks!

    • I recommend the book “The Rough Guide to Korea” by Rough Guides. It’s really great at telling you about where to go in Korea, and what things are unique to each province, what to see, etc. It even tells you which things are great to see, but not as popular (or crowded). It’s a good read! Unfortunately, you won’t get the *best* deals without help from a Native Korean. but everything is really affordable here.

      • Thanks for the rec :)

        I know generally the best deals on the Korean websites, I can read them but it takes me awhile and I’m always wary since my Korean isn’t perfect that I may be agreeing to selling my soul for an airline discount, haha xD

  120. I wish I had known this on my first flight to Korea; I packed WAY too much stuff, didn’t bring enough entertainment, and I wore pajama pants, flip flops and a tank top, and I was looked at like I was a crazy woman walking around Incheon while waiting for my ride to Uijeongbu. The little slippers they give you won’t fit if you wear above a US size 8 women’s shoe, as I found out.
    But even after all the hassle, including nearly freezing to death because I didn’t think to bring my own blanket (the one they give you is nice, but didn’t cut it for my underdressed self), I have to say that flying to and from Korea is still one of the best international trips I’ve made to date. The awesomeness of the country aside, Korean airlines seriously know what they’re doing.
    Great video!

  121. The last time I flew to Asia was with Air Canada in 2005 from Vancouver – Tokyo (originally flying from St. John’s)… Back before there were no personal TV’s. We watched the same French Canadian movie about a talking dog three times. X_X

    • Lmfao!! Omg that’s so terrible but incredibly funny at the same time! That’s like this one summer when I was on vacation with family and friends at the Jersey Shore (pre-TV show, around 1998). my best friend only liked Z100 (pop radio station that plays the same songs over and over) and EVERY TIME we got in the car we heard Aerosmith’s song from the movie Armageddon, because it was in theaters that summer. We must have heard that song at least close to 100 times during that 1 week vacation. We heard it many times while driving to the shore and driving within the shore and driving back. To this day I despise that song. I bet you hate that french canadian movie too.

  122. Haha, this TL;DR is kinda late for me. We (2 friends and I) went to Seoul in 2011. We really had no problem sleeping on the plane. We bought sleeping pills but for the 2nd flight. The first flight just went from Germany to Amstedam and then we flew directly to Incheon. So we just took a half pill each AFTER we got to eat on the plane from Amsterdam to Korea. We got to sleep around 3~4 hours very peacefully and easy. Due to sleeping we missed the midnight ramyeon but no problem, because we talked to the stewardess and she gave us each a cup. ^_^
    Then we watched movies and stuff and arrived perfectly fine and relaxed (besides the HYPE OMEHRGAWDKOREAHEREWEARE) at the airport, got our luggage and went to the Information desk and showed them the hotel information we printed at home (WHICH IS A GOOD IDEA BTW) and the gave us the ticket for the right bus.
    We went outside and went directly to a police officer / security guy (or w/ever he was, he wore a uniform XD) and he brought us to the place where the bus would arrive.
    So really no problem. It was really cool tbh. n_n

    From my experience in Japan and Korea, people are very helpful and bring you to the right places and if their English skills allows it, they tell you about different things you pass while walking to the place.

    Also using the subway and you’re unsure where to get out, ask women in their 30~40.. They most likely have children and are very cute. n_n ♥

    However, TL;DR
    Print out the important stuff, maps / location / information of your hotel and stuff.
    Also take a business card from your hotel with you whereever you go, thus taxi driver / people can give you direction without problem because they know what you want. :’D

    • Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!! :D

    • I agree, they were also very helpful when I was there. When I was coming back to Korea, I went to the information desk so I could make a call to my Korean recruiter (obviously I didn’t have a phone) so I could coordinate my taxi van pick-up. The lady at the desk was very polite Same thing when I was going home after my first year. I decided to just stay over night at a hotel near the airport, so I just had the information desk call the hotel for me to arrange airport pick-up :)

      • Indeed. One time we arrived really late in Shinjuku and needed to take a certain train because a friend of ours already gave us the ticket and we were pretty much lost at the station.. 5 minutes before the planned departure of our train we asked a group of boys (probably men I don’t remember, I was stressed) and showed them the ticket and were like ‘Can you tell us where this track is?’ in our broken Japanese and again in English and one of them simply looked at his watch and then said something to his friends and took our ticket and told us to follow him and we all sprinted trough the station and while passing a zone where you have to show your ticket and stuff he just screamed something to the woman behind the desk, – I assume that he just brings us the right track and will come back, – thus no need to buy a ticket. Thank him and his friendliness we got the train..

