Welcome to the first edition of Eatyourkimchi’s TL;DR Thursdays, where we answer your top rated questions in video format. The #1 question at the time of our recording was courtesy of dahiladreams, from Georgia,USA, who asked: “Funniest moment ever while you were in S.Korea?”

We’ve had tons of reasons to laugh here in Korea, but much of the time it’s because of a failure in communication. Sure, the language barrier is frustrating when we’re trying to get something from someone (FYI, house hunting sucks if you can’t speak Korean or don’t have a realtor who speaks your language), but sometimes it can provide great laughs.

Anyhow, the pepper spray explanation is by far our favorite mistranslation story, but there’s another one that we cut out of the video: bonus story for our readers yay! So here’s the deal: Simon was teaching a Christmas lesson and his students were doing a puzzle. One of the questions was very difficult and stumped the majority of them. When it was time to go over the answers, he prefaced that question with “time for the easy one!” He thought it was clever. The whole class starts laughing. Even the co-teacher is laughing, slapping her thighs laughing. They all then point to one girl in the class. Now, she isn’t the best student in the class. She’s the only one with makeup on, and she’s got circle lenses and a perm as well. All of the students point to her and say “she is the easy one!” Even the co-teacher called her the easy one. WTF?!?! Now, back when we were in school, we knew that there were some girls that were more floozy than others and got around a lot more, but never would a teacher laugh and call her the easy one. So, when asked for a bit more clarification, the co-teacher said “that is her name. Ee Ji-Wuan.”

Simon burst out into laughter then, a lot louder than everyone else. Oh, poor girl. We don’t know what her name means in Korean, but let’s hope she goes by a different name in English. Hilarious! In a similar vein, we know someone who is a gym teacher, and his name is Chun Ki-Beum. Sounds like Chunky Bum. How inappropriate…for a gym teacher! Anyhow, if you’ve got any funny stories we’d love to hear them. Please do share! We could use a good laugh :D

So that’s it for this week. If there’s a topic you’d like us to talk about, please ask away over on our bonus page, linked here. Also try voting some of the questions up and down, so we can get a better sense of what you all would like us to talk about. Also, this is probably the last video you’ll ever see from our kitchen, since we’re moving into our new place on Wednesday. Huzzah! We’ll be staying in Bucheon, and we’ll for sure make a video of our new place once we’ve got everything in order :D

  1. i think you should just let him have one stuffed animal girlfriend. my yorkie does, and he loves her so much (and he love her long time too!).   i think it’s better for his mental well-being that he at least has that to release his instinctual urges!! (otherwise, how barren would his life be?, right?) lol

  2. Oh Spudgy, bless your heart <3

  3. Oh Spudgy, bless your heart <3

  4. I know you didn’t really ask for any funny stories back, but: A friend was in the hospital in Nowon with mono for a few weeks.  The first day he was there, they were doing all these tests to figure out what he had.  So he’s lying in bed between tests, and I’m hanging out until we know what’s going on, and this nun walks in.  Goes up to him, holding out a cup, and says “Stool.”  We both look a little confused, so she just starts repeating “Stool.  Number two!” with hand gestures and everything.

  5. I knew a Korean person named Yoo-suk and he didn’t change his name when he came to the US. XD

  6. I am still laughing on th chunky bummmmmmm

  7. puhaahahahahahahahahahah so funnnnnnnnyyyy

  8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋthe background music makes me crazy 

  9. Hahahaha I laughed so hard at the twilight one xD It’s a good thing Martina didn’t teach that to the high school people ^_^

  10. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋthe background music make me crazy 

  11. MFGLFAOROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! Thank you… just thank you.

  12. hahah if only you guys had that on camera! i would’ve loved to see Simon’s face when the teacher was laughing!! hahaha 

  13. I love that simon stick figure. I can’t wait for your next TL DL episode.  

  14.  The Spudgy cartoon is like…vibrating! ^_^
    And I <3 the new intro! Where do you guys get this stuff?!

  15. I had a cute korean friend. Once we were talking in the park, and she was going to leave and I said “don’t goo!” she looked surprised for a moment and proceeded to tell me that it meant something in korea… she explained by pointing at her “backside”. XD

  16.  Can i ask questions here?, c´uz…i dont hae a youtube chanel T.T…

  17.  WOOOOWWWW YEAAAAA SAPNISH SUUBBBBSS!!!!  lol realy this make me so happy TwT, hehe….Poor Spudgy…you guys separated from his Juliete lol….love your animation guys!!!!! 

  18.  omg, spudgy!! LMAO LMAO!!

  19. LOL Spudgy, naughty dog ^^
    Good luck with your moving, hope everything goes well.

  20. Hahaha so good!
    Once I was hanging out with some japanese girls and I wanted to say that one of them looked cute. But after I told her she was kawai-sou, they all dropped their jaws and gave me shocked looks. Turns out I told her she was pitiful… Ooops.
    But that’s nothing compared to Simon’s mistake xD

    Good luck with moving! I look forward to more vids for TL;DR =D

  21.  LMAO.Spudgy is damn hilarious.

  22. Oh Spudgy :D And I love the little cartoon of Spudgy! It’s so cute!! It’s got the tooth and everything too!! Hahaha, love it!

  23.  Wow! I didn’t know spudgy had it in him. Both stories are hilarious!

  24. LMAO!!!! Your little cartoons are EPIC!!!! LOL!!!

  25. lol spudgy’s the man 

  26. I was left in an awkward scilence… 

  27. Hell! I never know Spudgy could hit it off…much less with stuff toys!   Seems like my opinion of your dog has just went up a notch! I’d give a million won to have seen that one! LOL. This segment is a success!

  28.  Hope you guys find a great place in SK….<=== by that I mean *Stay in Korean. I really like your vids lol*

  29.  I can’t stop cracking up when I say Chun Ki-Beum hahahaha you both are too funny xD

  30.      Ah I love how you guys have designated areas for different segements of your videos. What will happen when you get a new place? 0:
         (You guys make such a small apt seem SO large)

         Also, wow Martina your eyes look absolutely amazing when you put eyeliner like that, and apparenlty you are a great marketing device for BB cream because your face looks flawless and now my family that watches your videos wants to buy some!

         Thank you guys for all the funny videos, we viewers can be so demanding and needy and yet you guys always are there to please our korean video needs. =D

  31. That drawing and animation stuff must’ve taken forever.  Major props.

  32.  BWAHAHAHA!!!! LOVE the spudgy animation!!!! SOOOO funny!!! it reminds me of the 30-second bunnies. (also enjoy the green hue around his bum area…where there’s still a green hue IRL.)
    martina, your eyes look GORGEOUS today!!! *jealous*

  33.  LMAOOO more like perverted moments..

  34.  hahaha that was hilarious~!!! 

  35. i’ll never say pepper in Korea xD gochu kkkkkk

  36. Hahahahaha OMG Simons story was HILARIOUS!

  37.  Oh my god… poor girl XDD

  38. The Spudgy story is sooooo funny! and the easy-one too!

    and do more than one question in the video pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Haha how funny! XD I can’t wait to see your new place.>< Btw, pepper in pepper spray is actually refering to 후추(HuChu). 

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