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TLDR – Our Love Story

June 3, 2011


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Finally! We’ve been asked this question so many times in so many different places. Now you have the answer to how we met and fell in love. Not really Korea related, but, ah well! You asked for it!

The story’s not at all that epic. No movie can be made out of this. Nothing to see here, move along. We explain the basic story line in the video, but there are a lot more details to it. We’ll include those here. Yay!

We met on September 14th, 2004. It was in the basement of New College at University of Toronto. It was a Tuesday. Ooooh yes we remember those dates! We were attending Prof Heather Jackson’s Romantic Poetry and Prose course. Romantic Poetry isn’t as fun as it sounds. No lovey dovey stuff. It’s the Romantic Era that we’re talking about, and stuff was serious. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Byron. Sure, we did play around with some of Wordsworth’s fluffier poems, but it was mostly serious stuff.

Anyhow, we talked to each other a lot outside of class. We’d both get to class early because we were both nerds, and we’d sit in the hallway waiting for the door to unlock, and just strike up small talk. Simon brought trailmix to snack on throughout the day and would share it with Martina. Also, Simon totally had the hots for Martina but Martina – being a girl – was oblivious to the fact. Why can’t girls ever tell that guys have crushes on them? Seriously!

Anyways, that doesn’t matter. For the first quiz of the semester, Simon thought it’d be good to get to know Martina outside of class. So, he looked up her name in the phone book. Yup. Phone book. Anyone remember what those are? They used to have phone numbers in them, and were tremendous wastes of paper. Back to the story, it took a while for Simon to get up the courage to call Martina. He couldn’t call outright and ask her to go out for a coffee, because that would be creepy and could make things awkward in class afterwards. He used the quiz as an excuse. We’d study…AND we’d chit chat. And so we did. FYI, writing in third person is awkward, but since we both write these posts it’s impossible not to.

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That night, when we studied in E.J. Pratt Library, in the basement, we got a lot of studying done, but also a lot of talking. That’s when Martina said she had a boyfriend. Of course she had a boyfriend! Martina’s smoking hot and is super fun (p.s. it’s easy to guess who’s writing this part of the blog post). Anyhow, we just stayed friends, then, studying and doing projects together for a while, and we shared the same group of friends, so we’d all go out to bars and have parties together and such. Yeah!

Eventually, Martina tried to hook up Simon with one of her friends. Thaaaaaat didn’t work out too well. When it didn’t, because the girl wasn’t treating Simon right, Martina flipped out. After flipping out, she started to realize that she really liked Simon, and that they should be more than just friends.

Note: during this period of friendship, Simon made no moves on Martina whatsoever. He honored the fact that Martina had a boyfriend, and didn’t give any hints that he was interested in her. In fact, Simon had stopped as soon as she said she had a boyfriend back when we were studying for the quiz. So don’t get any wrong ideas.

When we started dating, we knew instantly that this was going to be a wonderful relationship, so much so, that two months into it we bought our wedding rings. We didn’t propose yet, but we didn’t really need to. We just, knew, that this was a perfect relationship, and that we were going to be together forever. P.S. 6 years later we still feel the same way. And so, we bought our wedding bands without telling anyone their purpose, and wore them on our pinky fingers. When we got married, we got them re-sized to fit our ring fingers. They cost us a combined $300 and we got them at People’s Jewellers at Sherway Gardens.

A lot of people have commented how we seem like we’re best friends, and some are shocked that we’re married, because this isn’t what marriages usually seem like. Shouldn’t there be fighting, or tension, or awkwardness, or disinterest? Shouldn’t married couples get bored of one another, or devolve into a state of just tolerating the other person? We don’t know. Maybe that’s what other people’s relationships are like, but for us, we value each other’s happiness more than anything else. Marriage isn’t really a status or an achievement, like “Congrats! You’ve unlocked the “Married” badge!” Marriage is a full-time job, a life goal. It’s more important than the job at the office or the game on TV. Marriage isn’t like “yay! I’m finally married! Whoo! Glad I got that over with before I got old!” We’re not married for the sake of being married; we’re married because we love each other. Our #1 goal is to keep each other happy and smiling. Advancing a career, or getting mortgage and a house, or doing something else that just doesn’t freaking matter, isn’t nearly as important as making sure we keep each other happy.

Oh WTF crap this post got so preachy. We’re not going to turn this into a relationship advice blog. Can we just go back to playing with Ajumma Visors and picking on Mordney? Where is this Mordney anyway? Anyhow, if there’s a question you want us to answer for next week’s TLDR, head over to our Google Moderator page and ask it there. Yeesh!



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