        I don’t think I would find someone this nice in Germany tbh.. ;A; Which is very sad.

  123. I learned a few good things from this! I’m going on a flying adventure that will be 24 hours long (I kid you not, the first flight leaves at 4:20 and the last one lands at 4:20) So I need all the pro tips I can get!

  124. trying to concentrate on the video but daaaamn son!! Simon’s chest hair is soooo distracting! haha

  125. lmfaoooooooo “We’re not CEOs”

  126. Thaaank you! I will be flying out soon(ish) as well!

  127. I’m flying to Korea in August! These are some good tips! :D Thanks guys!

  128. PunkyPrincess92

    “local convince store” heeheeheehee!!!!!!!
    sorry i always giggle at the mistakes!!! (i’m MUCH MUCH MORE worse though….sometimes i write a word and then look back and think what the hell was i trying to write??)

    oohh~ now i learnt a new word!!!

  129. And when you guise leave Korea, do you spend a bit of time in Incheon airport? Each time I transfer them I find so much stuff to do, I never get bored!

    As for the plane, I have a few tips too:
    1) Arrange yourself a good lack of sleep
    2) Never watch the time (it’s useless)
    3) Never do 2 things at the same time (like eating and listening to music, it’s a waste of battery and of occupation)
    4) Read thoroughly the entertainment magazine and convince yourself of at least 5 movies that you absolutely want to watch
    5) Bring more books that what you can technically read

    At the end of the flight you’ll be exhausted and frustrated, but the journey would have felt short!

  130. I’ve never been attracted to Simon ever, until watching this video! XD
    SIMON I’M MARRIED! How dare you play with my heart!

  131. Great point on the breaking it up! I live in the Midwest and go back and forth twice a year usually. I used to pay premium and do direct, but OMG not only expensive but you DO start to go nuts after 10 or so hours. Plus it’s cheaper and if your layover is somewhere fun like Narita you can get Japanese souvenirs ^^ and try food at the restaurants.

    My lifesavers on longer flights: earplugs, gum for the descent, sample packets of moisturizers/sheet masks for my super-dry skin, lip balm (same reason), batteries, Kindle or IPad (I prefer Kindle because battery lasts forever) and a soft super large scarf- I find it’s less bulky than a blanket but provides warmth and still looks stylish. I also pack a pair of leggings if I’m wearing a skirt or dress just in case I get cold.

    For packing, I recommend taking pictures of each checked suitcase before you go so you can remember what you had just in case. Also, as someone who’s been flying solo internationally for years, LESS IS MORE. Look at what you are packing and take out probably 1/4 of what you think you need (except for underwear. and ranch).

  132. Pretty useful for anyone travelling long distance, thanks! The pillow tip and vacuum trick was especially mind blowing :)

  133. I know this is totally random… but I’ve been meaning to ask this… (totally not related to flights btw). But if you’re living in korea, what mediums do girls use to be hairless?… and how expensive is it. I’m from south america, and well… we’re all relatively hairy people, but waxing is very cheap and the most common practice. I’m going to be in korea next year for about a year.. and this is my biggest concern O.o

    • LOL I HAD THE SAME CONCERNS before I came four years ago (I’m pretty hairy too).

      I think Seoul offers most services if you know where to look. As far as waxing, more and more of the bigger cities are starting to offer services at salons. If you DIY wax, there are strips available at Olive Young, Watson’s and other stores carrying international brands. If you use depilatory creams, both Korean and international brands are available in the same aforementioned stores. Prices are a little steeper than to be expected.

      Prices are around here:
      Wax strips: Around 10,000-14,000 won a box
      Depilatory creme: 7,000 (Nature Republic brand)- 15,000 (Veet Sensitive Skin brand)
      Waxing services: Full legs 50,000-60,000, eyebrows 20,000

      As far as what (female) Koreans do, for facial hair they generally use tiny face razors and tweezers. Legs and underarms (and sometimes arms), they shave, and most of my Korean friends don’t do much “maintenance” of other areas. But, especially in the metropolitan younger areas, especially in Seoul, it’s starting to change a lot and I’ve seen a few waxing salons in my trips to Seoul and my friends no longer gasp at someone Brazilian’ed in the 찜질방(sauna) :)

      Even some men are starting to do more than the usual shaving of the face :)

      I hope that helped :D

      • Thank you. I’m totally gonna die over there LOL… I usually pay about 40 usd to wax.. literally everything… from eyebrows to toes? XD lol… I guess I’ll have to becoming pro at DIY waxing. Doesn’t their hair get thick if they use razors?… Blows my mind.

        • Nope! As far as I can see, and I personally have used razors mostly for the past four years except for eyebrows, the hair getting thicker if you shave is a complete myth. It’s a complete pain to have to do it frequently, but beyond that, no problems.

          I think you’ll be okay adapting :) Leggings are your best friend when you get lazy in colder weather, haha. I personally don’t see any of my Korean friends (or foreign friends living here) complaining much. Also, not many Koreans do full on landscaping from the waist down, generally they shave their legs a few times a week, pluck and shape their eyebrows and shave their underarms when need be.

        • XDD well I guess getting think hair after shaving depends on a person lol
          I do get it and it sucks so DIY wax forever! *wink,wink*

        • There’s absolutely no scientific reason for why shaving would cause hair to grow back thicker. Shaving removes just the dead keratin, not the follicle or any living part, therefore there’s no reason for the growth rate to be disrupted or changed.

          People perceive it because the hair shaft tapers at the end and when you shave it, you’re crossing the midshaft, so it seems like it’s thicker and more coarse. If you let your hair grow naturally it tapers towards the end of the hair and it’s thinner at the end. When you shave, your hair gets a blunt edge and there is no taper so it looks thicker and coarser.

          If you’ve ever let your leg hair grow out over the winter (guilty of that here) you might notice that past a certain point the hair seems softer and almost like it’s thinner. That’s due to the tapered end appearing. The day or so after you shave, depending on your body’s natural growth rate, you are now seeing blunt “stalks” of hair, so to speak.

          Also, some people perceive the thickness to increase, but most of us start shaving our legs around 15-16, and hair darkens and thickens (especially certain ethnicities) as you age and hormones start to surge through your body. Sucks, but it’s true xD

          tl;dr- It *looks* like it’s thicker and coarser due to the tapered end of the hair being “sawed off” but shaving/waxing/etc. doesn’t effect growth rate. The only proven method to completely effect hair growth rate (e.g kill the follicles) is electrolysis or laser. :)

        • Are you majoring in dermatology? LOL
          Ok even if it just looks thiker it still suck >.<
          I did left my hair grow in winter (pants forever xD ) but after waxing :P

        • Haha nope xD I am just into biology and also super paranoid about my skin and hair and one of my friends is an aesthetician so I ask her about beauty things and I subscribe to a lot of beauty gurus and do lots of research.

          It does suck- I find that exfoliating before and after, using a good lubricating agent (oil, conditioner, cream, etc.) while shaving and making sure my blades were super sharp before shaving. If waxing, I prefer the wax that actually hardens and they peel it off vs. the kind on strips.

          I usually let my hair go during the winter unless I’m going on vacation or going somewhere super fancy and want to wear a skirt/dress, and even then- OPAQUE TIGHTS :P

      • ☆pallavi☆

        OH MY GOD MY SAVIOUR :D Thanks so much~ Do you know if Korea has threading services (for eyebrows)? i’ve actually never waxed my eyebrows, just threaded them so I’d like to continue with that…

        • I don’t think it’s super popular, but definitely up in Seoul where they have a larger foreigner community. I’m sure that East Asian expats definitely do it- I know there’s a place in Itaewon. I’ve also heard rumours that there’s a Korean version called “sil-myeon-doe” at saunas.

          I wouldn’t be surprised- younger Koreans are very trendy when it comes to beauty treatments and super up-to-date on new treatments as they come out.

      • I wondered if (legs and underarm) hair is seen as shameful too in Korea, especially for (young) women, after reading your post and comments (because you gave some prices and some new reactions to “other areas” in the sauna).

    • Thanks for asking this. I’ve been so curious about this too. I’m Mediterranean so I understand how troublesome being hairy is ><

    • German and Chinese girl is very hairy as well ><

    • I personally haven’t done this, but some of my friends have gone for laser hair removal; more expensive than your waxing at home, but probably cheaper than lasers at home ㅋㅋㅋ My friend paid 100k won for underarms–that gives her 6 sessions, and after 6 I think the effects are permanent or semi-permanent? A big area like legs is gonna be way more expensive tho. ><'

      I bought an epilator online and use that. It's like an electric razor, except with basically lots of little tweezers ripping your hair out.

      • Ohh, do you know what kind of laser your friend got? Because I’ve come to figure out that IPL doesn’t do much… but there’s other more effective laser treatments. I might attempt laser while I’m there… 100k is really cheap for 6 sessions for underarms… and seriously, permanent or semi-permanent. It’s all the same… worth it!

      • Laser is definitely a good option! My friends did it for bikini line, underarms, legs, you name it and it’s easily under $200, which is much cheaper than from where I am from.

  134. We flew into Korea 3 weeks ago (though back home in Sydney now) and my husband apparently just threw a jar of honey into his suitcase. Discovered that once we got to his parents’ house. Yup honey through everything.

    So my advice for travelling to Korea: don’t pack a jar of honey that is not in like a million ziplock bags…

    I don’t even know why he wanted to bring honey…

  135. You guys should totally get intern Leigh to do a TLDR on what it’s like to be an international student in Korea! :D

  136. I’ll be going to Osaka for one year, not Korea, but still, there are a few good tips for me, as well! =D I already realized that packing a lunch is reeeeeeeeally necessary and I’ve already thought about the vacuum bags, but your tips are really good! I will definitely wear my boots to the airport (even though I’m going in August and it will be hot as hell… XD) but really, I need to save space. One. Year. Wintery. Cold. Osaka. Will. Come. Soon. ò_____ó
    Thank you for sharing your experience. =D

  137. Dana

    i think you guys should do your next TL;DR about how you get your teeth so amazingly white – dental hygiene TLDR! haha

  138. Are you guys missing IL (Intern Leigh)?

  139. u guise are perfectly dressed in this video for the weather in singapore. XD prepare for the incredible humid hot weather!!!!

    • We’ve been buying clothes to prepare!

      • Why don’t you guys buy most of the clothes at Singapore instead?

        • I’m not sure if they’ll have our size. They might, sure, but if they don’t, I wouldn’t want to come unprepared.

        • bugis village, u guise should check that place out. i’m sure they have simon’s size for t-shirts. not sure about shoes though lol

        • A co-worker of mine went on a three week vacation to Singapore recently. If I had to estimate, I would say she is roughly 61kg and 172cm. She said she had the best luck with her shopping by buying free size clothing. Apparently she would find some fixed size clothing that would mostly fit but still had quite a bit of difficulties with the bust. She certainly isn’t as… “gifted” as you are in that area though Martina.

      • vaxanne

        Welcome to the tropics! It’s scorching and humid here with occasional showers. Yup, you guys are good to go. Get ready to burn in the sweltering heat and sweat buckets, from top to toe.

        • the nasties will be thanking singapore for making simon and martina dress so little. we’ll be seeing videos of them with more flesh like kpop music video LOL

        • vaxanne

          Yeah, rolling down the windows in some nasty exposure, ayy ayy ayy

  140. this is sooo useful as i’m flying there in few weeks!!!^^

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